London Theatre Shows – Top 5 Musicals on the West End RIGHT NOW!

Are you thinking, I want to go and see
something on the West End but I don’t know what to see? Keep watching, because in
this video I will be telling you about five must-see shows on the West End
right now! Hey my name is Caleb Mitchell and
welcome to Theatre Jabber, the ultimate guide to London’s West End. Okay, when you type West End shows into Google there are a ton of results and it’s easy to
feel overwhelmed. What should you see? What shouldn’t you
see? How do I know if it’s gonna be any good? What’s a fair price for tickets?
What am I going to do?? Don’t worry, help is at hand – this video! Because in this
video I will be telling you everything you need to know to make the best
decision for you, whether it’s your 1st or your 31st to visit to the West End.
Okay I want to hear from you guys. If you’ve already been to the West End a
few times or even just once, do you agree with my top five?
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best place from my experience – honestly, best place – to get tickets for the West
End. Coming in at number 5 we have Wicked! This show is set in the Land of Oz – you
know, the place Dorothy’s from – and it tells the previously untold story of
Elphaba, and how she eventually becomes known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Wicked has been running on the West End
since 2006 and has already become the third highest-grossing musical of all
time. It’s popular. Popular! I mean, I think you
should go and see it just for Elphaba’s song, Defying Gravity. If you only go for
that, it’s totally worth it. Of course the story is really
interesting it’s very well told and the performances are really engaging and it’s all
very enjoyable etc etc etc but Wicked as a musical for me really is just pure
box office: lights, pyrotechnics incredible costumes, people flying all
over the place and some absolutely EPIC SONGS! What’s not to like? I think if you
went to the West End and you didn’t ever see The Lion King I might think you were
crazy. Sorry, bit rude. I can’t imagine many of you don’t know the story but in case you don’t The Lion King is a story or a young lion cub called Simba who is tricked into
thinking that he has somehow caused his father’s death by his scheming evil
uncle Scar. I mean with a name like that, guaranteed to be evil. Simba runs
away but eventually he has to decide whether he’s going to fight Scar for his
rightful place as king of Pride Rock. Lion King is the very definition of a
smash hit It’s been seen by over 100 million
people worldwide – not the film the stage show. A hundred million! And did you know that the puppets alone took 37 000 hours to create – that’s over four years!
The Lion King was probably one of my favorite Disney films growing up and I
used to love watching it on video – okay I’m old! And sometimes the stage musical
versions of these films don’t quite stack up to the originals, but you’ll be
pleased to know that this one definitely does! As a spectacle I just don’t think
that anything that even comes close – the puppets and the costumes and the puppets and the staging and the puppets – they’re just incredible. Oh Timon and Pumba, they’re good! If I one criticism and I think criticism is a good thing, it
would be that I think The Lion King is too expensive. Tickets to the stalls
start about £70-75 which I just think is way too much. But if you don’t
mind sitting up in a circle which is what I did – you know, the balcony – then you can find tickets for around £20-25 pounds if you shop around. Hakuna Matata!
In at number three is Les Miserables Who doesn’t like a bit of Les Mis, that’s what I want to know? Actually, my university lecturer hated it. Really hated it. But anyway, I love it
and I’m sure you do too. It’s based on the novel by Victor Hugo and it tells
the story of Jean Valjean a former convict who skips parole to create a new
life for himself. Eventually he agrees to care for the orphaned child of a former
factory employee, but all the while he is being hunted by the unrelenting, majestic
Inspector Javert. Les Mis is officially the longest-running West End musical of
all time with over 13,000 performances, but when it opened on the
West End critics initially dubbed it ‘the glums’ and ‘a load of sentimental old
tosh’. Bet they’re eating their words now! I love this show. There are so many
reasons why you should see this: the story, the characters, but let’s talk
about the music, the music! Gosh that soundtrack.
I honestly think I’ve probably listened to every song over a hundred times – probably more – but I still get the tingles when the overture starts. And the staged
concert version has just opened with Michael Ball, Matt Lucas and Carrie Hope
Fletcher. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! Hamilton is at number two. In it we follow the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s
Founding Fathers, although sort of forgotten and his journey from poverty into the
corridors of power, all against the backdrop the American War of
Independence – against the British. Awkward. Hamilton was nominated for a
record-breaking 16 Tony Awards following its Broadway debut but writer
Lin-Manuel Miranda has since said that he initially planned to release it as an
album first. How plans change. Everyone talks about the music and rightly so.
There’s a rap and hip hop and musically it’s so different to the kind of music
you might expect in a traditional West End show. But I think the reason everyone
should see Hamilton and part of what makes it such a good show is that it
teaches us about a period of history which I know very little about. Because
I’m British. Although it’s not completely historically accurate – I mean what show
is? – you should definitely see it. Finally at number one we have Matilda the story of a girl who discovers that
she has magical and decides to use them to fight back against her neglectful
parents and, in particular, her evil school headmistress Mrs Trunchball. Themusical is based on the film which isbased on the book by Roald
Dahl and did you know that the blackboard used in the production
travels over 15 miles throughout the course of the year. Okay, I feel like
there might well be people throwing things at their screen right now but let
me tell you why I think this show deserves to be number one. The first
thing is I feel like it’s often overshadowed by the big hitters the Les Mis, the Wicked’s, the Lion Kings of this world and that kind of makes me
like it more – maybe I just like underdogs… And I love everything about this musical.
Tim Rice’s music is beautiful. The staging is innovative and the ensemble – admittedly played by some children and lots of 22 year olds – is fantastic. But I
think there are two reasons why you should see this: firstly, the story. Sometimes
musicals can be a bit, you know, flashy and showy and explosiony and they
sometimes forget that the reason we came to see a show isbecause we wanted
them to tell us a great story Matilda doesn’t forget this. Matilda
teaches us that even though you may be considered small or insignificant you
can achieve amazing things. And the second reason you should go: Mrs Trunchball. Honestly, she is great. Now the part is always played by some huge male actor and is always hilarious. In fact, I’d go again just to see him. Now I know you’re
thinking, ‘Okay Caleb, but what about the tickets?’ Don’t worry, I’ve got everything
you need to know. I would highly recommend a website called TodayTix. It
also comes as an app on your phone and it’s a website that I’ve actually used
quite a few times myself and I really really would recommend it as a good
first place to look for West End shows. It’s cheap, it’s really easy to use and
best of all, no booking fees. No booking fees! If you enjoyed this video then
please give it a like and subscribe, it really really helps. In the meantime
thank you so much for watching, see you next time!


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