Maa Abbayi (మా అబ్బాయి) Full Movie || 2017 Telugu Movies || Sree Vishnu, Chitra Shukla

Move on as time moves on.He moves it is like a commotion.He moves it is like a Army.He makes the earth move on.He can reach the skies if he jumps
The earth shakes at this step.
He is the third eye of shiva
He is the He is the one.
He is the sword of a warrior
He is the strength of a warrior.
He is the arrow of Ram
He is the one.
He is the one with The light of 100 sun’s.He is the person he dont care anybody.He is the one with an arrogance
He is one that cannot be brought down his head.
He is the person who create the vibrations.He is the warrior for war, And minister for plan.A friend if we join hands, will he be.He is the face of mothers love.He is the next generation for father’s dreams.He will be the love for a girls mind.He is will not stop Dreaming even in dreams.He goes in search of his dreams.He is the one with the depth of the sea.He is the one with the speed of the wind.He is the one who can turn right.He is a floods.You better try to let him down to
No matter how you fill the space.
He’s got a statue, that’s the only virtue
You can never know what you play.
You better try to let him down to
No matter how you fill the spa.
You can never know what you playHe is the lover with a heart
Magician with words.
He is the who Fills with heart with love.He is the good man for good
Dangerous if he gets hurt.
Will rip apart if he finds any differences.Will rip apart if he finds any differences.He will not leave at any cost if meddled with.He is the one he is the fire that is covered.He is the courage in the heart of courage.He is the tsunami.He is the brave heart…His salary is 5 Lakhs.
It’s a nice match, sir. How can I doubt your choice?
Don’t praise me so much, sir. Here comes.
my daughter. What about you?
I like her. You get married to her then.
He must like her not you. Ask him ? What about your son?
I like her too, Mom. Very nice, would you like to talk to her? No…I will. He is?
-My son. Oh, I see. arrangement is for the girl
so it would be better if the girl talks. No.
i want to talk. why? I know what my sister wants. Great then,
your sister need not speak then. Even i too talk to him. why? Because I know what my brother wants. Go. Ok. What is your name? Mahesh sir. Date of birth? August 16th, 1986. Mother’s Name? Durga Devi. Date of Birth? March 15th, 1961. Daddy ? Purushottam. Date of Birth? 16th August 1954. Girl Friends?
No,sir. Asking about your Girl Friends
not lovers. Anusha. Date of Birth?
2nd February 1990. Its ok, sister, he has a nice memory. He will not forget to wish
your anniversary and birthday. Don’t feel bad, girls don’t think
about properties anymore you will not Fired, if you forget their IMP days. For the small clarity.
-Oh… You said you like my sister, Take care of her after marriage? I will look after her as gold. Does it mean you will keep her locked? No, I meant.
-Just treat her as a human. ok, sir
-I have a small request. What is that?
-I can compromise in any situation. No compromises when it comes
to my brother. After all this, how can I raise any objections? I’m fine with this proposal. Look… My sister thinks that water is found
only in taps and pots. Sister doesn’t know, what tears are.
She grew up like that. After marriage, if you try to introduce her
to tears, I will kill you. Ahh….
Not now, only if you make her cry. Dad, what were they whispering in your ear? Marriage is a lot of work it’s not easy. I know mom.
Its not that easy. How much?
One Crore. One crore?
Yes. I’m thinking that. You don’t have to dad,
sell my flat. We bought that for you.
Mom sister is important, than that flat. In 3 days, i am going to join in job.
I am about to join my new job,
I will buy my own flat. Daddy, Please give me 10000.
For what, my son? Friends are asking me for a party
as I got a job. They cant wait till my first salary.
Common Dad… Why are you taking money
from my dad’s pocket? Is it, he is also my dad.
What’s your bother? I too have a share in that,
and I want it now. You want a share?I just gave 1 crore as your
share, how much do you want? A Crore!, If required,You should give away all
your property, Cant you? Dad, get her married quickly.
she is eyeing my inheritance Rangoli…So nice Good Morning Aunty
-Greetings Dear… Who are you?
We just moved into this house. The Rangoli was so beautiful.
Thanks Aunty. Ok, see you later. Sister, where is my coffee. Aunty… Come Dear… We had a ritual at home,
have some sweet Oh..Give me. Sister, where is my coffee.
Where is my coffee? It’s my son; he can’t-do
without bed coffee. Do you also drink coffee? No aunty I am fine. Get me the coffee. Hey, get up and give his coffee. Hey, Get up and give him coffee. Me, he wants you to be the first thing
that he sees every morning. It’s ok mom just for this one day. My Daughter, she adores me. Just a sec, have to switch off
the stove. Hey, the devil, coffee… If you don’t mind would you
Please give this to him? Curry burning. I Will return your vessels tomorrow.
-ok Aunty Take this, That’s the room,
You can go this way. Coffee… Hey, Who are you? Recently moved into the opposite house. What are you doing here?
I am giving you coffee. Is it your habit to serve coffee
to neighbors? No, your mom asked me to. Oh is it. Give it to me. What’s that on your head,
some new kind helmet? Smiling… What’s your name? See you later. leaving,without telling ? How many rounds sis? 108. Legs might hurt. It’s ok brother. Apply Pain balm after going home. Might feel dizzy? Closing eyes while doing rounds,
is enough what’s the delay? Go ahead. It’s not me, you need to start. Start. Why me,I promised God that I will make
someone go around the temple on my behalf. What…
Yes. You are getting married not me. Can’t you do this small favor
for my husband? No, I won’t. Shut up and start.
No, I won’t,Hey, do i Devil… let me find a my wife
will make you climb Seven hills 7 times. We will think of that then,
finish this now. Hold this. Do I have to go around 108 times? Who is she? Didn’t I tell you about that girl who gave me
the coffee. Oh, I see Heard she covered
whole street with rangoli morning I got a little more scolding
from mom because of her. Have a better look at her Brother…
-Sister. Find a girl like this and get married.
-What do you like about her? Look at her Her prayers are not like ours She is doing it with such devotion.
Look at the way she behaves She is definitely a very sensible girl. That’s why I am saying,
find someone like her. If that’s the case, why not marry her?
Why did I not get that idea brother? Hold on, let me go get her.
Come back soon Hey, why didn’t you tell me your name
in the morning? There you go again with that smile. Will see you later.
Tell me your name? Opposite house coffee. That’s why
I am asked for your name.. I will keep calling you opposite house coffee
till you tell me your name. Hey….
-Useless fellow. Hi, I will not tell you my name. I will not ask… I like this name.
Opposite Coffee But I don’t like it. I don’t care if you like it or not.
I like it and that’s it. How come, you call me
that and say my feelings don’t matter. Don’t ask me such big questions
you cant handle it Its ok, Where are going with bag?
Going to Office…So Nice. rangoli, and pooja in the morning Now going to office. Not a minute to waste.
yes. By the way, what do you do? Oh, do mean to ask indirectly
that I do nothing. Why indirectly, I am asking you directly. Don’t you have a job?
Will break your head. Don’t act smart…What?
Your head I will break it. Dont look like that,I might kiss you. What is your relationship status? Have a lover.
Then get rid of him When I ask about your job, you get angry
I say I have a lover, you are asking me to leave. Is this how you approach and talk to girls. How should I talk? i will talk like this. You will have to bear it.
Why should I? Because I like you.
What is all this? Is it love? No, Lust.
-What? They say lust is what we like what we see. It’s my attempt to marry you. Oh…my god I already told you that I have a lover. There is no chance, you are made for me.
Ok, give me your phone number. No, I won’t. When you’re, would be husband
asks for it you should not say no. No, Give me your number.
