Love’s Labour’s Lost: Trystan Gravelle as Berowne | Shakespeare’s Globe | Rent or Buy on GlobePlayer

The whole play really is quite a farce,
it’s a bit of a carry on then about us keeping our crushes secret, and all getting
found out. I, that am honest. I that hold it sin
To break the vow I am engaged in; I am betray’d! by keeping company
With moon-like men, men of inconstancy. When shall you see me write a thing in rhyme?
Or groan for Joan? or spend a minute’s time
In pruning me? When shall you hear that I
Will praise a hand, a foot, a face, an eye, A gait, a state, a brow, a breast, a waist,
A leg, a limb? Ferdinand: Soft! whither away so fast?
A true man or a thief that gallops so? I post from love: good lover, let me go. Jaquenetta: God bless the king! That’s what it is really! It’s very heartwarming,
very charming and a farcical play. It’s bizarre, it’s
zany, and completely wacky, and unashamedly so as well, which is fantastic.


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