LPS: 6 things i hate about Movie theaters!

( intro music ) Hey guys! it is LPS Cupcake here And today im going to be talking about 6 things I HATE about movie theaters! now, we all know what movie theaters are (maybe) They are also known as cinemas but, I do NOT get why they call them cinemas… im just very confused… So. Today, I am gonna be talking about 6 things i hate about movie theaters.( quality gets better lol) Number 1. The food is so expensive! (Cupcake walking) And, its you again….. from my last video.. (Bunny) Actually, no, from Mcdonalds! (lol stop acting like ur so smart) (Cupcake) Just, ugh (i hate this bunny) So, i would like umm.. (Thinking) A Soda.. (Bunny) What Type? (Cupcake) Erm, Coca-cola? Uh.. ( 2 seconds of silence ) And some skittles 😀 (Bunny) Ya 😀 that would be 47.50 :p (Cupcake) U- … WHAT?! (Bunny) I said that would be 47.50 :p Are you serio- WHAT?! (Bunny tries to act innocent) Ya! that would be 45.50!! Gimme the money! (Cupcake Sighs) U (Cupcake) This is too expensive… (Bunny) Idc. Give it too me! (Cupcake) Come on! (Bunny) Give me the money! (Cupcake) No! I will not give you the money! Okay!? You were rude to me last time, so just..(5 seconds of silence…) Im gonna go to a restaurant before the movie starts… (Random moment of silence) (Bunny) Welp, me too :3 Number 2. the person that always talks in the middle of the movie. (The worst one) (Boy) Hey dude you saw that movie? (Another Boy) Ya I heard its coming in 3D tomorrow :3 (Boy) WHAT?! NO WAY! (Girl) Hey, Felisha. You got mah Skittles and Popcorn? (Felisha) Ya we are gonna eat it after the movie (Girl) k. (Man) Honey, I don’t think this movie is PG enough… (Cupcake) UGHHH! (TEMPER IS LOST) WOULD YOU GUYS JUST, BE QUIET?! Number 3. the person who always texts during the movie. (Girl) Oh my goodness, this is soo crazy! (gossip) (Girl) LIVESTREAM!!! Oh my gosh guys! im watching this awesome movie right now! (this is illegal) (Cupcake) Would you please shut up? (Girl) And this girl is asking me to shut up.. Oh my gosh. (Cupcake sighs) Number 4. when your parents don’t let you play with the arcade games (like this video if relatable) (Cupcake gasps) OH MY GOD!! THERES CONNECT 4, THERES A CLAW MACHINE! (Cupcake gasps) THERES CANDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (GASP) MOM! CAN I DO THE CONNECT 4?! (MOM) no honey, its too expensive. (Seriously mom?) (Cupcake)U- mom are you serious? its only 4 dollars! (Mom) 4 dollars? huh, c’mon we gotta watch a movie (Cupcake) Mom Seriously (Mom) We’ll do that later. (Cupcake) ugh, fine And finally, number 5. that REALLY annoying kid! (Kid) mommy! I don’t like this movie! (Cupcake) UGH! excuse me! (Mom) huh? sorry, this happens every time (Cupcake) Ugh, its fine.. (kid whines LOUDER) Number 6. that person that always pushes your chair behind you! (talking and pushing) (Cupcake) why is everyone pushing my chair? (boy) idk ( another boy ) me either (boy) this movie is soo awesome! i just wanna lay down im so tired.. (Cupcake) AHH!

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