Madam Jeong’s One Last Week | 정마담의 마지막 일주일 [KBS Drama Special / 2017.10.18]

(Busan, 2008) (Madam Jeong) (Works at a hostess bar but is currently running away) Madam Jeong! Stop right there! (Ttaengbari, Ttaengbeol Gang leader) I’m dead. I’m going to go nuts! Taxi! Taxi! Thank you. Madam Jeong! Stop right there Mister, go! Go now! Miss. Where are you headed to? Miss. Where are you headed to? Busan Station… No, the bus terminal. Please go to Ulsan. Yes. 70m! Only 70m left! Park Taehwan’s last spurt! Oh, he’s going to create history today! He’s almost there! Only 15m left! It’s a world record! Park Taehwan! Gold medal! Wow, gold medal! Mister! Let’s just go to Seoul! Sure, let’s go! Let’s go to Seoul! (Wanted) (Theft suspect) ($5,000 reward, Madam Jeong) ($10,000 reward) (7 years later, Seoul, 2015) Gosh, she’s never home! I need her signature. Is anyone living here or not? I guess someone is living here, seeing things get delivered every day. I don’t exist in this world. This is my spaceship. I need to take care of everything here without going outside until I reach my destination in 7 years. (Gets up) Oh, my goodness! (Goes to work) (Go-Stop) (Three gwang) (One go) (Two go) (Ttadak) (Three go) (Gwon-daguri wins) (Gets off work) I lost badly. (Future planning) (Quebec, capital of Canada, Canadian dream) What Canadian people like is… Melona. (Self-improvement) Flight. I can start my new life soon. As soon as my APB is removed, I will find the money and go straight to the airport. I will take the earliest flight to Canada. Everything is going well. (Madam Jeong’s One Last Week) (Expiration of the statute of limitations, D-7) Black bean noodles that everyone loves and the iron plate have come together to create a new dish! It’s so glossy and amazing! You can’t help but just gulp it down! Hey, don’t eat the bowl! It’s really delicious. I think I’m going crazy. I can actually smell black bean noodles. (Mover 24 Express) Oh, right. You have black bean noodles on a moving day. Should I just have it for this once? I held myself for all these years. I can do it again. I’m out, so please leave it in front of the door. The money is in the plastic bag. Why didn’t he put the change in? That wasn’t a tip. Ow, my back. I should exercise more. I’m already out of breath. Why isn’t he coming? I left the bowls outside a while ago. He’s here. Mister, the change… Everything was going well… Until I met that child. Hello. A culprit in hiding who was waiting for the statute of limitations to be expired was caught after a neighbor’s report. Lee was living alone in a semi-basement room and got involved in an argument with the landlord for not paying the rent for months. A neighbor reported to the police and the culprit got caught. What took you so long? I almost thought you got in trouble. I don’t have this number saved. You should’ve texted me first. You startled me. Who else would call you? There’s no need to be startled. (Ms. Shin, Madam Jeong’s friend, sells burner phones) Oh, right. That’s not the problem right now. What? You want me to get another burner phone? I recently changed my phone and account. That’s not it. Ttaengbari got released from prison! He was released on parole for being a model prisoner. What are you going to do? Goodness! What’s this? Oh, no! My toilet paper! ($5) Hey, you stop right there! Hey, I told you to stop right there! Hey, you in a trench coat! Yikes. Miss. Are you a spy? No, I’m not a spy. I’m a secret agent. – It is… / – From the National Intelligence Service? No, there’s something else. It’s more secretive. It’s a total secret. Then do you help weak people? Sure. You shouldn’t tell anyone about meeting me today, kiddo. That’s not my name. It’s Eunmi, Park Eunmi. Miss. By the way… Can I borrow your cell phone? No. I’ll use it just once. I want to call my grandma. Go home and call her. You said you help weak people. What? What’s wrong with you? What did I do? – Can I take it home? / – Do whatever you want. Did you touch my wallet again? – No. / – Why you little! – I didn’t. / – How dare you! Why are you crying? Get over here! Open the door! Did you think I couldn’t find you? Open the door! Running away won’t solve anything! – Open the door! / – Open! – We know that you’re in