Making the Cut with Bobbie O’Steen Promo Video

Hi, I’m Bobby O’Steen. Film historian and
host of “Inside the Cutting Room. I want to tell you about my four-part class
series “Making the Cut,” which will explain the crucial role the editor plays on a
production, based on my sit-down interviews with over 60 master editors.
We will screen scenes and talk about the editor strategies and the puzzles and
problems they have to solve with the screenplay, the performances, and other challenges that came up on and off set. The
decisions the editors make with a specific line reading, use of a camera
angle, the pacing or timing of an action or reaction; all add up to the making or
breaking of a scene and ultimately the entire movie. You can only really know
what happens in a cutting room by talking to an editor. Their work is so
elusive yet they are the final riders on the film and by attending my class you
will come to a deeper understanding not only about editing but filmmaking and
storytelling as well

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