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On the dome of Srisailam,
one receives happiness from. Swami, who is this Mallamma? What is the reason behind
her temple’s existence inside.. ..Srishaila Mallikarjuna’s
temple premises? I will tell you. Listen. She is great sage and disciple. In olden days,
there was a farmer by name.. ..Linga Reddy in Nagalapuram village. He was blessed.. ..with a baby girl.. God after long time. He named her as Mallamma. Mallamma lost her
mother in her childhood. He brought her up by
becoming mother and father. Like how flower’s
fragrance is natural.. ..similarly Mallamma
gained devotion in childhood. Salute to the Lord of universe. Salute to the creator of universe. Salute to the protector of mankind. Salute to the saviour of downtrodden. Salute to the God of sun. Salue to the triumvirate. Salute to the God of love. Salute to Lord Shiva. Salute to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva.. I wish only for one thing in my life. She is an innocent child. Take good care of her, Lord. Father, will Lord Shiva
give whatever we ask? Yes, dear. Lord Shiva is the only
one who grants all our wishes.. ..and laughs wholeheartedly. If it is so them
I will ask Lord Shiva.. show me my mother. Yes. Whenever I ask you,
you always say mother went to God.. ..and she will come. But did she come even once. She will come, dear.
She will definitely come. Wherever mother is.. ..she will take good
care of you, dear. Mallamma! Mallamma! Nice celebrations are held in temple. Celebrations? – Yes, dear. Today is Shivaratri. Devotees will come
from many distant places. Special prayers.. ..processions and different
celebrations will take place. Is it? Mallamma, we are all going. Send Mallamma with us. – Send her. Will you go, dear? I will go if you tell me to go. Go, dear. Go. Look.. There will be many people over there. You should go carefully. Take offerings. Take it. Be careful. Have you seen our daughter? However I nurture her.. ..your void is still felt. She is under the illusion
that you are somewhere.. ..and someday you
will come and see her. If she knows it is illusion.. ..what will happen
to the innocent heart. Why did you give
this punishment to me? “We take refuge in your, Lord Shiva.” “Dance for us, O Lord!” “We take refuge in your, Lord Shiva.” “Dance for us, O Lord!” “Remover of fear..” “Compassionate God..” “Remover of fear..” “Compassionate God..” “Lord, we worship your lotus feet.” “Lord, we worship your lotus feet.” “We take refuge in your, Lord Shiva.” “Dance for us, O Lord!” “Remover of fear..
compassionate God..” “Lord, we worship your lotus feet.” “He runs for his devotees
rescue wherever they are.” “He runs for his devotees
rescue wherever they are.” “He runs for his devotees
rescue wherever they are.” “He runs for his devotees
rescue wherever they are.” Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! “Husband of Goddess Parvathi! ” “Hail!” “Hey!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “Lord with three eyes
residing on mountain.” “Salue to you! Salue to you!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “You drank poison
and saved the universe..” “Millions of salutations to you.” “Here we come! Here we come!” “You have taken river Ganges
on your head and protected it.” “Millions of salutations to you.” “Millions of salutations to you.
Here we come! Here we come!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “Here we come! Here we come!” “Here we come! Here we come!” Hail! Lord Shiva! – Hey, look. Hail! Lord Shiva!
– Can you see Lord Shiva? – Yes. Hello. Lift me and show me Lord Shiva. What? Should I lift you? Do you think I am your mother? Go! Eat, dear. Eat, dear. My sweet girl! I don’t want. Eat little. No! – You are a sweet girl. I don’t want. Why are you watching like that? Please give me too some offering. Offerings?
Your looks are very bad. Go away! Kamala! Kamala! Kamala! Where did you till now? It is not that.. Oh! You are already spoiled and
you are spoiling our children too. No, mother. I only brought Mallamma. Shut up! If you make friendship
with this jinxed girl.. ..then I will break your legs. She is no less.. She has sent her mother to heaven.
Devil girl! Ah! – Why do you stare like that?
Go! Go away! Mother! She is no less!
She has sent her mother to heaven! Devil girl! – Why are you watching
like that? Your looks are bad! Go away! Your looks are bad! Do you think I am your mother?
– Go! Go away! Do you think I am your mother? Go! Go away! “Lord!” “Lord Mahesh.” “Lord Mahesh.” “Why don’t you show my mother once?” “Why don’t you tell her..” “ come once at least?” “Don’t you have mercy
on a small girl?” “Lord Mahesh.” “Why don’t you show my mother once?” “Why don’t you tell her..” “ come once at least?” “Don’t you have mercy
on a small girl?” “I didn’t drink mother’s milk.” “I didn’t sleep in mother’s lap.” “I didn’t drink mother’s milk.” “I didn’t sleep in mother’s lap.” “I didn’t hear my mother’s
sweet voice even in dream.” “I didn’t hear my mother’s
sweet voice even in dream.” “Mother!” “However I call out saying mother..” “She wouldn’t come. Lord Mahesh.” “Why don’t you show my mother once?” “”Why don’t you tell
her to come once?” “Don’t you have mercy
on a small girl?” “There is a petal for every flower.” “Everyone is having mother.” “There is a petal for every flower.” “Everyone is having mother.” “Lord Ganpati..” “ mother’s love.” “Mother Parvathi..” “..has loved her son deeply.” “Will a cow stops after
hearing her child’s call?” “Will a mother ignore
her child’s crying?” “What sin did I commit due
to which you punished me like this?” “Lord! Lord!” “Lord! Mahesh” “Mahesh!” “Lord!” “Mahesh!’ Mallamma. Mallamma! Mother? Mother? Mother, did Lord Shiva send you? Yes, dear. Lord Shiva is very good. Mother.. All villagers are scolding me saying.. ..I killed you when I was born. You are very big.. how I will kill you. Tell me. Yes, dear. Eat food. I will feed you and you will eat. Okay? Mother, what is there
black mark under your neck? It is.. mark.. You first eat. Dear, it is too late. Now sleep. No! You too should sleep with me. Me? Yes. Do you want to leave.. ..after I sleep? Not possible. Narayana! What is this strange thing? Today is Shivaratri
and a very auspicious day. Heaven should be glowing.. ..but it is looking deserted. Where is Lord Shiva? Narada, he disappeared suddenly.. ..when he was dancing in joy. Couldn’t you stop him at least? Narada, don’t you know him? Lord Shiva is for devotees. There is no doubt in it. If you call him saying Swami.. ..he will appear in no time. Isn’t it? That innocent Shiva.. ..will give two wishes upon asking.. ..and four for.. ..those who don’t ask. He always thinks of
others all the time but.. ..he is not thinking of you, mother. That’s why your marriage
life is like this. What happened to my marriage life? Lord Shiva has made a sacrifice that
no human being has done in the world. He married me and.. ..gave me half of his body to me. Narayana!
How innocent you are, mother! Not only half body.. can give even
the entire body if you ask. Mother, body shouldn’t be given. Heart should be given. If your husband really loves you.. ..then will be bring Ganges
born under someone’s feet.. ..and keep it on his head?
Will he keep it? Because of your love on him.. are appreciating
every work he is doing but.. ..everyone in the world.. ..are laughing. What? Are they making fun of God? You are feeling sad due
to others’ comments but.. ..the mistakes committed
by your mistake.. ..and the consequences
that happened because of them.. ..did you forget them so easily? “Knowing the he is cruel..” “For protecting the devotees..” “You have killed Basmasur..” ..after fighting him.” “You have given lingam..” “.for protecting the devotees.” “Bowing down for the word given..” “..and safeguarding the fort..” ..and the troubles
faced with Banasur..” “You brought the Ganges
and took it on your head..” “He stood by the devotees..” “Your deeds are mysterious.” “”We cannot narrate them all..” “We feel shame to say them..” “Your marriage life is on rocks..” “How will you make it good..” “Goddess of universe..” What you said is true but.. ..what do you want me to do. – Yes! Good that you asked like that. You need not do anything. Just keep your husband in control.
That’s it. Father.. father.. Father! – Yes, dear. Father! Where is mother? Mother? She will come, dear. Not coming, father.. She has come. Lord Shiva sent her last night. How come Lord Shiva
sent her and she came? Did you dream of something?
