Makeup for B&W Cinema – Behind the Scenes on #SnowFilm

My name is Margo Paige Allen, I’m doing the
hair and makeup for Snow. With the pre-production test, why it’s so important is so that I can be prepared on the day of. It’s not trying to figure out what I would want to do, it’s I know what I need to do, I know what I need to bring, and it also would mean a lot less
time to take to get the girls ready. With colour, you know you can pretty much
play with any type of colour and have it show up on film. You can have two light colors
and you’ll still have definition between the two colors. But with black and white, if you’re
doing two similarly toned colours, it’s just gonna look like one wash. So you really have
to work on your contrast between light and dark rather than tone to tone. For you what we’re doing is we’re almost bringing out colours that’ll make your eyes look more red. The three girls have three different personalities.
We have Dana who is your more natural, pretty girl, but she doesn’t put the effort in as
much as anyone else; she’s more naturalistic rather than [wearing] a lot of makeup.
Julia is more of your “party girl,” more into her sexuality, so she is gonna be someone
who is a little bit more bold with her look. A little bit more smoky or a little bit darker
lip, or a combination of both. Suzanne is the type of person who is more…
well we wanna create more of a tired sort of look to her. You can’t just wear what you would wear on a daily basis. You really do have to focus
on putting it on more intensively so that it’s actually seen on camera. You feel like
you’re wearing a butt-load of make up but when you’re on film it looks like practically
nothing. So you have to really make sure that you put that intensity behind it. Take a picture
of yourself and see what it looks like on camera because a lot of times you think you’ve
put enough on because you look in the mirror and you see that, but you really… you’re
just seeing what you would see and what you want other people to see, but everything shows
up differently on film.

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