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[music playing] They’re saying
men are fighting out in front of the residence. So we’ll head over there
and assist the deputies that are en route already. I’m so sorry. If we can just get
him in the back. We need to get
him checked out. Yeah. He’s breathing. I did make sure of that. Hey, bud. – What’s his date of birth?
– June. Hey. Hey, do me a favor. Roll over. How much you have
to drink tonight? MAN: More than enough. How much is more than enough? MAN: Too much. Too much? 316, can you go ahead
and roll us an EMS? We have one guy suffering
from alcohol complications. When I was pregnant,
he was never this drunk. He’s a great father. [baby crying] So you and his wife
are dating each other? Did y’all start arguing? The fight get started
in here or out there? Out there. Does he live here? Right now, as of right now,
we’re staying for about two weeks till we got out of here. [man sobbing] Where does he live? He lives right in that
trailer, where she lives and where her new boyfriend is. He is. All right. But the new boyfriend said,
hey, I’ll get a hotel– I think that girlfriend
probably needs to leave, too. Yeah, well, the
thing is, they also have the babies in the house. I mean, can’t leave
the babies with him. That’s not going to work. No. OFFICER: So what are
y’all going to do? WOMAN: He’s just going to
sleep here for the night. We’re going to get
divorced next paycheck. It’s just costs
too much right now. What are you
going to do tonight? Tonight? Yes. I assume that
he’s going to pass out as soon as he hits the bed. And then we’ll leave
before he even wakes up. I’m going to text
his boss to make sure that he’s not
there tomorrow, because he needs to sleep. All right, well– On your side. On your side. I’m glad you know
right now that that’s probably not going to work. Because once we
leave, things change. If we come back out, y’all
probably going to go to jail. Yes, sir. Hey, buddy, I need
you to talk to me. I don’t know why he’s
like this right now. You’ve got to
realize, he’s drunk. He’s drunk. You have your boyfriend living
with you and your husband. I mean– Yes, sir. That’s going to happen. Normally, he goes to
work, and my boyfriend goes to work at night. We haven’t been together
in a while, actually, about two months. So it’s just because we
both moved to Midland, and I needed a place to stay. On your side. On your side. Come on, on your side. On your side. Thank you. Thank you. I think it’s best
if you and him– if you stay away from him,
because this is all over you. You do realize that? Yes, sir, I do
understand that. And I’m so sorry for
the inconvenience. Stop. Stop saying sorry
for the inconvenience and listen for a minute, OK? I think it’s best if you two
stay away from each other. For the night. Until the alcohol wears
off, and y’all can sit down and have a normal conversation. Fortunately, when
alcohol gets involved, things tend to come out
to light, how people actually feel about each other. [ambulance sirens] The husband was transported
to Midland Memorial Hospital. All parties are
separated for tonight, and we went back to service. OFFICER: He has a headlight out. [police sirens] I have a vehicle
refusing to pull over. Think he’s trying
to make it home. Step out of your vehicle. What’d you pull me over for? Your headlamp. You don’t know a front headlamp. Step out of your vehicle. I’m stepping out. OFFICER: Keep your hands
where I can see them. Huh? OFFICER: Keep your hands
where I can see them. Yes, ma’am. OFFICER: Step back to me. Keep your hands up. Get on the ground. Get on the ground. Keep your hands are
in front of you. Why do I got to get
[inaudible] out here? Because you didn’t stop. Get on the ground. I’m at my house. Get on the ground! I am on the ground. All the way down! Aw, man. All the way down! That’s messed up. Keep your hands in front
of you and do not move! I am not moving. I’m not going to move, lady, OK? Golly. Why didn’t you stop
when you saw my lights? Stay back, ma’am. I need to stay back
where you’re at. Yes. [police sirens] No! Sorry, ma’am. Over a light, bud? You should have
just pulled over. Mom, they said they’re
gonna tow your car! Please, my mom
needs it for work. Please don’t tow it. Please, ma’am. Is there anything inside that
vehicle I need to know about? No, it’s not. Nothing inside that vehicle? No, it’s OK. You cooperate with me.
I’ll cooperate with you. – I’m telling you.
