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Tell me, my son!|What was your sin? I want to kill a girl, Father. You’re like a chocolate boy|who came with a flower bouquet, it’s sin to talk about murders|in church, my son. Not just bouquet, Father! I’ve brought knife also. Son, this is not Chota Shakeel’s|den to come with a knife. It’s holy church! Keep the knife inside the bouquet. What made you to become murderous extremist? Father, I’m not an extremist or terrorist.|- Then? I’m a lover! Make you come after her for 2 years,|taking Rs.2 lakhs from you, she ran away to US with another man! That’s ‘Ee Rojullo’ film, Father. You style your father’s ring and|gifted her Iphone, she used another man’s SIM card, she gave the bill to you|and thrill to that man. That’s ‘Bus Stop’ film, Father! Planning to commit suicide,|taking you to a farm house, she banged you to the wall! Oh no! That’s ‘Prema Kadha Chithram’ film, Father. Then, please tell me, what’s your story? A girl hauled and mauled my life, Father. Did a girl do like that?|- Yes, Father. Who that girl is? She’s colourful like Kashmir apple! Did you think of killing her?|This is wrong, my son. She’s not a Kashmir apple, Father.|She’s a Kashmora ghost! If you want see yourself. How long do you know him? One week? Are you so weak to fall for him in a week? Is it strong to fall after a year? Don’t use your damn logic. That’s not logic, but his magic. My foot! If he has made you fall in a week,|I’m sure he’s a flirt. Flirt? It means? He’ll use and throw you. He’s not a flirt, he’s Mr.Perfect! My foot! He’s a flirt!|I’ll prove it. Will you prove it?|How? Is he vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Then, he’ll surely do only|non-vegetarian things. When he talks to you,|where does he look at you? Where will he see? I mean whether sees your face or|elsewhere while talking to you. Actually, he’s too shy. He always bows his head and|talks to me watching my hands. He loves this locket so much. You fool! That’s not shyness,|I’m sure that is that thing only. What do you mean by that thing? I mean he’s a flirt.|- Is it? Yes! Does he wear torn jeans|or formal pants? He wears torn jeans. Then, he has no discipline in his life. Okay, are his eyes always red? By studying always.|- No, by drinking always. Does he chew gum always?|- Yes, very stylishly. Then, he’s a chain smoker.|- Is it? Surprize for everything.|- Anyway, how do you know all this? Sigmund Freud male psychology. Sigmund Fraud?|Is he also fraud? You devil! He’s not fraud,|he’s father of psychology. Listen to me, I’m sure he’s a flirt. Leave his hand immediately and|wash your hands with dettol. If girls of this country follow|this silly girl’s psychology, boys will become church fathers|instead of becoming father to children. Like me! By the way who is that young scapegoat|who fell in love with that young girl? Are you that girl’s boy friend?|- Yes, it’s me, Father. That side a girl… This side a boy… Watch their love story… That side Romeo….|This side Juliet… Read their love story… Beautiful colours… Carried by new things and new music… Like sweet dreams of yellow journals… It’s a love story with sweet and|lovely imaginations… Better than Facebook and|more twisting that Twitter… Speeder than Macbook and|faster than mobile games… It’s a love story of mad sizes|and prizes… It’s a new experience… It’s very happy… Surprizing is their nature…|Expecting is gift voucher… If you give a break,|they’ll break-up… Do you always wear these clothes only? I’ll change it every day. Because you get discipline.|- No, it may stink. Are you eyes always red?|- Hot blooded youth! Do you always chew gum? Why are you torturing me|so many questions, dear? My friend told me boys doing|all this are generally flirts. Flirt? Me? Who told you that? Chitra…Chitra Balasubramanyam,|my close friend. Chitra Balasubramanyam? Her name is horrible. Do you know she’s an expert of|Sigmund Freud psychology? That’s not Freud psychology but|your friend Chitra’s fraud psychology. Sigmund never said anything|about flirts in his books. Your friend is playing a game|to break us up. Are you suspecting me|trusting her words? Look Geetha, I didn’t fall in love|with Sigmund Freud’s sister. You! If you don’t trust me, tell me openly. Let’s break up. That’s the matter! He’s playing break up drama|after getting caught red handed. A sincere lover would never|speak like that. It’s confirmed, he’s a flirt! Truth! Sidhu’s phone. Answer the call and|switch on the speaker. I’ll prove now that he’s a flirt. What are you doing? I’m talking to my friend. Friend? Is it that torturing Chitra? Talk to him. Will you switch on the speaker? Cut your friendship with Chitra immediately. Let’s enjoy hugs and kisses from|tomorrow as we did earlier. Are you doing all this? I’m telling you.|Why are you looking there? Look here!|Can you hear me? Say yes.|- Yes! Talk to me now! Talk! Will you stop wearing torn jeans and|stop eating non-vegetarian food? Are you mad? You loved me for that, right? Dump Chitra who reels out|such crap as psychology. What are you blabbering? No girl must love a flirt like you.|That’s my philosophy. I know you’re next to Geetha. Don’t you’ve any other work? After great difficult I’ve managed|to make a girl fall for me, will you ruin that? How can you know the difficulties|of boys in dating girls? Did you see he trapped you|with great difficulty? It means he sure has another intention. Yes! Won’t lovers hug, kiss and romance? Did you see how he’s getting exposed? You crooked girl! Why should I talk to you? Geetha, choose between me|and your friend now! Tell him, you want me. Tell him. I don’t want you. Got sense now! Now cry your heart out like Devadas. For ruining your love with Geetha,|you’ve decided to kill Chitra. No, Father.|- No? I shunned girls but|a girl entered my life. I’ll tell you that story,|please listen, Father. Tell me, brother. They sit next to each other and|share laughter together… They talk on phone for hours and|smile when they meet… It’s a love story of pop corn|eating youngsters… Young moustache, mini skirt,|it’s pair of bike and scooty… It’s a love story of no-holds-barred|couple rocking the pub… They don’t have any hurdle|in their flight… They’re birds flying in air… Their story has started|and they’ll rock… Let’s watch the film… The strange twist in my love story is Sowmya|who loves me is Chitra’s friend. As usual she spread the|flirt virus to Sowmya, she ruined my love story again. This compliment is for that result. It’s confirmed, he’s a flirt. Flirt? Me? Oh my God! You’re clear about|what I’d do as a flirt, right? Tell me, what should I do to prove|I’m a sincere lover? I’ll prove that my love is sincere. You must get at early morning 4 am! From drinking binge?|- From bed! Must take bath in cold water. Bath in cold water?|- Got sinus problem? No, water problem. Circumambulate the holy basil. Will she be beautiful? I meant Basil plant. Sin! Go around Baba’s temple|108 rounds at 6 am. Stop eating non-vegetarian food and|eat only raw vegetables and greens. At 8 am…|- Stop! Stop it! I’ll try this first, let’s discuss|further tests in next sitting. Bloody life! What’s your fraud boy friend saying? He says he can’t live without me. What’s the time now?|- 6 am! Where would he be now?|- Baba’s temple. No, he would be in bed. If you want call him and check.|Silly girl! Where are you Sidhu? That is…in temple. Are you really in temple, Sidhu? If you want I’ll ring the bell. Devotional songs are being|played here, listen! Lord Venkateshwara’s song|in Baba’s temple? I heard ringing bells also. It wasn’t temple bells but|rang bell in his house. House bell? Sorry dear, I missed only that. What should I do next?|Go around holy basil plant! I’ll prove my sincerity.|Watch it! Hubby! Ghost! He didn’t go around the holy basil plant. He cheated you.|- How do you know that? Only women go around the holy basil plant,|gents don’t do it. He’s cheating you, if you want ask him. Don’t men go around holy basil plant? But why did you ask me do it? I used to get up at 10 am and|take bath in hot water. You made me get up at 4 am|and made me bath in cold water. What’s your intention? You want to love me or kill me?