Luxury and Historic İstanbul Mansion: Pera Palace | Sia Moore

Hi, I’m architect Banu Altay from Sia Moore. Today I’m with you, with a brand new series. In these videos I am going to explore architectural buildings on-site! Since it’s our first outdoor shoot, I’m very excited and hope you like this new approach. Remember to comment down below the places you would like for us to visit. Welcome to Pera Palace, one of the most uniquely atmospheric buildings of İstanbul, dating back to 19th century. As you walk in Tea Lounge, you will feel the taste of luxury here, with the velvet curtains, upholsteries, wooden arch, the domes with marble. And I’m not even mentioning the incredible Ottoman carpets. The Kubbeli Lounge has always been famous for its’ tea parties, combined with gentle piano music. I’m already in a mood for glamour just like the fancy 1920’s. As if I’m attending to one of the Great Gatsby Balls. And we have just entered the building, I can’t imagine what more this place has to offer! This is the Dining Room, as you can see its’ geometrical patterns combined with the contrast created by the use of black and white; will make you lose yourself in its illusion. Make sure you don’t leave the hotel without grabbing a bite here. Because the menu looks too delicious. Welcome to this dreamy French inspired Patisserie, that; as you can notice, stands out when compared to the other spaces. Coral Pink walls, tables, seats and bar create a bright feel environment when it meets with the marble floors. You are invited to have a taste of handmade chocolates, original French cakes and unique Turkish sweets in an authentic French environment. Now this grandiose hotel, aged more than 100 years, consist of 115 rooms, including 16 suites, with each one being uniquely shaped and decorated. There is more to these graceful rooms. Some of them had the honor to host very familiar and mysterious people. This is the exact room, Room 411; where Agatha Christie allegedly wrote “Murder on the Orient Express”. Can you imagine she was sitting in front of her typewriter, watching the mesmerizing İstanbul view, while creating one of her most accomplished character Hercule Poirot. This room, Room 101, has witnessed to some of the most pivotal milestones of Turkish Republic history This room hosted a great intellect and one of the most respected leaders across the world: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. During the most critical periods, the decisions which were of great importance for the country were taken here. Atatürk also welcomed many of his guests in this hotel. On the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth, the room was converted into a museum. His personal belongings, books, gifts, newspapers and magazines of the period are exhibited here as you can see. Being one of the pioneer political leaders that gave women; right to vote, I’m very lucky to trace his marks till this day as a female architect. So, which of these spaces were your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and if you are interested in architecture make sure to comeback! Don’t forget to subscribe to Sia Moore!


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