Mala Sinha – Biography in Hindi | माला सिन्हा की जीवनी | Life Story | जीवन की कहानी

The most famous and renowned heroine.. ..of the Hindi film industry,
during its golden era. Mala Sinha. Born on 11th November 1936. “Why are you…upset with me?” From 1950 to 1970, Mala Sinha
worked as a lead heroine. In her early years, Mala Sinha’s friends.. ..would often compared her with.. ..famous film actress Nargis Dutt. They used to say, that her face
is long just like Nargis.. ..and she has sharp features. While looking in the mirror.. ..Mala Sinha would consider
herself no less than Nargis. “Punish me in any way you like.” “But tell me my crime.” Multi-talented Mala Sinha,
was a good singer as well. And in those days, she used to
sing for All India Radio as well. But, she had to take an important decision. She could either take up singing or acting. “That’s all the torment I can endure.” “Why are you…upset with me?” Mala Sinha began her acting career as a kid. It’s also said that, once she was taking part.. a drama at her school,
where a famous film director.. ..liked her acting, and he
approached Mala Sinha’s father. And took his permission so that
Mala could work in his films. But, how did you make an exact picture of mine. When any image dwells in my heart..’s not too difficult for
me to make that picture. “The ambiance if filled with joy.” “We’re both right here.” On one side, Mala Sinha was
getting famous in Kolkata.. ..on the other, the Mumbai
film industry was calling her. During the shooting of a Bangla film.. ..Mala Sinha had to come to Mumbai.. ..where she met famous actress Geeta Bali.. ..and Geeta Bali told director Kedar Sharma.. cast Mala in a film. There may have been many ups and downs.. ..and downs in the film industry.. ..but Mala Sinha’s image remained intact. “Look at me with those blue eyes.” “Let me dwells in your heart.” In the beginning, Mumbai didn’t
prove too lucky for Mala. Her films flopped one after another. But, then came a film that
changed Mala’s life forever. And that film was legendry Producer.. ..Director Guru Dutt’s ‘Pyaasa’. In ‘Pyaasa’ Mala Sinha played.. ..a character with a negative shade. To see you happy, I can.. I’ve learnt how to attain happiness. What’s interesting is,
Mala Sinha’s character.. ..was supposed to be offered to Madhubala. After the success of ‘Pyaasa’.. ..Mala Sinha gave astounding
performance in ‘Phir Subah Hogi’. “What if I…let my heart dwell in your eyes?” “What if I close my eyes…
and torment your heart.” Indian film industry’s renowned
director Yash Chopra.. ..cast Mala Sinha in his directorial debut. And the film was a hit at the box office. And the film was ‘Dhool Ka Phool.’ “What if I…let my heart dwell in your eyes?” Mala Sinha worked with the most
famous actors of her time. Whether it’s Raj Kapoor,
Dev Anand, Kishore Kumar.. ..or Pradeep Kumar. Her pairing with Shammi Kapoor
and Rajendra Kumar.. ..was praised as well. “If I could find…the One..” “..who made you so beautiful?” Mala Sinha was one of those actress.. ..who had no objections in
working with new-comers. Whether it was Manoj Kumar,
Rajesh Khanna or Dharmendra. Mala Sinha also worked with
newbie’s like Sunil Dutt.. ..Sanjay Khan and Jeetendra. And what’s interesting is.. ..legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan played.. ..Mala Sinha’s hero in film ‘Sanjog’. “I would kiss His hands.” “Your beauty..” In 1968, Mala Sinha travelled to Nepal. And, during the shooting of a Nepali film.. ..she befriended her co-star. And, soon she married him. Mala Sinha married C.P. Lohani. And he had a flourishing business in Nepal. But, marriage didn’t put a break
on Mala Sinha’s acting career. “In your eyes..” Mala Sinha promoted her daughter Pratibha.. the Mumbai film industry. But her daughter Pratibha Sinha.. ..couldn’t be as successful as her mother. “If I could find…the One..” “..who made you so beautiful.” “I would kiss His hands.” Out of all her films, there’s one
film that completely stands out. And that film was ‘Jahan Ara’. The story goes that Meena Kumari.. ..was first approached for this role. But Meena Kumari clearly refused. And said, Mala Sinha suits
this role better. “Someone’s stealing my slumber.” In the Indian film industry.. ..Mala Sinha is one of those actors.. ..who’s still an inspiration for others. “We should not separate in any condition.” “May these promises of love never break.” “Even if the world forsakes us.”


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