No I will not. Give me…
-No i will notThe moon has jumped to this earth.Gave me a coffee and stole my heart.It has directly entered my heart.She simply stole my small heart…Raffrikaaa ?I like you so much.
What did you do?
You have me going head over heels for you.It’s as if I had got slapped
and awakened to your love.
The moon has jumped to this earth.Gave me a coffee and stole my heart.I became your lover boy as soon as I saw you.
I am risking all for your love.
I can only see you, with my eyes open or closed.
You have surrounded me like Wifi.
You are my breath…You are my thought.
You had me like a virus.
Yesterday was not that good today is so new.I am no more like myself.
I feel so different.
I like you so much. What did you do,
You have me going head over heels for you?
I had got slapped and awakened to your love.
You turned me into a baby and stole my heart.
You cut my heart with your curves.Your red lips have robbed me.You are the moonlight.
When is see you, I will melt like butter
It hurts if I don’t see you.
Even that pain feels so nice.
You are that start in the sky.
Lucky to get you.
feel like I am in heaven.
It’s so nice.
I like you so much..What did you do to me?
You have me going head over heels for you.
I had got slapped and awakened to your love.
You turned me into a baby and stole my heart.
Yeah, I just need… Sorry… Hey. Opposite house coffee. What are you doing here?
-You? I am the fresher who joined today. Oh, my god… What are you doing here? My bad fate, I am your team lead. Hey…Congrats. This is not your home to talk and do as you like.
This is an office. Oh so are you okay with outside. I didn’t mean that.
Then? Hey, follow me quietly.
Where? To my cabin.
– What would other people think? Oh…I will quit this job, I can’t take this.
Let’s quit together wow… super. Show that suits you. Oh, it’s you. Come in. I came here for that vessel. Oh… that Mom, can you please that vessel. Ok, I just came to know that you joined
my brother’s office. No, your brother joined my office. Hi… He is innocent.
Please take care of him. He is so innocent that he will wink
at the neighbor in front of his sister. Is it? Hey did you wink at her? No sister. Don’t you think that is too far
for that? Come Closer. Is she really his sister?
My bad luck Here is your vessel.
Thank you, aunty, for bringing it so quickly. If not, I would have gone mad.
See you, aunty. Hello, is that so.
No everything is alright. Laxmi. They have fixed a date for the engagement.
Oh, is it, when? Come Thursday. Sister…
Congrats Dad. I have no cash on me.
I am only left with the cards, its up to you Dad. There is nothing left on the credit card.
Use this debit card. Dad, I only have 1000 rupees for petrol,
can we go home now. Ok, dad. Let’s stop at the
Sai Baba temple on the way. PMG jewelry people called,
and asked us to pick up Diamond Bangles… Hello, I am not able to hear you.
Talk a little louder. Hello, I can’t hear you,
talk a little louder. Hello what? Dad, go sit in the car, I am coming. Come quickly…
-Ok,dad. -Laxmi, let’s go. Hello. What? Can’t hear you,
talk a little louder. What? Sister, Dad, Mom, Sister…
Come on… Daddy…
Daddy… Mom…
-Sister… Mom…
Mom… Mom…
Get up mom. Sister, Sister…
Getup Sister… Sister Nothing will happen to you.
I am taking you to the hospital.. It hurts, Nothing will happen to you…
I am here, It hurts….nothing will happen Hey…
Dont cry bro… See us off with a smile. Brother…
Brother be safe. Sister…
Sister,Hey, Devil. Hey did you meet that boy next door?
No, mom.. Go meet him once,
he must be in a lot of grief…… Ok, mom. Let me know when you are going.
I will give him some breakfast.. ok Hey Hey He must be in a lot of grief. Hey… Hey…Opposite house coffee? Is it breakfast?
Right time to eat Why are you staring at me?
-Nothing. It’s alright, ask me…
-Are you not sad at your loss? I am… But you don’t look like it. Is it necessary to showoff? Pain. It hurts inside. it’s boiling, I need to find out
Who placed that bomb Then all the hurt will burst out. In a few days
police will take find out No way. I have to find him first.
I will search for him. Will trace him and kill him. What are you want to kill them?
Do you think they are regular street rowdies? Who cares? I am going to trap them like a rat
and cast a net for them. Once I find them I will blast them
infornt of sai temple like a cracker. It feels like you are full of pride
when you talk normally And when you talk like this,
it feels like you are mad. I felt bad for you as a neighbor
and came to say hello. But you shock me with your talk.
I will leave now. Ready Go… It’s been three days since
the Dwaraka Nagar bomb blast. But till now we have no clues Govt. has announced an ex gratia
of a lakh to the victims of the blast. This is our attempt to show you
how the families of those affected are doing. Sir, are you happy with the ex gratia
that the government has announced Happiness?
What should we be happy about? People with no strength felt in their
arms and legs like me are called old But ,who has lost his arms and legs
what would you call this person, who is beside me? He should have been our strength and caretaker but now he is being taken care
by his wife and kids. How are we to be happy looking at him like this? When my son’s wife is working instead of him when the children have stopped playing When my Daughter-in-Law stop smiling when I see my son half dead like that. How can I be happy? Are my son’s hands and legs
are only worth one lakh? He is our life. Our lives became paralyzed As you see, this is the ground reality here. This is Sai with cameraman Shekar,
10 TV. Give me Water bottle. Take it sir. Police have 6 suspects
for the Dwaraka Nagar bomb blast. It’s been found that a mobile phone
was used to activate the bomb. It said that these guys have
come into the city a week back. They were staying at the Use me lodge Use me lodge? This is that Use me lodge. Footage of Use me lodge live for you… is the Use me lodge
that the terrorists booked into. This is non another than Use me Lodge Look at this carefully,
this is the Use me Lodge We will try to talk to the owner
of the lodge. Here is as we speak. He is the actual Use me lodge owner. Look at him
have close look Take a close look,
this is the owner. It’s him…
It’s him… Its him…
It’s him…. How you feel for giving your
lodge to those terrorists. I feel so happy.What? Do you think they would have cards on their
face that they are terrorists? They came normally, provided
address proof, so we gave the rooms It Means ,you dont have any link with them I do, I’m the one who trained them, Is it? What is the question? What is that true? What question is that?
Look at him carefully, instead of being a responsible citizen
he is making fun of the situation Look at this shameless person Tell us what needs to be done to such people.
Come on tell me. What would you do?
In another two minutes you might confirm that I am team the leader I too am so sad for what happened. Why would I give them the rooms
if I knew they were terrorists? Hi Chotoo. Do you work at the use me lodge? I don’t know or see anything
please don’t ask me anything. Who are all in your family? Don’t be scared tell me. My sister, mom, and dad. Few days back I too had a mom, dad, and a sister.
Only 3 days back I became an orphan. You are so lucky, you know
who the terrorists are you saw them but you still have your family I don’t know who they are
neither did I see them, but I lost my family. You are lucky… chotoo take care of your family. Brother…
– What chotu? As mentioned in the news
They are not six only 2 persons They never left the room in the day. 2 other guys used to visit them Who were they and names? Hey…
pappooo One is Pappu
I dont know the second person name. How do they look like? They were like regular guys clean shaven. Maybe your age group where did they come from? Where to now?
Where else,we are going to pathar gati. Where is this Pathar Gati?
Thank you. Don’t tell anyone that I told you. I won’t tell anyone. Take care of your family.
-Ok, Brother. Total four guys.
Out of which 2 are local. And the other 2 non locals.
