Louise Olley – Drama and Theatre Arts alumna

It’s lovely, it’s really nice
to be back. It makes me remember all the memories from here
and the great times I had here, and makes me miss it a bit really. it’s a role I wanted to play for a long
time when I was at the Guild for the school of acting, I had an audition for Dreamboats & Petticoats, for the role Sue
that I’m playing at the moment and it got down to two of us, it was between
myself and another girl, and she got the job. It was a bit devastating then, but I knew I could do it then, I knew that
they liked me enough to put me forward that much for it, so I knew I had
to go for it again so after getting back from a cruise last summer,
working on a cruise ship as a performer, I called my agent basically and said
what’s coming up I could be good for, and she said I am putting
you forward for Dreamboats and that was on the Friday afternoon
and then on the Monday I got a phone call saying you are in
for this afternoon, go go go. So I went in the afternoon
and audition for the job and they call me about half an
hour after to say you got it can you come in tomorrow for rehearsals. I was a member of GMTG, the
Guild musical and theatre group and which I mean that made up
most of my memories of Birmingham I absolutely loved
being part of that group, we did six shows
whilst I was there and I met my best friends there as well,
lots of people that are still in the industry still help each other out
and not just actors but musical directors and stage managers and people like that. We are still keeping
in touch with each other and we help each other out in the industry now,
it is quite nice, and this was a massive part of my time at Birmingham. Outside of the Uni, I did
a children’s show actually, a touring children show,
I started that when I was in my third year. Confidence, confidence is a massive
thing. The second you walk through that door if your eyes are on the ground,
they are not confident enough to employ you. So held head high, be happy
with what you do and make sure you have taken the right
selection of songs; that’s really important. Something that you are comfortable with
but that you feel shows off your voice and best of your abilities, and shows
you as a performer well. I think, I think confidence is key,
I can’t say any more than that and it is not an arrogant
confidence you just gotta be satisfied that you feel
you can play the role so for them great, if you think you can
do it and so do I kind of thing. In auditions I often had people picking up from my CV that
I went to the University of Birmingham. It’s obviously a very prestigious University and very well-known and
even though it’s not specifically a drama school, it’s very well looked
upon in the performing industry and there are so many people I am bumping into
that are from the University of Birmingham. it’s already just having that on my CV,
people pick up on that it’s already a great thing to have done and something that
people want to talk to you about as well. As well as that, I think just
the course in general the Drama and Theatre Arts course in general is very well looked upon
and it has helped me not only through my own knowledge, but other
people’s knowledge of the course as well it’s really helped with what I do definitely. Keep going, keep working hard, never stop, I mean at University the group of us that really
put our all into everything and filled our time furthering what we do and there are always the people
that don’t want to do that don’t want to further themselves and I think
they are the ones that are struggling now and I think as long as you keep pushing
yourself, and keep trying to be better and working really hard with what you do,
then you’ll get where you want to be.

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