there! / – Open the door! – Open! / – Open the door, you scumbag! Hurry up and open the door! We know that you are in there! I thought they were banging my door. Gosh… – Open the door! / – You are in there, right? They won’t open. Let’s come back. Did they leave? Yes. What are you going to do? You don’t have any money, right? What do you mean, what am I going to do? We will have to get another insurance money. (Expiration of the statute of limitations, D-6) – I didn’t do it. / – Don’t lie. What are you looking at? Are you glaring at me? If you hit me again, I’m going to tell grandma. Grandma? Grandma? Go ahead. Go ahead! Both the mother and daughter… Ow, it’s hot! Hey! How dare you run away? Who is it again? Miss. Please open the door. No… – Miss. / – No! Miss. – I can’t! / – Miss. – Where did she go? / – Miss. Hey, Park Eunmi! Miss! Miss! Please open the door! Miss! Miss! Hey, open the door! Open the door! Hey, open the door! I said, open the door! Hurry up and open the door! Come out right now! – Geez. / – My goodness! What’s going on? – Ma’am! / – Did a burglar break into your house? Someone took my child and won’t open the door. – This is kidnapping. / – Oh, my… The woman who doesn’t come out of the house did that? – She must be insane! / – Oh, my goodness! – Hey! / – I knew she would create trouble one day! Call the police! Right. I was here for too long. I should run. Park Eunmi, come on out! Oh, my! What is it? I want to go with you. – Go back to your home. / – No, I want to go with you. I want to live with my grandma. Go ahead. Why are you doing this to me! Let go of me! You are a secret agent. You should help the weak! This is nuts! Let go of me. I said, let go! Oh, my! Miss, are you sick? No. Oh, my goodness… This is so complicated. Why are you following me? I’m going to my grandma’s house Then you go ahead first. I said, go. Hey. Does your grandma live alone? How many rooms are there at your grandma’s place? Does she have any empty rooms? This is my grandma’s house. No, it’s my house. There’s no grandma living here. Oh! Are you looking for the old lady who lived here before? She’s hospitalized because she’s sick. Why are you coming back? It’s not here? Where are you going? She told me to comeback if things get tough with living with mom. My grandma shouldn’t get sick. There’s no one by that name. She said… She definitely was hospitalized here. About 6 months ago. Was it 7 months? Her last name is Yang. And her first name is Sunhui. That’s odd. – Oh… / – She’s there, right? Yes… But… Say hello to you grandma. My grandma is in there? Yes, for sure. I asked the doctor myself. He said he will call you when she gets all better. You can meet her then. Why can’t I see her now? It’s written there. Can’t you read? You can’t? Grandma, get better soon. I came back to live with you again. I’m sorry for leaving with mom. Let’s live together like we did before. Geez! I told you to go home. You met your grandma. No. I’m going to stay with you until my grandma gets all better. If I go home, that man will bully me again. He always beats me up and lies to me. He causes car accidents on purpose to get insurance money. He says he won’t do it again, but he still does. Insurance money? He gets insurance money when I get hospitalized for car accidents. What a bastard… Whatever. Do whatever you please. Let’s say good-bye here. What are you doing? You’re stretching my coat. If you leave me here, I’m going to tell everyone that you’re a secret agent. Do you know what happens if you reveal a state secret? If you go now, I will report to the police that you kidnapped me. What? Do you even know what kidnapping is? The KCDC has confirmed that there are 10 more MERS patients. And three of them are in critical condition. Pharmacies and supermarkets are selling hand sanitizers and masks… Her shoes have become a rag. Miss? What’s this? This is great. It’s been so long. Wow. “Frozen?” What are you doing? This place is really cool. It’s like the movie “Frozen.” “Frozen?” You are still a kid. Is it fun? I haven’t seen it yet. Mom said she’ll take me to the movies but we ended up living with that man, so… Let’s go in. It’s so cold! It’s okay. You won’t die. (Expiration of the statute of limitations, D-5) Hello, boss. How did it go? I looked into it and there are rumors saying that after being possessed, she only walks around at night. And also that she was stabbed while running a hostess bar. But it’s certain that a woman was in hiding. She didn’t go out of the house for years and suddenly disappeared with a kid next door. Why with a kid next door? I don’t know. – You call that an answer? / – I’m sorry. Did you not control them properly while I was gone? It’s just a mess. I’m sorry, boss. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I mean it. There isn’t anyone around here who has seen her face. I have no idea why she took our child… Oh, I saw something when I went to her house. I saw “D-6” written on the wall. That’s all I know. I mean it. I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me. I’m really sorry but we are looking for our child too. Geez… How can a kid’s hair be so tangled just like my life? Done. Did you finish it? Yes. A kid from Gangseo-gu, Seoul… She ate all the eggs too! Has gone missing. The police has begun investigating. The father of the child saw his child going into the next-door house and it seems to be a case of kidnapping. Kidnapping? This is nuts! Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education has ordered schools to be closed down due to MERS. All of kindergartens and schools of Seocho-gu, Gangnam and south Gyeonggi-do will be closed down as of today. This place is just like her. Goodness… Why are you here? Move. Let me go in. My legs are shaking. Are you crazy? I doubted myself after seeing the news… But I guess it’s true. Why did you kidnap her? I can’t help you. Leave. I didn’t kidnap her! That’s not it. It’s not strong enough. (Woori soju) You are… So great at making pancakes. You really are. I really craved this. When it rains, I always think of this. You had it a lot with Ajeong in the past. Don’t you get sick of it? Oh, right. There’s someone who saw Ttaengbari in Seoul. Near Wangsimni or something… I heard it a few days after we had the phone call. Is that so? Thank you and I’m really sorry to bother you. What are you saying? We are like family. You are my forever Captain Jeong. Now that I think about it… It was really happy when we used to take kids’ money back at home. We were so cool then, right? You must be insane. Ow, my back. (20 years ago) – What’s wrong? / – Honey, save me. Ajeong knocked Janggun down so I scolded her a little. I’m your mom. I can say that much, can’t I? She’s lying! And that woman didn’t just use words. – That woman? / – She hit her! How dare you say, that woman? You are so rude. Oh, honey. Don’t get worked up. This happens all the time. I’m the one at fault. He only cared for his mistress. You father failed the brewery and your family got blown to the shed. How shameful. Blown to the shed? It’s blown to shreds. Can you move down a little? I don’t even have space to turn my body in this tiny room. Sis. I’m going to sleep. Okay. By the way… What are you going to do with that kid? I don’t know what she’s going through but just sent her to her parents. It’s her fate. Well… I feel so bad. She had been getting beaten up by her stepdad and left home to find her grandma who raised her. We found her… But she had already passed away. That’s unfortunate. Eunmi! (Expiration of the statute of limitations, D-4) Where did she go? I can’t find her anywhere. Let her be. She must’ve gone home. Let’s eat. My stomach hurts. She wouldn’t have gone home. Where on earth did she go? She will be back soon. You are okay with noodles, right? I have a bad feeling about this. One’s missing. Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! No! Not that one! It’s here. – Ask her then. / – Excuse me. Excuse me. Ma’am. You don’t even know where you are going. Do you live here? Yes. An old lady who was living here… Didn’t she used to live here? Why are people suddenly looking for her? What is she saying? Someone else came here? Are you sure you’re grandma is here? That’s odd. There’s no one by that name. My grandma’s name is Yang Sunhui. Hold on. Let me check again. How can we find her when we don’t even know how she looks? You. How can you not have a single photo of your child? There are tons of girls with a woman in such a big