One is called Pappu. Area pathar gati. Pathar gatti pappoo
Who is this Pappu? Where are you pappu? Any terrorist act that takes place in the country
is some way linked to Hyderabad. Once Asamghad was considered
as the Terrorist hub Now Hyderabad is becoming
the other Asamghad. Asamghad is in UP, all the members
of the Indian Mujahideen were from UP. Indian Mujahideen?
I’ll search on the internet. Indian Mujahideen Members… Abdul Qureshi
software engineer from Mumbai. Abu Basheer, Uttar Pradesh. Abdul Razak, 27 Embroidery unit Pankaj from Hyderabad. Shout… Pankaj… Catch one rouge to find the other. Pappu is the new rouge. No way anyone would know him
as he is new to this Pankaj has been around for a while.
He has to be definitely known There are a lot of admirers
for such people So if I can trace this Pankaj,
he will lead me to Pappu. So. Pankaaaj! Hey, give me a poori.
Okay, brother. Hey… Yah…tell me brother What you gave me?
Do you call this tea? What Happened Sir… Pankaj told me that the tea here is awesome.
So I came all the way for this. Now I realize that even animals
will not drink this tea Who is this Pankaj? Hey, how long since I placed the order Half an hour.. This is how you serve Pankaj’s friend.
You have to serve within five minutes. Yes sir… Do you know who i am?
I am friend of Pankaj.. Sir, Who is this Pankaj? kick…
kick… Hey, cant you see,
watch where you are going. Why, will you show me? Useless fellow how dare you? Hey.
-Hey. Hey… What?
You want to be an enemy of Pankaj’s friend Who cares about this Pankaj? Are you Pankaj’s friend? Yes….He is my friend Then please carry on.
Hey, you move on. Hey…who are you? Brother…you. What Bro.. Why are you looking like that? Tell me,
what happened brother? Hello Where did you go? for the last 2 days, house is locked?
Roaming on roads I told you I am going to kill those guys.
Coming on roads How did come in? That’s ok, how are you? Are you going around graveyards
at night? Are you having any bad dreams? Let me check.
It’s normal. Hey….What is this? Something is wrong with you.
Come with me. Where to? Lord, I have so many plans
with this guy. Till now there is no romance what so ever. He is going around doing
unwanted things You have to save me, Lord. Chanting….. This would not be enough, priest.
Give it to me in a big plate. Why? Why did you hit him like that? This guy is a little crazy. He needs everything in the extreme. Otherwise, it won’t be enough. That’s why?
Tie this to his hand. 1 won’t work; I at least need a hundred. No one will work just fine. If you talk to him your peace.
If you say hello, your harmony. Both would go running from your life. Please understand. Stop your stupid complaints.
Move.. Look at the way he talks to me. It’s not good on your part. Is that so priest? It’s ok, you can do that
once in a while Now you are talking. Priest? It’s 100 rupees can’t let it go It’s ok… move Hey, who the hell are you?
Why did you kidnap me? Who are you man? I don’t know who that Pankaj is,
I am not his friend. Then, why did you kidnap me? Shut up, you idiot. Then, why did you kidnapped me? Just like that Pankaj,
In Bomb Blast, there is this guy called Pappu. Pathar gati Pappu. If you know Pankaj, then you must also know Pappu.
Or at least you know where I can find them. Tell me where?
Who is Pappu? I dont know.
How can i get him? I dont know.
Speak. I dont know.. Which of these 2 do you like?
I dont know.. Which one?
I am telling you the truth. Which on?
I dont know Which one?
I am telling you the truth. Really? Dont you know really…
I am telling the truth Dont you know really…
I dont know, Bro.. I have been chanting Pankaj’s name as if it was
Lord Ram’s name for the last 3 days. And then I found you.
Now if you say that you don’t know him. Do you have Mobile phone?
Smart phone Bro Brother the guys that we murdered yesterday. There is a video on WhatsApp What is that? Hey, This is our Riaz.
He is our Riaz. What’s wrong? Who sent this? It came from his number. Hey did you get any video? This is him.
-Yes. You have started fight He was missing after the fight? What happened? Hey, I too got that. He is our friend, why did you get it? He is Pankaj’s friend and Pankaj is my friend.
So maybe he thought that I too am his friend Oh ….yes Did you get any message
along with the video? No I have got.
-which message? Look, Handover Pather Gati Papu
and take your friend home. Who is Pathar gati Pappu? Some guy, kidnapped our friend,
can we simply do nothing? Friends, as we always say that
we can do anything for friends. Is that all just talk? No, today we got an opportunity
to show the power of friendship. Friends, We are not doing this for us
it for the sake of our friend. We will give our lives
but will not let our friend down. What you say?
Yes, we will. All together, will give our lives
but will not let our friend down. But he does not need our lives.
We need that Pathar Gatti Pappu’s life. Who is he and how to find him? Who cares? If he calls himself Pathar gati
Pappu, he must be from Pathar gati. So now we need to find Pappus in
that area young to old. We will find our Pappu and
Get our friend released. What did you say? Friends this is for the sake
of our friend We will give our lives but
will not let our friend down Let’s move now and
get back here by evening with the data. Move. Bro, We got all the data, here is the list. How many?
58 people So many, how to find the one I want? Similar to your age. So how many of them are
in the age group of 20-30? 6 members.
Tell me those details Pappu real name Dulkar works
at a garment shop Pappu real name Salman.
Btech, but doing nothing. Pappu real name Junaid.
Does nothing Pappu real name Fizal sells flowers. Pappur real name Nazeer, bike mechanic. Pappu real name Azgar, mobile repairs. A garment seller, a flower vendor,
a Btech, and one does nothing. A mobile repair guy and
bike mechanic. Out of these, the garments and flower
guys are not technical, so we can set them aside. who did Btech and the one who does nothing .
Basically lazy, won’t go anywhere close to bombs We are left with the bike mechanic
and the mobile guy. The bomb was not placed in a bike. But the bomb was operated? It’s understood that the bomb was
operated using a mobile. Yes, give me those mobile guys’ details. Here, we have his complete profile. Pappu, I got you. Ok Leave. I will come back with friend. Ok, Let’s go. Hey, we found Pappu.
Because of you. Actually, I thought of killing you,
but if your friends could do so much for you. It means you are a good guy. Why the money ? Do some business.
Don’t let anyone know that we met. Tell the same Ok bro…..Move.. Where are you? When will you come?
Come quickly. Called me for dinner.
what she cooked? Her back is so beautiful I will not need a pillow. Girl, what are those curves? Not able to control myself. Just stay still for 2 minutes. Hey, what’s wrong with me?
Why am I acting weird? Who is it? Hey! go remove your clothes.
-What? I mean change your dress. Why, what’s wrong with this dress? I am not able to control myself. People who lose control
don’t mention it. What? – I am saying
that you can’t do anything. Why? Why cant i do? Because, I am going to bind you
with my looks. That’s why.. What, you will bind me with your looks
are your looks ropes? If used properly our looks are not only ropes
they can become a noose around your neck. What do you mean?
Are you asking me to do something? What will you do?
Let me see what you can do. Don’t tempt me like that. What are you going to do? What would I do? I am completely helplessWhy do you keep poking me with your looks?Will you rob all my hearts secrets?Will you hide such a beautiful side?I will conquer you my sugar.Can I resist your romance?Would I be able to keep my shynessWould you still keep thinking at this moment.Do you want to commit to me.Then make love to me.
Make me feel your energy.
Come closer and closer.
Make it Sweet and tender.
See how I would attack you,
I will make every nerve of your tingle.
I will see your climax today,
Enjoy this moment.
My lips want to taste your shining skin.You tickle me with your mustache,
don’t you plan to stop anytime soon
Your shyness has turned into a flame.
And I burning me.
My endless temptations
have become a massive flood.