|Tell me. If you pass these tests,|you’re a good boy. Or else you’re just a flirt|who uses girls, My friend Chitra told me. I mean Chitra Balasubramanyam,|who uses Sigmund Freud to chide others. Is she your friend? How do you know her?|- Why not? She’s that great woman who is|keeping girls away from my life. I’ve understood it clearly. How does she behave with you?|- Very nice. Does she sit closer to you?|I mean does she touch you? yes, she puts her hands,|she sits very close to me. That’s not closeness but different! What are you saying?|- She loves you. Don’t get so shocked! She ruins the love of boys|and loves girls. She’ll use mad ideas to test lovers|and split them. If you want ask her. I said give me. Tell me. I’ll beat you with slippers. Chitra! What did you blabber?|Do we love each other? Would two girls love each other|in this world? Why not? You love her, right?|By creating suspicion between us. Yes, I do love her. I’ll surely love to save girls|from rogues like you. Not to save them but for their warm hugs. Girls are born for us only.|Not for you. I’ll spread message that you’re different|in the city, no entire state. Get lost!|Do whatsoever you can! I’ll not let any girl fall for you. If they’re next to you,|how can they fall for me? If you dare come after my friends,|I’ll kill you. Why do I need your lovers?|I don’t want her. You mad girl, I don’t mind|if you break up with me. But please don’t believe that cheat girl. If not your life… If I ever see you…|- What will you do? Will you hug me? I’m a man, you don’t need men, right? You played havoc with my life,|if I don’t kill you, my name henceforth shall|not be Sidhu. Get lost! How dare you cut my phone call! What’s that expression? Did you hear what did he say? How could he get the thought that|girls can love each other? Is he different?|- No, he’s very strong. How do you know that? Did you…?|- Just said about his appearance. Anyway it was good riddance.|Come, let’s go to sleep. I’ll sleep there. She’s different! If you’re afraid, sleep with me,|don’t trust that rogue’s words. I’ll not come. Go! Now I’m clear without any confusion. She filled your love story with|ghosts of doubts, and for hurting your pure heart twice, you decided to kill Chitra! Not again! This is nothing, the real love story|happened after this, Father. Real love story? Tell me how many love stories are|there at least roughly! Please listen to me, Father.|- Go ahead! O Myna…who are you? If beauty is measured in height,|are you Everest? O Myna, whatever may be your name? You will make this world|call you an angel… Trust me, this looks like a myth… This is like dream coming true… Like a flash of lightning… You struck and took me away with you… You appear familiar and|that’s not enough for me… If you explain, what do you look like? Once if I see you, I can never forget… There’s no brush to paint your beauty… Don’t know from which planet|you came down to earth…. When will you come again into my path? I loved many girls till now but|was never serious with anyone… First time I saw you today and|I’ve started believing love… You’re hiding in me and|giving wings to my imaginations… You pushed me as a companion to|go ahead in these paths of wishes… He refused to enter temple|and said he’ll sit outside. When did he come inside? Why is he running like that? Catch him!|- Stop, Sidhu! Stop…stop….|- Mother…a girl… Which girl?|- The girl in yellow half sari. Something is wrong with him,|let’s take him away. Mother….a girl…|- Come, son. My damn fate, why did I say Athreya|and Sri Sri? Priest! I want a small information.|- Go ahead. Yesterday my uncle came to the temple. My mother and uncle are having|a feud for long time. By the time I could meet him,|he left the temple. I couldn’t find him again. Don’t try to fool me, son! Your uncle has a grown up daughter of|your height wearing yellow half sari, right? Yes, how do you know that? Don’t use your youth antics on me. Since you couldn’t find in Google,|did you come to the temple? This temple has more boys|chasing girls than real devotees. You didn’t offer prayers in temple|but chased an angel outside. So I expected you’d come here. Sir, you know everything. They gave the chocolate|but not allowing me to eat. Please give me her address.|- Stay away, don’t defile me. For offering prayers,|I ask only their race and stars. I don’t ask their address and|go for coffee to their homes. Look, they come here on Fridays|to offer special prayers. Try on Friday, you may get lucky|on some Friday. Try your luck. Thank you, priest. What’s it, mother? Your father has left to office also. Were you guarding house all night|like a watchman without sleeping? Did you remember about|all your loitering? Not loitering, mom.|Thinking about the girl in temple. Though two girls proposed and|broke up, I didn’t mind much. But I’m unable to forget this girl, mom. I saw her there but|she’s in my heart now. I don’t know how to feel, mom. Neither I know her nor talked to her. But still why this feeling? Entire night I couldn’t sleep,|she was moving before my eyes, mom. Whenever I remember her,|I feel unbearable pain here, mom. You get such feelings only|when you find your soul mate. Geetha and Sowmya in your|Inter years was just attraction. What you saw today in temple|is real love. That’s why you’re feeling so much. If you’re feeling so much for|seeing her once, if she talks to you or loves you? Mother! God showed you the girl in temple,|if you both are destined to meet, she’ll come searching you. If not you’ll go searching her. I’m sure you both will fall in love. Okay? Ours is also love marriage. You’ve my full support for your love.|Okay? Don’t know how far away we are|though very near? Earth and sky will never meet… There’s unknown burden in|the paths we go… Are days and moonlit nights|lovely enemies? Anger and fights of the past… That is what they know… Love will grow in future… Love…love…love… In the age of dreams,|you fall in love… You’ll be blessed with a boon|of lifelong companion of life… Though she’s with you like your shadow,|you’re vexed with yourself… Though chill wind touches,|you still can’t recognize it… Not her, she’s not of my range. Study! In mad rush I crossed my darling. Spell it. I didn’t ask you to repeat, spell it. You need feeling|why do you want spelling? Who are you?|- Spectator! I’m a spectator watching you from|a distance for the past 4 months. If you say okay, this spectator|will become your lover. For whom? Why would I tell you if it’s someone else? For you only! You were watching me for 4 moths|to become my lover, from front or back? From back only!|I didn’t dare to face you. To sync with your shyness or|to get impressed for your words, if we’ve to become lovers,|spectators watching must approve it. Shall I request them to send SMS? Not those audience,|there are 10 people in next class. They must like you. When we both go around, they mustn’t think|how could this fool get such a girl! Everything is fine, but|do you need to use that fool word? It is necessary.|- Then, okay. Tell your love for me to my friends. What if they agree?|- I’ll sit in your heart. What if they refuse? I’ll shave your head, kick you|and send you in goods train. On my head, right? Come. Are they your friends?|Should I prove myself before them? Mahesh? He? He’s like soda water bottle without fizz. Please don’t get angry. Look at him properly. Specs, shoes brought from roadside shop. Rolled gold chain. Every item on his body is waiting|eagerly to see me. Can’t you see that?|- No! Actually we don’t see him at all!|He’s so dark! Rogues like him… Yes, you! If they charm us with magic of love,|what are we doing? We get cheated and end up in tears. That’s why I got this item boy|as an example. If anyone says love at first sight,|what should we do? We’ll hit with slippers. You she-devils! Girls like you would never get married. You’ll never go on honeymoon. Your lives will go waste without any use. Go man! Is Suresh too like him? Come, let’s go. Oh no, she’s coming here.