Lyric Theatre Company Presents “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

– Great big stuff!
– I can finally afford to see a Broadway show! (singing) Welcome to Lyric Theatre’s production of
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! Great modern musical that’s based off of the movie that a lot of people might know about two con men, one sophisticated and one a
little rough around the edges. I just want someone to love me… …for my money! Who are trying to put it on to some wealthy women on the French Riviera. And I am the basis of which the two scoundrels make their bet. If you would like to be transported to the sunny French Riviera with a live orchestra and gorgeous costumes, splashy song and dance numbers, then
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is for you. So we’ve been working on this for a little
over a month and a half now and I’m still laughing at the script. – Oh it’s really naughty.
– This is an adult show.
– It’s not necessarily a kids’ show. It’s a hilarious comedy with a gorgeous sexy score by David Jazbek. – There’s a Dairy Queen right down the road, you’re gonna fit right in! – Oh dear God.
– Can’t you just see it?! Lots of accents. Filled with mistaken identities and pranks and cons. It takes some of the
smaller characters from the movie and actually blows them up and develops them into much larger characters. And then it definitely has some nice plot twists in it as well. And then there’s a kind of a little surprise at the end but I don’t think I really want to give that away. Bang! (shock)
Bang! (cheers)
Bang, bang, bang, bang! (hoots) There’s a lot of choreography in this
show, there’s tons of dancing. Lots of different styles so there’s a
country-western, there’s a little bit of sort of a rap, hip-hop kind of vibe,
there’s some ballroom, lots of tango. I don’t think Lyric’s ever done any palmography. But we have lots of palms that need to move all the time. It’s hilarious (laughter). It’s a little bit naughty. And a laugh and a hearty
‘Howdja do?’ (singing & laughter) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels definitely leans
more towards the adult audience. We like to say it’s PG-13. Ruprecht’s crazy ’bout taxidermy (singing) So in addition to about 30 cast members that you’ll see on stage, we have about 200 people who are
working behind the scenes to build the costumes, build the sets, build the props
and help out in a lot of other ways. I think there’s something to be said for
the fact that everybody is volunteering their time. And this is my first Lyric
production and I’m very, very excited about it! I am one of the relative newbies to the Lyric family. It is a family, you spend all your time together, eat all your meals together. There’s a bond that you build with other people when you are all pouring everything you have into something like this. Every noble lineage has one loose gene.
Small as a molecule, flitting ’round the family pool. We’ll see you at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts April 5th through the 8th! Who likes to save up all his farts in a Mason jar? (fart noise)
Ewwww! (laughter) It’s Ruprecht, my buddy Ruprecht (singing) – I like him!
– Ruprecht (singing)
And that’s about all.

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