MAHAL KITA, MANIWALA KA MOVIE ( 2016 ) Romantic Drama ( With English Subtitles )

I’m Miacle….an angel We should always love each other Make the person you love feel how much you love him or her. While you still have time Because you can’t hold time What? You’re sending me to go down to earth? But it’s only for your mission Mia. Let me just remind you that your mission will not be that easy. There are two siblings named Camille and Bryan Gutierrez. The anger inside their hearts must disappear before Christmas. Because—- Because it I failed my mission. I will not be coming back here in heaven. Michael I can do this! Nothing is impossible with love. Especially, nothing is impossible with Father Jesus. Mia…the time has come. right now? So, what now, my dear wings…. it’s already time. I’m going to miss you. But I promise to come back for you. Wait for me. I’m ready Michael. Men are always like that. At first you’ll say I love you… I love you, I love you! But if there’s really nothing going on. You’ll just going to leave them. Because you don’t like commitment. You just like single forever. Everyday with play girl. Except for my brother Bryan. You’re right You know we shouldn’t be watching that. Because you know it’s all just in the series. It doesn’t happen in real life. It’s not real. Also, look…look at this guy. You don’t trust his face, it looks a cheater. You know what let’s just change the channel. You’re right bro. Let’s change the channel to S.O.C.O All right! It seems more interesting. Come one, let’s do it..! Let’s go SOCO…SOCO!!! Wohoo, you can do it! That’s easy Go girl! Vincent!, don’t do this to me please… You know how much I love you,right? Camille I think you’re ready to do this. You know you’re too boring. Look how dressed up. You know you’re so pathetic to think that things will get better for the two of us. You know, that won’t happen. Vincent, tell me the reason why. What? It’s because of– What?, is it because of sex? Yes, Camille! I’m so tired of this! You know, it’s just a simple kiss but you can’t even give it to me. It seems I’m not your boyfriend …..and it seems I’m not yours. Camille …I didn’t loved you. Also, I have a girlfriend now! Me and Pam are already in a relationship Vince, come one, please let’s fix this. Vincent! Vincent! I don’t want it anymore….I don’t want it— to remember that! Will I always be like this? Sad, getting hurt! I’m so tired of this. Yes, you have a point. Camille, just forget that. Why don’t you go outside? Go on stroll somewhere and find new friends. That’s right! Why do I shut myself in here. I am Camille G. Gutierrez! Exactly! I am Camille G. Gutierrez! And I deserve to be happy! Yes, Go girl! She’s so kind Bryan! Today is Friday, why don’t you go outside? Find some new friends. I don’t want to. Can’t you see I’m busy, I have a lot things to do. Why don’t you want to have a girlfriend? You have the looks. For sure a lot of girls will like you. He’s going out— I don’t want to! Girlfriend?! They’ll just going to fool me. This guy is so stubborn. Hmm, definitely! it’s hard if it’s hard You can see me? Isn’t obvious? I can see ghosts ever since I was still a kid. Okay….but I’m not scared of you. Because I’m superman. A ghost? Do I look like a ghost? Do I look scary? Excuse me!….I’m your guardian angel. Oh!!!! guardian angel. You must be going crazy! Anyways, since you’re beautiful I’ll just believe first that you are my guardian angel. But will you please don’t disturb me. I have a lot of things to do. Maybe some other time, I have to do this and don’t disturb me okay. It seems I’ll be having a hard time with this one. Hmm!