– Not dream. It is true. It was mother for sure. She looked like the person in photo. But there was a big
dark spot under her neck. She fed me with payasam.. She has put me to sleep.. She slept beside me.. True.. true, father. How lucky you are, dear! God wouldn’t appear
for great sages and people.. ..but you saw him. How lucky you are! How lucky you are! Father, it is not God. Mother.. – Yes, dear. Mother, father and everything for is.. He is everything for us.
It is only him. What is it, father? I told you about mother but
you are talking different things. Are you angry because
mother didn’t see you? Dear, I am not so lucky. Don’t feel sad. I will show you when she comes again. Now I will go.. ..and tell everyone. Okay, dear. Lord Shiva.. My daughter is longing
to see her mother.. ..and you have blessed her like this. You have blessed her like this. Is it justifiable for you
to humiliate so many people.. order to bless one person? What is there to feel
humiliated in this, Parvati? Do you say that helping
people in trouble is wrong? So will you say it is correct
to ignore your loved ones? On the auspicious occasion
of MahaShivaratri.. have hurt the people who have
come to visit you with lot of hopes. You have.. ..stopped your.. in between and.. ..has let everyone down. True. But I couldn’t tolerate
the grief of that small girl. Small girl? Who is she? – Mallamma. My devotee. Great devotee. According to you everyone
is a great devotee. Mallamma couldn’t even talk
properly and she is a great devotee. Since you trust everyone like this.. we are becoming
fun in front of everyone. Pravati! – Look.. are great enough
to grant wishes to everyone.. grant me to a wish. Can I say not to my wife’ wish? Ask. Henceforth without my knowledge.. ..and without telling me.. ..Lord Shiva cannot go anywhere
and cannot give grant any wish. Pravati! Are you dominating me too? No, Swami. I hope you will keep
your word given to me. Bhavani! What is this strange wish? Devotees call is a wakeup call for me. Devotees singing is my life. Devotee’s heart is my temple. We consider the well-being
of devotee as my duty.. do you want me to ignore them. So devotees are more
important to you than me? All these years, as your wife.. ..I thought I have
a place in your heart.. ..and and felt I am very powerful. Is that devotion great than my power? Parvati, don’t you know? Power can be gained from devotion.. but we cannot gain
devotion from power. No! What will devotion
do if there is no power? Narayana! You should be happy on this occasion.. ..but it seems the great
couple are having an argument. If there is no argument happening
anywhere then why will you come here? Arguments are yours
and interference is mine. Lord Shiva,
that is the affect of my horoscope. Narada.. only tell me. What is great? Power or devotion? What did you say, mother? What is great? Power or devotion? Big problem indeed! What is great? Power or devotion? Mother.. You are the epitome of power. Am I eligible to tell you? Anyway, which one you
said as great? – Power. Yes! True. Power is great! – Narada! Devotion is greater than power. Yes.. that too is true. Devotion is great! – Narada! True! True! Power is great. Narada! True! True! Devotion is great. Narada! – Mother! This universe doesn’t
exist without power. Along with the triumvirate.. ..power creates the entire
world and its creatures. Power runs it. Power saves and punishes. Will you deny it? Even if I say yes.. ..he shouldn’t say no. Narada.. ..devotion has been
proved all the time. That day in front of
Markandeya’s devotion.. ..what happened to Lord
Yama and the power of death? Sumathi could stop the
rise of sun with devotion.. what these powers could do. Leave all that.. Anasuya converted the
triumvirate into infant kids.. ..and played with them with
the devotion unto her husband. The powerful women.. ..Laxmi, Parvati and Saraswathi
underwent many troubles. Did you forget it, Narada? How can I forget, Lord? Your triumvirate deeds.. ..and the abuses
targeting this mother.. ..I can still see.. ..then in front of my eyes. – Narada! Enough of your mockery! Forgetting the favours received.. easy for men. Had the devil Mahishasur ..and it’s associates.. ..were not killed.. ..then what would have happened.. devotees and its protectors. Narayana! Narayana! You both are right. Mother, I cannot solve this problem.
You only deicide it. I will solve it. I will prove that devotion
is greater than power. How, Lord? There should be.. devotee.. ..who can face your tests. Anyway Mallamma who is the
reason behind this problem is there. It is sufficient if
she can convince Parvathi.. ..that she is a great devotee. So I condition. Lord Shiva shouldn’t help the
small girl under any circumstances. Mother, what you
said is absolutely true. What will Lord Shiva say? What will I say, Narada? I will accept Bhavani’s condition. Narayana! Narayana! Mallamma.. have become a
problem to the great couple. How lucky you are! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Peramma, don’t walk so fast.
There are snakes in the bushes. Let them be, why I will fear. However big the snake might be, I will
throw it away by holding its tail. You can do it. Subbulu.. So are you going to in-law’s house? How will she go when
her husband left her? He didn’t leave me. I left him. Who will live with husband.. tolerating in-laws’ torture? What happened? – What happened? Snake.. snake.. You said you will play with its tail. Play with it! – What will she play?
She will flee in fear. So lift one stone and beat it.
– No! I am scared! You coward! Stop! Don’t beat. It is a big sin. It will bite if we don’t beat. No animal will harm
anybody for no reason. Moreover snake is our God. Lord Shiva’s ornament around neck. Lord Naga.. We pour milk in your
burrow all the time.. ..and worship you. Save us, Lord! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! This is strange. Such a big snake left so easily. Mallamma is born lucky. That’s why she will always
be happy wherever she lives. Don’t know who marries
our Mallamma but.. ..he will be really lucky. “First rain has come..” “There is enthusiasm all over..” “Our cattle are..” “..back to our farms.” “Hold the stick..” “..and move ahead.” “Hold the stick..” “..and move ahead.” “Toil hard and work..” “Hey, brother..” “You need not worry about food.” “Hey, brother..
you need not worry about food.” “Hey!” “Hey!” “Hey, climb the..” “..haystack high..” “..and toil hard.” “Supply enough water..” “..water to all the fields.” “Climb the haystack and..” “..and toil hard.” “Supply enough water..” “..water to all the fields.” “We have..” “..believed in..” “ gold.” “Goddess earth..” “will protect us.” “First rain has come.” “There is enthusiasm all over..” “Our cattle are..” “..back to our farms.” “Hold the stick..” “..and move ahead.” “Hold the stick..” “..and move ahead.” “Toil hard..” “..and work. Hey, brother.” “Don’t worry..” “Hey, brother.
Don’t worry about food.” “Don’t worry..” “Hey! Hey!” “The crop should be..” “..really good..” “Cows should..” ”give lot of milk.” “The crop should be really good.” “Entire house should be..” “..eating food with ghee.” Light should fall on.. “..darkened lives.” “Hey! First rain has come.” “There is enthusiasm all over..” “Our cattle are..” “..back to our farm.” “Hold the stick..” “..and move ahead.” “Toil hard and work..” “Hey, brother..” “Don’t worry about food..” “Hey, brother. Don’t worry..” “..about food.” “Hey..” Come, Vengalaiah.
You are carried heavy weight. Father..
– Yes, son.. what do you want. Take it, father. This is the money we got
after selling this year’s crop. Why do I need it, son? Give it to brother. Okay, father. Dear.. How do I look now? You look like a bull. You always kid. Dear.. You have been saying that
you will get jewellery for me. So.. ..give the money we get
from selling crop this year. If I give it to you.. ..then how should the family run. It will be managed. Look.. We should hide when we get. Moreover we have girl child. It will not be good
if we are not careful. Brother! Brother! – Yes.. Brother, take this money.
