Madras Official Trailer

Once upon a time..
In Georgetown.. Real Madras..
In Vyasarpadi.. Two friends..
Best friends Life is short dude Enjoy every day and every moment in life,
That’s it dude. You are my life. Dude, when did this happen? If a girl is born to me,
She is for your son. In between Crime and life.. – Which heroine do you like?
– Silk!!! Her eyes are just..
Wow! She is not fit for our family A Big Wall! My grand dad still
lives on that wall Your grand mom still lives on the
neighbours wall? Do you think this battle
is just for the wall? Never ever have fear! Even after those assaults
if he has not changed.. Then..He has to die. Took the dagger and
stabbed right through him His intestines were out,
a complete blood bath. Hey, where are you? – Kalai
– Hey.. What happened? How would it be, if all that
happened is just a dream? We can just wake up from the dream
and walk out of all the problems. We need to answer for every
life who shedded blood for us If not us, then who
else will avenge? Johnny!
Kaali has come! Kaali has Come! Madras Coming soon…


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