|Shall I throw it? No! Shall I give it? Ticket…ticket… Sell in theatre,|what are you doing here? This is for us. I called you on phone,|did you keep it in vibration mode? I’ll keep in vibration mode or raise|hell with ring tome, what bothers you? Malayalam dubbed film, ‘Rachcha Rambola’. Action sentiment film,|theatre is empty. Shall we go? Will you come as friend and|behave like lover? You’ve too many things. Not big but very small, touch it. Today’s friends are tomorrow’s lovers,|that’s why! Neither today nor tomorrow,|you can never be my lover. No, say something else, is that final?|- Final! You speak well normally,|why do you stammer if it is love? Whom should I take to the film now? Feel my love as anger… Feel my love as hatred… Feel my love as curse… My dear, feel my love… Why are you after me? We both are same pinch.|- Same pinch? He’s already in love problems,|if he hits you… Raja, you don’t have to love me. Feel my love as void or|any damn thing… Buddy! Why is your face so dull? I love Janaki for the past 6 months. But there’s no response from her side. I’m also asking you to come to my room,|did you come at least once? If you talk between, I’ll cut your throat. Shut up! Why did you hide this matter till now? It’s love matter,|I wanted to keep it secret. Yes, you don’t see friends|when you’re in love. But if you face problems in love,|you come to friends. Tell me the matter in detail. Why are you carrying garbage|in your bag? Shut up! I’ll rip you! This is not garbage but|my Janaki’s memoirs. Look at this!|Do you know what this is? Not that! Jasmine that fell from my Janaki’s hair|6 months ago. Do you know what this is? Ice cream cup thrown away by|my Janaki 4 months ago. Do you know what this is? Janaki’s slipper that got torn|while boarding bus 3 months ago. I’ll hit you with slipper|if you say one more word. You went after her for 6 months and|picked up empty cups and slippers. If you don’t express your love|to her tomorrow, I’ll make you drink poison|mixed beer, be careful. We’re meeting her tomorrow and|you’ll express your love. Buddy, that girl.|- Which girl? That girl.|- Which girl? Girl in yellow dress. How beautiful she is! The girl is not even looking at you!|- That’s the problem. She’s going away. Janaki is going away. Stop! We mustn’t se the girls,|we must make girls see us. What do you want me to do now? Simple, follow the formula of|the film ‘Premadesam’. Formula of ‘Premadesam?|What’s that? If bus reaches high speed,|if we chase and board it, people in the bus look at you|like a hero, right? The girl will automatically|become your heroine. Really? Then, watch now!|Start the count. Formula has worked out! Bye sister! Instead of seeing me,|what is she looking at? I asked him unnecessarily. How am I to tell my heart’s love?|- Why is he coming here? Lovely sweet words… Why this drinking session? What happened?|Why your face is dull? Is your love success or failure? Go away, please. You said film formula and made me|catch running bus like Vadivelu, if you come running like Abbas in|slow motion, why would Janaki love me? Why should I run risking my life? What’s your bad intention in this? The girl I saw in temple,|she was going away on Vespa scooter, I tried to catch her up…|- You tried and stopped getting tired. She appears and disappears immediately. Don’t tell me the story of the film ‘Tholi Prema’, I’ve seen the film with Pavan Kalyan|and Keerthi Reddy. Missing every time to the|director’s comfort. When there so much technology of|phones, Facebook, Twitter, What’s app! If we use it correctly,|we can find the girl by evening. But please don’t talk slow|like an art film hero. It hurts me. I’ve tried everything and failed. You keep shut. Okay. Janaki is before me,|so fix her up for me. Then, let’s together find your eluding lover. Then, we both along with our lovers|can paint this town red. Call Janaki to canteen tomorrow at 9 am. What’s he planning this time?|Why? Don’t act like a comedy artiste,|act like a character artiste. I’ll fix your love. My slipper! When did you take it?|Tell me! Not just your slipper but chocolate paper,|ice cream cup, coke tin, every trash you left behind, he has spent 6 months|collecting all this. Why did you take it without telling me? This is not things to buy from|shop after telling you. You used and threw it. You mustn’t see it as trash, but you must see his feelings|while collecting this, I felt so much! After spending 6 months|with one sided love, at last he dared to tell you and|bought film tickets, you tore and threw it on his face. Useless bugger! He doesn’t even know to|express his love. There’s mass and class in|expressing love but not in love. All are equal! If a boy falls in love,|you know it first than him. Why is she staring at him? I’ll not force you to love him, even if you refuse him now, he has|faith that you’ll love him someday. You must understand his sincerity. Have you understood it? She’s reacting differently. If a girl refuses a boy’s love, they tend|to share the sorrow with beer bottle. Yes. Please don’t push him to that situation. Any worker would work|only for 8 hours a day. But he works all he 24 hours. When did I go to work?|- The job of your lover! Yes, I’m doing. Janaki, please try to understand his love. Please share your love with him. How much he loves love,|he’ll love you more than that, he’ll look after you with love. Yes, I do. Give him life with yes or|ditch him with no, it’s your wish. Hello, I did all that, please look at me. Why is she not looking a me? Come…You delivered the dialogue very well. That’s dialogue from the film ‘Manam’.|- 00Is it? Why the slipper from trash can|is on the dining table? I expected this!|Is he working with municipality? No, it seems he collected all this|following me for 6 months. He would’ve picked it up|30 minutes before, he’s trying to trap lying to you. Chitra, he’s very good boy,|he really loves me. When his friend told me how much|he loves me, I was in tears. I mean the your real lover|didn’t tell you that. Is your lover dumb? No.|- Then? Other language artiste to use|dubbing voice for Telugu. Is he in love with you or his friend? He couldn’t talk,|so his friend explained me. Mad girl, he’s trying his best to trap you. Can’t your foolish brain|understand this? He thinks you’ll fall for this trash|and that fraud lover. Whatever you may say,|had you listened to him, I’m sure you’d say I love you and|fall in love with him. Me? Love? Call them again,|let me see how sincere they are! If I like the way he proposes,|I’ll unite you both myself. If not I’ll cut it myself. Will you listen to me?|- Okay, I will. Hop on.|- Just a minute. Buddy, my darling is calling. Buddy, please say hello for me. I’m sure she’s calling to accept|your love, have a blast! Is it? Then, I’ll talk to her. I liked the way your friend told me|about love. His style…his expression! Stop…stop… Will you say I love you to him?|I expected this! You were staring at him all the evening. I expected this will happen. No…|- What no? Won’t you see me if I catch bus|with great difficulty? Will you speak to him for|saying few words? Talk to him, you both talk to each other. You fool! Listen to me. I told my friend about our love.|She was convinced. Is it? She’s very important person in my life. She must like you and your behaviour. Come to the same place at same time|tomorrow with your friend Friend? As he told me today, tell him to say|the same thing with my friend. If she’s convinced,|we’ll not have any problems. Won’t you accept me unless|your friend accepts me? If you really love me, just do as I say! Don’t forget your friend must come. Don’t say friend, it hurts me. If you come alone,|things will be back to square one. Okay. What happened? Nothing, it seems she’s going to test|my sincerity before her friend. Friend? Who is she? How do I know?