LizQuen’s Most Kilig Movie Scenes | STOP, LOOK, AND LIST IT!

Welcome to Stop, Look, and List it! Where we’ll list down anything and everything Star Cinema! For today, we feature this super, super cute love team! Can you guess who? It’s none other than the team up of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, more commonly known as LizQuen! LizQuen was first seen in the KathNiel movie “Must Be Love”. This paved the way to our number 1, “She’s The One”! Their first movie together. In the movie, Enrique was part of a love triangle with Dingdong Dantes and Bea Alonzo, while Liza is secretly in love with her best friend Enrique. I’m sure a lot can relate with Liza’s character, Jillian. David, put it back. Drink it! Oh! David. Look at the lovely couple. Let’s go, David. My girlfriend and her best friend! Are you really just her best friend? Or you’re also her boyfriend? David, that’s enough. Let’s go. Go home! Go home together! Stop it, bro. Stop calling me bro! You’re not my friend. Because if you’re really my friend, You won’t betray me. You played me for a fool! That’s not true. Isn’t he the one you’re in love with? Isn’t he?! David. I’m so stupid to believe that I can make you fall in love with me. I love you, David. I love you. Please don’t think that I don’t love you. I love you. David. Don’t worry because in the end, David will realize that he’s really meant for Jillian. It’s a happy ending! I heard you unfollowed Cat on Twitter. You’ll be okay? Yeah. I’ll be okay. I missed you. I missed you too, Penggoy. Friends forever? Yeah. You and me, forever. Number 2 is “Just The Way You Are”. Fresh from the success of their TV series “Forevermore”, LizQuen’s second movie is based from Kimberly Joy Villanueva’s bestselling Pop Fiction book “The Bet”. Quen’s character is a really popular guy named Drake Sison while Liza is a nerdy transfer student named Sophia Taylor. Everything started with a bet. Before it hits 12 noon, Sofia is mine. Hashtag #SuperEasy. Did they get a happily ever after? Step. Step. There you go. Hey. Why? What’s wrong? Everybody’s looking at us. You know what, don’t mind them. Do you know why they’re looking at us? Because I’m dancing with the most beautiful girl tonight. That’s why. I wanna tell you something. What is it? I have fallen in love with you. I love you, Sophia Taylor. And I hope and pray that you will love me too. Please? Just take a chance on me. Hey, It’s alright. I’m not rushing you. I’ll give you time, okay? I will wait for your answer. Drake, Yeah? I… Come on, people! It’s time to party! What? I can’t hear you! It’s too loud! Do you wanna go out? I can’t hear you! I love you. I can’t hear! I love you too! No more games? Promise. Promise, promise. Will you give me another chance? What can I say? I’m yours. Yes. I love you, Sophia Taylor. I love you too, Drake Sison. Number 3, “Everyday I Love You”. Tour with LizQuen in this motorcycle ride of a movie. Why a motorcycle ride? Check this out! It’s day 166. As usual, I’m on the road again. You always say that all roads look the same. But all of them lead to different destinations. Shit! Edit out. Edit out. Can you please move the car forward. Okay, sir. Hi. So arrogant. He’s not even that handsome. What are you doing? Enjoying the view. Stop taking a picture of me! You did it to me first. Then please delete it. I will only delete this if you’ll delete the video that you took of me. I cannot delete it because when I do, the whole file will be deleted. If you’re not gonna take me out of your camera, I’m not gonna take you out of my phone. Okay? What would be the perfect title for this show? Silay Scooter Girl. Delete the picture, please. Angry Silay Scooter Girl. I think… Babe On Bike is better. That sounds good, right?
– Yes. Delete that or else! Give me your phone! Wait! I’ll just delete the picture! Give me your phone! Open this! Open it! Let’s go! Open this! I will only delete the file! How I wish I was motorcycle girl. Liza’s really one of a kind! I also wanna go on an adventure together with LizQuen! I’m in love! Audrey! Are you okay? And finally for their fourth movie, “My Ex and Whys”! Ouch! Woah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes, Cali! Save my reputation. Sweet girl likes it hard, huh. Oh. Oh. It hurts. Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! Stop using your teeth! Ooohhhh! Kiss me. Kiss me. Gio’s really enjoying it! Time’s up! Your time is up, master! Master! Master! I’m Gio. I’m Cali. How can we ever forget these lines? You guys… when you cheat on us you think we only get hurt? You mess around with other girls and you think we’ll just cry away the pain? That once we sleep, the pain will be forgotten come morning? That’s what we wish happens. It’ll be so much easier if it’s like that. But, it isn’t. We keep asking ourselves questions that will never be answered. Why did he do that? Am I not enough? Did I not give enough of myself? Is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly? Do you find me repulsive? Am I that easy to replace? No. Then why?! What made you hurt me like this?! Is it too late for Gio and Cali? Do you still love someone who caused you pain? Of course the answer is… yes! Love wins in the end for Gio and Cali! Do you want me to remove your jacket? I want… I really, really want to slap that girl! She won’t stop acting all cute when you’re around. She’s not even cute. And what’s with the goodbye? That’s nothing compared to our toast. Because our toast is straight to… I miss it. The leaves we saw, they were beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for making my dream come true. That. That would be my reaction if I would’ve said yes if you proposed. You wanna know what my answer is? Yes. Yes. I would’ve said yes. I would’ve said yes. And this is where our video ends for LizQuen! Did we miss anything in our list? Or do you have a favorite LizQuen moment? Comment below! If you like this video and want to see more, don’t forget to like and subscribe to Star Cinema!


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