….I shall return. When did MacArthur became an angel? Why does he still have to show up? Babe! Huh? Just follow my plan Babe, you know… Wow!, you look different.. Vincent! Ah thank you but… My babe and I are busy. So…we’ll go ahead then. Bye. You deserve this, you bastard! it’s lance, right? Yep. Okay Can you be my boyfriend? What?! Boyfriend? Yes Come on, we got caught a while ago already. Will you please help me?, poor me. Hold on We just met earlier. So, I already gave you a chance a while ago. We pretend that I’m your boyfriend. Plus, I have a girlfriend waiting for me. you’re still waiting for her When did the last time you two met? A year ago That’s long time ago, that’s gone already Wait, why is it about me now? Why don’t you just move on? I’m sorry Okay, I’ll agree then. Really? Yes! you’re so kind. But— But..there is.. Exactly, there’s always a but. I need to make sure I’m safe. I need to make sure you’re not crazy— Wow!!! Nowadays some people are not into modus operandi— Gosh! I’ll bring a lawyer, would you want that? Not necessarily, but if you want to then go ahead. Alright whatever, I’ll just see you tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow. Our meeting would be after class. Okay just text me. Bye. [humming] [chuckles] Surprise!— What are you?! I’m an angel. How about you? What do you mean angel? What are you doing here?. I don’t have time for joking around. Who are you really?! I am Miracle. I’m an angel. What kind of angel are you? Why–why are you secretly watching me? You’re taking advantage of me. You know, you should’ve ask me. Who knows? I might give you one. Me?.. excuse me! What an obnoxious man. Are there any good things to see on your body Bryan Gutierrez? there’s none. Well, this is the body shape trend nowadays. This is called Isaw Body Isaw Body? Isaw Body! Although, the shape is not good it’s delicious. Will you please stop that?! Okay I’ll stop it then. That won’t work with me Bryan Gutierrez. Hi! Oh! you’re an on-time student. Well Well, you’re not my student yet, right? Because I need to make sure you’re not crazy, obsessive or all of the above. Wait! Of course I also have to check you. I don’t know, you’re might be a rapist, killer, or worse a kidnapper. Right? Do I look like a rapist to you men? At first yeah, it was just coincidence Okay Why is it about me now? It should be your interview right? Okay. Alright! What is your name? Camille Jean Gutierrez. Camille Jean Gutierrez. Yup Okay, where’s your family? Do you have a sibling? My parents are in the states. I’m living here with my elder brother Bryan. Your brother Bryan. Okay you’re an independent human. Tha–that’s a good sign. I like independent girls. If we both pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend, I somehow might like you. so do I…right? I have to like you as well. That’s why you should fix yourself Lance. There might be a chance that I may like you. Alright! Okay! you said so. Okay, how many boyfriends you had before? How many boyfriends? One! Just only one are you serious? With that kind of face you only have one?.Okay. I’m sure Well, I’m just here to help. I’ll be able to say one. Okay, one Last question, why did your ex left you? Because… I didn’t agree to have that thingy. What do you mean by the thingy thing?. Is it because you didn’t agree to do basketball or swimming– No, tha–that thingy…you know, like what a couple does when their madly in love– Hold on! I get it. You didn’t agree to do wrestling. Wrestling? Ah…wrestling. Yes, I didn’t agree to do the wrestling thing. You didn’t agree to wrestle? No Why did you not agree? I’m not ready. What kind of question is that?! You’re not ready? It’s already your boyfriend. So, if they’re a couple already they have to do the wrestling thingy that instant. that is the best part about being a couple. You know, you get to do wrestling anytime you want. Well for me that is not okay. You have to marry me first, right? Wedding that instant? that’s too fast— Maybe that’s why he left me. Because I don’t want wrestling. Alright fine Ms. Camille Jean Gutierrez. You are now fully enrolled to the school of Lance Cortez. Wow! Deal! Adviser Lance I’ll see you tomorrow. Yup Bye student Bye [snoring] What are you doing?! Stop acting like you’re sadako. What are you thinking? Sadako has a black hair. Come on! Would you just please agree Bryan. I don’t want. Suit yourself! Sadako Blondie! You don’t want ah! [imitating sadako] Bryan Bryan What the hell! You really wouldn’t stop bothering me?! no, I won’t stop until you’ll listen to me. Suit yourself! Is your heart really that tough? you’re only thinking about yourself. Alright, I won’t scare you anymore. Wassup Camille! what are we doing here today? That’s a good question! I checked Vincent’s Facebook and he’ll be here. In 3, 2, 1..Boom!!! That’s his car. That’s him