Father told to give you. Give it to me. It will be
spent in no time if you give him. That too is right. That’s why sister-in-law is
controlling money alongside brother. I am getting blamed.. ..but everything
is happening normally. Brother.. Did you plough the chilli field? It is done, brother. I have watered the fields and come. Did you bring bananas. – Yes. Sister-in-law, I am hungry. You didn’t even send
lunch in the morning. What should I do? I have become alone
for doing all works. I have to do the cooking
and other household works alone. Wait. I will cook and
serve you in few minutes. Collect water until then. Okay. Brother.. Brother Vengala.. This house is dominated
by talkative people. Otherwise they will suffer. Father is mad behind
sacred scriptures. Mother shouts all the time. Brother is mad behind sister-in-law.. ..and sister-in-law
is mad for jewellery. Who will listen to
you in this madness? Vengalaiah! – Oh no! Mother is coming. She will not leave if she catches. I am going. Have you come, son? Look, son. Go to the backyard.. ..and give some grass to animals. Mother, I am hungry. I will eat and then do everything. My son! Just now I have started cooking. I will serve you once it is cooked. Okay fine. Uncle! Uncle! Yes, dear. See what I brought. How do I know? Sweets.. You like them, right? – Sweets? From where? Mother has hidden them to eat.. ..and I brought them. Give it. What is it, uncle? You don’t know to eat. Drink water. Chitti, you are.. ..indeed my mother. Ugh! Am I so old? Do I shout like grandmother? it is not like that, dear.. I am saying you are a.. ..very good girl. Here.. Dear! Dear! Durga.. Today’s discussion
on sacred scriptures.. ..was really wonderful. It will happen.. it will happen. People who don’t care for wife,
house and children.. ..can read any number
of sacred scriptures. You are indeed lucky. I am dying for doing
the household work. What is it, Durga? Daughter-in-law is there, right? Poor girl! How much work she can do? She doesn’t know much work. She was brought up
with lot of pampering. She has never done
these works anytime before? So hire one maid? Wonderful! Maids will ruin the house. Listen to me and.. ..look into Vengalaiah’s
marriage soon. What is there in our hands, Durga? Everything is Lord Shiva’s wish. Works will not be done if you chant.. ..God’s name for everything. On the other hand they are in a hurry. Who? – My uncle’s family. Our Gauri is beautiful. She hails from rich family.
– She is good to me. Both sisters.. ..will live happily at one place. Uncle, you say yes. I will call my uncle and.. ..finalize the proposal. No need for anybody to take the risk. We have already finalized
Vengalaiah’s marriage. What? – You didn’t
tell anything to me. Where is she from?
Whose daughter is she?. My childhood friend
and distant relative.. ..Linga Reddy’s daughter Mallamma. So should we not consider
their status and background? Everything is fine, Durga. Girl is well-mannered. Family is very respectable. Talking about financial condition.. ..they are equally rich. So what about my Gauri’s matter? I promised them long back saying.. ..I will make Mallamma
my daughter-in-law. Who is the groom? Hema Reddy from Siddhapuram.. Yes.. – His second son. Is it? Do they have property? – Yes. They are rich enough
to live for another.. ..ten generations
and also feed others. Is he good looking? Moon has a blot but.. ..he doesn’t have any shortcoming. You are acting in haste but.. ..I have seen rich
proposals for our Mallamma. You just say yes.. ..I will look into everything. Mr. Shastri.. We don’t want money. Promise. Hema Reddy is my brother-in-law. When my Mallamma was born,
I have promised him ..saying I will get
her married to his son. My family is known
to keep its promise. Okay. Go ahead. God bless! “Beautiful doll..” “..will get a husband.” “He will charm..” “..this beautiful girl.” “He will..” “..make her forget..” “..her childhood friends easily.” “Beautiful doll..” “..will get a husband.” “He will charm..” “..this beautiful girl.” “He will charm her..” “Eyebrows have become..” “..heavy in no time..” “Cheeks have become red..” “..out of shyness.” “Eyebrows have become..” “..heavy in no time..” “Cheeks have become red..” “..out of shyness.” “Who is your husband?” “How does he look?” “Who is your husband?” “How does he look?” “Maybe he will sweep every..” “..beautiful girl off their feet.” “Beautiful doll..” “..will get a husband.” “He will charm..” “..this beautiful girl.” “Have you seen a moon..” ..without having any blot anytime?” “Have you seen a..” “..handsome and charming boy?” “Where? – Where? “He is not in the sky.” “He cannot be seen
anywhere in the woods.” “The most impressive boy..” “ inside my heart.” “He is..” “ master.” Marriage chanting (Sanksrit) Marriage chanting (Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Marriage chanting(Sanksrit) Are you crying? No.. No.. Then smile. Smile I say. I will smile. Yes.. I will laugh and make others laugh. I will bring happiness in your life. Sit. On the bed.. no. My habit is to sleep in cowshed. What do you lack? You too sleep on bed like everyone. Come. – Is it? Okay fine. Eat. Mallamma.. My chitti too always does like this. Is it? – Yes. In my house.. mother, sister-in-law.. Nobody gives me food. My brother’s daughter Chitti.. She does everything to me. She gives me food, tells stories.. She also tells me to
come to school with her. So.. Didn’t you study? – No. – Why? My father is mad behind puranas. My brother listens
only to sister-in-law. My younger brother
is busy playing around. Who is there to look
after the agriculture? That’s why.. ..they made me do agriculture
instead of sending to school. So study now. Who will teach me? I will teach you. You? I will study then. Mallamma.. Everyone hates me calling me mad. Don’t you hate me? Your heart is elixir. Will anyone hate elixir? Will you always stay with me? I am your wife. I am half of your body. As long as I am alive.. ..this body and heart
will remain with you. They will stay in you. Mallamma.. You are very good, Mallamma. Drink this milk. Sit, Mallamma. Parvathamma.. They say everything
is lost when mother is lost. However I take care of her.. ..mother’s void will always remain. This void is easily felt.. ..during these occasions. My daughter is going
to her in-laws’ house.. ..for the first time.. ..and I don’t know what
to do and what is needed. Don’t feel sad. You took care of her every need. Mallamma.. Touch father’s feet. Dear.. Don’t know where your mother is. You should get her
behaviour and attitude. Like your mother.. too should.. ..get a good name for parents’
house and in-laws’ house. Show your drape, dear. By next year.. bring a sweet
child in this drape, dear. Come. Father! Father! They are coming. – Who? – It is them.. My wife Mallamma,
her father and everyone are coming. Go and tell your mother
and sister-in-law. Okay, father. Mother! Mother! – Yes, son. Mallamma is coming. Is it? – Yes. Chandi, go and bring vermillion water. Come, brother-in-law. Come. Come. Greetings. Dear, greet your father-in-law. Live a happy married life. Wonderful! Wonderful! Aunt has come. Yes, Chitti. How are you? Yes. Is this a marriage party? Talk big things.. ..but no deeds. They have come with
very few belongings. My family.. ..brought gifts in 12 bullock carts. Entire street was packed
with bullock carts. What can do?
If we marry the girl of choice.. ..then we will lose respect. We rejected many rich proposals.. we should pay heavily.. this. I have given everything to
my girl according to my capacity. Who else do I have? She is both son and daughter. Brother-in-law.. You don’t care for their words. Look, Durga.. Daughter-in-law shouldn’t bring.. and saris to in-laws’ house.. ..but respect and good manners. Mallamma has come to
our house like Goddess Laxmi. Welcome her and take her inside. What did I say now due to which.. are supporting
newly entered daughter-in-law? Come, dear. Come. Yes, mother-in-law.. Will you give head bath
to new daughter-in-law? – Yes. Do it.. do it.. if you do it today.. ..then she will sit
on your head tomorrow. I believed your words.. ..and promised my uncle
that I will make his daughter.. ..the daughter of this
house and I couldn’t keep it. It has been proved that you
don’t have any value in this house. They will play with us
in future by making us servants. Who will play with us? You don’t know Durga. Yes, I can see it. You said the same
words before marriage. I am keeping quiet because
she is new daughter-in-law. But I don’t have any love on her. Then do as I say. You go to sleep citing body pains. I will pretend to be sick. Come. Oh God! God! – God! Lord! Lord! Lord! Lord! Oh! Lord Shiva! – Oh! Mother-in-law..
what happened, mother-in-law? What should I say, dear? I get these pains sometimes. My back is paining..
my back is paining.. Who will cook the food now? She is suffering from
heavy fever since night. I will cook food,
mother-in-law. – Hey! Hey! You are the new daughter-in-law.
How will I make you do it? Everyone will scold
me saying I made you work.. ..immediately after marriage Mother-in-law,
why should we feel sad.. thinking others
will think bad of us? There is nothing wrong in doing
our household work. – My sweet girl! My sweet girl! Go. Go and see. Look, dear.. It is.. There is work in the fields
so nobody is coming to work at home. You have to collect
water and do everything. Go, dear. Go. You are the real mother-in-law.
