Main Yahudi Hoon – Hindi Drama Short Film | Love Transcends All Boundaries

What happened? Why are you running? They’re wreaking havoc on the streets. What?! Who? Hindu-Muslim riots broke out.. Don’t go in that direction. Why don’t you come with me? Where? I live nearby. You can take shelter in my house until the danger has passed. Hurry up, let’s go! Come. Please come in. Please make yourselves comfortable. I’ll bring you water. Is this your house? Yes. You live alone? No, I live with my family. They’ve gone to Mumbai to attend a wedding ceremony. I will go and prepare some tea for you. Oh, it’s not necessary. You are my guests and it’s my duty to serve you tea. Make yourselves at home. I’ll go and prepare tea for you. I’ll just come back. Do you need anything? I accidently spilled some tea over my clothes. Oh. Wash the tea stain. Yes. Please come. Just a moment. What’s your name? SARA. SARA? You don’t like it? No no. It’s good. Very good. I’m not that bad either. And what’s your name? I’m not too bad either! Have you cleaned the tea stain? Yes, I have. It was only a little. Where is he? I reckon he was performing Wudu. Thank God we are safe! But Auntie, his way of performing the Wudu… What? The tap was running but he was still pouring water from a vessel, intermittently, over each hand.. And he only washed his hands. He did not wash his mouth and nose. He was also praying like this. He could be Ail-e-Hadees… or… Shia? Yes. He could be Shia too. Hmm. How does it matter anyway? I see. Have you fallen for him already? Auntie, you’re impossible! Would you mind if I ask you a question? Not at all. Please go ahead. Are you Shia? Sorry? Shia or Ail–e-Hadees? I am a Jew. Jew? Yes, I am a JEW! Here.. in India.. How come? In India, our history spans more than 2000 years. Maybe you never noticed. 2000?! What is the population of Jews in India? At present, it’s 5000 in India. around 30 in Delhi.. and I am one of them. If you don’t mind.. Can I talk to her in private? Sure. I will go inside. O Allah forgive us! We’ve committed a grave sin! We took shelter in an enemy’s house. It would have been better if we had died in the riot. What are you saying, Auntie?! Are you suggesting that we stay with the Jews? Allah will never forgive us! Allah? Islam doesn’t preach any such thing. You know better than I? He helped us. What’s greater than humanity, after all? Keep your adolescence in command, girl. He’s a Jew! Our religion doesn’t permit this. Had I known that he’s a Jew, I wouldn’t have stayed here for a moment. What nonsense are you talking, Auntie? Would you have stayed if he were a Hindu or a Christian? Maybe But not for a single moment with a Jew. Let’s go! Auntie, we could die if we step outside. What happened? Is everything okay? She wants to leave. Why, Auntie? What happened? Listen, thank you for giving us shelter, but now we must leave. But Auntie, it’s not safe to go outside. We can’t stay here any longer. Why can’t you stay? Because you’re a Jew and she’s a Muslim! And what are you? HINDU? Come with me! But Auntie.. Please don’t do this, Auntie. We shouldn’t go farther, it’s not safe. It’s better if you spend the night here. Listen, you have helped us enough. Thank you! Now we will go our separate ways. Auntie! You are putting all of our lives in danger! You stay quiet, girl. Don’t utter a word! Sorry, Auntie. But you have no right to put an innocent’s life in danger. Are you a Hindu or a Muslim? Muslim, brother. Muslim! What happened? Are you not a Muslim? Brother, he is anxious because I am not a Muslim. What?! What? You’re a HINDU? No, I am not Hindu. I’ve almost become a Muslim. I got married to him just recently. I’ve converted into Islam. And she is his mother.. My mother-in-law. Since you have converted into Islam.., you must be knowing the first Kalma. Please recite it! Laa Ilaaha Illa-llaah Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Wah! Glory to Allah! Well done, brother. Very impressive! Now can we leave? Of course.. Just one last question. Sister.., which religion do you belong to? I AM A JEW!

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