Why?! Huh?! your boyfriend is right there, we have to pretend, right? Why like that it’s too obvious? It looks fake Camille just relax. Hey! Mmm? Left already Huh? He left? He’s gone For sure he’s jealous to what we did. Thank you! Let’s go Do you know why I’m scared to love? Because I was hurt before. Also, you know what hurts? is when that person left you for no reason. Oh why it seems…you look sad? Hey! What have I done I made a beautiful angel sad. yieeee..she’s having butterflies in her stomach. Because she was called beautiful. Yieee…here it comes.. It’s because… my boyfriend left me also for no reason. That’s why I already understand you now Bryan. You were left for no reason? [nods] I’m not that person right? Oh don’t be sad. Okay. It doesn’t suit you. being sad Come on smile. At the count of three okay. One… two.. Okay fine. Hey! alright I’ll make it That’s it See, It’s more beautiful when smiling, right? Let me see Wait a minute.. Why can I touch you? May–maybe because you’re a real human. I knew it…you’re just taking advantage of me. Wait Why is it you can touch me? Maybe because– Maybe because…Oh I know! Maybe because— What do you mean you knew it already? You’re my soulmate. Soulmate? Is that even real? [nods] You know Bryan… just follow what I want. go out on a date. court someone. Love someone again. Just because someone did something wrong to you. It doesn’t mean you’ll stop living. You know you’re right. This time I should be strong. This time I should love someone again. [nods] But …I hope I won’t get hurt again. Bryan…good-morning…wake up! Wake up! Miya! Why?! You have a date today. Don’t be late. Get up, get up!!! Later if I’m in the mood okay. Come here and join me there’s still space. What will I do there? We”ll have quality time. My teachers said….free hugs. Ah free hugs. Here is the pillow hug it!. Get up already! late is prohibited. [claps] Get up! I’m still hugging it. Camille… give your boyfriend a hug Huh? We practice this one, right? See I have notes for you. Lesson #1 Here’s the no. 1 Hugging So yah you should know how to hug. Okay! Give me a hug. Did I pass? Alright I like that. Okay…checked. Your score for this is 100…Okay next. What nicknames do we call to each other? Nicknames?hmmm Just babe Okay I like that. Wow, my student is doing great. Well Good job 3 can you read it? it says a kiss, right? kiss! Hold on! I already read it…Kiss. You don’t know how to kiss. Am I right? Who told you that?! How many have you kissed? A lot Really? I can’t count cause’ it’s too many. Really? Yes It seems you look scared. Why? will you fall in love with me if we kissed? It’s only a kiss. I won’t fall for it. You guys are really complicated. Here we are blaming the guys again. maybe that’s the reason why your boyfriend left you. Okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. You’re point is right. I’m just joking. No…alright… So, how? What do you mean by how? How to kiss? Do you wanna know? First.. Step #1 You have to concentrate. Step #2 Feel the moment. Step #3 look at his eyes… in this case my lips Hold my hand. Close your eyes… and wait for it. Ahh…… Lance? I think we should continue the lesson tomorrow. I learned a lot. Thank you sir. Yah I think you’re right. See you tomorrow in class. Yes..yes Sir. Lance..thank you. Tomorrow Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow student. Bye sir. Bye babe Bye babe They’re compatible. But how about the other one..Bryan. Bryan! Oh how was the date? She’s totally mad at me. Why?! I told her that it was traffic in EDSA Traffic in EDSA? that’s not your usual route, right? I can’t think of any other excuse. She’s so annoying. Oh–why does it seems you’re sad? It’s because– Because it so hurt right here. Huh? Why? What happened to you? Here–here–here What is that? I saw this at the mall. I was attracted for its beauty. That’s why— I stole it Huh? I’m just kidding. I bought it for you. for me? Let me do it for you. When I saw this I envision that this will suit you. So,I didn’t think twice. I bought it that instant. Let me see! See it looks great on you. But you know it would be more beautiful … if we;re dancing. I don’t know how to dance. Don’t you worry i’ll handle this. Put your hand on my shoulder.. And then just feel the music. There’s no music. music? Wow! It’s amazing right? But you know.. It’s hard to date someone…you don’t love. You should date whom you like. Wait! Don’t tell me you got busted? I’m different from you. not at all I’m getting scared. That if I confess my love i’ll just get busted again. Why don’t you try it first? Nothing is impossible, right? Are you sure? In what way your Guardian Angel can help you? Are you really sure ? [nods] Ahh What do you want? [Lips pointing towards her] What ???