My body is thirsting for you.
Staying away is not fair..Come on.
Then make love to me.
Make me feel your energy.
Come closer and closer.
Make it Sweet and tender.
See how I would attack you;
I will make every nerve of your tingle.
I will see your climax today,
enjoy this moment.
My body wants to explore the paths on your bodyMy body wants to explore the paths on your bodyI will give my urge to control yours.
When i am showing love.
Let me slip through like a fish.Warm body wants me to swimA unbosomed bud…Let me bloom into a flowerMy chased by lust and looks like I can’t stop.It has to happen today.come on…Then make love to me.
Make me feel your energy.
Come closer and closer.
Make it Sweet and tender.
See how I would attack you,
I will make every nerve of your tingle.
I will see your climax today,
enjoy this moment
Who are you? I want Pappu.
There is no Pappu here, go… I want pappu.
Get lost. Pappu.
Go, Get lost.. called for one,why did all of you come?
Who among you is Pappu? tell me?
Who is Pappu here? Won’t tell you.
You have to tell.. If not? Come on tell me who Pappu is. I will only take him. Otherwise.
Everyone will. Hey, Two of you friends are dead At least tell me now. You can live if you tell me. You fools, why can’t you just tell me
who Pappu is and save your lives? Hey, only the 2 of you are left now.
Come on tell me who is Pappu? He… He is the one.
He is pappu He is the fifth one. If he was the one
your guys would have talked long back. He isn’t Pappu tell me,
who is Pappu out of 2. He is the one.
No, He is… No, He is… No, He is
Do I need puzzles now? How much do Iphone 7 cost?
-70000 rupees bro. Pappoo you work at the mobile shop right. Nice to meet you …Pappu I found Pappu, you can go now.
I did not ask you to go from here. To go up. See.. Cute Family..
Do you want to see how they are now? Mummy… Daddy… Will see another vedio Girl is so beautiful There would be at least
10 boys after her on the street Do you want to see how she is…
Have a look There are so many like this. Kids, elders, Old Ages how many more.
What did they do to you? We can’t bear the smell from burning thrash. Do you know how 100 bodies
burning together smell like? Screams of people who don’t know. People crying out in pain. Ears,cant hear. Brother… Eyes that cant see. Unbearable scene. So horrible. Did you ever take 6 hours to
recognize your mother? They did not hand over a guys
mother without doing a DNA test. She burned so badly… You met 2 guys at Use me lodge,
who are they? Where do they stay and what are their name? Tell me. I don’t know what
I will do if you don’t talk. I am not police to follow
step by step procedure. I am mad with rage,
don’t know if I will cut you or stab you. So come on tell me.
Tell me. You are still not getting it.
Let me show you. Do you see this dumble.
If I hit you with this ur teeth will fall. Want to see…see am sorry, there is also blood
along with your teeth. Now it’s your eyes..
You cant bare dust in your eyes. if I pour hot oil?
No. Can you bare that? No. Tell me if you can.
Let me get the hot oil…No, please. No..Please
i will tell you Tell me…Tell me..Fast The people I met that day are 761 and 762. That’s all i know Phone Ringing… Hello. Son, are you sleeping? Who the heck are you? Son, It’s me your uncle
from the opposite house. Oh, uncle tell me. Would you please come home once. I would like
to talk to you about my daughters wedding I am fine with it go ahead. If everything goes planned
we will surely do that. Ok, uncle.
I am coming. Looks like, she is in more of a hurry than I am.
She also spoke to her dad about it. Uncle,
– Come… Come inside. Sit. What is the occasion; you dressed up Well.
Since you wanted to discuss our marriage. Good. Sure we will talk about that in leisure.
Have that coffee first. He is respecting me.
-Get some Coffee… Priest, Groom is here. Please come over by 11
-He also has a priest coming. He is even faster than his daughter.
where is my darling? Coffee…. Coffee.
Did you make the coffee? Yes, dad.
How is the coffee?
Very nice, uncle. The matter is. Today we have arranged for a
marriage proposal for my daughter. I am alone in this house..I can make it out.
There are so many things that need to be done. You are so good… If I had a son,
he would have been the same age as yours. Take care…
What made you say that uncle? What did I say?
You called me your son. you have asked me for Match…yes. If you call me son,
Its not correct Groom from vizag.
why our relation will be changed So does it mean
that I am not the Groom? No….Then why?
-To help us. To help? Didn’t I tell you, son?
Uncle Don’t make relations here.
I am not able to hear it. Tell me what’s needed. It’s a very small list. Flowers from the
market, Sweets and hot from the shop. on your way back get some cool drinks.
I will feel that you are the son. Son, Take some money.
It’s ok dad, he can bear that cost. Dad and daughter. Son…
Keep that here…Ok. Look at the boy. Uncle, who is that?He is our neighbor; He is like my son.
-Don’t call me like that. It’s horrible. I did not mean
Thinking that you are dads brother. Then? I thought of you as a father in law.
-What? I can’t hold back, uncle. Could be a problem
if I call him uncle again. I can’t wait.
Let me tell you. What do you want to say?
Not to you. To her…
Girl, I love you. What? I like you a lot and
I will marry you. Listen to me.
Please stop uncle Even to this day,
I think of you before I go to sleep. What is this?
She understood Father in law. Look, let me tell you again
I love you. Is it necessary?
Do you need Guy? Dad.
What is this sir? What is this son?
See you later Uncle. Please don’t mind. Pappu, one of the accused in the
dwaraka nagar,bomb blast Murdered in a park
by some unknown person. We have those visuals live for you. What the situation there, Giridhar? What’s sensational is that the unidentified
person claiming that he would kill the other 2 accused
761 and 762 as well. Claiming that he would kill the
other 2 accused 761 and 762 as well. Did you see the news? Yes, I did.
who is he? Don’t know. Where does he stay? I don’t know.
Then what do you know? Whoever he might be,
he will be dead by morning… -Ok. He stays in the fourth house from here…
-Hi You are looking for me.
That house is mine. It’s 10 and everyone in the colony is asleep. There is an open ground nearby,
let go there and talk. You have a very good network.
Found my address so soon. Sir, we got him
-Give him the phone Hey, talk to our boss…
Who is that boss? What’s his name? What does he do?
It does not matter, talk to him. No way, I will only talk to him
if you tell me. Boss….
-Switch on the loudspeaker. Won’t you speak until i say who i am?…
-I will not talk till then. Then listen. I am the one responsible for
that bomb blast at Dwarakanagar. I have been waiting to talk to you. I don’t know what you asked these guys to do.
They are giving me the death stare. And I don’t like that a bit…
Call me back in 10 minutes. I will put them sleep. Talk to me.
Didn’t I ask you to call later? Phone Ringing… I like your time sense.
What is your problem? I want to kill you. You want to kill me?
Do you know who I am?….No Do you know where I stay?
I don’t. Do you know how I look?
No, I don’t. Then how do you think you will get me? What makes you think that I will come
searching for you? Ahaa…
Listen.. I will make you come running
in search of me. What makes you think that you can do that?..
i know.. I know a lot about you.
You planned this blast two years ago. You come to India through
the Rajasthan border. You were received by Qureshi.
From there you went to Mumbai. Kaizer gave you shelter in Mumbai.
You came to Hyderabad 1 week before the blast. Azgar provided you with money,
fake sim card and passport. Not only that, Syed provided Hexamine and
Akbar got you ammonium, to make the bomb. A total of 13 people have helped you
in this plan directly or indirectly. I will not let anyone. And coming to you, the day you come searching for me
there will be a special blast day They won’t find a single part
of your body. Try your best not to come looking for me.