– OK. Yes, ma’am. There’s nothing
inside that vehicle? No. No drugs, weapons,
nothing of that sort? No. OK. Well, they come out here
looking for him today. He went to gather his
stuff up, so he could turn himself in in the morning. What were they
looking for him for? Because of a warrant. He’s got a warrant
out for his arrest. Is he on anything? Does he take drugs? WOMAN: Ma’am, I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t know. Does he have a history of it? WOMAN: A history? He’s got a history with the law. Right. We didn’t find anything
wrong with the property that he had on him. They’re clear, so you
can keep the vehicle. God bless you. And I’m sorry. It’s one of those things,
where all he had to do was pull over. I know he did. He knew what– he knew. Have a good night. He did not want to
pull over, because he already had some warrants
out for evading arrest. Now, he’s caught himself
a second evading charge. We’ll be heading
over to the jail. We’re on our way to a standby. It’s a female. She’s requesting for us
to go to the residence. Needs to go get
some more clothes. I’m advised, her step-mom has
locked her out of the house and will not let her get
her clothes to go to work. I don’t know who this
guy is over here. He doesn’t look too happy. Sir, what do we got going on? What’s going on? Stand over there. These are my daughters. They’re trying to
break into my [bleep] house while I’m at work. I don’t want this [bleep], OK? OK. She lives with me. She has no business here. How old is she? She’s 17.
She’s my daughter. How old is this one? She’s 23. They’re trying to break
into my damn house. This one didn’t come
home last night, so I locked the door this
morning on my way to work. And now, she’s
trying to get inside. I told my– I told my fiance to not
let her in until I got home. Who was she
supposed to be with? She wasn’t supposed
to be nowhere. She was supposed to
be here at the house? Yeah. She didn’t ask to go. She didn’t ask to go nowhere. OK. What’s your side of the
story of all this mess? He called her
a bunch of names. She was like, well,
why are you mad? Because I haven’t
seen you all day. I haven’t done anything to you. Why are you mad? And he was like, well, I’ll
tell you when you get home. OK, what are you doing? You here to pick her up or what? Yeah, I brought
her from her work, because she had to go to work
and this is out of uniform. She called me. She was like, can
you come get me, so I can come get
my work clothes, and you can take me back? And I was like, OK. I came, and we were
knocking nicely. She still wasn’t
coming to the door. So I came to the window, and
I was knocking on the window to see if she would
open the blinds. She didn’t open the blind. And so, like, I
hit it like this. [knocks on window] Not hard, not
trying to break in. I hit it so she could hear it. WOMAN: She even yelled, quit. Yeah, and she didn’t– WOMAN: Like open the door.
This is my house. She didn’t open the windows.
She didn’t come to the door. WOMAN: Like, I live here. All my freakin’
clothes are inside. All I’m trying to do is get
some mother [bleep] work clothes and some mother
[bleep] work shoes, so I could go and get paid. That’s what I’m trying to do. OFFICER: Y’all need
to hang tight here. And I’ll come back and let y’all
know what we’re going to do. To solve everything
for now is, I guess, we can just get your
daughter whatever she needs for her work. So you want her to
take all her stuff? MAN: Yeah. OK. I’m going to make contact
with her mom real quick. It’s pain in my ass? Yeah. What is it that you want
me to do with your daughter? Because dad doesn’t want
her here any longer. Legally, as long as you
designate someone that’s willing to take care
of her, and they’re willing to take
care of her, there’s going to be no problems. My understanding now is she
has to go to work anyways. So, I guess, that’ll buy
you a little bit of time to figure out where she
can go in the meantime. All right, you’re welcome. So do you want to go
and get your stuff? We’re not here to argue. Is this everything? OFFICER: OK. All right, guys, well,
if y’all need us, just give us a call back, OK? MAN: All right, thanks. You’re welcome. See y’all. Dad wanted the daughter
out of the house. He can’t deal with her. Mom has legal custody of her,
so we’ll see how that works out. But I’m pretty sure we’ll end
up back on that property again. I’m gonna head over
to this disturbance. What we have is a
female that’s extremely intoxicated right now. So we’re going to go check on
that and see what’s going on. Are you the ones that called? MAN: Yes, ma’am. She did. WOMAN: She hit my niece
with a water bottle, and she’s pregnant. And we want her
removed from this land. OK. Does she live here? No. She’s in my house right
now trying to hide out. OK. Y’all can come on in. She’s trying to hide out? I guess. My house is a mess. That’s fine. I’ve got grandkids, and they
keep it in a hell of a mess. OK, that’s fine. I’m not worried about that, OK? Just tell me where she’s at. She’s right here somewhere. Hello? Hello? Sheriff’s office. What’s your name? Sit up for me. Sit up. Hello? I need you to wake
up and sit up. OK. We can play it that way then. Sit up. Pick up your pants. We’re just going to
lay back down, huh? We’re not going to cooperate? [phone ringing] Pick up your pants. Whoa. Can you get your pants on? OK, I’m going to
