Long Day’s Journey into Night – Official Trailer – Digital Theatre

Watch the Pulitzer Prize winning playthat changed American theatre
for ever.
I’m not upset.
There’s nothing to be upset about. – What makes you think that I’m upset?
– Nothing.Anthony Page directs Eugene O’Neill’s
celebrated masterpiece.
– Here’s health and happiness.
– That’s a joke. – What is?
– Nothing. Here’s health. Oh, thank you!An American classic…– Are you going to obey me or not?
– Not...performed by an incredible cast…You’ve taken some of your medicine,
ma’am...who took the London stage by storm.It’s pretty hard to take,
having a dope fiend for a mother. Why couldn’t you have the strength
to keep on?David Suchet, Laurie Metcalf,
Trevor White and Kyle Soller.
You don’t understand. I understand I’ve been
a God-damned fool to believe in you. That’s what makes it so hard
for all of us. We can’t forget.An unmissable opportunity.– Why do you stare like that?
– You know. I don’t know what you’re talking about.You can watch Long Day’s Journey
Into Night at the touch of a button.
Digital Theatre – be there.

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