|It seems you too must come. The lover on test must go. You’ve cleared half the way,|please clear the other half also. If you do it, I’ll be with you|to find your dream girl. Will you?|- Yes. Come.|- Come. His dream girl saved my day. May be my girl will visit temple today! Should I go to temple or college? Visit temple! Take offering. No, I’m visiting temple,|I’ll take it there. Temple? You must go to college, right? What did the priest say?|My dream girl would temple every Friday. Do anything but don’t neglect|your studies. Don’t worry, mom. Let me find the girl,|I’ll get you first rank. Okay. I’m in temple now.|I’ll get late, you carry on. What are you saying? You blabbered as you wish yesterday. You added drama and melodrama|to my love. Don’t worry, just repeat whatever I said. Even if there are 10 prompters,|I can’t say one dialogue. That too expressing love with Janaki|will make me stammer. If I use any bad word in it,|she’ll never see my face again in life. Look, already I’ve started to stammer. I’ll fall at your feet, please come. Use Bluetooth in ear and manage. I’ll be there in an hour. Hey, Janaki is coming.|Please come. Come on, do as I say. Did he come? He? I mean your friend.|Did he come? He’ll come. Where’s your friend?|- She’ll come. You come. Hi priest! What brings you here again? I feel sorry for you. Why are you interested in love? I must meet the girl today, sir.|Please do something. What can I do? Other than offering prayers to God. Then, please offer prayers. Which prayer if you offer can|make me see her? Which prayer if you offer can|my love succeed? Offer those prayers, sir. Today I’m offering 1 lakh chant prayer. Anyone who offers this prayer with|devotion, his wish will get fulfilled. Please do it, sir. Not in these clothes, change the dress. Go…go…|- Okay, priest. Go. Is everything okay there? Okay? Don’t overact, I’m online. Talk to her.|- Okay. Tell me.|- Not you. I’m talking to the girl.|- Okay. Is your Bluetooth on?|- No, body is warm. I’m practicing. I must tell the dialogues, right?|When will your friend come? Se has gone to the temple, she’ll come. Is your friend in temple? He’s here, when are you coming? Don’t talk to him till I come. Keep him away. Are they both there?|- No, he has come alone. Tell him where’s he? Where’s your friend? He’s offering prayers, he’ll come. Tell him not to tell lies. In my language such boys are|called as flirts. What’s going on there? I don’t know, they’re whispering something. I can’t hear anything. Your friend is very dangerous,|please divert your girl’s attention. Once…cut the phone call. 1 No…it’s wrong. Listen to me, if not I’ll cut the cal. No, I’ll hold. What’s that sound? He pressed my hand.|- Give him a tight slap. No problem.|- Why? I feel good. He has started the games.|Girls go weak here only. If you don’t slap him, I’ll not come there. He’s a flirt, slap him! You say like that.|- Slap him! Hands off me, you flirt! What’s that noise?|- That’s noise but flirt. Flirt? I’ll go home and be there. Switch off that Bluetooth. Okay, sir. Close your eyes and make your wish. Such a traditional boy in|this modern time! Boy, open your eyes,|offer this fruit and pray to God. Priest! That girl! Move please… Move that side. Priest, that girl is going away. I’ll also go.|- Stop! Once you start the prayers,|you must go midway, it’s grave sin. It’ll become a curse and|you’ll lose the girl forever. Priest, please don’t scare me like that. If I lose the girl, I can’t live. That girl will not go anywhere. God will test you in situations|like this only. You must pass these tests,|you mustn’t run away from it. You may lose her temporarily now, if you want her for all your life,|you must finish this prayer. Offer this fruit and pray to God.|Do it. Close your eyes. Look here!|Concentrate on prayers. Have you come?|- What happened? I’m waiting to get crushed|under your bike. Run over my neck perfectly. But my face must remain handsome.|My condolence tour must be grand. But please ensure my friend Janaki|is responsible for my death comes on TV 9. I’ve Rs.2000 in my pocket, take Rs.1000|and pay balance to Jai, I owe him. If not I may be born as gay|in my next life. Get up. What happened?|- She ruined my love. My friend Chitra is here. Is she coming? Boss, rock it now. Is he that Thota Ramudu? Does your face need love? Yes. Why? Why are you stammering? On seeing you I’m little nervous|and stammering. That’s all. If you stammer for talking|to her for 5 minutes, I think you may go dumb|if you’ve to talk to her all your life. Would I? Listen to me, drop out. You’re trying to torture us psychologically|and break us up. This is not right.|Please unite us. It seems your friend talked|about love yesterday. Tell me, what that is? Love me as much as you love, love. Tell her to love me. I’ll love and love her more than love… I’ll love and unite with love. Where did I go wrong? I said love thrice. Tell her to love me then. Did you react so much for this? He said it so well, you know? Buddy, they’re bashing me up here.|Are you there? Hey, come here. No! Talk to us now. I’m dead meat. Show me how would you|propose love to her? I’ll present a flower and express. That’s why I’m ready with it. Show variety! Giving with hand is routine,|may be giving with mouth is variety. Slapped me again. He fool of fools. You’re hurting me too much.|Another test please. I’ll win for sure. What are you planning to do after love? What others do, for 3 or 4 years… You want to enjoy and ditch her? That’s not in family line.|What are you saying? What’s your plan then? Will you touch her physically|if you love her? Can’t avoid it, right? Will you kiss her? Will you boats before your friends|that she’s your lover? Tell me, what’s do you want to do? You’re taking revenge on me, I got you. You’re ruining my love. Okay, don’t cry. I’ll give you Rs.10000. Go to my college naked,|pay my fee and get the receipt. What? You want me to pay fee naked? Should I pay electricity and|phone bill too? We wear clothes and take bath! Will you dishonour me in public to pay fee? Yes. In the film ‘Boys’ Siddhartha runs|naked on road for his love. Can’t you at least pay college fee?|- I’ll not. If your love is sincere,|undress and go immediately. Or else agree you’re a flirt. No man in this world will accept this. That too naked… You wantonly ruined my love, right? Watch out, I’ll die. Janaki, I’ll die and|hover around you as ghost. Though you united us,|her sadist friend said I’m flirt, and separated us. She’ll get ruined. Will she create such a drama|if I’m late by 30 minutes? Call Janaki on phone, I’ll talk to her. No, she’ll ruin our friendship too. You don’t know about her.|- Don’t worry, I’ll fix her. They wear short skirts, are they not flirts? Is this her number?|- Yes. To hell with flirt!|I’ll not accept. Suresh is calling. Give it to me, I’ll talk to him. Why did you call again? If you call again, I’ll kill you. Janaki hates you. This voice appears familiar! If you call again, I’ll call police.|Cut the call. Who are you to say that?|- I’m Janaki’s friend. If I say anything, it’s her words too. Janaki’s friend?|Don’t you’ve a name? Chitra? Yes, so what? No girl would love a rogue like you. Hey you silly girl! That’s my philosophy! I’ll hit you with slipper. Girls are born for boys only. I’ll not let any girl fall for you. Do whatsoever you can do!|Hey rogue! If you call my friends again,|I’ll kill you. You played with my life, if I don’t kill you my name|henceforth shall not be Sidhu. What happened? Did she break our friendship too?|I told you. If she talks, we’ll go silent. Where can I find Chitra? Hey Janaki! Where’s Chitra? Just now she went to the parking lot. Chitra? No girl would love a rogue like you. I’ll hit you with slipper! Get lost!|Do whatsoever you can do! The girl whom you thought was devil,|you loved the same girl as angel. Yes, Father. I fell in love with Chitra at first sight. Look son, listen to me,|love her with heart and soul. You’ll always be blessed by Jesus. I’ll also pray for you. My heart is flying towards you… Your thoughts are pulling me|like magnet… I feel like air has run out of oxygen… Your fragrance is taking over me… I’m sending my pain to you… Are the directions welcoming you|becoming my hands? You went ferociously with sickle|threatening to kill her, how come you’re having|tea leisurely here? I told you, right?