– You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for the real fun in coming days.
– Really? Are you angry? Will I not get angry then? For how long should I wait for you? I got late because
of doing household work. Why should you alone
do the entire household work? Where are mother and sister-in-law? Very sad. They are unwell. It is just a lie! How can they eat so much
food when they are sick? As my brother said.. ..everyone in the house
will dominate you if you are soft. Leave it.
What is the need to discuss it now? Drink milk. – No. I don’t want milk or fruits. I want only you. Yes, son. Are you still
here without going to the fields? Mother, I don’t feel like
going to the fields today. I will sleep here.
– How can you say like that? There are lot of thieves. We will not get back
the crop if it is lost. Where will your wife go? She will be here happily. Go my son. My sweet son. I will smile.. I will laugh and make you laugh. I will bring happiness in your life. Are you going to the fields?
– Yes, father. It is that.. He likes farming.. ..and cattle very much. Have you seen him? Yes, I can know it. So.. What does your third son do? Only God knows his matter. He goes around saying music and dance. “Okay.. okay..” “Why do you worry during this time?” “You are my naughty master..” “Please come..” “Okay..” “Okay.. why do you worry..” “..during this time?” “You are my naughty master..” “Please come..” “Come..” “Okay.. why do you worry..” “..during this time?” “Why do you worry?” “Flowers are blossoming..” “The time is beautiful..” “Heart is filled with pleasantness.” “Flowers are blossoming..” “The time is beautiful..” “Heart is filled with..” “.. pleasantness.. Age is..” “..singing the song of love.” “I thought you will
come and make me yours.’ “Therefore I called you.” “Okay.. okay..
why do you worry during this time.” “You are my naughty master..” “Please come.. okay.. okay..” “Why do you worry during this time?” “Beautiful body..” “Before it ages..” “Before the enthusiasm..” “ lost..” “Before the beautiful body ages..” “Before the enthusiasm..” “ lost.. before others..” “..set their eyes..” “Change your mind and make me yours.” ” I request you very much..
okay.. okay..” “Why do you worry during this moment?” “Come.. come..” “Mellifluous singer..” “You are the tune.. come.. come..” “Mellifluous singer..” “You are the tune.. ” “Beautiful singer..” “You are the angel..” “..residing inside the heart.” “By hearing your voice..” “..I forgot everything..” “..and came running for you.” “Give reply once..” “Oh beautiful princess..” “You are gorgeous..” “Reply once..” “Oh beautiful girl..” “Yes..” Your voice has.. ..given life to my dance. It has taken me to.. .. an unknown world. Those beautiful notes.. ..still ring inside my heart. Hey! Have you seen it? Bird fell trap. What? I mean.. This fish never looked
at any man even after.. ..spending thousands of rupees. Isn’t it? – Had she seen them.. ..then what is the
need for us to hold these.. programs? She is a jinx in our family. She is finding fault
with our profession. This is your mistake. – Why? However big the metal be.. ..if you show a small
piece of magnet.. will get stuck. I told you to find
a suitable boy of her age.. ..but you chose rich
man suffering some disease.. ..and some ugly looking man. But they showed pity
saying she is a small girl.. ..and went back. See there. Your footsteps.. ..should make our house pure. You should give me luck.. learn your music. Okay. I am lucky. Hey! – Yes! – You! Everything is lost! – Why? Though the young man is rich.. ..he lives with his family. It is wasting our time
and effort to chase him.. ..but we will get nothing. – Go, aunt! You are always in a hurry. You want to become rich overnight. First.. ..let him get closer to the girl. Let him get closer. Let him fall! True. Let him fall for her. Come, we shouldn’t stay here.
We will become blind. I am going, dear. Hail! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Give me alms, mother. How many times didn’t I tell
you not to come to this house? Do you think this
is a house or motel.. give food to people like you? Mother, how can this
house become a mother.. ..when a great woman like is here? Oh! Don’t try to impress me! Leave! Swami.. Swami.. I feel ashamed for not
being able to give food to.. ..great devotees like
you and also felicitate you. Accept this food and bless us, Swami. Even a glass of water us sufficient
if you offer with devotion. Whatever you give is great
food and elixir to us, mother. Stop! I told them to leave
and you called him back.. ..and giving everything
from the house. What is it, sister? Is it a mistake to share
what we have with others? If there is something
given by your parents then.. ..give it to as many
people as you want but.. cannot even give
a single morsel of food without.. wish in this house.
Throw it away! Throwing the food
to be given as alms.. ..and take back the food given once.. a big sin, sister. Are you teaching me ethics? Wait.. I will tell mother-in-law
and teach you a lesson. Don’t feel sad, mother. One gets what they deserve. Greetings, mother. Hail! Lord Shiva! Dear.. – Mallamma? Come and study. Obey elders’ words.. Lord Sriram. Like Lord Ram.. ..obey elders’.. ..words. Like Harischandra.. ..always speak truth. Always speak truth like Harischandra. Write. King Dharma.. ..lot his entire property in gambling. King Dharma lot his entire property.. gambling. Have you seen it? That’s why.. shouldn’t.. – Gamble.. But my brother does it. I should teach this lesson to brother. Mallamma, this is enough for today. We both.. ..will talk casually. First study and then fun. No! Mallamma.. Listen to me. Mandara.. ..has told lies to Kaikayi. Like my sister-in-law. Stop.. Laxman.. ..cut nose and ears of Soorpanaka. He did a good thing. We can study later. Come, Mallamma. God! God! God! My leg! My leg! My leg! My leg! What happened? What happened? What else? Your younger daughter-in-law
kept milk on stove.. ..and doing romance with her husband. Milk boiled and fell on.. God! Oh! Hey, Mallamma! She burnt her hand and leg! Ugh! Go and see. God! Pain! – Oh! My leg! – Sit, dear. Sit. Sit.. – God! Yes? Are you romancing your
husband in day by giving up work? Don’t you have shame? She has
burnt her leg because of you. – God! God! My leg! Why are you standing and watching? Bring oil and apply. My leg! Calm down..- Mother! Chitt! – What about your leg? My Chitti! God! Chitti has fallen into well,
mother-in-law. She fell inside! God! Do something! – Listen! Chitti! – Oh! Mother! Mother! Chitti! – Chitti! My sweet girl! Come! Come! Don’t touch me! You are a liar. Liar? You broke the milk pot. I have seen it. – What? That one.. see how she is talking. How did you come running.. ..if your leg is burnt? We heard about the
cat that burnt its leg. It is the same. You are wonderful. Brother! Brother! Yes.. – Where are you going, brother? To gamble? – Yes. Gambling. So what? – Brother,
gambling is a bad habit. King Dharma lost his
entire property in gambling. Brother, you stop gambling. Who told you all these? Mallamma told me, brother. Anyway she said good things.
Ask her to tell.. ..these good things to your
sister-in-law. She will stop shouting. Okay, brother. Mallamma,
today’s cooking is very tasty. Didn’t you eat? How will a wife eat
without her husband eats? Oh! My mother and sister-in-law.. before my brother
and father eats. It is wrong.
Don’t say like that to elders. Eat. – Mallamma.. You too eat, Mallamma. You eat. Not like that.. You have to eat. Hey! It seems your father is thinking
of you. That’s why you got hiccups. Yes. He must be thinking how
his naughty son-in-law is.. ..treating his daughter. Leave me. No, I will not leave. What if your mother comes?
– Tell her I went to the fields. I will hide under your bed. Why should you hide? Listen to me. Go to the fields. – Mallamma.. Otherwise your mother will scold. Let them scold, I will not go. Wait, I will close the door and come. Oh.. What, Vengalaiah? Are you still here/ Mother, today I am
not going to the fields. Are you answering back to me? You will do it! You will do it!