Try your best. Till then you can Relax. 761, 762. What could these numbers be? Largest countries in the world. So if India is the seventh largest
in terms of area. What about six
Metropolitan cities in India. So six is Hyderabad. 7 India and 6 is Hyderabad. So what is 1 and 2?
They could be the persons as they were 2. So 761 is the main guy and 762
must be the assistant. How do I catch these guys?..
How……? Why did you provoke him like that? I didn’t know who he is but he has a lot
of information about us. He only knows what happened,
he does not know what’s going to happen. Moreover, he does not know
that we are in Hyderabad. He would be planning on
how to make us go look for him. Let him keep think like that.
Meanwhile finish the other plan. What happened to you? You dropped the call last night.
Ur trying to avoid me since morning. So do you think I will go with you
instead of avoiding a guy like you? Did you lose your mind, why are you irritating me?
Let me have a look. Let me see
What? What did you do in that ground last night?
Ohh… Did you see? What are you doing there? If you
had gone to sleep,I would have come in ur dreams. What are you talking about?
Where are you going? Come here. Hey…
We are in the office. -So…? Everyone is looking at us.
Let them. Let them have some entertainment What’s wrong with you?
Why are you making sounds like a puppy? What do you want?
Would you give me whatever I ask for? If possible, I will…
Make it possible even if you can’t……Ok. Would you disconnect my call?
– No. Would you ask me who I am?
-No? Will you marry me?
-No? What…?
-I will, I will. -Then go.You look like a colorful parrot.
You are so cute that my eyes blur…
You make me go round like a merry go round.
How can I stop myself?
You make me go dizzy with words that are so sweet.
All you cut me with those sharp stares.
Do Thanjavur dolls look as cute as you?
No way. You wash my heart with those looks.
You drag me into your thoughts.
And make me long for you.
When you like a beautiful magnet
are in front of me.
My age is unable to stop
from getting attracted to you.
When you look like a colorful soda,
my mind has got stuck in your thoughts.
When I look at you like this?
When I look at you like this? I forget myself.
You are my Bagavath Gita.There is no comparison to your beauty.How could you be born so beautiful?If you keep praising me like this. It’s so nice,
and I can’t get to sleep.
When you smile it like a
firework of a thousand crackers.
When you touch me I know
how a current shock would feel like.
If I cover myself with you.
When I cover myself with you.
It feels like summer in the rain. When you are
beside me I can’t think of anything else.
My life is turning into raindrops
because of you.
You keep amazing me with your looks and
would not stop till I am exhausted.
You see colorful paints with your looks
You keep fighting, till i listen on your lap
This is his house Another 10 minutes, you can see him too. It’s almost time for him to return from office.
-No need. Let’s go. How do I get these 2 guys 761 and 762
reveal themselves?…How can I do that? What is wrong? I am asking you.
The client head called. Good to know. And he gave us a nice thrashing.
-Did he scold you? Yes…Why did he scold you?
-I did not do what he said.. Maybe the Team lead must have told the manager
that I did not do what he asked me to. the Department must have told the same
to the client’s head. So he scolded me. We have to report to the US head
on our daily progress. What did you say? A subordinate has to always report to his boss. So we are the workers here our boss
the client Head is somewhere in the US. He knows about everything that’s happening here. In the same way, 761 and 762 are the workers
then their client head must be somewhere. He will definitely keep track of all that
these guys are doing. So If I can get hold of that head, I will know all
about these 2. I am not able to trace these guys How will I catch him?
How? Who can be their boss?
Where can I find him? And how can I catch these 2?
How do I catch the boss? How do I flush out these two?
How? Good Right. Yes.. All that we have been doing so far are all small
blasts. We have to do something so big that the whole world has to remember it forever. Something like that to happen, one thing
must be done 10 minutes before the major one. What is that?
I will tell you later. I need some people to do that job.
20 people? No 300.
So many? That guy is making a lot of inquiries about us.
That’s why don’t use any of our guys. Read an article in the newspaper
about Mangar Basti rowdies. Oh, you are able to read Telugu papers now?
English paper. Oh… Use guys from that area.
-Yes true, they are very good. All they want is money, they ask no questions
and would do anything that we ask of them. Hey… Hey. Where are you?
Tell me? Hey….
Hey, where are you? I am in the toilet…What?
I am in the bathroom. Why are you here?
-Where is your laptop? It’s on that table there.
-Where is your valet? What is the credit card password?
-Why? -Tell me…..2526. Why are you asking me
all these things? Nothing, I saw an add for a ring in the
TV and liked it so much. Thought we can use it on our wedding day.
-Is it a gold ring? No. Diamond Ring?
-What Diamond ring? What a Diamond ring?
Yeah. I am wearing underwear.
By the way how much cost?…2 lakhs. 2 lakhs?..I have never used my card
and in a single swipe you used 2 lakhs. The ring is so nice. So? You should buy it or
ask your father for the money. Why should I?
-Because you hug me yesterday. You mean, one hug costs 2 lakhs.
So would you bankrupt me for a kiss? Don’t be mean. Why are you acting
like that for such a small amount? What is that a small amount?
Why are you here? Call for breakfast. If you swiped
2 lakhs just to call me for breakfast. If you Call me for lunch? Dinner, oh my you
would bankrupt me. Please don’t invite me..
Get Lost. 300 people.
-Yes. If you want so many at once,
it must be something big. Even the bundle is big, boss.
When do you want them? I will let you know.
Be prepared. Good morning madam.
Order, please. Come back after 30 minutes
-Thank you, madam. Is it a stomach or a pit?
What are you saying? If not, you just had breakfast at home.
And you asked him to come after half an hour. If we don’t tell them like that
they will not allow us to sit. Why did you bring me here?
-To speak with you in peace. Here? Peacefully?
Shall we go watch a movie in the evening? Hello brother….
Its her cheeks not sweets You are my Gold…
we saw diamond ring yesterday that was nice Hey girl…
There is chair empty for you to sit.. Hey, what are you doing? Do they wait all night to fall on each other
as soon as they meet? Why are you bothered about them?
Don’t mind them. Say something about me.
Like what? Why do you like me so much?
I have 3 reasons for that. Wt those are? 1 you are not like the rest of the girls,
you are a little different. Meaning? Means, Now a days hard to get up
early in the morning. They pick up their mobiles even before brushing
their teeth. But you start off with Rangoli Ohh.. and the second? You are intelligent and innocent at the same
time. You are smart and at the same time not proud. If I get angry and hit you, You would with tears, hug and ask me
You will never hate or shout back. So do you mean you like me
because you can boss over me? No… I like you because
you will always be with me. What about the third one? These days girls are like Shakira.
But you are like Savitri with Shakira’s features. No all girls are like me. No way, there is a lot of difference. I don’t believe you.
-So you want me to prove it to you? Yes… will do one thing? Today is a weekend so let us call
two of your friends then I will tell the difference between
you and them….ok Shall I call her?
-No, let’s call their father. Hello. – Greetings uncle, I am friend of sandeepthi. Tell me, dear. Uncle… Sandeepthi. She went to Bangalore saying that
she has some office meeting. -Ok, uncle. Ok uncle…
-Ok dear.. See, she is working
even on the weekends. You are calling them Shakiras. Ok, call her now. What a surprise… Where are you?
-I am at Munnar. What are you doing there?
-I came out with my boyfriend. Aah… Talk to you later…
-Bye That is the story.
So now let’s call your next friend. Should I call her?
-No, let’s go to her house. Hi. Hi. Why are you like that?
-Mom and dad are not at home. I have some office work
that I need to complete. Oh, let me help you too.
