LRAC Legacy Fund – Andria Theatre

(choir singing) Ann: “This the 10th
anniversary of the Legacy Fund. Anyone, whether
individuals, organizations, or what have you, that have
applied for these grant monies are so thankful to the taxpayers of Minnesota for voting this in. It has expanded the
reach of the arts within the state of Minnesota.” Cindy: “This ‘Lion King’
experience has impacted our family, because it’s been a
different kind of experience, especially for my daughter. So, we had the unique
opportunity to work with Matt, who came in and he made this amazing, gigantic puppet. So, we were really excited
that she’s been able to take part in this, and not only her specifically, but all of the other students. It’s gonna be a good one, and we’re really excited.” (lively music) Dave: “The Legacy grant has allowed us to do is take what would
already be a strong show because we’ve taken it to another level. And that’s what’s so fun,
because you can’t do in a smaller community, is you
can afford to do the things that take that production
and basically make it very professional.” (choir singing) Jenny: “This theatre has meant a lot to our family. They have learned how to do makeup, and they have made a lot
of masks for this play ‘The Lion King.’ What the greatest thing is
about being in STP is that it’s just a one big family, and we all work together
to make the project work.” Dave: “So, it’s not just a
community theatre production, people be blown away
with the special effects that we’re doing. And the fact that these
puppets look amazing, and the costumes look amazing, and just the attention to detail,
I think, is the big thing. The Legacy grant allows
them to take the production to another level, and I think
that’s the great thing for us, is that we can look at the
kids and you see something that you just want to be a
part of as an audience member. And if you can get students
to get us adults like, ‘I want to be a part of this’ then I think, we’ve succeeded.” (bouncy music) Ann: “We are proud to have
this Legacy grant to help us impact ‘The Lion King Junior’ experience.” (lively music)

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