Goddess is sitting on your head. Don’t know what spell
you cast on my son. He stopped obeying my words. Mother.. – Dear.. Have you seen it? Did you listen to
me when I said to go? Don’t ever answer back to elders. Go. Aunt! Aunt! Yes, dear. I will apply
good oil to you. Come, aunt. Where is the oil, dear? Close your eyes. Don’t open. – Okay. Don’t open. – Okay. Don’t open. Where is the oil, dear? Here is the oil, dear. You? Is this your drama? What should I do, Mallamma? We are married but.. My mother doesn’t
let us see each other.. ..and talk. Therefore.. Mallamma.. Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! What is it? Isn’t there any time to ask alms? Mother, I didn’t come for alms.
– Did you come as guest? Mother, it is not that.. Sacred and old temple.. ..Srishailam is.. ..under ruins. Few great people have come forward.. renovate the temple. Based on a person’s capacity.. ..everyone is donating what they can. Everyone is equal for God. Are you collecting donations
in the name of Srishailam temple? What is it, mother? If nobody comes forward.. ..and take initiative
then will God come and ask. Yes, mother-in-law. Everyone is giving donations. We too.. – Yes, you give. Jewellery given by your father
is becoming waste. Give them. Oh! Oh! Hail! Lord Shiva! Mother, you are the elder
daughter-in-law of this house. You too give, mother. Is it? – I don’t
have jewellery with me.. ..for doing charity. God bless you! Hail! Lord Shiva! Are you a married woman or monk? Will you give if
anybody asks anything? Don’t you have shame and sense? So much jewellery! So much jewellery! Oh No! – Ugh! Wait, I will teach you a lesson. What is wrong in giving the
jewellery given by Lord Shiva.. him. “Everything..” “Isn’t..? “..everything the
miracle of Lord Shiva?” “We hear your miracles..” “We see your eternal lamp..” “Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” “Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” “By wanting Sudha, the demons..” “..have invited the wrath of Gods.” “By wanting Sudha..” .. the demons..” “..have invited the.. “..wrath of Gods.” “There was huge chaos..” “..happening..” “There was huge chaos happening..” “Fear gripped..” “..the mankind..” “..all over..” “You have..” “..come to..” “..the rescue of mankind.” “Hey Lord Shiva!” “Everything is..” “..Lord Shiva’s miracle..” “We hear your miracles..” “We see your..” “..your eternal lamp..” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!”` “By making the earth your chariot..” “By taking the control of destiny..” “Vedas..” “..tell your stories..” “Charioteer of the earth..” “Controller of destiny..” “Vedas.. “narrate your stories..” “..and miracles.” “Sun and moon..” “..are the wheels of chariot.” “Sun and moon..” “..are the wheels of chariot.” “You reside everywhere..” “You protect the universe..” “You protect the universe..” “Saviour of mankind.” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! “Lord! You have wrecked havoc..” “..on demons.” “You have removed evil
from the face of earth.” “Great dancer! Gauri Manohar!” “We salute you!’ “We worship you!” Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Hail! Lord Shiva!
Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva!” Oh! Do you think this
is a house or monastery? All these things
were happening outside.. ..and now you have brought.. ..then inside the house. – Durga. What are you talking? Oh! Great! We too have devotion. So are we going to hold
these programs and dance? Ugh! Don’t you have any
work to do in the house? Great devotees have come! Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away! Leave I say! Mallamma, prayers shouldn’t
be held in this house hereafter. Mother-in-law.. – Yes! Dear, married people
like us cannot do all these. In fact they will cause damage
if we don’t follow specific rituals. Yes, my uncle used to
do Lord Bhairava’s prayers. Don’t know what mistake he committed. His four sons died one after another. Entire family died! Calm down, dear. Calm down. What is it, mother-in-law? Will God who showers blessings
on devotees seek revenge? If children commit mistakes
then father will forgive but.. ..he will never punishes.
– I don’t know.8 I said what I know. Your wish after that. What is her wish? Everything in
this house should be done as I wish. Look, prayers and others things cannot
take place in this house hereafter. That’s it. “How romantic you are..” “Oh dear..” “How clever you are..” “Oh dear..” “How romantic you are..” “Oh dear..” “How clever you are..” “Oh dear..” “How romantic you are..” “With your beautiful voice..” “..and singing..” “You have..” “..stolen my heart.” “With your beautiful voice..” “..and singing..” “You have..” “..stolen my heart..” ‘With the swing of affection..” “You give me stars..” “Yes..” “Why do you need stars?” “Your eyes are there instead.” “Why do we need moonlight
when we have your smile?” “How romantic you are..” “Oh dear..” “How clever you are..” “Oh dear..” “I have been a courtesan..” .. all these years..” “Today..” “I serve at your feet.” “I have been a courtesan
all these years.” “Today..” “I serve at your feet.” “Anything more than this..” “Anything richer than this..” “Anything richer than this..” “Your beloved will not ask for.” “Your dance steps..” “..will be etched
in the history forever..” “Your songs will fill the..” “ world.” “How romantic you are..” “Oh dear.. how clever you are..” “Oh dear.. how romantic you are..” “In the pond..” “..the water in it..” “The moon seen in it..” “I love it..” “In the pond..” “..the water in it..” “The moon seen in it..” “I love it..” “In this feeling..” “..our both hearts..” “..will become one..” “..forever.” “The fragrance seen in the.. “..moonlight.” “My heart has fallen..” “ love with you.” “My heart is dedicated..” “ you.” Dear, did you find
out what son-in-law want.. ..and have you arranged everything? Son-in-law, she is grown up but.. ..very innocent. I have to look after everything. Henceforth brother will
look after everything, aunt. Don’t know.. it is okay
if man understands everything. Otherwise my daughter is very shy. From morning she said..
he will come and I will ask him.. He will come and I will
ask him..He was excited about it. Finally when he came
she forgot everything. Mother.. – Oh! Wait. Even mother will not
give food if we don’t ask for. Similarly if you hide
your feelings inside.. ..then how will he know them. What is it?
At least you tell me. – What is there? Men show interest in women
and women show interest on jewellery. Isn’t it, Lingam? Have you seen our
Vanaja’s daughter? – Who? Neighbour’s daughter. – Yes! Necklace.. Diamond earlobes.. Golden bangles.. she got them all. Since then my daughter wants..
– It is her wish. Isn’t it? You tell him.
I shouldn’t tell him. It is wrong. It is nothing. – No! I don’t want anything.
– Dear, it is wrong. Don’t say like that..
your dreams, wishes.. ..interests.. if not him then
who will fulfill them. – That’s true. Tomorrow I will bring the
entire jewellery Sarasa wants. – Oh! I am going. – Fine. Mother.. What you did is not good. What you are doing is even worse. You liked him because.. ..he is fair and handsome. If you don’t stop there.. ..and if he keeps coming frequently.. ..then how will it work. I have given my heart to him.
– My God! Did you give your heart? Wrong! Wrong, dear! Desires and tastes should
be kept inside our body.. ..but we shouldn’t
keep them inside our heart. If you want then ask aunt. Well said, Lingam! How nice it is! Dear, see how shining it is. That’s why I want to
get another one similar to it. For whom? For our Chitti? – No. For Mallamma. Poor girl! We didn’t give her any
jewellery even during her marriage. Give her! Give her! Give everything to everyone.. ..and finally come
to me with empty hands. My daughter and I will beg in
your name. – Hey! Why are you crying? Brother.. Yes, Vema. What have you come for?
– Don’t you know why Vema comes? Yes, mister.
How much gold coins you want? Sister-in-law,
you are indeed very good. You read my mind correctly. I want 100 gold coins.
– 100 gold coins? – Yes, brother. Very urgent.
I need it at any cost. – Oh, no! Our condition is very bad. We both were thinking of
arranging money when you came. We have to pay tax in two days. We have to clear shopkeeper’s debt.
