LPS: 10 Things I Hate About the Movie Theatre / 10 Things I Hate About the Movies

10 things I don’t like about the movie
theater overpriced food Hello and welcome. What would you like today? Hello, can I please have a soda and some M&Ms please? Coming right up. Okay, we have a soda and some M&Ms. Your total cost is going to be $11.50. What? Really? $11.50 just for M&Ms and a soda? Theatre food is really overpriced. Hi, can I get a large popcorn a soda and also some nerds candy thank
you thank you Okay, we have a large popcorn, a soda and some nerds candy. Your total
is going to be be $21.55. What? Are you kidding? That’s SO overpriced. Sticky Floors Ew, so sticky. Gross. Okay, seriously? People who text during the movie. What is going on? People who talk during the movie. Hey. What just happened? I don’t get it. What do you think is gonna happen to him? Shhh Well, he tried to steal something, so I think the cops are after him now. But who knows, he might just get caught. Guys, please, shh. People who kick your chair. Ugh, so annoying. Hey, can you stop kicking my chair please? Thanks. People who eat and drink really loud. Sigh, too noisy, too noisy. People who use the restroom a lot Excuse me, pardon me, ow, excuse me, sorry, excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me again. Sorry. Coming through, sorry. People who laugh when it’s not funny. Uhhh… Ok, that wasn’t even funny. That wasn’t even funny. Babies crying. Aw, it’s ok. Shh.. Ok, people seriously need to leave babies at home. Cell phones ringing. Hey, is that your cell phone? No, it’s not mine. Hey, I think that’s your cell phone. Oh really? Oops. Oh, geez. Oh my, oh my. That was such a wonderful movie right, baby? Sigh, I probably missed half the movie because of all the distractions. Aw, that was so good. Don’t you think so? Yep, I loved it. It was so good. Hey guys, well thank you SO much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. I
personally love watching movies but sometimes they’re the distractions at
the movie theaters that don’t make the experience that fun. Let me know in the comments below what you don’t like about the movie theater and what the last movie you watched? Did
you like it or not?


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