Love in the city/180422-No.3 male guest–the most hilarious TV Dating Show in Northeastern China

There are special gifts for the girls, whose is the best? I was scared, and when he stopped his speak time, I immediately hid his painting. My ass is distorted, what is this! This is perfect! Today, Love in the city, coming soon Hello everyone, this is the most hilarious TV Dating Show in Northeastern China—Love in the City Particularly distinctive, especially true, especially direct. Welcome to come here to find your future lovers to all single people in northeastern China We are waiting for you in ChangChun city Welcome everyone on the scene, I am so happy, thank you everyone The boy who came out next No matter where he is, he wants to be a special person. I don’t know if his clothes style and performance are the most special today. Welcome next boy Different style! When I look around, I think everyone is the same. But I believe that I am the prettiest person Hello everyone, My name is Linghao-LI. I come from Harbin city. I was born in 1991 Thank you everyone. He is really special. Yes, I agree. When I was sitting on the side, I found him wearing red shoes and green socks today, which I think is really special. There is a crocodile biting my foot show it to everyone Everyone must have never seen such a style of socks. I think I understand why you wear red shoes and green socks, because you have a lot of blood on your shoes. I can’t communicate with you anymore. I have never had the courage to choose my own clothes style. I want to know what courage to help you make today’s choice for your clothing style. Because of a certain sentence proverb, red mixed green is really beautiful why? This feeling is so different. I think that the times are progressing. I want to know what is means about this sentence when you were young When I was young, this sentence was red mixed green is like a shit Different eras, different aesthetics Let’s take a look at who these 16 girls are most like. secret Ok, let’s see this special boy’s VCR. My name is Linghao-LI. I come from Harbin city. I am 27 years old. I consider myself as a childish boy who always wants to attract people’s attention I always want to be the unique person when I am with others Besides, I am a narcissistic person. Besides, I am a narcissistic person. I have lots of pictures of myself hanging on the wall in my room It makes me feel like I own my personal space I also have a private room for myself. Let’s go! Let me show you! Here is my studio which was designed by myself These are all the drawing of mine I graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Now I’m an independent designer Sometimes I will also draw some illustration. The reason why I decided to work for myself is because I’m not a typical designer I’m really picky about the project If the requirements of the clients are too much, then I won’t accept the work I only work on few projects per month My income for a month is around 10,000 to 20,000 RMB One of my three biggest hobbies in my life is buying the electronic products Such as gameboy, camera, computers and so on Speaking of router, i have four in total This one is connected to the cable, this is from Apple, Xiaomi; and this is from Microsoft I bought all these is to test which could provide the fastest internet. In order to let me use the fastest WiFi. Secondly, I also like learning what to do when being in love from different ways. I like listening towhen I take the shower. And when I’m working, I like playingat the same time I want to see what characteristics that girls are looking for from the guys When I’m free, I like watching Korean drama and learn how to flirt “What? How could it work?” Thirdly, I like singing funny songs in the Karaoke room. “….God bless me” “Big cock, Old hen, little chicken, small little chicken…” “….” Are you guys thinking that I have my own style? Actually I was born in a really traditional family. My dad is a police and my mom is a doctor Most of my relatives are teachers Under the education of them, I have studied in the middle school for 6 years And 4 years for the high school But eventually I didn’t go to the college that they wanted me to go. I decided to learn art instead I am the only child that didn’t work in a public institution I don’t want to have a boring and simple life like them. I think myself is a dreamer that need to keep traveling. Anyway, I am who I am. Looking around, all the people are similar.
Looking carefully, I am the best looking one. No.12, Miss Fan. “I want to ask you that you mentioned you stayed in the high school for 4 years which I could understand, but how could you go to the middle school for 6 years?” “You know, you always need to make a choice in your life. Sometimes, I just couldn’t go over it. For example, l would feel like I need to restart if I failed the English exam. So I decided to restart the first year of middle school when I was about to be the junior

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