Don’t know what we should do. Sister-in-law, at least
give some jewellery if you have. Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! If I had anything such
then I will sell it and survive. If I had jewellery then
why should we worry like this? We have pawned the entire
jewellery last month. Okay. He says it is urgent. Only 100
gold coins. Why didn’t you give it? If we keep giving like this.. ..then he will ask for thousands
in future. You keep quiet. I have to get jewellery for myself. She opens her mouth when
asked to open her money bag. Mr. Hema Reddy.. Five months tax is unpaid. If you don’t pay the entire
money by day after tomorrow.. ..we will seize your entire fields. Mr. Karunam, from where should we
bring such a big amount immediately? If you give us some time.. – No way! The time given to you is finished. Let anything happen,
you should pay the entire amount. Lord Shiva! What to do now? Veera Reddy.. Even by selling the entire jewellery.. ..we should pay the money soon. Otherwise our respect
and reputation will be lost. Father-in-law.. Mallamma? – Father-in-law.. No, dear. I cannot do this. No! Parents’ jewellery is not
more important than in-laws’ respect. Mr. Karanam. Sell this jewellery and pay the tax. Take this jewellery. Did you bring it? I know. Your family will never
break the promise you make. Come. Girl is.. ..waiting for you eagerly. Come. Hey.. – My share.. What is your share? – I mean.. The sins that we are committing..
let us share. Why do you need? Do you have any family?
– Hey! Don’t say that! Lot of people are dependent on me. Take it! Dominating! My jewellery? My diamond necklace? It is not here too. Dear! Dear! Get up! – Hey! Why are you shouting at midnight? Did you see my diamond necklace?
– Yes, it is very nice. It is missing! It will be around your neck.
Check. – It is not there. So it will be inside the box. In fact the box is missing. Good riddance! Don’t talk and sleep. What is it? I am crying for losing my jewellery?
Are you laughing at it? So should I cry.. you? I think someone from
the family has done it. Call everyone and ask them strictly.
– What should I ask? That day you lied in front of Mr.
Karanam saying.. don’t have any jewellery. So who will believe if
you say you lost jewellery? Shut your mouth and keep quiet! Oh! I got it designed specially. I lost it in front of my eyes! What is the use of crying now? Had you given it to Mr. Karanam then
you would have gained more respect. Or if you had given for charity then
you would have at least gained merit. Are you too putting a price for me? Are you trying to
buy me with money? – No. Our happiness shouldn’t
make others unhappy. You shouldn’t go away
from me under any situation. That’s why I brought
that jewellery but.. ..not to belittle you. Why did God give
this punishment to me? He gave me birth as a prostitute. Instead of torturing me
by giving me heart and soul.. ..he should have made
me a lifeless idol. – Look.. I know your heart. You will get hurt in these matters. I will always belong to you. Swami.. Sarasa.. Lingam! What? Why are you calling me by name? Are you angry with me, Lingam?
– Will I not get angry then? Forgive me, Lingam. You are indeed a good person. When did this start from?
– I am not kidding, Lingam. I really love ou. I will marry only you. I will remain like this. I will not marry. – Look.. If you say like that.. ..then I will really die. – Oh! What is this love? That day you said.. go.. go.. Today you are saying..
come.. come.. What is the matter? Come I will tell you.
– What? – It is.. Yes.. – If you agree
immediately upon asking.. ..then what is the fun in it. Is it the matter? – Lingam.. Marry me. – I will not marry you. Why? – I mean.. What will be the fun if I agree.. ..immediately upon your asking? – Oh! Look, he is there! – Hide! “Toddy is my drink..” “I cannot forget you toddy..” Where is sister? Sister! – Brother, I am here. What? Why are you early today? Nothing. I forgot the blanker.
– Wait, I will bring it. Why are you afraid so much? Your hair is ruffled..
you are sweating all over.. It is nothing.. – Okay.. okay.. Do your work. I am going. Sister.. Cook chicken curry at night.
– Okay. – Bye. “I love toddy..” Whether you cook chicken curry or.. ..keep staring at me.. He has become Lord Yama for us. Bulli, today.. Close the shop.. ..and we will keep
talking here happily. Okay? – Ranganna! Ranganna! What is it? – My cock ran
under your kiln. Take it out. Did your hen come under our kiln?
– Yes. – Come. No cock has come here. Brother, if it comes
then I will catch it. You go. What else?
– Ranganna, it is a fighter cock. It will pierce. Ah! Fighter cock? – Yes. Then I will catch it. Hey! – God! My God! – Hey! What are you doing there? I am searching for hen. I will chew your nerves..
I will break your bones.. Here I go! – My God! My God! I beg you. Please don’t break. I am going to marry
your sister. – You? Yes.. You are frail and short.
Will you marry my sister? Yes. – Yes, Bulli? Oh! Is it? Then marry! Brother-in-law, fix the marriage date. What? Not so early.
You should accept my conditions. What are they?
– Daily you should bring six hens. Okay. – You should
bring two bottles of toddy. Okay. – You should
massage my body twice. Okay. Can I marry after that? Yes.. If you do it for six months.. ..I will think of marriage after that. Will I stay alive until then? Otherwise you will
die right now. – Okay! Okay, we will do it. Fine. – Now go! Goddess like Mahalaxmi
has applied the vermillion. This year’s crop should be great. Rama Reddy’s house should
be filled with gold. – Yes! Enough of your praises. Now go. Chandi, come in front. Chandi! Why do you come? New daughter-in-law Mallamma is there. Mallamma,
pray to Lord Shiva and come in front. Hey! Move! Eat and work equally well! See the dark clouds!
It seems to rain. Plough fast! Brother! Brother! Heart received a shock. Pulse beat is not proper. I cannot say anything until tomorrow.
– Oh God! What is this to me? How can there be a thunderbolt in
day time and his life falls in danger? Don’t know whose face he saw today. She is there! You said she is the
new daughter-in-law.. ..and asked her to come in front. Now we got jinxed because of her. The moment she entered the house.. ..only untoward incidents
are happening. – Durga! What are you talking? Since sister-in-law has brought
lucky to us so brother is saved. What would have happened
if the thunderbolt fell on the head? What will happen? We all
would have cried because of her! Sir! Sir! The black cow born
in our house has died.. ..because of some unknown disease. Not only that.. ..the haystack nearby
our fields caught fire. Yes! What will you say now? Ever did we face these
untoward incidents? I said prayers and Gods’
idols in a married man’s house.. ..will not work and they will cause
harm but you didn’t listen to me. Why will these untoward
incidents happen if they hear? Don’t know what else we should
suffer because of that jinxed woman? Lord Shiva! What are you deeds? – Hey! Nothing will become fine
if you chant Lord’s name. Call for Subbaiah Shastry. Madam, I have come.
I heard everything. I have found the entire matter too. If the jinx of this
house were to be lost.. ..then you should perform
special prayers to Lord Shiva. You should feed 1000 Brahmins. If you do it then entire
curse will be removed. – Yes. Yes. Your pockets too will be filled. Mr. Shastri.. We have to do it fast.
– You are saying it easily. Do you think special
prayers are done easily? We should collect 1000 pots
of water and spend huge money. Who will do that?
– Who else? Mallamma. If the curse suffered because
of her were to be removed.. ..then she should do
everything to remove it. Why are you looking around?
Fill water. I think not even 100
pots are filled till now. If you work like this then
forget the special prayers. Carry on! Carry on! See there, Parvathi. With the excuse of special prayers.. ..innocent woman is
being harassed by her.. ..own family members. Should
I keep watching it by doing nothing? I would have agreed if
you had set any condition to me.. ..but why did you give me this test. Shiva is forgetting
the wish granted to me. Pravathi? – Forgive me, Swami. Until it is proved that
she is a great devotee.. ..she has to under the test and
you should be bound by this condition. Not only we will save
Mallamma from trouble. good woman will.. ..definitely save her. “Merciful mother..” “”Queen of Lord Jagadeesh..” “”Remove of every obstacle..” “Mother of every creature..” “Benevolent..” “Oh mother..” “Please come.” “Goddess Ganga Bhavani!” “Please come, mother.” “Goddess Ganga Bhavani!” What is all this, Chandi?
It is very surprising. What is there? Is she a normal person? She has learnt some tricks. This is all black magic. Is it? What else? Do you think.. ..Lord Shiva has sent
Ganges because of her devotion? Mother-in-law,
I am afraid to see her behaviour. I am afraid that she might
perform some black magic on us.. ..because of her hatred towards us. Yes, she might do it.
She is capable of it. It is better to get rid
of her by doing something. Hey, girl! What will you get if you
make circumambulations to the temple? Chase me, I will show you heaven. Hey! What rubbish are you talking?
