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(indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) MAN (over radio):
They refuse to recognize
the existence of the Rohingya. REPORTER (over radio):
They are in hatred of Muslims. REPORTER 2 (over radio):
The Rohingya villages have
burned in recent weeks. REPORTER 3 (over radio):
What can only be described
as a premeditated massacre. REPORTER 4 (over radio):
The UN says it looks
like a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. (screams) REPORTER 5 (over radio):
Urged to flee for their lives. REPORTER 6 (over TV):
The world’s fastest growing
humanitarian crisis. REPORTER 7 (over radio):
Over half a million
Rohingya Muslims have now fled across
the border into Bangladesh. REPORTER 8 (over TV):
The new arrivals could end up in the biggest
refugee camp on earth. KAMAL: Dokana? JABER: Jaber Hussain. ♪ ♪ Captioned by Cotter
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