-Hey, no not required. Pradeep is already here…
bye What’s the situation there? Her parents not at home…
so she called Boyfriend Did you get the difference? Yes, clearly…. So shall we go now?
– Yes, Let’s go. The two batches that you asked for
are ready. By the way, what is the plan? This is Hyderabad.
Area 650 sq km. Length 158 kms…
width 47 kms Heights 536 meters Total population 1,17,23,548. Total houses 8,49,051. Total vehicles 34 lakhs. Total weight 2,85,50,575 tonnes. We have to make such a big city to shiver.
Could be a little difficult. A 6 grams bullet can make a 60 kg human
shiver with fear. Can’t we all make Shiver? -How? In Hyderabad there are close to 60 main areas
Jeedemetla – Faluknama, Hitech – Moulali both big and small in Main areas in Hyderabad Every area has a police station.
Every police station there is a CI. Generally, all the CI’s go home by 9 PM. And a little later the Constables leave. So half an hour later, our guys in
groups of 4 will go to all the CI’s houses. They will ring the bell. The CI’s will come out. Who are you?What do you want? Our guys will show them the slips
that we give them. CI’s will start reading the slip
and will stop midway. This is my address, what do you want? For confirmation. What…?
What? What…?[01:27:38.14]. Then our guys will. Generally, there are 60 seconds in a minute. The first second 1 and likewise in 60 seconds
without fail all the 60 CI’s have to be kidnapped Then after getting them all to one place,
leak the news to the media. TV 5.Breaking news all the CI’s have been
kidnapped at the same time. Who is responsible for this?
Why did they do it? Are the kidnapped CI’s being held hostage
or have they been murdered is not known yet. The families of the kidnapped CI’s are in a panic. The whole city is under tremendous pressure. Who kidnapped them? -We don’t know sir.
-Where did they take them? I need those 60 CI’s along with
the kidnappers here in 15 minutes. Ok, sir. Alert the whole city.
Use the task force. Get the Special Forces.
Inform the traffic police. Search the whole city,
don’t let any of the culprits escape. Now our second batch will be at their predestined
spots dressed like courier boys. If they start now, within five minutes
the couriers will be delivered. How did you pack couriers? As you said, It would take
three minutes to open it. Ask them to start
-Ok, sir. They must have all reached places Now they will start going in. They would be delivering those boxes. They will be shocked to see
what’s inside the courier. Do you want to see what happened there Come with me I will show you. A heartless father who has lodged a complaint
against his own son for beating a dog What did you keep in the courier? I kept the thing you gave me.
– No. No. Had you put what I have given in the parcel
news would be different. This is not the visual. What is there in that box?
-RDX Had there been a bomb blast in the city
would have been full of smoke by now So much smoke that had the
whole world celebrated Diwali at once. Anyone will die if they breathe
that kind of smoke. What has happened?
But that has not happened Phone ringing… Hey.. Are you
thinking that your boxes have not blown up? Do you know what are there
in those boxes? Chocolate Who is this guy? wasted 100 rupees for couriering
5 Rupees chocolate? I told you right, that I will make you come to me You have changed men
so that I don’t recognize them But me, I have changed boxes? How did you come to know of my plan?
How??? Bro, He came to meet you.
It seems he has a work with you What is the work? Four people came to meet you one hour back.
Why did they come and what did they ask? Why should I say?
If you don’t want to get beaten What did you say?If you don’t
want to get beaten then you should say Why is that we need to tell you rascal? He will answer, right?
Why are you worried? Get Up Hey. Come, Even now he has not won.
All the CI’s are with us Idiot.. When he can know about the boxes
can he not know about CI’s? You are too smart. Your courier boys
and kidnappers both are my people Sir Sir..Wait sir, We are not kidnappers.
We don’t know who asked to do this? From now on you only manage sir
we will leave now Her brother. Bhai asked
me to handover this boxes to you Come,We need to go fast
and keep the boxes in the places as bro said Why is that you are coming forward.
What are you staring at?…get lost Shall I tell the mistake you did?
Meddling with policemen They will trouble you for everything
if they get hurt. Will they leave you now? In simple terms, you are under house arrest. No.. You can’t move from here. We are very thankful to the person
who helped a lot to us in this Warning to the kidnappers..
We are coming to catch you Will not leave, even,if you run We will show the power of police…
Thank you Tell me. How many are you
Who is your leader? Where do you all stay? Tell……me Pen.. Pen?
What is this sir is asking for pen? Sir Gun?
Pen… Give me pen Give me another Pen…
No..No.. I will tell you… I will Tell you the truth..
Good.. What do you understand from this?
for writing and it can also for piercing No. Not only does pen writes truth but
also makes the truth come out Bring him along.
We will go and collect his gang members Catch them…
Dont leave anybody Hyderabad police have shown their power
by arresting 30 anti-social elements in one day Hey…Stop. hey, Stop.
stop, stop… Call him….
What…?Call him Tell me.
9866185039. Your phone number 8-3-282/11G. Your house no You stay in Avanthika colony Your house is the 13th one when you
take the second left and 4th right in the colony. Your office is in Madhapur.
You leave at 9 AM and come back at 6 Pm You don’t like the food in your office canteen That’s why you have lunch in the hotel
opposite your office at exact 1 PM You drive a Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Do you know why I did not kill you even
when I have so much information about you? You should cry to live not to die. We cry when we are wounded
that is called pain If are wounded again and again
on the same wound then it is like hell I will not trouble you like everyone.
But I will give the pain will be very high I will torture you… The word torture is a very small word but the pain
that you get from it will be very horrible So What… You know my address and other details.
That’s it right. Do you think that I don’t know your address? Do you know? Why will I not know? Bharkat killa near Golconda Fort,
the slum behind prince hotel when you go straight and take right
you stay in the 32nd house underground bunker. There are two old people on the first floor. House no 9-11-57/3. Your friend is always with you. There are approximately
1000 people working for you in Hyderabad. Only 12 out of 1000 know you
No one else knows you. These 12 are your personal assistants There is an old ambulance standing at your street
to run away if there is an emergency. Five houses beside your house on both sides
are occupied by your people for your security. Coming to your height is 5’11 and
weight 82 Kgs. Your shirt size is XXL
and pant size 32. There is wound on your ride side ribs
which you had during training There are six people with you. On the right side ur friend
The others on the left others Is this information correct? How do you know my address? I am having your Wikipedia I have information for you.
Vacate and leave your house in 10 minutes. Police are on their way Police Have got the information…
Bhai.. Police are informed about our movements.
We have to vacate this place Great. You won.
You are making me run like you have warned me. I will call you in two days.
You enjoy till then. I will make you run after that.
Hope you are listening. I will make you run You can make me run later. First,
you start running. Cut the call What is this? Get ready and come fast home.
We need to go to uncle’s house. Why? Oh. It must be you who proposed to the girl
in front of everyone. Ahh. Yes. He is the one. Why are you irritated?
The guy looks good. Right. Yes, uncle. He looks great. Uh… The boy is ok. I thought he would look great now
that uncle has selected him. He looks average. Even then, how did you “ok” him? When he has proposed in front of everyone? So what. Will you give her in marriage to me
if I propose during the marriage? Hey…Pakodi Following.
Take it easy. It’s ok. Let it be for this time.
Don’t feel bad. By the way, uncles
you wanted to ask something? Ask him..Shall we start brother? You wait. You are eager for everything.
Ladies first, Sister. Shall we start? Are you ready boy?
Yes. I am ready How much is your salary? Ohh. You proved yourself. You hold on. What is your salary?
80000 What are you left with?
800 You are alone, right?
Why do you have so much expense? Recently your girl has started shopping What, have you already started?
yes That’s ok. Have you loved anyone earlier?