Move aside! If you follow me then
I will not block your way. Come! – Ugh! Scoundrel! Look, Mallamma. I have set my eyes on you
the day you came after marriage. Moreover how will that
stupid fellow keep you happy? Listen to me. Will you leave or should I
call others and teach you a lesson? Is there any man who teaches
me a lesson in this village? Ugh! Leave me! Now she is finished. How can you say like that?
Let us go to her house and tell! Come! – Come! Save me! Save me! Leave me! Ugh! Leave me! Oh! No! See what will happen if we chose.. ..a girl of our choice. She has brought us shame for
marrying a girl from poor family. Let her come. I will see her! What will you tell her?
She will come and.. ..cry on her shoulder
and you will melt down. No! See what I will do to her. Oh! Oh! What is this get up? Mother, Rangadu.. Yes, I heard everything just now. You are having an
affair with him and.. you got your
husband thrashed too. Mother-in-law? – Shut up! I thought something else
when you were going to temple daily. Is this what you are doing? Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! – Hey! Don’t pretend in front of me. You cannot stay in this
house even for a minute. Go! – Mother-in-law.. I didn’t do anything wrong. Dear, at least you tell her. Yes, mother.
Mallamma doesn’t know anything. Rangadu was molesting her.. ..and I went..- You
got thrashed badly. Mad boy! This is the
drama played by them both. Mother-in-law,
don’t blame me for no reason. I will hold your feet. Let me stay in this house as a maid. Don’t throw me our and.. life mockery. Please don’t do it. Mother, don’t tell Mallamma too leave. Let her stay in the house. Since my son is telling
me so I am agreeing. But you should stay
in this cowshed only. Okay, mother-in-law.
– Chandi, throw her belongings there. Why are you still watching? Go! Where? – To take the idols. Oh! You want to do worship? Mother-in-law, I beg you. I couldn’t stay even for a minute.. not offering
prayers to Lord Shiva. I will anything you say.
Let me take the idols. No possible!
You cannot enter the house! Come! – Mother-in-law.. Mother! – Mother-in-law.. Shut up! – Dear.. Go inside! Stay inside! God, what sin did I commit.. ..for which you are
punishing me like this? How do you want me to stay alive.. facing humiliations
which no other woman faces? Mallamma.. Dear.. Mallamma, don’t feel sad. My mother doesn’t know anything. That’s why she accused
you badly when you are so good. Do you think I believed them? No. Since you don’t believe
them so I am still alive. The day you too suspect
me like everyone.. ..then you will not see Mallamma. Mallamma.. Aunt! Aunt! Yes, dear. – Come and eat food, dear. Dear, I cannot eat without
offerings prayers to Lord Shiva. Okay. Say your prayers and eat. Prayers? How can I offer prayers? Lord Shiva, without you ever smiling.. ..beautiful idol.. ..whom should I worship
and what should I worship for. Gauri Manohara! Srisailam Malleshwara! Lord! How lucky I am! I am a fool who doesn’t
know your miracles! You are present everywhere. Who can hide you
if they hide your idols? Lord, did you show mercy.. ..on this helpless woman. “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” “For the downtrodden and destitute..” “”You are the God who stood by them.” “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” “You are the refuge
to your devotees..” “You are inside our eyes..” “You are the refuge
to your devotees..” “You are inside our eyes..” “We worship you wholeheartedly..” “We worship you wholeheartedly..” “You become happy with flowers..” “I will wish you with tears..” “Consider them as flowers, Lord..” “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” “They say your vehicle is Nandi..” “How did your legs swell, oh my Lord.” “They say your vehicle is Nandi..” “How did your legs swell, oh my Lord.” “They say you live
in snow mountains..” “They say you live
in snow mountains..” “So how did your body sweat like this,
oh my Lord?” “You have Annapurna by your side..” “You have Annapurna by your side..” “So how come you are hungry,
oh my Lord?” “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” “For the downtrodden and destitute..” “”You are the God who stood by them.” “Remover of obstacles and harbinger..” “Carrying a snake around your neck,
oh Gauri Ramana..” Hey! By the way, has she gone mad? Why do you still doubt?
She is indeed acting mad. Oh! No! Before her
madness becomes more.. is better to get rid of her. So should I send
her out of the house.. saying she is mad? Otherwise will you
offer prayers to her? Our family has already
gained lot of disgrace of her. Anyway we thought of
keeping her and save her.. ..but she she has become mad. How can we tolerate her and
how will our son be happy with her? Our son will be very
happy if you don’t interfere. Don’t call a good girl.. mad and psychic. What is the need for me to blame her? Since I have seen it
on my own so I am telling yoo. Since I have seen it
on my own so I am telling you. Mad woman! Why cannot it be devotion? What? She is a devotee that
believes only in God. So why shouldn’t Lord Shiva
appear to her in that form? Oh! – Stop your mad
thoughts and go to sleep. Get up. Hey! Why are you sleeping like a log? I stay in the house entire
day and you stay outside. I cannot share my
problems even at night. Oh! What is your nuisance? I mean about second marriage. Second marriage? I will do it without any
problem if there is any girl. You will do it. Don’t you have shame? Look, I feel pity by.. ..seeing our Vengal Reddy. Poor boy!
How will he live with that mad girl? Listen to me. We will get
him married to my uncle’s daughter. Oh! Society will spit on the face.. ..if we get him married
when his wife is still alive. Did you understand? Sleep! We will get rid of her today! Sister.. sister.. Yes, sister.
– Don’t know when you ate food. Come and eat food. Oh.. entire works are pending. If mother-in-law finds it out..
– What if she finds out? If there are people to work then
she will make them work continuously. Leave all that. First eat this food. Eat.. okay? Aunt! Aunt! You thief! Did you think of eating
without giving me? Why do you eat last
night’s food, dear? Your mother will
give you hot rice. Go. No, I will eat with you. Chitti! How many times I told
you not to come here? Come inside and eat food! No! I will eat this food only. – Hey! Sister! What have you done, sister? Small girl.. – Enough! Hey! Oh! What have you done? Sister.. – Mother-in-law!
Mother-in-law! – Yes. Oh! – What is it? – Oh! Mother-in-law,
had it been late by one minute.. ..then I would have lost my daughter. She has mixed poison
in food to kill my daughter. She wanted to ruin my family,
mother-in-law. I don’t know anything.
I didn’t mix poison. Who will mix poison
if you didn’t do it? Hey, wicked woman! Will you do such a thing.. ..when I let you stay in
the house by showing pity on you? You tried to kill the small girl
today and you will kill us tomorrow. Mother-in-law,
Chitti is like my daughter. Believe me! How many times I told
you not to go to her? You run to her calling her
aunt and she tried to kill you. No, mother. Aunt is good. You have given that food. My God! My God! See how she
spoiled my daughter’s mind. Come! Lord Shiva.. Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Uncle, what is this? We will not get married in this life.
– Uncle.. Therefore I am becoming a monk.
– Uncle.. I cannot live with you.
I too will come with you. You will come. I know. That’s why I have brought
saffron clothes for you too. For me too? – Yes. If you go with the clothes
that you are wearing.. ..then everyone will say you eloped. If you wear saffron clothes
then you will get more respect. You need not worry
about food and clothing. Go and change your clothes. Hail! Lord Shiva! Lord! – Who is it? What is this get up? Swami, take me too with you. But you hated men.. Swami, that period is over now. Pullamma, you are late. I gave my word and heart to Bulli. Keep me too alongside Bullemma. How is it?
One man with two wives? Wrong. What is wrong in it, Swami? Doesn’t Adi Shankara have two wives? We both will be like Ganga and Gauri. That was possible for Adi Shankar. I am a common man.
I cannot suffer between you two. Make effort, mother.
You will get a man. Hey, girl! Scoundrel! Did you come here too? So what will I do?
You didn’t come there.. I came here. It is the same for
me everywhere. Come. If you step forward.. ..then you will die! Okay, go. I spare you today. Have you seen it? You didn’t believe my words that day.
What do you say now? Hey! Shameless woman! How worse have you become? Mother-in-law,
I didn’t do anything wrong. How dare he come to you
if you don’t ask him to me? Don’t fool us and.. ..bring shame to our family,
great woman! Why do you torture me for
the mistake that I didn’t commit? Sister! Sister! Gods’ idols.. ..and decorations are missing
from the prayer room. – Ah? Hey, what did you do to them? They are.. Yes, tell me.
