Maisie Williams: A woman uncovers the truth about the man living across from her. | Stealing Silver

So why am I here? Where am I going to stay? No No! – I’m sorry it’s either in there or, or on the floor in here I suppose. Either way I, I gotta go. Come here. *You have one new message* Lee, listen, I kinda look after the old man that lives across the road so I need you to check on him. His name’s Udo, German, not that you’d know it I’ve asked around but… Listen, he’s a sweet man, but he’s really not well. Be back in a couple days. *Message deleted* Hey! Oi! Mate, what you doing? It’s late. What?!?! Well? Nina, You.. You’re back. Before you say anything I haven’t lost them, my box of silver. It’s here somewhere. Just gonna find it. Silver, what are you talking about? Ta Hmm Who are you? You’re in my house, who are you?! Look, get out of here. I don’t want you in here! Get out! I’m Alex’s sister, she lives just across the.. Leave! Mate, I helped you outside, literally a second ago. Do I look as if I’m outside? Let me see you go. Don’t worry. I’m fucking leaving. I live over here. Prove it! You know my sister right? Oh uh… Alex, yes, yes. Yeah, she sees me most days. She has much kinder eyes So I’m here to look after you, see if you need anything or whatever. I don’t need anything. Yeah the house looks great. You know you can’t see much of your sister if I haven’t seen you before. Maybe you don’t care what she thinks of you, huh? You’re a bit of a bastard, aren’t you? What, is it the German way? I’m not German, right? Yes. I a- I’m lots of things. What the fuck. I thought you couldn’t stand the smell of the chemicals my love. Have you found your silver yet? That’s what we we’re doing. oh, come on, let’s look for them Think they’re worth something? mm-hmm Well, priceless really. Well, I mean… How many years is it been huh? I couldn’t say Quite the life you’ve live Udo. We’ve lived. Why are you taking pictures of the neighbors? well We can’t go too far from the house these days, can we? I want to see some pictures from your time in Germany. What, me too, exactly. You know, I can’t find the blasted- It’s in a metal box and I can see it. Hey, hey, it’s fine. It’s fine. For you don’t ah, yes. Thanks, I love Picture there it is. Come to the dining room. Okay, sweetheart. You show me your help Something else no inside off Fuck oh come on What are you doing did you want tea? To understand what just happened well, so tell me oh No, you just set the kitchen on fire don’t be ridiculous I’m dead much company recently. So where I put on a shirt for you or today? Like it It’s very nice You know and my father said that you should always dress up for a lady Sounds sweet It was then him who were putting me on the train and evening My mother she couldn’t trace to say goodbye People scared but we were saved Go six never saw my mother again Listen I have to go back I’ll come visit you again soon Stay away from the stove. Yeah Dude oh you’re old now, so why not live with other old people what? There’s no shame in letting someone else caffee Hello Dude oh hello There you are You alright Yes, I Just wanted to walk over under I’ll come and see you Just across the road remember I know I’ve been lost for days. No, no, no, everything’s fine You’re looking very together today Though I dress up gentlemen like you just want to see me in a right old state I wanted to show you This is my boy Nicholas Nick He died he’d be three next week Chasm inside you only you know is what me loose We can’t get back So what I met my wife you see In that space between nowhere and Anywhere else May I hold you? You know, I’m not your wife yes, yes What is it found him Silver gelatin photos Oh some rare Moments are still together Mind if I stay here a little longer That’s my little boy You visit as he Udo So good see you again Been thinking of you Digital camera, right? Mm You like you very much ah Thought you might like this one with you hmm Laughter I come a long way whom I Always loved you in this picture Hmm beautiful as the day I met you Who do this is amazing, hmm This is my favorite The bite Came to know You You You You You


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