None Is this the first time?
Yes In that case, will you start after marriage?
Doubts.. !! You hold on,
Will he stop once he got habituated? You answer. Will you go after other girls after marriage?
No…. Is that it sister, or any more questions? The boy might get frightened.
We will stop here. Huh… Mister you can start now. What are your habits?
-Nothing great Any small habits tell me…….
do you booze ? Aah… You proved it. Women have to inquire about assets
and men about habits we need to know your debts as well along with habits
Very true Yes Debts. You answer I have certain habits but I am a slave to none
Don’t have any great debts now Might be After marriage. How is your temper?
Why? What if you hit her in your anger? We won’t accept if he scolds
forget hitting her Will not accept,
shouts at her, forget scolding We will not even accept if he makes fun
forget shouting We won’t accept if he questions,
forget making fun. Yes. What do you think about my daughter?
She is a princess. Will you see her carefully? Why will he not?Will we leave him if he doesn’t
look after her properly? Yes. We need guarantee No. We need to have an agreement Uncle, arrange for stamp papers Aah….That’s it. Why did you get up?
Wont to write agreement ? Stop this nonsense. You are worried
how I will take care of your daughter right? I will take good care of her.
Good means, I will make her laugh. I will tease her.
And I will console her if she cries. Will slap her… if she doesn’t stop even
then. Slap Her? Yes. I will but if she doesn’t stop even then,
then I will kiss her with love. In simple words,
I will see like a child. I will make her
happy, laugh, cry, and console her.
I will make her go through every joy. I will take care of her so well
that she will even forget her parents. Coming to you, I will not give a glass of water
between Monday and Friday. We both work right How will she look after you
when she will not have time to look after me? You should be at my house
every Saturday morning. I will scold you and
beat you if you don’t come Oh..Aa You can only go back Monday morning.
We can enjoy fully. Uncle. Do you play cards?
Cards? Drink?..Drink… I am sure you have the habit
now that you are getting tensed. In that case liquor should flow and
we can play cards yes… right. Aunts. You have to
make us happy with your cooking you boys, I am ok however
freely you move with my wife. you have to meet me to ur girlfriend.
Why?…I will make fun with girls I am your elder brother.
I need to be looked after properly What about you? You are my sister in laws. You are
as good as my wife. You have share in everything. You can tease your sis. Uncle, I am telling you
in advance. I will move freely with them. You cannot say no to me.
In one word, you are my family. Hey. Give that, my throat is parched. Bother. Brother in law, Uncle
Boy is great…. Phone Ringing… Tell me. Not feeling sleepy, What should I do?
Should I sing a song? No…Should I slap you tightly? Not that…
What should I do? Can you once come?….What No No….I don’t mean that
Feel like going for a stroll ok How come you are disturbing my sleep
when you are not feeling sleepy? What did I do? Are you acting ignorance
or you really don’t know? I will act now that you are a
big drama queen….Oh God.. This man has the same expression
both night and day. What ice creams do you have?
What do you want? Do you have stick ice?No…
That is why I asked what is that you have Choc-bar, Vanilla.
Give two choc-bar Give money, Here… What are you thinking? When madam wants choc-bar
she can as well as directly for it Why did she ask the menu? What is your age?
20 Sir You can’t understand even at 60 years. Why sir?…..
They are girls. No one can understand them Why are your lips red?
Did you apply lipstick? Oh, you didn’t. Ok. Let’s go What happened?
You are touching me So what…I am scared
Scared of what? For whatever reason.
Let’s go. Hey… Please don’t smile so innocently Please don’t see like that What do you want? I want Your breath and your oxygen Breathe? What is that? Idiot breath means? What does oxygen mean? Hey sarangi, Sarangi,
you are a flower-draped in sari.. Hey, Kodangi, naughty kodangi,
you are full of fire kodangi… After seeing you so closely
I have mortgaged my heart to you… I will bring down your weight
After you beautifully make over the sari… Come let us make a great noise
Our fortune will change with you … Come making a great noise
To take away my shyness … Hey sarangi, Sarangi,
you are a flower-draped in sari… I will hide my heart in the bangles on your hand
And in the anklets of your leg… I will jump with joy
when you make a sound. I will store so many kisses in a cold moonlight… I will make you ask for more… I will wrap around, pinch, scratch you
and change the shape of you… quench our hunger… I will feed you the desires of your heart
I will make your dinner a feast… Come let us make a great noise
Our fortune will change with you … Come making a great noise
To take away my shyness … I like the way your waist turns
when you walk Your shyness and your naughtiness… I get hiccups when I see… you I like it when you bite with your mouth… When you pinch with your hand
and crush with your hand… They create a vapor in my body
I will come running like the sun… When you call me in the dark … I will go around you when I come to your
house from my parents house… I will give everything … Come let us make a great noise
Our fortune will change with you … Come making a great noise
To take away my shyness … Hey, did you enjoy these two days? Whats the Matter? You have my courier boxes ? You have to pick up one and put it
in the place I tell you. I will not put it….You will
I will not…You will do it As I will scare you now and you will get scared. Is it…
Will you not get scared? Ok let us see I am in city center mall now.
This is a very big mall So what? I am wearing a long jacket; it has 2 pockets
Do you know what is there in the right pocket? The game played by Kids on Diwali is called Gun… There are so many people in front of me. There is also a lady in front of me. Some people on my left. If I put my hand in the hand of the lady on right Shoot the people on my left no one will know that
it is me who shot. I have put a silencer on my gun
so that no sound comes Hey…
Shh… Hello Mam…Ya tell me
Do you frequently visit this mall? Yes….
What is the best to like about this mall? Hey…
What…? when I kill only your family
like it is shown in the movies? you will get scared
when I kill these people. Will you send the courier now?
Or will you not Yes.. Hi baby…
Hi uncle… You are so cute.
Thanks uncle.. Say Hi to uncle.
Hi uncle. Hey small kid.
Kid looks good. She is just an infant,
Then do what I say Hey.
Will you send the parcel or not I will.
Don’t kill the Girl You are so lucky… Be at Cyber towers in exactly half an hour
with the courier box Yes…i will go 1 min What? Babby. Good Bye… Bye… Hey… I told you, i will do as you wish.
Why did you shoot the child? Why are you shouting?
Half an hour, Cyber tower. Go fast. How can I stop him?
how?….how? How can i stop? Aah… yes.. Hello.
How quickly can you do what I told you? Half an hour.. No, we don’t have that much time.
do quickly.. yes Phone …ringing Hello… I am at Cyber Towers. Good…
Do you see that flyover in front of you? There is a signal under it In exactly 2 minutes
all the signals will be jammed. There will be a lot of people… In that traffic, there will be
Buses, Cars, Autos… Exactly the same time,you have to place
that bomb under the signal and leave Wait …
Till my next call.. Phone Ringing… Hello. I have done what you asked me to.
Super…. Phone Ringing… Waiting for your call.
Did you place that box? Hey, stupid brain,
there should be a TV…Go watch the TV news. Media has found the photo of the main accused
in the Dawarakanagar bomb blast case. Let’s see the photo now. We got news that he might be in any one
of the shopping malls in Hyderabad. Police are on the lookout for him. Hey, do you like the photo? Do you want to kill? Shit…
Let’s see how many people you are going to kill. If the public recognizes you,
they will stamp you to death. And in case the police find you.
You are done. Do you know where you will be the safest?
At my house. You know the address.
See you soon. Who is he?
How did he know my address? How can I stop him?
How?…How? yes. Client Head.
Alias 761’s Boss How is he able to know my every plan? How did he get my photo? You among this is 761? You don’t want to talk?