Did you give them to Rangadu? Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Your sins will not be
lost if you chant God’s name. Now you cannot stay in
this house even for a minute. Go! Go wherever you want! Mother-in-law.. father-in-law.. I swear on Lord Shiva
that I didn’t commit any sin. Believe me. Dear, Lord Shiva knows
the truth and he will save you. Dear.. why don’t you talk? Are you too suspecting me? The day you suspect me like everyone.. ..Mallamma will not be seen by you. Mother, has everyone sent
sister-in-law out of the house? What should we do other than it? Without having any shame,
she and Rangadu.. Do you want to keep watching?
– Not only that.. All these days, she pretended
to be a great devotee and.. ..stole God’s idols,
silver trident and silver articles. What? Did sister-in-law steal idols? Yes. She stole them
and gave them to Rangadu. We have seen him packing
them and leaving. Yes, even Mallamma agreed it. What will she do if
she doesn’t agree? – Mother! Sister-in-law didn’t steal the idols.
I stole them. You? – Yes. She didn’t do any crime
but took the blame on herself. How can you blame such a great woman? Rangadu doesn’t spare any woman. If you are suspecting sister-in-law
in spite of knowing his nature.. ..then we can see the hatred
you have on sister-in-law. Father, you read so many puranas. So didn’t you understand
that innocent woman? Son, I am unable to understand
any person in this house. Even Lord Shiva is
not showing mercy on me. Son, this house will
not prosper until I die. Elder brother.. Yes, brother..
you are a puppet in your wife’s hands. What can you do? Brother, witnessed by fire,
she has dedicated her life to you. She is living by pinning
her entire hopes on you. Is this how you repay
that great woman? Brother, we can earn if
money and jewellery are lost. But if we lose a good person in life.. ..then it is very difficult
to get them back. Go. Before she takes some
extreme step in haste.. ..go and save her. Go, brother. Okay, brother. I should repent for
the mistake I committed. I should save my Mallamma. Go! Go and get yourself
spoiled with that spoiled woman. Mother-in-law,
if she enters this house again.. ..then I will not stay
in this house at any cost. What is it? Why don’t you talk?
Why do you keep watching like that? Henceforth I will not
let your nuisance continue. Oh! Don’t beat me! Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law!
– Stop! – Mother-in-law! Go! Go and fall at Mallamma’s feet! We will not! Why should we do? – Go! No! No! Mother-in-law! – Stop! Stop! We will go! We will go! Yes, do that. Say sorry
to Mallamma and bring her home. Go! – Come! If you come home without
Mallamma then be careful! Come, tiger.
I will fulfill your hunger. Eat me as your food. Do you too consider me as a sinner? My mind is dejected by.. ..facing humiliations and suspicions.. My body underwent troubles
and is filled with tears. Isn’t there a end to this body? Now death is my only refuge. Mother! Life is to live, mother. Or else no animal will harm us. Will a tiger bow it’s head
and leave without causing any harm? Don’t think, mother. Come with me. My hut is nearby. Come. Come, mother. Come, mother. Come. Come, mother. Dear, you stay here only. If you trust this Lord.. ..then you will not face any trouble. Huntsman,
all these years I trusted this Lord.. ..but Lord Shiva
didn’t show mercy on me. There is no light in
my life other than darkness. Don’t cry, mother.
After dark, there is light. I will go to the forests
and bring something for you to eat. Mother, if you do something again.. ..then swear on Lord Shiva. “Ram! Ram! Protector of poor!” “You are the refuge and
and remover of fear, Lord Shiva.” “You are Srisailam Mallesh.” “Ram! Ram! Protector of poor!” “You are the refuge and
remover of fear, Lord Shiva.” “You are Srisailam Mallesh.” “Is this the gift to
the woman who trusted you?” “You are so great and powerful!
It is a shame to you.” “Why do you remain silent?
Hear my prayers and rescue me.” “Why do you remain silent?
Hear my prayers and rescue me.” “Cannot you hear my tearful story?” “Lord Shiva!
Remover of fear! Saviour of mankind!” “You are great and powerful!” “Ram! Ram! Protector of poor!” “You are the refuge and
remover of fear, Lord Shiva.” “You are Srisailam Mallesh.” “Tears have turned into blood..” “Huge fire has broken out!’ “Cannot you come to my rescue?” “Cannot you come to my rescue?” “Remove the darkness and
show me the eternal light.” “You are the merciful
and benevolent of all.” “Destroy the evil inside everyone!’ “Turn the entire evil into ashes.” “Lord! Your reign is
supreme and spread all over.” Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! God! No! God! No! Mallamma! – Oh! Mallamma! – Mallamma! – Mallamma! Mallamma! Save us! I have put so many allegations
on you out of my jealousy. Dear, I have harassed you a lot. In return these.. ..are chasing us to death. – Oh! Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva! Mallamma, you have underwent
only troubles after marrying me. I have even lost the
right to ask for forgiveness. Don’t say like that, dear. You are Lord Shiva’s blessing to me. Since I could get a
God like husband like you.. ..I could come closer to God. Mother Mallamma! Mallamma, save me. I tried to harm you.. thinking bad of you. That’s God has made me blind. Forgive me, mother. Give my eyesight back, mother. Forgive me, mother.. mother.. Lord Shiva! Oh! I got my eyesight back.
I got my eyesight back. Mallamma! You are indeed Goddess. Dear, forgive our mistakes. Come to our house like a Goddess. Yes, sister. Henceforth
we will not give you any trouble. We will take good care of you. I don’t belong to that house anymore. Mallamma.. – Forgive me, Swami. My house and life.. Everything in life is
the refuge of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva! Have you seen it, mother?
Because of your stubbornness.. the situation has become. You have reigned in
Lord Shiva with power.. ..and Mallamma with her devotion.. ..has hidden the lamp
of God inside her heart. Mother, world doesn’t exist
without Lord Shiva’s lamp. Narada, so what do
you want me to do now? You are very powerful. Will I give advice to you? Narada, this is not time
the time to settle score. Tell me if you have any
idea to get back Lord Shiva. You go to Mallamma immediately.. ..and ask her to give your husband. Mother.. Mallamma.. – Who are you? I am Lokeshwari.
I came to seek your help. If I can do it then
I will definitely do. Tell me. – Mother, see that
I get my husband back. That’s it. Who is your husband, mother?
Where are you from? How can the person who
wanders around stay at one place? Every place belongs to him. Lord Shiva, if husband and.. ..and wife stay at different
places then wife will not tolerate it. Lord, see that this blessed
woman gets her husband. Lord Shiva! Shiva, get me rid
of these attachments. Give me peace that
stays with me forever. Lord Shiva, accept me as an offering.. ..and keep me at your lotus feet. Mallamma, I grant your wishes. The light of Lord Shiva
that you lit with devotion.. ..will remain so forever in Srisailam. You will stay with me over there. I am blessed! Mallamma, your life is
an example to married women.. ..and it will help others
to lead a happy life. Your parents and the
people who hear your story.. ..will receive good health
and long life. God bless! Lord Shiva! Mallamma, you came to
our house as daughter-in-law.. ..and have become our God.
We are blessed. Mother, both families
are blessed to have you. Mallamma,
become our family deity and save us. Forgive our mistakes. Take care of our children. Mother, give a hope to my life.. ..and help me reach God. Bless me, mother. Mother, time has come.. .. where atheists will increase. Mother, help the word
of God spread with your power. Vemaiah, what is this get up? Goddess has opened my
eyes and enlightened my mind. She said God will
not appear for us and.. ..we have to see him by ourselves. I have decided to spent my life.. this quest. Like this she was
born in Telugu country.. ..and made telugu people proud. Mallamma has become
the favorite deity for all. She is a great woman
with divine powers.. ..and worship her. Mallamma! – Hail! Srisailam Lord Shiva! – Hail! Mallamma! – Hail! Srisailam Lord Shiva! – Hail! Mallamma! – Hail! Srisailam Lord Shiva! – Hail! On the dome of Srisailam temple.. ..we receive happiness from.


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