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ROBERTS LONDON There is in London all that life can afford Samuel Johnson 1709 1784 ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
welcome to London right now I’m starting out
besides London’s Trafalgar Square at the junction where Piccadilly meets the mall
Whitehall and Charing Cross and since 1663 where I’m standing or the brass
plaque besides my feet has been considered the
very centre of London but us Brits have this knack of coming
up with charming nicknames for pretty much everything from buildings to bikes that
make sense to us but often leave visitors and tourists completely bewildered and confused
so it will come as no surprise that this area that I’am in and in particular
the part I’am heading into is also colloquially known as the West End but more about that and why its relevant
in a moment London is renowned for very many things
and something its world famous for is the arts in particular the performing arts and theatre and my family a big fans of the theatre
living here in this city it would be silly not to take advantage of everything the city has to offer it would be silly to take access to world class for granted so this evening I’m going to
meet my little sister for dinner and drinks to catch up beforehand we’re
going to go and watch a show a very special
performance of a very special show I thought before I get to the theatre I thought I would share with you for anyone who’s interested in coming to the theatre here
whether your seasons theatre goer or looking for tickets for your first show I thought I’d
share with you somewhere that might be of interest for you to get tickets so let’s
go so why is this area very close to the center of London called the West End of
London and why is it often linked to the theatre industry historically this was
not the center of town the City of London often called just the city was
the center in the very heart of London for centuries and this area is just next
to and west of the city today the city is renowned as the home of London’s
financial services sector and today the West End which is home to many of
London’s major visitor attractions shopping streets and entertainment
venues is a far more popular destination with visitors than the city the term the
West End I hear used less and less because
the area encompasses is large and pretty vague and the areas within it
like Covent Garden Soho Mayfair Marylebone or Fitzrovia have stronger
independent identities than they have ever had except that is when it comes to
theatre West End seems to add an air of prestige or endorsement to a show so we
still have West End shows and West End theatre venues fortunately it’s a huge
area and there are many of them there is a huge concentration of
theatres in the area between the River Thames or the Strand all the way up to
Oxford Street okay welcome to London’s Leicester
Square home of the TKTS theatre ticket booth TKTS here in leicester square is a great
place to buy london theater tickets especially if you’re here you’re ready
to watch a show and you’re flexible TKTS is run by the Society of London theatres
and the original idea was to benefit theatres by simply filling otherwise
empty seats so if a show is popular the tickets will be full price if the
theater is not full the tickets will be discounted TKTS has been in
Leicester Square for more than 30 years and is famous for its excellent on the
day deals and half-price bargains it’s no secret so every time I walk past here
people are looking at the listings and queuing for tickets TKTS is open 7 days
a week you can only buy a theater tickets in
person only for performances today tomorrow and the next day however if you
know what you want to see and when I wouldn’t gamble on availability book
tickets with the theatre in advance there is so much to choose from here in
London plays musicals operas dance and so much more ticket prices go up and
down depending on availability so the more flexible you are with dates and
times the more seats and better deals will be available show previews for
upcoming shows which were effectively rehearsals for both cast and venue
before official opening night or a great way to see shows first before all your
family and friends also at reduced prices the society behind TKTS also
organise West End live in Trafalgar Square a whole day of free show previews
and the Olivier Awards which celebrates the best London theatre has to offer and
both are fabulous events to watch and also an excellent source to find shows you
want to see okay so from the TKTS ticket booth here in Leicester
Square I’m gonna head up into the theater and to meet my little sister so the show we’re seeing tonight is
the mousetrap at the St.Martins theatre a play by Agatha Christie the
mousetrap first opened back in 1952 making it today the world’s
longest-running show when it first opened Winston Churchill was prime
minister tea and sugar was still rationed and Queen Elizabeth had been on
the throne less than a year Agatha Christie is the best-selling fiction
author to date her work sell more than Shakespeare and the only work to out
sell her is the Bible Agatha Christie wrote crime novels in the golden age of
the genre she is the queen of the whodunit okay this is the St.Martins theatre home of the mousetrap the show my sister and I will be watching this evening and it’s just
opposite the original and renowned ivy restaurant so as you can see from the neon signs on
the theater the mousetrap celebrating its 66th year so now I just need to find my little
sister so with such a long history there are many stories about the mousetrap one
of which is a lady got one of London’s black taxis here she jumped out paid the
driver went to run into the theatre the black cabbie realizing he’d been
shortchanged then shouted out to her who done it potentially ruining the
show for her okay guys I’ve met my little sister so
we’re ready to see this evening show so lets head into the theatre the plot of the mousetrap is the
timeless who done it in a very quintessential British setting a big old
country house the guests are snowed in and then the drama with a very British
sense of wit unfolds onstage okay we’ve collected our tickets from the box office I’ve got a programme this here counts down the total number of performances to date of this record breaking show obviously to really enjoy the show
nobody should walk into this theater for the first time knowing who done it so
after every performance audiences are asked by a member of the cast to keep
the secret of whodunit locked in their hearts to avoid spoiling the mystery for
future audiences and as a matter of principle to avoid spoiling the
enjoyment of the play for people who want to go and see it both audiences and
critics had kept the secret even in the age of information and the Internet the
show’s famous tag line simply progressed from keep the secret to hash tag keep
the secret there is and probably always will be
someone so desperate for clicks and views who doesn’t respect the long
tradition who will publish it online so if you’re planning to see the show don’t
search too hard but it’s amazing really if you consider the tens of thousands of
shows to date and multiply that by the size of the audience millions of people
have kept this secret and in doing so the mystery of the mousetrap alive and
well for future audiences okay we’re in the dress circle of the St.Martins theatre so we have got incredible views of the stage its a beautiful theatre good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to the St.Martins theatre and the 27296 performance of the mousetrap the show Agatha Christie thought she might get a nice little run of about eight months from tonight is a very very special performance because it is the 60th anniversary today of the mousetrap being the longest running show in the world it beat Chu Chin Chow that was on at his Majesty theatre in 1916 so that’s not bad so congratulations for being in the audience on this very special night and I hope you enjoy this performance of the mousetrap thank you thank you ladies and gentleman for your warm reception this evening now that you’ve seen the mousetrap your our partners in crime so in order to preserve the tradition of the mousetrap we ask that you keep the secret of who done it locked in your hearts okay the mousetrap was brilliant Bravo to
tonight’s cast fabulous performance by all of them it’s
incredible to think that in the 1950s although the whodunit story’s timeless
the characters are very much of the period when the first when the first show was in town the 1950’s but today its become a period drama
the tagline of the show has always been keep the secret it’s now in even in the
modern day of the Internet become one of Britain’s best kept secret it’s now
hash tag keep the secret okay so we’re gonna go for dinner and
drinks so I’ll see you guys a little later in the month The End


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