You won’t tell me, ok Now let’s see how long you can
stay without telling me? Don’t Tell me.
-Are you mad. I will tell you. Don’t tell me..
-I will tell you This One….No, This One…No.
This One…….No. This One…Yes.
ok. Hi…Tell me,
I just sent you a picture on WhatsApp. He did Dwaraka Nagar bomb blasts. Sent this image to all TV channels Ok. Ok. How did he find this guy? What did you say? I said that a subordinate
has to always report to his boss. If I can catch the head,
I can keep track of all their movements. Like mentioned in the news,
they are not 6 they are 2 Are you friend of Pankaj? Want to see..
No, don’t, No. That phone is with me.
Yes. They came to beat me at 10 PM. It’s 10 now and everyone
in the colony is asleep. That is when I proposed to my girl
on that day. December 16th? There is a call at 10:30. They were here at 10 PM.
There was a fight in between. So the person I spoke to,
716’s number is this. If this is 761’s number, then that very same day
at 7 PM Pappus news was broadcaster. Some unidentified person murdered Pappu
and left his dead body at the park. The number you are trying to reach is
currently not reachable. Welcome…Sir.
My name is Chakri, how can I help you? How much is your salary? Sorry. How much your salary?
10 K I will give you 2 months’ salary in 10 minutes.
In what way can you help me? I can do any. I need, call data of 7891230000,
Ok sir my Id : [email protected]
Send me that data. Sir, please Deposit money
into HDFC A/C. 32644808521, ok. Let’s look at Decembers 16th call data. December 16th. There is a call at 7:02.
Pappu’s news was out at 7. At 7:02,
761 called. Which means someone must have
called 761 after watching that news. Did you see the news?
Yes. If we can trace the details of the one
who called 761? Let me find out… Hello, Chekri I just sent you another number.
I need those details…Ok. Amit Panwar. Ho. No. 72,
MG Street, Azamghad. Some time ago Azamghad was considered
to be a hub for all terrorist activities. All the founding members of
Indian Mujahideen were from that place. Which means?
This person could be his boss. AS per what Chakri told me
this is that address. Phone Ringing… Ringing… So this guy called from a public booth. Brother, on December 16th I got a call from here
Do you remember you that could be? No, I don’t remeber. Please try to remember.
100’s of people come here to call. How can i ? How do I get this guy’s address? It’s known that the bomb was operated
using a mobile phone and that they were 6. As mentioned in the news they were not 6 only 2 Pappu….It was known to be a terrorist hub.
Indian Mujahideen founders are from Azamghad. December 16th 7:02 he got a call. The news came out at 7… 7:02 he got a call.
There is only a 2-minute gap. Which means if a common man can
take 40 steps per minute? In 2 minutes 80 steps. So he must be some 80 steps from here. Brother if we go straight where would we go?
Municipal Dump. Left? Bazaar.
Right? There is a temple. Behind? There is a street.
Where do you stay? I stay in the street. How long have been there?From my childhood.
Can you help me then?
Sure. 76, 77, 78, 79, 80.
Its 80 steps from there. So, it could be any of
these 5 houses on either side. Brother who stays here?
Rawat bhai. What does he do?
He is a government employee. This one? Mr. Agarwal.
What does he do?He has his own business. And in that one? Prathiban Shab,
he has his own travel business. And in that one?Prathiban Shab,
he has his own travel business. Some worker stays here, heard that
he is a well-educated, is a gold medalist too. Not sure why he is working here?
Being a gold medalist, working as a caretaker. Hello…
1985 Delhi University, ECE branch Gold medalist. A Gold medalist doesn’t like working under anyone.
But you are working here as a caretaker. That too, when the owners are in Dubai.
Which means this is not your real job. What do you do? Hey. Hey, I bought this transmitter
especially for you. From this day on, I need to know
what your guy is doing on a daily basis. I will not. What is his next plan? I don’t know.
I will call. We are taking all the CI’s on a picnic. we are taking all the CI’s on a picnic.
also sending the gifts. Delivery, Blast. Ok… What is it?
What is it means? CI kidnap.
Courier delivery. Boss, they asked us to kidnap the CI’s first and
then deliver the couriers. Ask them to drop the kidnapped CI’s as per plan
and make sure they change those boxes. Where does he stay? Near a slum behind Barkath qilla
at the Golconda fort. Hey, you have succeeded in your challenge
and got us here. Let me see your face.
Turn around fully. Who are you?
How do you know about me? I will not tell you.
But I will tell you who I am. Dad, Ananda Rao. One day, standing
in the hospital, hearing a baby girl cry. Feeling happy that Goddess Maha Laxmi
was born into his house. He started thinking about how to take care
plan a marriage, how should increase my earnings A person who plans for his daughter’s wedding.
I am the son of that middle-class father. Mom, Maha Laxmi… Gets up before sunrise every day,
sleeping long after the sunset. From the time she was awake all she thought
about house, kids their food, to make them happy. What more do I need in this life.
I am a son of satisfied mid-class mother. Sister, Keerthana. When a child was crying for
his mother in the veranda. Little one mom is busy with work
let me play with you. She loved and played him so much when he grew up
they used to fight and do silly things. Mom and friend together is sister.
I am the brother of to my Wonderful sister. If I have to tell you,
I was the king of this house. But you made me an orphan. Because of you, I forgot
three main things in life. Saying, Mom, I am hungry. Dad, I need some money. those silly fights with my sister… What is that look on your face?
How would animals like you know
the value of such things? Hey, You have been shouting… Shh…
Silence… Don’t shoot it will make a loud noise,
there are police everywhere. Yes…What is this?
Knives. What for?
– I want to vent out all my anger. you will not be able to bear the pain. Maybe those knives makes you strong. Now you take the knives.
Take them, get up. Just give me 2 minutes.
I will make you go for those knives. Just tell me one thing, how did you find me?
I will not tell you. I want you to die
not being able to bare that suspense. Dwarakanagar bomb blast persons are in this area.
Informed by unidentified person. The police are here to apprehend them. Media Wants to cover live. We are looking to find those terrorists
from a very long time. We will kill them. The public is here to see the drama. We are still dont know, who is he?
Where is he? how he looks like. Sai Ram….
Great sai Ram. Hey, sai ram…
Powerful sai ram. Namo Namo sai ram…
Oh, great sai ram. People think that the whole world is theirs…
Sairam… They forget their place in this world,
oh sai ram. Praise, praise be to you great Sai.
Your name brings us victory. Ohm… Take away the hatred in our hearts and fill it
with friendship and compassion. Give us the heart to forgive and forget.
Give us the heart to love. Jai ho sai ….Jai ho sai..Praise, praise
be to you great Sai. Your name brings us victory. Praise lord sai…Praise
You are the one who shows us the way. Hey, sai ram….
Powerful sai ram. Namo Namo oh sai ram.
Oh, great sai ram. They have changed the meaning of good
and bad on this earth. They have turned into animals and forgot humanity. How long should we bear this injustice? This is the time for a revolt.
You should come as our savior. Praise lord sai….
And destroy these hate mongers….Sai Ram.. Moves on as time moves on If he moves it is like a dream Moves on an Army moves on He makes the earth move on He can reach the skies if he jumps
The earth shakes at this step He is the third eye of Shiva..
He is the He is the one He is the sword of a warrior
He is the strength of a warrior He is the arrow of Ram… He is the He is the one.
He is the one with the light of 100 suns He is the one way. He is the one with an
arrogance that cannot be brought down He is the tempest
He is the warrior for war… He can create vibrations. He is the sword of a warrior
And minister for plan A friend if we join hands, will he be [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]


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