|You can’t do anything to her. That’s it. Come here. Shall I tell you shocking news?|- Tell me. The girl who broke your love and| crushed my college crush… …is none other than the girl|I love so dearly. my Myna. The name which makes your hair burn! When she picks your call,|you don’t talk anything other than bad words. Is that girl your lover? Oh Allah! This is against nature, leave it. Why did you offer prayers in temple|and church? If God in temple made me|love my enemy, Jesus in church gave me clarity. That she’s my soul mate!|- Not shoe lace! I don’t know if you know|about her or not. If any friend of her loves a boy,|she pounces on them like cheetah. Would she see you?|Would she love you? Just propose to her, you’re finished. I saw her with my eyes,|those tortures, tests and question. Stay away from her, buddy. God has decided we’re made|for each other lovers. You keep quiet. My next target is to love her and|make her love me. I’ll follow her from tomorrow and|make her fall in love with me. I’ll also come, let me see! How could you abuse such|a beautiful girl, you fool! In that rack, madam. If there are two, why would she ask me?|I’ll throw out this. I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere… Are you buying this CD?|- Yes. I’ve been searching this CD|for 2 months now. I’m not getting it anywhere. If you don’t buy this CD, I’ll take it. I was also searching this CD|for 3 months. Luckily I got it today. If I give it now, you may mistake me|for giving it to a girl. I’ll not think bad about you. Please don’t go overboard. Give it. If Chitra leaves with the CD,|what would you get, you fool? Do something and stop her. Can I hear the music of this CD|in the music room? Didn’t even imagine in my dream|you’d stand next to me so easily? Entire campus is stinking of|my love failure. If I fail in love and look like this,|my character’s sincerity will be hurt. I’ll go away, please. This role of Sri Rama will|not suit you, come. Why is he here? Come, let’s go. Anaconda! That dangerous snake! She’ll swallow us alive! Let her come.|I love snakes. I saw film ‘Devi’ 15 times, you know that? You are…? This college? Never seen you in this college. Even if you had seen|we don’t know each other, right? To recognize. How do you know him? I tried my best to save his love.|Just now he told you cut it. Fool! Is it you who told about love to Janaki? You could’ve told her. I’ll think about your love, brother. Sister, think seriously.|I’m very sincere. Did you play that CD? Did you like it?|- Very much. If you give me the CD,|I’ll copy and return it. I’ll get you the CD tomorrow. It’s time to go to my class, I’ll go now. Which CD did you give her?|She has melted like ice cream. That’s the wonder of soul mate magic!|No philosophy can work on it. Watch now! Hi! Did you bring Raja sir? Take it. When I hear Ilayaraja’s tunes,|I feel he has a positive feeling on love. Though so many have composed|love songs, Ilayaraja’s love songs are melodious|and heart touching, right? May be he’s a lover in real life!|- May be so! If you observe, you’ll see only|lovers reach the top position. Because if you love,|all your hormones activate, and your brain will become|very sharp, just now I read it in this|psychology book What do you say? I don’t have good opinion on love. I mean won’t you ever fall|in love with anyone? First time I saw you offering|prayers in temple I thought would there be such|traditional boys? Later on I liked your attitude|and befriended you. Is that why she’s moving|so close with me? Please don’t increase the distance|between us by talking about love, okay? There’s no love…don’t love… You’re the witness… Though the song is old,|you played it at right moment. Great! At least now good sense will prevail|over him and take a step back. No…|- What no? Soul mate is humbug. Chitra hates love. They would’ve told in the|language of psychology. Be happy that she told you|that very softly. That girl is basically very strong. You and your damn English. If Chitra has to love Sri Ram,|I must deal her in reverse. Then, she’ll hack you in reverse. Watch it! What? If any boys wears torn jeans,|he’s a flirt, if he sports spikes, he’s a flirt, you used your silly psychology|to make everyone psycho here, are you listening music happily|with a real flirt? Fall…you’ll fall in love! Useless bugger.|Who are you? I’m Sidhu! You broke my love twice, branded me|as flirt and played havoc with my life. Have you forgotten it? Why did you call me, useless fellow? Don’t get BP unnecessarily. Unable to see you with that real flirt, to give you friendly advice,|I called you… Are you listening? Tell me. By the what’s his name? I know psychology of such boys. They dress up neatly, since you love Ilayaraja songs,|he’ll claim he too loves it, he’ll match his tastes with yours|and make you fall for him. You’re friendly with him|without knowing this. I’m sure he’s a flirt who will|make you fall in love. If you’ve doubt, put him to flirt tests. Call him on phone and|find out if he’s a flirt. Among all the boys I’ve seen|I thought Sri Ram is the best. But if he himself is a flirt… I can’t believe it. Are you busy?|- No. Can I meet you tomorrow?|- Tomorrow? You called me urgently,|want to tell me anything? Nothing, next week is my parents|wedding anniversary. I thought you could help me|in selecting dresses. Your dress selection will prove|whether you’re a flirt or not. You said something.|- No. I felt like that. Your behaviour is different today.|- Oh no, nothing like that. Geetha and Sowmya! If they see me,|it’s curtains down for me! Chitra, come let’s go downstairs.|Clothes are fine there. Why?|- First select for aunt. Come…. Take it. How is it? This one? Super…very nice. If they see me, I’m dead meat. Saris are not good here,|shall we see formals there? It’ll be fine on uncle.|Come…come… Why are you looking here and there? If they’re here! They? Who are they? To know my size. Why your size? May be my size would suit uncle. This is very short. Come. You? Why did you fall on me? Not fell on you, I fell, that’s all. No phone or message from you.|Have you forgotten us? Nothing like that. Shopping? Let’s shop together. No, I need to go urgently.|I’ve work. Shall we meet on Sunday? Thank God! Isn’t she behaving differently? Let me go. Will you tempt me and walk out? If you stay for 10 minutes,|both of us can go out? Whether it is swing or cradle,|let me with you… Let’s go away from here immediately. Why did you pull me out from there? My close friends were there. While in Inter class,|I broke their love with a boy. I don’t know that. If they see me with you,|it would be embarrassing… Anyway what’s wrong if anyone|falls in love? Loving someone isn’t wrong but|loving a flirt like Sidhu is wrong. Who this Sidhu is? He’s the flirt who loved my close friends. Boys who cheat girls with lies and play|with them must be poisoned to death. Think of him and I’ve started|using bad words. No bad words please,|when shall we go to shop again? I’m upset thinking about Sidhu.|No need to shop anymore. You’re worse than Dawood. Why did you create Sri Ram’s character? I told you to love her sincerely,|will you play drama with Sri Ram character? I thought if I do like that Chitra may like|and fall in love with me. But it was proved to be|impossible with Chitra. That’s curtains down for|my love story, Father. Why did you love her if you|were so hopeless guy? Love means how patient one must be,|how many difficulties one must face! Will you take a back step|for two failures? What sort of a lover are you? Do you consider girls as|fast food counters? To get your food in plate on your order. Tomorrow is friendship day,|give her a good gift and impress her. Wait patiently till Chitra falls|in love with you on her own. Do you say like that, Father?