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(singing scales) – My name is Abby Land and I’m a double major in Psychology and Theater Performance at
the University of Findlay. Obsequiously lament the untimely
fall of virtuous Lancaster. The University of Findlay
does a really good job of letting you double major in things. So you can kinda piece together exactly what you want
out of your education. So I chose Theater because
I’m passionate about theater and the University of Findlay
has a great program so it felt like the perfect fit for me. – I want people to come in there and laugh and laugh and laugh. And say, “Man, did I have a good time”. – The number of shows and number of opportunities to be onstage has really surprised me. So I am part of four main
stage shows every year. There are two plays in the fall. There’s a spring musical. There’s also a fourth play every year that is in the spring after the musical. And you get to be a
part of all four shows. I came because I’d heard good things. The opportunities were
so amazing to do stuff. Set down, set down your honourable load, If honour may be shrouded in a hearse, – Keep going and shift into speaking. – Whilst I awhile … The faculty is small
and it is very intimate. You get one-on-one work with any faculty
member you would like. For acting you get with
Meriah and she will coach you. If you have any monologue
questions or any song questions you can go to them and ask them for help and they will make time for you any time that works
best for the two of you. And you can really can just work it out so that you are ready for auditions or if it is for a show
you are preparing for, you’re ready for the show when it opens. – I mean I try to, you know,
I think I’m drawn to songs that like the lyrics make sense in your head so as long as you can start it. – Every semester we have a
Broadway guest artist come in through the Donnell Series. And we get to work with
them personally, one-on-one. You get to stand up and
you get to sing for them, and you get to perform for them, and you get their feedback on how to make it more realistic, how to connect to it more emotionally, and it’s such an amazing experience. – I mean it’s there, it’s all there – [Abby] Right. – Okay, that’s good. (clapping) – One of my favorite
roles that I’ve played in any production is Wednesday
Addams in the Addams Family. (lightly sinister music) There was so much going on. We built the sets. We helped with the wigs. We did our own make-up after
we were taught how to do it. It was just so exciting to be part of such a great production of hardworking and talented people. And to have something so big and so great come out of our small program is something that I think
everybody is proud of. – Alright, guys I’m so excited. It’s just like, like real. (loud laughter) – I love performing at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. You get the big dressing room experience and you get the huge theater experience. – [Director] I think we’re ready now. – They’ve even got their
legs covered with … – [Director] Okay, if you have a mic on please come on stage. – Having performed all four shows in the Powell Grimm
Theater my first year here and then last year getting
to perform at the Marathon, it was a great new experience. And I’m so excited that
we get to keep doing it. There are always
opportunities for you here no matter what area you’re interested in, even if it’s another major as well. Being a part of the theater program is a great choice for everybody. – [Interviewer] I think I’m
good. Are you guys good? – Did I sit up straight the whole time? – [Camera person] No you
slouched the whole time. Start over.

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