Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

-♪ Mad Lib Theater,
yeah ♪ -Here’s how this works.
-Okay. -I’m going to ask you
for some silly words — nouns, verbs, adjectives,
et cetera. We’ll do that, they’ll
be written onto cue cards, and then, we’ll act out a
dramatic Mad Libs scene. -Sure.
-Okay, here we go. -Okay, this is great.
-Right? -Yeah.
-Give me an adjective. -Ah, flamboyant. [ Laughter ] -Flamboyant.
-Mm-hmm. Really making
our cue-card guys work. Pet name.
-Winston. -Wow, that was really fast.
Nickname for a kid. -Jimmy Bill Bob. [ Laughter ] -What? That’s a nickname for a kid?
-Yeah. Jimmy Bill Bob. -Type of profession.
-Late-night host. [ Laughter ] -What would you shout
if you stubbed your toe? -Falafel! [ Laughter ] -Give me a number. -6-8-0-1. -Gosh.
[ Laughter ] Give me a made-up fact
about chickens. -They can fly.
-Oh. -Two words that rhyme. -Fallon, talon. [ Laughter ] -You don’t have to make
the whole thing about me. Type of food. -Ooh.
That’s a tough one. I’ll let you go with that one. -What? No.
-I have to do it? -This is a game.
It’s fun. Say any food.
-Ballpark hot dog. -Ballpark hot dog.
[ Laughter ] These are the most interesting
answers I’ve ever played. Type of drink. -A Rob Roy.
[ Laughter ] -What?!
-It’s a Manhattan with a — -I know what that is, but no kid
knows what a Rob Roy is! -They do now.
Rob Roys for everyone! -Rob Roys for everyone here. [ Cheers and applause ] Rob Roy is great. A verb ending in “-ing.” -Uh, begrudging?
No, that’s begrudgingly? No, no.
Uh… Um, running, running, running.
-Running, very good. Running.
-I had to go basic. I was trying to go complicated. -Advice that you would give
a shy teenager? -Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter and applause ] -These are
the best answers ever. Stay golden, Pony Boy.
Oh my gosh. -It’s a safe one.
-Another good reference. Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughing ] Body part. -Perineum. [ Laughter ] -I’m gonna have
to give my cue-card guy mouth-to-mouth after perineum. -Well, I can’t —
I mean, that’s — You want to go medical on that.
-No, no, perineum. Is that something? -Oh, it’s the space between —
-Okay, got you. [ Laughter ] That’s not
what that song is about. That’s not
what that song is about. -That is for me.
-No, it is not. -That’s how
Dave Matthews speaks to me! -That’s not what it’s about.
That’s not what it’s about. Oh, my gosh.
-Here we are. -No, I know.
This is great. Object. -Protractor. [ Laughter ] -A plural noun. -Puppies.
-Aww. -Puppies.
-Aww. -Plural animals.
-Dragons. [ Laughter ] -What would you say
if you found out you got an A-plus
on your chemistry test? -“Teacher, my name’s not Dave!” [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. -‘Cause I wouldn’t —
I would never… -Got it.
All right, we’re almost done. Give me a color. -Hmm, sea breeze. [ Laughter ] -Sea breeze is a color?
I got to get my Crayola set. Another profession. -WWE superstar.
-Hey. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Hey. Couple of fans in the house.
-Yeah. Two more.
Another body part. -[ Laughs ] -Can I say anus?
-No! Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. You can say it.
-It’s a part. -And a verb. -Uh, jump. -There we go.
Perfect. All right, we filled it out. We are ready for our scene. I’m gonna hand this in
to the computer. [ Laughter ] And then they’re going
to go on the cue cards. Are you ready
to perform our scene? -Let’s do this!
-Yes! Let’s go! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Ah, I love Christmas. It’s the most
flamboyant time of the year. [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ]
Hey, what’s wrong? -There’s something
I have to tell you, Winston. -What is it, Jimmy Bill Bob? [ Laughter ] I’m your brother
and your best late night host. You can tell me anything. -Well, this isn’t easy,
but here goes. I don’t believe in Santa Claus. -Falafel! [ Laughter ] -Hey, hey. I understand
why you would react that way. We’ve been writing Santa
Letters every day for the past 6-8-0-1 decades. [ Laughter ] -This is more shocking than when
I found out chickens can fly. [ Laughter ] What made you stop believing? -All I wanted for Christmas was the most popular toy
everyone had, the Fallon Talon. [ Laughter ] I left Santa
a plate of ballpark hot dogs and a glass of Rob Roy, but on Christmas morning, there was
nothing under the tree. So I ran to my room
and started running. [ Laughter and applause ] -[ Chuckles ] [ Laughter continues ] -Little bro,
I’m gonna tell you the same thing Dad used to tell
me every night before bed. [ Laughter ] -[ Breathes deeply ] [ Laughter continues ] -[ Coughing ] -Yes?
What — What is that? -Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cymbal crashes ] Stay golden —
Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter ] -Truer words
have never been spoken. -Look, all you have to do
is look deep… [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] …within your per– [ Laughter ] “Perenium.” -Perineum.
-Perineum. [ Laughter and applause ] You remember
Dad used to say that, as well. [ Laughter ] You got to look deep…
for the holiday spirit. Come on, man.
You can do it. -You’re right, brother. The holidaysaremagical. Decorating
the Christmas protractor. [ Laughter ] Hanging the puppies
on the mantel. [ Laughter ] And spending time
with all my dragons. [ Laughter ] I believe again! There is a Santa Claus! -Teacher, my name’s not Dave! -You know, the best part
about believing in Santa is getting to sing
my favorite song with you. -[ Laughs ] You sure you don’t
want to do it by yourself? [ Laughter ] -Which is…?
-What is the song? -“Rudolph the sea-breeze-nosed
WWE superstar.” [ Laughter ] Man, I screwed myself on that.
-That is my favorite song. Let’s sing!
[ Clears throat ] ♪ Rudolph the sea-breeze-nosed
WWE superstar ♪ ♪ Had a very shiny anus ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ And if you ever saw it ♪ -Jumped. -♪ You would even say
it jumped ♪ And scene.
Go run to your room. Go run to your room
and start running! Let’s go run to your room. -That’s the scene.
John Cena, everybody!


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