[Lips pointing towards him] Ahh…….You don’t know how to kiss. too bad you didn’t see your sister Camille. a while ago, she was taught how to kiss by…. Who? Her boyfriend Lance. Boyfriend?! Boyfriend?! [stutters] What?! Just relax Bryan What do you mean relax?! ?my sister has a boyfriend and they’re kissing?! Yes Where is she?…where is that Camille? So …how long do we have to keep Vince jealous? Ahmm …I felt of not liking anymore. Really? Oo Wait a minute…. are you jealous? You’re jealous, right? No I’m not! Yes you are…jealous— Alright yes I’m jealous. Why? What is that? there–there.. There’s none— Camille! Brother? what is this?! Why didn’t I knew about this? You’re too busy working online. You’re always busy on working. Even here at the house we’re not seeing each other. See He’s–He’s Lance Lance stand up and come here. Stand up! Are you serious about my sister? [nods] yes Maybe you already have a kid? None Wife? None— Mistress? Brother! You’re overreacting Bryan. Will you just stop it. Hey lady who just finished communion.! Don’t meddle with our siblings problem. [Camille] Brother you’re being strange. Last night you were kissing the wind….you’re doing mwah mwah mwah And then right now you’re talking to no one. Brother are you sure you’re okay? Do you want me to bring you to the doctor for checkup? Brother….. would you please stop getting mad. Lance is kind Alright then…..if that what makes you happy. But you Lance you should go home. Yes Hold on! Don’t you ever cheat on my sister. of course I won’t The time you cheat on her…. I will get your kidney….your lungs….small intestine, large intestine..everything. I’ll sell it Clear? You’re so amazing and you are also a business minded person. Brother…Brother? what are you doing? Ahh..there’s– There’s too many mosquitoes here. so…Let’s go. So, you’re good at this. You haven’t ask me about that, well I was always the representative in playing that game Really? Then show me! You can do it! Alright! Wow!!!…..that’s so amazing, you haven’t shoot even one. Ahh…I did it on purpose to missed. Anyway, I always missed you. Bryan! wake up! Wake up! you have a date with Michelle today. Bryan!…Mmmm I know that already. Come on, get up! I was almost there. I thought I can get a score. Mia I already told you I don’t want to date anyone anymore. Why do you keep forcing me..huh? Also,….why do you always forcing me to date? Bryan…Christmas is approaching! I know Christmas is coming but…my love still don’t love me. Why don’t you tell me who you really like? so that I could help you. I’m your Guardian Angel, right? Mia I don’t want you to be my Guardian Angel anymore. Because …I like you. I want you to be mine. Why me?! Bryan you don’t know what you’re saying. Mia no…I know what I’m saying. I love you…..I really love you. How about you do you love me? Answer me…5..4…3…2..1 Bryan! Because I know it’s wrong. I tried to stop it. But I guess that can’t be stopped. Yes..I love you too. I love your craziness. I love you for being so stubborn I love you for being so annoying Yes, I love you! …Well I — was expecting that you’re going to say you loved me because of my– sex appeal. You’re so cute that’s what I like about you. But Mia …you’re not going to leave me,right? Yes, I won’t leave you because I am your Guardian Angel. Can you be my Guardian Girlfriend? I’m sorry Bryan but… I’m gonna have to leave you. I love you so much. But I can’t do anything about it. Mia?! Why didn’t she woke me up today? Mia? Mia? Camille this is a promise ring for you. Because….I love you. No, that’s not it…Because I am sure…I don’t want to pretend. Camille! Lance?! You bastard! Leave! Camille I just left for a little while. and then you’re flirting with your