Lynn Nottage at NYFA Hall of Fame Benefit 2017

I love writing plays, I love the entire
process from putting the words down to on the page, to then having those words
interpreted by actors and directors and designers, and then ultimately sitting in
the theater and getting to have this grand conversation with a large audience
every single night. And I really love having that conversation I sort of
liken it to a dinner party where you introduce an interesting topic and then
get to see how everyone responds. NYFA’s support came at like a really key
moment in my life. I had just gotten married, I had just left the full-time
job, and had cashed out my 401k, and so I was really sort of living life without a
parachute, and trying to write plays and not knowing whether I could really forge
a career in the theater, and then I got a grant from NYFA, which literally was my
very first award. It came before any commission, before any theater really
took notice of me, and it was just that kind of wind beneath my sails. I feel
like I should sing at this moment…but it was that really was the
encouragement that I needed to move forward, and one of the things that I
really loved about the NYFA grant is that it doesn’t demand that you do
anything other than write or paint or create the work.

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