hospital. – This is annoying. / – I’m sorry. Boss. How does Madam Jeong look? She looks extremely shameless and rude. Hey, Park Eunmi! I got you! You are so mean! Why did you lie? Why? Why? Hey! Stop right there! I got you, you brat. This place is so big. Hey, kiddo. What’s your name? Is it Eunmi? Let’s go have a little conversation with me. Let’s go. It’s alright. What are you doing? Let her go now! I’m not a spy. I’m a secret agent. Oh, the thing is… We are police officers. She resembles the girl we are looking for. Police officers? I can totally tell that you are thugs. Doctor, your name is Kang… Kang Palbok? She’s a MERS patient. What? MERS? She was confirmed just now. Oh, no. Her face is getting red from the fever. Let go of her hand right now. Physical contact is dangerous. – It’s contagious. / – Contagious? That’s nasty. They were so quick to find us. This is all your fault! It all failed because of you! I shouldn’t have taken you with me. Oh, right. Give it back. You stole my money. This is all I have left after the taxi fare. That money is the old version, right? You are so cunning for a child. If you start stealing money already, you will end up like me… Don’t ever touch someone else’s things again! Ow! I have no feeling in my legs. Hey! That’s disgusting. Wow! Wow! This is how you save. One shot, two kills. Thank you. Here’s one for you. It’s alright. You have it all. Let’s sit down for a second. Goodness, my stomach hurts. I think I’ve got a stomachache from all the stress. You stay here for a second. I will be back soon. It will do us no good if we stay together any longer. Miss. Come back soon. Eunmi. (Hello, I lost my parents and I’m leading a tough life…) ($5) Hey! Drink up. Sis. Can you not go to school and just stay with me? I’m not scared of that woman when I’m with you. You brat. I can’t be with you all day long. I have to go to school to pay for this black bean noodles. Do you even know that? Is that so? Jeong Ajeong! Ta-da! Here. Buy a snack when you are hungry and I’m not there. Hide it well. Don’t let her take it away. Alright? Then, come home early. Okay. Pinky swear? Come back early. Come back soon. Eunmi. Eunmi… Am I late again? Well, the thing is… I put rat poison in leftover rice to catch rats but I think she ate it. I was so shocked. My heart is still racing. I put it up on the shelves but I don’t know how she found it. I just have no idea. Mom. I told you that she’d be back. Are you her mother? How could you leave your child alone for so long? The world is dangerous. We kept her with us as someone reported. Thank you. I’m sorry I’m late. “Frozen?” Does it fit? It should be a little big for you to wear it for a long time. It’s a little big. That’s good. Let’s stop for a while. Let me look at the sky. Do you think she still has the money? Isn’t it quite obvious? She should still have the money. If she used it, she would’ve been caught already. Madam Jeong… She was clever unlike the other girls from the hostess bars. She was also a coward. (Busan, 2008) My goodness. Who did this to your pretty face? I told you not to beat her up so much. Bring it. – Darn it! / – Hey! Boss, boss! Hey, Madam Jeong! Are you crazy? Hey! Oh, right. This is a burner phone. They can’t track you down with this so feel free to use it. A burner phone… Who sells these phones? Yeah, we almost got caught. We are going to go into hiding right away. I should leave Seoul. Please take my things to the station. Okay. I’ve got to go. I have a guest. Okay. Bye. I will see you at Seoul Station later. I will call you again. Good job. Why did you say no when you are so good at it? You sell burner phones and now you sell your friend. Chew properly and eat slowly. Drink some water. I’m going to open up a small store in the countryside of Canada and sell Melona ice cream. I saw online that Canadians love Melona. It sells really well. So your dream is Melona? That’s right. No. It’s to open a store. Dajeong Mart. Why Dajeong? That’s my name. That’s a pretty name. Just my name? My face is pretty too. Gosh, she’s so impatient. Hey. We are almost there. Madam Jeong. It’s me. You’ve gotten really pretty. I missed you so much. Where did you hide my money? I found it, boss! Bring it here. Did he find it? He found