Mallesham Theatrical Trailer I Sri Adhikari I Raj R I Priyadarshi I Ananya I Jhansi

Rao Gopal Rao kills Chiranjeevi No no, Rao Gopal Rao kills Chiranjeevi’s father Is this how you narrate a movie? You suck at it, Raju, you continue Padma remembered my name even after all these years Is Padma that beautiful? Grandma Lingavva gave me money to buy rice You took the money to buy tickets and he went to watch the movie It’s my money and your enjoyment, huh? What is this, man? Mom could have prayed to offer food or clothes. Instead, she prays that I will wear women’s clothes. Her shoulder blades are wearing out. Her arm will be dead if she doesn’t stop doing asu work. Mom, I just had the greatest idea. An idea to remove your pain Friends, I need some money for the machine Don’t worry, this gang leader will take care of it Engineer, Engineer !! This is the machine Nailing pieces of wood, attaching wheels and wrapping thread around it doesn’t make it a machine What’s gotten into you, boy? Get married, you will have a wife and she will bring a dowry. She’ll do asu as well. Why do you have to end up in debt? I’ve run this family for so long. Has a loan shark ever been to this house? At least if you die, the money Government gives will clear your debt Dear, let’s move to the city. These people here will not let you work in peace. You said three people but see how many people now. Are you counting kids too? In tough times, all doors seem to be closed But when you muster courage and look carefully, there is always a door open Those who insulted you should sing your praises. My parents should boast about their son-in-law. Actual challenge starts now. I wonder when I will complete the asu machine. Future looks challenging. need your blessings


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