Look For Me at New York New Works Theatre Festival part 1

Until death do you part? I do. And do you, Magaly, take this man, Carlos, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part? I do. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. [Applause] Wow, that was beautiful. Yeah. I hope she knows what she’s getting into. I think they’ll be OK. You’re Eric, right? Eric Lopez? Uh huh. I’m Sonia. I know. We had English together senior year, and math and history junior year, and—some other classes. I saw you–passing answers to your idiot friend there. Yeah, it wasn’t really cheating. He knew all that stuff when we were studying, he just froze up when there was a test. Well, he knew some of it. He never got his name wrong. You’re lucky you didn’t get caught. You woulda gotten kicked off the team… and that totally would’ve ruined our chances of a good season. You saw me run? A few times. Uh, we went to see my cousin Hector. Oh, Hector. He got most of his practice in running after girls. Yeah. He usually strikes out though. Wait, that is the wrong sport. The trick is to go after the ones that are slower than you. Oh yeah? Is that your secret? Uh, I don’t know. Yesenia was totally wrong about you. What did Yesenia say about me? Oh, she’s wrong about lots of things. She thought you were stuck up, since you’re so quiet. But I think you’re funny. Funny looking? [laugh] No, all the girls thought you were cute. How ’bout you? Maybe. Too cute for me. What does that mean? Boys like you don’t notice girls like me. What does that mean? [gestures to him] Jock. [gestures to herself] Kind of a weirdo. What kind? [a wedding guest] Come on, Eric. It was nice talking with you. I’ll see you in a year or so. A year? Yeah, I’m leaving on Thursday. Bobo and me, we enlisted. Why’d you do that? DId you notice there’s a war? You want to go to Iraq? I’ll get college tuition. I’m not gonna get that stocking shelves at Publix. You might have to kill someone. You might get hurt! I’ll be OK. [piano music starts] [singing] She’s so pretty and she talked to me. He’s so funny and he seems real sweet. Like an angel in a dream I had. His eyes are kind and just a little bit sad. I think you might be important to me. I’d just like to see if that’s true. You could be the one for the rest of my life… Maybe that’s crazy but what can I do? Oh oho oho oh-o ohooo I’d go to war for you. Oh oho oho oh-o ohoooo I’d go to war for you. [rapping] You know I don’t like to draw attention but you should know I’ve got intention Up to now, I would slide on by but maybe I could be a hero-type guy I’m gonna go and give it a try. Hey–hey–hey–hey—come on now– I want a noisy house like we never had It was just myself and my hardworking dad My mama went to heaven when I was only five Just till I was seven my abuela [grandmother] was alive They instilled in me the drive to strive. Uh huh–uh huh–uh huh– Work hard, have a future my mama said I told that recruiter, I’mma get ahead My dad leaves early, comes home so tired I want a place I’m not afraid to get fired My own cafe, a bodega maybe, a place to go home with a wife and baby A few more kids we’ll raise up good, a place of my own in the neighborhood No fancy scheme, the American dream Like a salmon with ambition, I’mma swim upstream Gonna do my civic duty and get what they owe me A business degree back here where they know me. [singing] You could be the one for the rest of my life… You could be the one for the rest of my life… You could be the one for the rest of my life… You are the one for the rest of my life! Uh huh! Hey! hey! [rapping] I may not be the sharpest tool, but the box I’m in don’t say fool Books ain’t my best learning style but I’m a champ in my arena, I’m eleven on the dial– I’m like a four minute mile Strategy, tactics, situational awareness, when God gives gifts he don’t care about fairness I’m a crack shot, come on, test my reflex. they want me in the Army ’cause I got no defects! They’ll know I’m ready for the worst Risky mission? Pick me first! I won’t need no extra courses. They’ll put me direct in Special Forces! My leadership will be a thing of beauty. They got me trained up playing Call of Duty! Come on now! I’m goin’ to the place where I’ll shine the most– my top frag count is known coast to coast My frag videos got more views than the ten o’clock news! I’m just this close to goin’ pro– but I wanna serve my country so I know I gotta go Some Korean teen will take my spot at the top I’ll trade it for a shot at a military op Around here my life has a limit But if there’s a war, someone’s gotta win it I got a pair of strong arms and a strong back I don’t wanna start running down the wrong track [singing] Ever since I was a little kid I didn’t want the things the other girls did You might not like me if you really knew the true extent of my devotion to… Gooooooo-ooooooooood… -zilla! The most wonderful thing I know! Gooooooo-ooooooood… -zilla! I love Godzilla! Bad guy or hero Godzilla? Hero, obviously. Do you like Godzilla? I watched a lot of TV when my mom and abuela were sick. Those movies are dope! I think you might be important to me. I’d just like to see if that’s true. You could be the one for the rest of my life Maybe that’s crazy but what can I do? Oh oho oho oh-o ohoooo… I’d go to war for you! Oh oho oho oh-o ohoooo… I’d go to war for you! [music ends] Hey, when you’re gone, will you call me sometime? Or email, my brother told me, no phones in Basic. Will you? Uh, OK. I want you to tell me everything! What you do, what’s for lunch, everything! Why do you want to know all that? I dunno. My brother Fredo was in the Marines but he always just makes stuff up when I ask him about it. I guess…it would be nice to hang out with you, but you’ll be gone. If you wanted to, you could imagine being around here, with me. If you wanted to. I want to be able to imagine being with you, where you are. I’ll try. I’m not really a good writer. Voya Lopez, come on, venga! [music starts to play] [Sonia singing] Dear Eric The leaves are falling My sister’s baby’s walking finally, she’s so cute I’m sending a picture I drew. [Eric singing] Hi Sonia, Your picture’s… nice. Your picture’s really… nice. Dear Eric, I’m so glad you like it I’m thinking maybe I’ll apply to college for that My art teacher says that I should. Hi Sonia, Thank you for the package with the box full of crumbs The magazine was a surprise Dear Eric, My brother mailed it The next time that I see him, oh, he’s gonna get punched. I’ll send you more cookies, and I won’t forget the butter next time. So how is the food there? Andy says that it was gross, that’s one of Fredo’s friends. They met in the Army. I mean Marines, my God, they’re so picky about that. What do you do all day? It’s hard for me to picture life with so many boys. I hope at least a few are nice. Tell me what’s your favorite thing you have to do. Hi Sonia, I got a rifle. They taught me how to shoot it. You can totally chill. There’s no way I’ll hit anyone. The food is bad but I eat it pretty fast so I don’t notice as much. My favorite thing to do is run. Mostly we all run together but when we have a race, I leave ’em all behind. [music shifts to 3/4 time] Hi Sonia, It’s really hot here. My first run as a driver’s in a couple of days. I’m scared but– [spoken] No. [singing] I’m sure it will be OK. Bobo got here first and he’s been helping me out. There’s rules for every little thing. Dear Eric, I got more hours. I’m saving all this money but there’s less time to draw. Some nights I stay up pretty late. I had a crazy dream last night You climbed in through my window and you took off your shirt– I woke up right then. I wonder what would have happened next. I’m thinking about you a lot. [Eric] I’m thinking about you a lot. [together] I’m thinking about you a lot.

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