Lyric Theatre Presents “The Addams Family,” A New Musical

♪ When you’re an Addams ♪ ♪ You have a very special duty ♪ ♪ When you’re an Addams ♪ ♪ You’re obligated to the clan ♪ Welcome to Lyric Theatre Company’s
“The Addams Family,” a new musical. Darkness and grief and unspeakable sorrow. I love it when you talk sexy. The musical takes on iconic characters
that we’ve known for years. This time Wednesday is all grown up. And she has met a boy and she’s
bringing him home to meet her family. ♪ Thought we were one ♪ Wednesday is someone that I think a lot
of people know or think they know but this show shows a different side of her.
She’s grown up, she’s in love. I’m playing Lucas who is
Wednesday Addams’ love interest, sort of boy that she’s bringing home
to this wacky family. -And they’re from Ohio.
-Ahh! I’m not letting you back into that crypt
until love triumphs! They are these iconic characters but in the show, you see some truth, you see some realness
with some of the things that happened to them and they’re actually just a real family. You know, there’s a little of that human that comes out. A lot of people have different memories of how they learned of the Addams Family. Whether they saw it in the paper or they grew up on the TV show or they
introduced their kids to the movies or even just this past weekend, we saw the cartoon. The Addams Family is something that
means a lot to a lot of people. This is an opportunity for them to share
that with the younger generation ’cause there’s a resurgence of Addams Family excitement now. -I shot dinner.
-Oh Wednesday, that’s lovely. -Oh my gosh, it’s so fun.
-It’s funny! It’s funny and it’s really
fun to bring these characters to life. ♪ Gomez loves me! ♪ The show is very meaningful, the
underlying themes are love, old love, new love, young love, refound love and the
other thing is family and acceptance. The sets are spectacular. ♪ With my wife to my left ♪ ♪ And my daughter to my right ♪ ♪ Any thought of my escaping must be scrapped! ♪ So this show has a wide range of costumes. Cave people, and we go all the way to the eighties,
Titanic people, a pilgrim couple. We have an extremely talented cast of 28,
of that cast ten folks are brand-new to us on the Lyric stage. So this is our first Lyric production for both of us. I felt very welcomed, you could really feel the community, the sense of
community, the sense of family. [drilling] Yes, we have nicknamed ourselves the Costume Ghouls, so very much a family atmosphere, we have a lot of fun. So we are extremely lucky to be in our rehearsal hall and we’ve done our entire process here. We are under one roof right now it’s pretty, it’s pretty game-changing. 5-6-7-8 Every rehearsal we’re laughing and there’s moments that are super heartfelt and
it’s a nice way to come together as a community. I’m happy to be tangoing with you. [laughing] You gotta think about what my next attack is. Between the singing, and the dancing, and the acting, and the accents. You may not come in
humming the tunes going, “Oh I’m gonna know so many songs from the show!” but you will definitely leave
snapping your fingers and tapping your feet. ♪ Then your marriage ♪ ♪ Is a loving kind of coexistence ♪ All ages, all different kinds of families
can enjoy and take something away from our production of The Addams Family. It’s a family show, it’s literally a family show. Because living or dead, family is still family. Yes! It hits home a lot of things that I
think audiences need to know now in our current climate with acceptance and love. So we’d love it if you joined us
for The Addams Family musical. It’s November 7th through 10th at the Flynn. We’re dying to see you. ♪ Cause I am crazier than you ♪ ♪ I’m crazier than you ♪ ♪ And live or die I’ll let you have control ♪ ♪ I’m crazier than you ♪ ♪ So say you love me too ♪ ♪ From here on in you’re singing to my soul ♪

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