- That’s all. Don’t ever bring Sidhu into Chitra’s life. Don’t come to the church again. Isn’t that frame good? Do you think she’ll fall for gifts? You’re going trusting Father,|be careful of pitfalls. Chitra thinks Sri Ram is perfect. What if Sri Ram himself gives her a gift? You think Chitra will turn towards you. Where are the wedding gifts? Is it your wedding?|- Your grandma’s. Would I buy a gift for my wedding?|- You’re right. There. Can’t you tell that first? Can you please keep this photo|in this frame and pack it? Chitra’s photo! Who gave it to you?|- That boy gave it. What’s your connection with Chitra? Why are you buying a frame|for Chitra’s photo? Did you both put us in loop line|and hit main line? Wait a minute! She says she hates live,|why is she doing this? What happened to Sidhu? By the way, who are you? I’m Sidhu’s ex-girl friend. Is that why you’re acting|like Kamalahasan? How Sidhu and Chitra are connected? There’s nothing between Sidhu and Chitra. You and Chitra played football with his life. He lost his balance. He lost interest in life,|he has become mad. Like Bharath in the film ‘Premisthey’. I think he remembered the|flashback on seeing you. That’s why he’s jumping and shouting! Don’t know what would happen to him?|- But why Chitra’s photo? He won’t eat food unless|this photo is hit with stones. That’s why I put it in frame|and hit it with stones. Can I believe it? He’s jumping and shouting here,|if you want take him to you house for few days. You can see how he’ll hit the photo. No, you can’t bear to see it. He’s a flirt for wearing shirt|and pant, flirt…flirt… He’s indeed flirt, wait, I’m coming. You mustn’t hit it. I’m bringing the photo, hit it. Go away, he may hit you also. Come…come…dear…dear… Don’t hit lovers…lovers are flowers. You came here on my call,|thank you very much. Why are you so dull? Sidhu has gone mad. Has Sidhu gone mad?|- Yes. Have you posted the matter already? It seems his ex-girl friend Geetha saw him. Forget it, it’s his fate. How can we leave him? One who talked to me 2 days ago,| if he goes mad suddenly, how can I believe it? I must meet Sidhu immediately. I must talk to him. Who are you calling now? Please go out. Isn’t this Sidhu’s number? This is my number,|he steals my cell and uses it. Who are you? How do you know my name? You made a man turn mad saying flirt,|can’t I know your name? We send him out four times a week, we came to know he was|calling and torturing you, that’s why we tied him|with chains today. He’ll never enter your life again. Doctor, he talks to me intelligently. Shouldn’t mad people talk intelligently? Come to my hospital, I’ll show you|how intelligent mad people are! By the way, where is he? Forget this matter here.|Remove Sidhu from your mind. Have coffee. Shall we go to mental hospital? Mental hospital?|Why? I must see Sidhu immediately. You know Sidhu has gone mad,|why see him? I’m very sad because I’m responsible|for his condition. I want to see Sidhu now.|Please, let’s go. Please come for my sake. Don’t know in what condition he’s now in? Okay, I’ll go alone. She may go even if I say no. Give me a night, come tomorrow at 10 am|to Erragadda mental hospital. I’ll wait for you there. Will you come? Can I dare not come? You go now. I’ll come. Where’s your love story heading? I need urgently a mad Sidhu! For the cloud that went away|from sky… The sky left to bring it back… To abroad… For the water drop that fell|from the peak of a mount… It has left it’s home to go into exile… Is he hero or villain? He’s strong and touch like iron… He’s swift like lightning and|devastating like thunder… He’s protector or destroyer|or testing time to test itself… Inhale breath! Exhale! I think you’ve problem. I can scan your body with my eyes|and tell your horoscope. Is it? What’s your name? Your name? What do you want?|- Doctor, we need… Hey, I got it on seeing you.|You want a mad man, right? How? I’m telling you again. What type of madman you want? You want money mad or|cinema mad man. Or you want a man mad about girls. I want a mad man who can scare girls. It seems body is ready. But there’s a small risk with him. Nothing will happen to you, doctor. The risk is not mine but yours. He’ll become a demon on seeing girls. Nobody can control him not even your|ancestors, are you ready for him? Doctor, we want only him. Where’s the train heading to?|Pungunur or Paris? Who are you calling?|- Wait. Good news for you.|We’re now with Sidhu. Sidhu? Really? Come immediately to Erragadda hospital. Don’t talk now. Looks like you called someone. Chitra, his girl friend. Chitra, right? Chitra means girl, right? Girl friend means girl, right doctor? You foolish idiot! Why did you hit him like that, doctor? I mustn’t hit him like that, right? What happened, doctor? we men were happily discussing here,|how dare you make a call to a girl? You dog! I’ll kill you.|I want you head! What are you doing here? How many times I’ve told you not|use my shoes, coat and steth? If anyone sees me,|they’ll think I’m mad. If you do this again,|I’ll give you shock treatment. No need, doctor. Shock treatment to doctor?|- Doctor? I’m Dr.Rajini.|- You? Then, he?|- Patient Ghajini. Remove that dress. Okay, doctor, I’ll do as you say.|- Remove it. Enough of your acting, remove it. Remove the pant. I’m undressing. Off all the organs,|bell ringing is most important. Is he mad man?|- Very severe. He’s a demon for girls. They talked to a girl named Chitra|before me, doctor,. If you give me 5 minutes, I’ll kill him. Both of them? This guy is a lizard.|How dare you talk to a girl! I’ll kill you.|- Come here. Will you listen to me?|- I’ll listen you, doctor. Actual matter is, men get ruined because of women, and he’s making a phone call|to a woman, why should I listen to you?|I’ll not. Hey you, I’ll kill if you talk to woman. Stop there! If you talk to woman, you’ll get ruined. Why are you running away?|- That mad man is after us. Mad man? Look, how he has become! Sister! Where are you going?|- Sister, I’ll go to loo. Will you come back? Yes, sister.|Would you like to have another round? Have you come back, sister? Did you go out for summer holidays? Sister is back for another round. Why did he get scared on|seeing the girl? I’m living peacefully in mental hospital,|will you come here also for my life? I’ll not get caught easily. Please listen to me, come down. Sister, I’ll wet my pants on seeing you,|I can’t do it anymore. Please come down.|- Please leave me. Why is he behaving like this? Sidhu has become like this|because of me. Take away the girl from here,|he’s just a kid. He’s scared. Is he a kid? He’s old hag. Look at him! Come, let’s go away. O Lord! It seems she’s possessed|by ghost as well as gone mad. Why is she calling me Sidhu?|God, you must save me. Why is she sitting here only? Whatever fate decides,|people have to face it. Sidhu too! His fate! He must go through this all his life. Come, let’s go home and study. What’s this, Sri Ram?|He has become mad because of me. How can you be so insensitive? I didn’t expect such words from you. Do you want us to take him home|and look after him well? That’s right!|- Gone! If he lives among so many mad people,|he can never get well. Unless he lives among normal people like us,|he can’t get better and become normal. No, there are good doctors here. Mad man in house will be|very difficult, no please. I can’t. Can you keep Sidhu with you for few days? For my sake. Why do you request me? It’s my responsibility to make|Sidhu normal man again. You can go now. Remorseless mouth! Slap me! The hand she left now,|if she has to hold it for life, I must take him to my home. I can’t leave any opportunity|to get closer to Chitra. If I look after him well,|it means my love is success. Come, let’s ask doctor and|take him home. Come. I’m a pearl among men!