ex. You are that desperate, am I right? Lance I don’t know what you’re saying and I can’t believe you thought of me like that!. Let me just say this to you…we’re not in a relationship! What’s wrong if I flirt with my ex?! I was just shocked. You know what Lance… I think this is enough already. And I know you went to see your girlfriend yesterday. So you two are planning to get back together? I’ve had enough of being a second choice and an option! You know Lance… Just leave cause’ the show is over. Let me explain Camille. Bryan? Mia! Mia? What is happening? Why–why can’t I touch you? Bryan in the first place you knew that I’m an angel, right? Yes, why? I have a mission for you and your sibling. The reason why I went down from heaven it’s because… The anger in side your heart must be removed and make the two of you love someone again before Christmas. So I could go back to heaven. Mia, don’t do this. You told—you told me you wouldn’t leave me, right? You told me that you love me right? Bryan even though I love you….there are a lot of things in this world that might not work….and lasts. I really need to go back. I wished I met you sooner. But that’s how it is. So…….you’re just going to leave me? You know Mia you should’ve killed me! I already told you that I don’t want to get hurt, right? Bryan I’m also hurt. Is that’s the case let’s fight for this. Mia please don’t go. Please don’t take away Mia from me. I love her so much. I’ll do everything for her. Mia! Camille I’m so sorry. Lance please just leave. Camille forgive me. Please give me a chance. I don’t want this anymore. Because I’ll get hurt again. I might get mad again in this world and then I might not accept myself, it really hurts. …Because I don’t want to keep pushing myself to you. What are you saying Camille? I’m so confused Lance! My heart and mind are confused. I don’t want to pretend anymore. Because I’m starting to like you and worse is I love you already. Do you think I’m not— suffering as well? I’m also having a hard time. …to pretend. Whatever I’m pretending to feel for you. I really am feeling for you. How about your girlfriend? Just leave me. You didn’t even let me finish. I went to see my girlfriend and I broke up with her. Because everything…every feeling in my heart and in my mind you’re the only one I’m thinking of. Please forgive me…just believe me. Please I’m begging you. Lance..why do you always make me suffer? Lance you know… I love you so much Happy birthday! Thank you so much for all the beautiful presents and memories you have given into my life. Father Jesus….can I ask you a favor? Can you turn me to a mortal again? Because I love Bryan so much. I am really sorry….I know that it’s wrong to asked? But I just want to try it. Mia …You know that what you want is impossible to happen I’m very sorry Father Jesus. I really love Bryan. I hope you would give me a chance. for real? I’m alive? Bryan?! Thank you Father Jesus. It’s really fun to love…even though it hurts you sometimes. There would be a person coming into your life…that will love you…forever. Camille I have something for you. What is it? Tadah!!! What do I do I don’t have a promise ring for you. You know it’s okay for me to have a promise kiss. Is there such thing as promise kiss? when this was created? I’m not sure. Maybe some other time Lance. What is that? Are you upset? No Are you upset?’re upset. Let see..look at me in the eyes. You’re upset, am I right?….please don’t be upset now. Ah–you got me. There’s another one a promise hug. So what are you a guardian angel who went down from heaven?! Bryan! Bryan! Miracle? Miracle! I’m not an angel anymore and I won’t leave you again. Hold on…is this real….maybe I’m just dreaming….slap me.. Do you want me to slap you? Okay here I go! Why did you slapped me? Sorry..You said so. That hurts I’ll just do this so you would believe me. Mia You’re taking advantage of me again. I feel abused. you’re too much Bryan Gutierrez. No I was just kidding. Mia I’m just so happy that God gave you to me. Mia it’s just that I really love you. I love you too Bryan. Really? [nods] Ah…now it’s my turn. Mia can I take advantage of you?. You better not abuse it.


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