LSE Student Video Diary: Why Jenn chose to live in graduate halls?

Hi everybody my name is Jenn Li and I am one of the two postgraduate video diarists here at LSE and before I jump into things I just really briefly want to introduce myself first I’m 22 years old, born and raised in Michigan, in the United States and I’ve come here straight out of undergrad
where I was studying Business Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. And now here I’m getting my Master’s in Media and Communications For my first video I wanted to talk about something I thought would be really helpful for any prospective students and that was the topic of postgrad housing. I, myself over the summer was really struggling between whether or not I was going to live in like a flat share type of situation or if I wanted to live with other LSE students in LSE managed halls. The problem was on the one hand the London housing market can be very difficult for anyone to navigate especially international students who aren’t able to be on the ground when they’re looking for housing and
trying to figure with whom they’re going to live. and on the other hand you don’t have exactly a lot of options with postgrad only LSE housing or even just postgrad housing in general in LSE Halls and so it was kind of a balance of those two things and ultimately taking into consideration other factors I decided to settle on Lilian Knowles House In the end I’m so happy with my decision I’ve been here for a little over a month maybe a month and a half and I love it like the entire living situation I’m very pleased with and I’m also so happy with the community that I’ve made here almost all of my friends from LSE are residents at Lilian Knowles so it’s been an all-round great experience so far. I would definitely recommend Lilian Knowles I find that it’s very nice. and it’s really easy to make it feel like homey, like it’s all yours choose Lilian Knowles House I highly recommend Lilian Knowles though it’s a really great hall and people have been really great so far what I like most about living here is definitely the location location the location it’s in a really cool area a very popping area…I don’t know how else to say it there’s so many restaurants and activities and different things in this one area so it kind of feels like where LSE is its own space for you, this space is specifically a space for you as well that’s your own neighbourhood and also this is a lovely neighbourhood. Liverpool Street station it gets you to everywhere we’re 5 minutes away from Old Spitalfields market so you can have great food there and you can shop around and you’ve also got nightlife here and so location, location is the best thing Shoreditch is one of the coolest areas in London if not the coolest, and one of the most fun if not the most fun the people are also awesome. I think
we have 6 different countries in my flat alone one of the best things about living in a LSE Hall, specifically Lilian Knowles is that you’re really getting to meet postgraduates from across the world who are still dealing with the same issues as you. You can really have some close friends really quick. And it also helps that you’re near some really fun areas to go out to which makes it easier Yeah I feel supported by the whole community both from the staff and the residents I think there’s a high sense of community at Lilian Knowles because we have a Facebook group, a Whatsapp group and I think there are some other means of communications that do enhance the sense of community Any last thoughts? So when it comes to housing, it’s really important but I think that especially if you’re in LSE housing no matter what it’s going to be a space that you can work with I think being in London itself is a huge win and being able to attend LSE is a huge win as well and then also if you’re a person who likes to go out and explore then the room doesn’t even matter that much because you’re in London so you’re going to be out and travelling and doing whatever, making friends and so don’t stress about it too much.

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