|- Come and sit inside. We’re taking this mad man to room,|how will you manage him? I can’t see Chitra feeling sad. Not only you, she loves many other men. Get her off the bike, you innocent man. What bothers you if I go out|with my lover? How dare you talk to me! He’ll get us lynched! Yesterday I ditched Rajesh. Why are you roaming on roads|without clothes? My wish, who are you to ask us? How dare you answer the|diamond among men! Hey you, stop…stop…|Stop there, you Panchali! You left hair down and clothes too! You gave up traditions! You must be wearing this in bathroom,|are you wearing it in public? Because of women like you|Indian men are getting ruined. Bloody face! I’ll not let such dirty Western culture|influence India! Men will prosper only if women go extinct. I’m a pearl among men! I beg you, please don’t create trouble. If anyone in this apartment complex sees you,|all three of us would get thrown out. Look at that uncle! If you behave well like him, I’ll buy you|doctor dress you wore today morning. Watch my performance now. Uncle, phone call for you. Hi dear! Are you studying well, dear? Are you eating on time? Which ice cream should I bring|for you today evening, Baby? Baby? Vanilla or chocobar? Okay, Baby? Looks like you talked to someone|on phone. I talked to baby.|- Baby? It’s baby, right?|- My baby. Baby means girl, right?|- Yes, my daughter. I will die…die…|- Die…die… I’m dead. Enough of it, come. Don’t push me. Close the door.|Lock it. Tell me. Whom did you hit now?|President of this apartment complex. You fool shut up! If anyone talks to woman, whether apartment|president or America president, I’ll bash him! Better know it. Till now you saw mad man|biting others, now you’ll see a mad man|getting bitten. I’m a pearl among men,|you mustn’t hit me. If you step out of this room,|you’re dead. You do it, I’ll stand silently. Reduce the volume.|If he gets up, he’ll bash you. Look at Katrina! Hey you! I told you not to see,|hear or even think of woman! Sheela’s youth? Will you play a woman’s song? If I don’t dedicate your body|to the world of men… Change the channel… Will you change that song or not? I’ll stay here only, change it. Change it…change it… Look, she’s calling me with that gesture. Change the channel. Change the channel. Will you change or not? Is it you, Guru?|Sorry, sir. When in the mood of sex,|you lose all your senses. He’s mad with desires. Stop…stop… You’re roaming with desires,|you’re dead today! The plant tells you to grow silently… As you grow be humble,|that’s the lesson it teaches us… Is it? Wait, I’m coming. The place where you lose,|search victory there only… He’s turning more humane. The plant never told me. The place where leaves wither,|new leaves sprout from there only… I don’t get you, that’s why I say|women are tigers in sheep skin. I’ll not grow silently,|I’ll not let any woman to grow! I’m a man! I’m as I was today morning. I mean you took home a mad man… You took Sidhu to your home, right? Did he trouble you?|- You found it right. Did he make you cry?|- No, he’s making us laugh. No, you’re lying.|I can understand your retort. It was all because of me. No, Sidhu is not giving us any trouble. He’s just a kid. We must take care of him, that’s all.|- Thank you very much. You’re suffering for my mistake. No need of sorry between us. First I liked your decency. I started liking you more|seeing your honesty. Now… Now? Please tell me.|Tell me, please! Nothing! Please don’t call me formally. Sidhu! You’ve succeeded! It’s happy all over now…|It’s roller coaster ride all the way… Hereafter we both are lovers… Heart meets heart and|it’s crazy nuisance… There’s no reverse gear|for the vehicle of love… I’m shining like Taj in moonbeam… I’m growing tall like Everest… I’m glowing like the colours|of a rainbow… O girl, I’ve hoisted the flag of love|because of you… You’ve to say these words|today or someday… Even if you refuse to say,|but I heard it… Though I don’t say but you’re|my heart beat… What you wanted to hear,|I said it with my heart silently… Though our hearts are united,|why this veil of distance between us? Let’s tell loudly to the world|what our hearts know… Why did you allow them into our room? Because they won’t let us|into their room. Why do you make the same|mistake again? I’m a pearl among men. Stop it, go to your room!|Go to your room. Can’t manage that mad man anymore. Let’s take him back to|hospital tomorrow. Your love won’t succeed with him. Where did I come from to you? From here I’ll anywhere|but with you only… From the birth I’m with you|as your shadow… Whether I’m in your eyes or heart,|I’m your life… Our love got united in heaven,|I came to know about it now… Shall we unite as earth and sky as love|without any limit of time and distance? Little happiness and little sorrows. More than the happiness|that Chitra loves me, I’m more sad for cheating her|with a mad man act as Sidhu. Please do some miracle,|remove that mad man between us, and ensure our love succeeds|in near future. Please, my lord! Who are you?|You look like an alien frog. I’m maid servant. Don’t you know a woman|mustn’t enter this house? What will you do if I enter? What will you do?|- I’ll show demo. All of you come quickly! All of you come quickly! Goons?|- No, friends! Not friends but ghosts. Give me, sister. Give me way…|- Move! Who is that rogue? Is he the man who hit you?|- Yes, madam. Hey you rogue! How dare you hit maids? If we 50 round you up,|you’ll die in that sound! Not just one by one, send all|the devils at a time, you Ogre! I’ll finish them in one shot. My Shakeela’s army! Attack! Don’t confuse by rounding me up!|In confusion I’ll hit with more clarity. Watch the show of this man’s|gigantic form! What a man! You’re rocking, man! Sorry brother, I didn’t see it. Where did you hit me, sister?|Will you hit me wherever you feel like? Trying to kill a gem among men!|I’ll break your head! That’s mine! 49! It’s 50 with you! Will it happen? What’s this? Men are safe now. Men are safe? Did you hit them all? What happened?|- Asking us what happened? This mad man thrashed us mercilessly. Why did you bring this animal here? Isn’t it you who hit me in lift? Is this mad man your guest?|- He’s not mad man, he’s my friend. He can’t stay here for a moment. You go away from this apartment. Why are you asking us to go? Go to the room. Go!|- I’ll do as you say. If you don’t vacate the place by evening,|I’ll complaint to police against you. Got it? Your nest is shattered… Your heart is battered… O little dove… Stop that song, I beg you. You said about some miracle,|is this that miracle? Tell that mad man. We’re on road because of him,|explain it to him. Did you understand like this? You’ll understand this clearly. If anyone sees him fighting,|would he believe he’s mad? Enough of shaking! It’s Chitra’s phone. Chitra! Silence please! I’ll cut your nose. Where are you now? Sidhu may feel suffocated in room,|so we’re on road for cool air. When a man was crying|seeing his house on fire, it seems a man like you|invited him to marriage then. How’s his behaviour now?|- How? You’ll get shocked if you see him. He did single handedly what all the maids|do together and earned good name. Is it? Every aunt wanted him to|come to their home. They troubled him a lot. We’re on road now unable|to bear their affection. Did you bring so much change|in just one day? Isn’t it all for my sake? Yes. Come to Indira park tomorrow|morning with Sidhu. I’ve a surprise for you. He’ll become normal with that. Let’s close Sidhu’s chapter|and open our chapter. Okay?|- Okay. She wants to bring him to|Indira park tomorrow morning. I’m quiet because he’s mad|if not I’ll punch him to death. Not to Indira park, take him |o Jurasic park, he’s a T-rex. You’re lying as you like and|he’s kicking me as he likes. Both of you together kill me. No, you don’t know about Chitra. If we manage him perfectly tomorrow,|Chitra will tell I love you to me. How can you still trust him?|Don’t keep your faith in him. Keep it. What’s your name, dear? What’s your name, dear?|- My name is Sri Ram. My name is Sri Ram. My name is Sidhu. My name is also Sidhu. Fix on this. My life is in your hands. What will you do if you meet|the girl you saw in hospital? She’s a devil, Ogre, ghost…|you don’t know. She’ll hit me.