help you up, OK? Let’s stand you up. [girl sobbing] I’m sorry. OFFICER: That’s fine. I’ll talk to you
a little bit more, but I need you to stand up
and get your pants on, OK? I’m not going to put
handcuffs on you yet. I just need you to stand
up and put your pants on. OK, button up your pants. Are those your
shoes that are lying right there in front of you? [girl sobbing] [police radio chatter] I’m going to hold
onto you, because I don’t want you falling over. This way. I’m not trying to do anything. I just don’t want
you to fall over. I don’t want to do anything. OK, I just don’t want you
falling over is what it is, OK? Can I have a cigarette? OK, here in just a little bit. Scoot on in. WOMAN: I’m sorry. Scoot on in. Just hang tight for a minute. I’m going to talk to you
here in just a minute, OK? WOMAN: Yes, ma’am. Do you have any
injuries or anything? No. I’m not trying to do nothing. I’m not trying to press charges. I just want her gone. You just want her
off the property? WOMAN: Absolutely. OFFICER: OK. I didn’t really want to
see her have to go to jail, but, anyway, she made
it over here anyway. OK. Will you transport for me,
and I’ll meet you up there? Yeah, that’s fine. Thank you. No problem. No, I haven’t yet, because I
know what I was going to have. She got my window down. No [bleep]. Holy hell. She couldn’t have gone far. She is extremely intoxicated. I’m going to go ahead and drive
down some and check the area. So she wasn’t being charged
with anything at the time. She was being detained until we
could gather more information. We didn’t have
public intoxication, because she was
inside of a residence that she was allowed
to be inside of. One of the deputy’s
windows wasn’t locked, so she managed to put the
window down, and open the door, and take off. [police radio chatter] She’s been located further
down west of our location. So we’re going to head down
there and go pick her up. OFFICER: I’ve got her secured
in the back of their car. She forgot how to walk,
so we had to carry her. Oh, she forgot how to
walk after all of that, huh? She fled into this
trailer right here. Did she go into the trailer? In the trailer. She was in the shower. They thought that
she was fleeing a domestic violence scene. Because all she
would say is, I just ran from my cousin’s house. So they thought some
dude was chasing her, said, you can stay in
here for right now. Once they saw the flashlights,
they realized something was up. All right, well,
let’s go ahead and take her and transport her. The thing about
intoxicated people is they’re very unpredictable. She’ll be going to jail
now for criminal trespass, and she’ll have a second
charge for evading. [music playing] [police sirens] [taps on window] MAN: Yes, sir?
– How you doing, sir. You have your driver’s
license with you? OK, why don’t you go
ahead and step back here. Let me see your ID. MAN: OK. Is this your car? Your tag is expired. All right, this is
your girlfriend? Yes. OK. Have you been arrested before?
– Yes, sir. What have you
been arrested for? You don’t know what it was for? Yeah, you got warrants, man. Two tickets you didn’t pay. There’s nothing in this car
that shouldn’t be there? You’re laying the
defense for what I’m going to find in your
car is what you’re doing. Why don’t you go ahead and
step out for me, ma’am. Why don’t you do me a
favor and just step right back there for me, next to him. Got an open container. That one’s spilled
all over the floor. This one is still
cold, halfway full. [police radio chatter] Uh-oh. I want you to go
ahead and turn around. Put your hands behind your back. Possession of methamphetamine I don’t do that stuff. Oh, really?
OK. No, I don’t. Well, I guess, it’s a bad
day for you to be in that car. We’re going to transport two. OK, and what about the
drinking and driving? You weren’t drinking? So she was drinking
both tall boys? Man, it’s cold to the touch. You just spilled the one all
over the floorboard there, man. Don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t– You are. You’re treating me
like I’m stupid. Nah, nah, nah. Can you sit him in your
car for just a minute? Keep this in here. All right, I’m going to talk
to him for just a second before we transport her. Here’s the deal. Are you going to
take the fall for it, or are you both going
to take the fall for It? No, if it’s not yours,
don’t take the fall for it. I don’t want you to
take the fall for it. I will be glad to
go to court, OK? But if it is yours,
you need to man up, and you need to tell me. Am I going to transport one
of you to jail or two of you to jail? With what? You saw it was in there. It’s not, if it was in there. It was in there. OK, if you’re not going to own
up to it, if you don’t want to own up to it,
if it’s not yours, then I’ll charge both of you. No, that’s not the
way it rolls, OK? It’s not, I guess, OK? Is the baggie that
I found yours? He says that it’s his. He’s going to take
the rap for it. And I believe it is his. This time, you’re getting off. The handcuffs are coming off. He’s going to jail for a felony. But you need to understand
how close you came to going down with him, OK? It’s your business
whether you stay with him. OK, you’re free to go. Thought it was meth at
first, but I believe it’s going to be cocaine. He’s going to be
charged with possession of a controlled substance,
probably just under a gram.


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