London in United Kingdom: Go to Buckingham Palace and London Eye

Hello we’re here again, hello! With me there is my amazing friend Lisa! And me, I am Daniel Yes! We’re going to speak today about one wonderful city, the name is London! London, what do you know about London, Lisa? I mean I know it’is like the capital of England in the United Kingdom and it is getting also the capital of Europe Yes maybe it is like one of the most visited cities in Europe I guess! How many people can live in London? You know? I don’t know, like five
millions or something Millions? Hum not really, more, more More, like eight millions? You almost get it! it’s nine millions, almost nine millions in London You can meet nine millions people in the same city, yes that’s insane so many people You can meet and travel. And a lot of people go to London to visit this amazing city, but for example if it is my first week what can I do? What is the best tour to see it in one day? And I will tell you what is that! Yes tell me please because I have no idea! You can start in Victoria Coach Station because it is a big station and you can go there, by underground, by train, by bus and then go to Buckingham Palace and is it famous Buckingham palace, Lisa? Yes because it is the house of the Queen. Here we go! Fun fact for you if the flag of the United Kingdom is, I don’t know, out on the building it means that the
Queen is in it. Right! And if you can’t see the flag, the Queen is not there. I didn’t know that, it is a good information. I’ll take it. And you know near Buckingham Palace there is the beautiful park whose name is St. James Park and why is famous St. James park? I’ll tell you Lisa! Tell me please! There are too many birds, there are too many trees and you know the diversity when you are in this park you can feel the environment, it is very natural. Yes and I think that a little bit of green in such a big city is very enjoyable. That’s great! and you know near St. James park you can see, in a few minutes, you can see all this amazing things Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and London Eye, you know, it’s very close. Yes it is all together. Westminster Abbey is amazing. The Houses of Parliament, you know, is where all the British laws are made. And also Big Ben Do you know the Big Ben? Big Ben obviously. If you speak about London, maybe the first image that appears in your brain is the Big Ben Yes and the buses and stuff, just the first picture you have, obviously. And also London Eye, on the London Eye you can have amazing view about all London, panoramic view. Yes it just gets you so high on the wheel that you can have like a view of all London in one go. Do you think it’s something like thirty minutes or something like that? Yes it’s a thirty minutes ride so it’s very good. Good! And I will tell you after that what you can do. Yes, please! You can walk through the river Thames and then you turn on the left and you go to (Drum roll) Trafalgar Square! Yes! Why is it famous Trafalgar Square? Do you know? What is inside come on! Come on, come on! I know this, I know this, there is like a statue or something in. That’s true and the name is… Nelson’s Column! It is so famous, one of the most important British people in British history and there is the National Gallery, it is one of the most important museums in the world, it is among the three. Yes, one of the most important, I think in London there is British museum, National gallery, and the Natural History Museum. Of course, that’s it. And when you finish you can go to another square and it’s a little bit near and the name is Piccadilly Circus What can you do in Piccadilly Circus? I know that you know what you can do in Piccadilly Circus. Yes, I have been to a few theatres in Piccadilly Circus. You are right, a few theatres, a lot of restaurants, to have a lunch, to take a rest and also there are a lot of pubs there. It’s Piccadilly Circus, it is very good. If you need entertainment in a day or any day actually, you can go to Piccadilly it’s very good for entertainment, like he said, like theatres, restaurants pubs anything you want to entertain yourself, go to Piccadilly, it’s very very good. Now, you are a girl, I don’t want to be sexist but you like shopping and where can you shop in London? What is the name of this famous street? The name is Oxford Street. Do you imagine, it is about two miles, three kilometres something like that. All clothes, all shopping you can find. And basically when you’re shopping when you have all your bags, the two miles are too much like, this is too much, like your feet hurt and this stuff. What I recommend you to do when you finish to see Oxford Street, you can go to the highest park in London Hyde park. You can take a rest, relax and enjoy the day. And a funny thing about Hyde Park when you go the squirrels you know the little things that live in trees, they are so funny, you put something on your hand, you do this, and they come on your hand that’s just insane. And you can take pictures or selfies with squirrels. I did! When I did go there, I I took funny selfies with them, yes, this is good. But you know I’m a man and I like drinking Beer and when I finish this amazing tour around all Oxford, what can I do? Basically you want to drink a beer? I want to drink a beer! So basically what you do is you go to a pub. Alright! And do you know how many pub there are in London? I don’t know something like one thousand. Come on this is England, more beers, more beers. I don’t know five thousand, I don’t know exactly. Ok I’m going to tell you. There are like seven thousand pubs in London. Seven thousands pubs? Yes so you have opportunities to drink beers or whatever you want. Actually I will not drink a beer in each of them. Because you know I will get very drunk. Yes I care about your health! Do not do that! I think it’s a good plan for a day. Yes this is a good plan for a day I think it’s good yes.
We can repeat a little bit. We can go in Victoria Coach Station, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, and you can do all in one day. And these are almost the most famous things in London. Yes, true. So this is all for today, thank you guys
for watching the video. Don’t forget to give a like, tell us the next destination that we should do. And this is for today and follow us on social media. And don’t forget, and see you tomorrow another video, thank you very much!

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