|- She’s not a ghost. Goddess…Goddess… Get down. Who is here? Who? Goddess.|- Goddess. What do you on seeing Goddess?|- What would we do? You must pray.|Pray! The girl you saw in hospital is Goddess,|you must pray to her. No…no…she’s ghost.|No, I’ll not come… I’ll not come…I’ll not come…leave me… I don’t get you. You entered my life though you’re|not related to me in any way. Now you’re my God to make|my love succeed. God? I beg you. Don’t create any trouble on|seeing that girl. If you want I’ll fall at your feet. Buddy, I don’t mind going to streets like this. But seeing you like this…|- I want Chitra. I can’t live without Chitra. Okay, what should I do, friend? Come neatly like us and behave normal. You must be as we are. You mustn’t hit anyone.|- Okay, I’ll be as you are! Sidhu is coming! It seems he’s fine now. Your family is searching grooms for you, right? If you like Sidhu…|You can marry him, right? It would be like giving new life|to a mad man of love. Sidhu going mad? He never loved me so much to go mad. It was just attraction during|those teen years. Infact I proposed love. He didn’t even care of see me|after break-up. How can he go mad now for|what happened years ago? No, he has really gone mad. I saw him roaming like Bharath|of the film ‘Premisthey’. He loves you madly. You must marry him. He’s right choice for your madness. Why have doubts?|Sidhu is with Sri Ram. Who is Sri Ram?|- My boy friend. After uniting you both, I want to propose to Sri Ram,|so I’ve called him here. Do you’ve a boy friend? You hated love and boyfriends,|he has made you fall in love, we must surely meet him. Stop…stop…here only. I’m gem of men and|diamond among men. Here! Ain’t I handsome? Not me, you want him. Why is Sri Ram so horrible? Why is her taste so bad? That three Goddesses… Coming.|- Geetha and Sowmya! Why are they here? If they three meet, we’re finished. Go after the auto. Hey girls! I’m coming! He’s going to them! Stop…stop… Greetings to Goddesses! Greetings to Goddesses! It’s been many days since I met you. It’s been many days since I met you. Why are you behaving like Sidhu, Sri Ram? Why are you doing like Sidhu, Sri Ram?|- Yes, why am I doing? I’m free, right? I’ll tell you. This is an exercise to|normalize Sidhu. It’s Paga like Yoga. It’s a practice of behaving like|normal man to treat a mad man. See, Sidhu will act like Sri Ram|and vice versa! They’ll do it. Baby, head and shoulder? Baby, head and shoulder? What’s this? I don’t get anything, don’t confuse me. Are we not confused ourselves? Don’t create new confusion,|just follow them. Look at them! Shake hands with her. Give. I’ll not give. Sri Ram, you wait. Sidhu will give. Sister ordered, do it. If not she’ll rip out the skin. Now we’ll change the girls.|- I’ll do it. Did you see? Sidhu is normal now,|this is what you wanted, right? We’ll meet you later. Bye…|- You come with me. Stop….stop… Sister has told us to stop. I called you here to talk about|something else. Tell me. If Sowmya likes Sidhu,|I want to fix their marriage. Marriage? How is it possible? Who will give the bride to him?|- Why will they not? Am I not a man?|Am I not young? Young age, sweet sixteen,|you’re 16 and I’m 18, wife is house and lover in kitchen, both are okay to me. I don’t know why Sri Ram is getting|involved in everything? Leaving Sidhu alone here,|all others please leave. Will you talk to Sidhu? We managed him with great difficulty|till now and leave him to you now. If you three ask so many|questions at a time, how can kids like us manage it? Shouldn’t we be given time to think? Do we’ve script for it?|What do you think of it? Sidhu has gone mad because of you. All three are playing a drama,|they’re manipulating something. All three are flirts and|he’s the biggest flirt among them. Shall I finish her story?|- Is it? I can’t tolerate this word flirt,|get that big bat and take them to task. Didn’t bring the bad, I’ve belt. What do you think of yourself? I’ll hang you with belt. If you’re ice cream, I’m cone ice cream. I thrashed 50 women with one hand!|- Get lost man! What happened? I took finance from MB Jagan|in Punganur. I bought peas from Karri Jagadish|in bazaar. No sprouts yet. I wanted to sow in Indira park. MS Raju must develop six pack. I’m gem of men, I think I must coach him. Once up on a time there’s a sky,|there’s cloud in sky… There’s a tune behind the cloud…|tune melted the cloud… The melting cloud turned as|drops of rain… I want you to be the parrot… I can’t do it anymore, brother. Did you see?|Do you want all of us to go mad? Do you want that to happen? He’ll surely go mad.|I’ll go mad. Do you want Sidhu to recover or not? Do you want Sidhu to recover or not? He must recover. Then leave the place silently. Shake your hands…say bye… Smile please… My marriage…you promised|marriage with her. We got saved! She promised to get me married to her. He has started knowing woman. Be careful.|- Leave me. They’re taking away Sidhu! You’re not Sidhu, he’s Sidhu! Is that mad man Sidhu? That’s Sidhu! Why should I keep quiet? Is Sri Ram Sidhu? You promised to bring him back in a week,|you made him bash women. She lodged a complaint with me. Had she met my superintendent,|I would’ve lost my job. Can mad men help you in your love story? He’s the boy who loved us. What sort of man are you? For breaking his love with us,|he has trapped you in love as revenge. You say you’re an expert|in psychology, right? Did you fall in love with him? On the tip of the lip…the words stopped… In the heart of love…it burnt like bier… Legs moved towards parting ways… This mark on my heart is|a never healing wound… We’re together for the start of the story… Don’t know what are we to each other… In the end it’s we… 6 months later… Father, I want an answer|for a question. If your question is pure,|Lord will answer through me, I promise, ask your question.|- Okay, Father. A boy Sidhu made many mistakes|for the love of a girl Chitra, he told blatant lies,|he became a cheat to her. This is not question but conclusion. You said you’ll ask question|but giving an answer. But I need your question…question! Listen, Father! For her love, he took up on himself|to look after a mad man, and faced many difficulties, should I consider him as good lover? Should I consider him a cheat|for trying to do anything for her? What should I think of him?|Please tell me, Father. Look Chitra Balasubramanyam… How do you know me?|- I know…I know about you completely. For creating a character like you, God created Sidhu to make|you fall in love with him, do you know this? Other than Sidhu if anyone else|had fallen in love with you, you would’ve broken it yourself, you hate love so much, and he has changed a girl like you, how sweet and soft his love is! You see only flirts in boys and|can’t see friends in them, but you’ve come to a Father|in search of your love, is he a cheat? No! He’s true lover! I’ll tell a word to make|you understand it. You get closer to the people|you want to avoid. You sold the people you praise.|You go out with people you scold. This is manufacturing defect. Neither it is Freud’s psychology|nor my philosophy, in the past when he was in love|with other girls, you ruined his love, you made him to fall in love with you, by the way you wanted an answer, right? As far as I know he’s your perfect match. You both are a couple|decided by God. For the past6 months loving you and|like an answer without question, burning himself, he’s melting away like candle|with remorse. Look there! If you still hate him, punish him. He’ll accept with love. If you bow your head in shame,|will your sins get washed away? You mustn’t have the guilt of cheating|to make me fall in love with you. That’s why I slapped you. Do you know what your mistake was? Lying to you.|- No, to love me. To make me fall in love with you. Is it first time? First time? Hugging! I promise on you, this is first time. One who promises unnecessarily|is a flirt. Flirt? Me? Not here, my son.|Go outside.


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