London Has Fallen Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Action Movie HD

– Hell of a presidential race, sir. – Every day, the same damn joke. – The hell they make you out of? – Bourbon and poor choices. With security at unprecedented levels, this isn’t just a gathering of the worlds most powerful leaders, it is the most protected event on earth. – Welcome to London, Mr. President. – What’s wrong?
– Nothing. – Bugs the hell out of me. – Get down! An attack… … has decimated the British capital. Five of the worlds leaders are now dead. – Stay with me, we’ll get you out of here. The American President…. – Now! … is unaccounted for. – To our friends in the west – Barkawi – Number six on the ten list. – What do you want? – Your president. – That’s not going to happen. – Then every death from this moment forward, will be on your head. – We have to find Barkawi, before he finds the president. – We are going to kill him slowly and broadcast it live. – Yeah? Well, you should’ve brought more men. – I will not be executed as propaganda, you don’t let them take me, but if it comes to it, I want you to kill me. – That’s an order. – London is just the first stop, just imagine, every major city decending into chaos. Your president dies tonight. – To those who threaten our freedom, America will rise up. – Alright, here we go! – And make no mistake, we will find you, and we will destroy you. – Mike, we’re getting you out! – Go, go, go! – Rooftop, 3 o’clock! – Brace for impact. – Oh my god


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