it, boss. Hey, did he find the money? Good work. Then… Do as I say from now on. Yes, boss. What are you going to do with the child? Oh, the girl? I’m going to send her home. I don’t want to go home. When is Miss Dajeong coming? Please, I beg you. Don’t send her back home. Something terrible will happen. Are you nearing your death? That’s not like you. What are you doing? The boss said not to create any more trouble. What? Boss? Are you insane? We got a call from the boss. Take it. Hi. I understand that what Madam Jeong did was detestable. But we are not in charge of Seoul so I can’t take care of the situations. I will just sell her away to an island or something. Also… The money. That money is actually our gang’s money. We’ve spent a lot of money to look after you in prison. So I think it’s only right that the gang takes the money. What? What are you doing? Take the bag! You brat! (Expiration of the statute of limitations, D-1) Hey. Drink up. Drink it. Just like your mom, I’m sure you’re a heavy drinker. You think I’m a joke? You do, right? You do think I’m a joke, right? Who is it this time? Who are you? Hello. I’m from Hanguk Life Insurance. (Hanguk Life Insurance) I think we paid you too much insurance money. There have been many accidents, right? We didn’t get that much. We need to get the medical records again from the appointed hospital. Do you want to go now with me? That would be easier. If you pass the date, it will get handed over to the police. Then things will get complicated. Madam Jeong. I questioned myself for coming here. But I guess I was right about you. We meet again. Miss! Shut your mouth! I will kill you all if you don’t keep your mouth shut. Stay quiet! Where did you hide my money again? You can’t beat me. What should I do with you? Should I mess up your face so that you won’t be able to go outside? ($5) Not that. – Not that one! / – Let go! Who are you? Thief! Thief! Let go! Give that to me! – Give that to me! / – What the! Eunmi! Stop the act, you sly thief. What? You don’t want me to take your money? You stole my money. Did you think you’d be alright? Should I make you regret forever every time you see your face? – What? / – Get him! Let go of me! Let go! Let go! – She’s with him! / – Get her. Yes, sir. Let go! You know, right? I’m a secret agent. A woman in her 30s had been hiding for 7 years, waiting for statute of limitations to end. A day before the expiration, she changed her mind and turned herself in. She was wanted for theft. She visited the house of the child she kidnapped with her gang before turning herself in. Meanwhile, the child was involved in many accidents right after her stepdad registered her for insurance. The police began investigating for insurance fraud… You are clear with the kidnapping. The theft in Busan… I was hoping for it to be acknowledged as embezzlement of a lost property. But unfortunately, I think it will be difficult. Your sentence could’ve been reduced. But it’s a shame. Oh, I have good news. It’s about Eunmi. The insurance company and the police proved that it was an insurance fraud. The mother and stepfather are being investigated. Child abuse is difficult to rise to the surface but they were able to find proof thanks to the kidnapping. It worked out well. Really? In 7 years, I slept so well that I didn’t even have a dream. Hello, miss. I’m doing great. I’m not sick and I have great appetite. My teacher says I can’t meet you now. And I can’t call you either. That’s why I’m writing a letter. – Ta-da! / – Wow! I learned a song from “Frozen” at school. I will teach you later. Thank you, miss. For taking me away from home, taking me to my grandma, taking me to the sauna and getting me a pair of sneakers. Thank you for everything. Miss, I miss you. I want to go to Canada with you. P.S. You are… A good person. I know that. (Dajeong Mart) (To Canada) This little brat… Is making me feel excited. (To Canada) (Madam Jeong’s One Last Week) Two ades. Here you go. – Here. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Good-bye. Did you calculate properly? Yes, I did. (Dajeong Snack Bar) Do you have any Melona? – Oh. / – Oh. Yes, I have a Melona. Thank you! (Dajeong Snack Bar)


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