Mama Drama Meets Baby Mama Drama – Check Yourself: S8 E4 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”… …”Check Yourself”… …season eight. You’ll be watching us… …watch the show… …for the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural
and honest reactions. We’re watching it… …with you. The next scene
you ’bout to see is me surprising my wifey
with a house, and then the moms
start trippin’ again. Where’s the restaurant?
I’m going to eat. Right.
I’m starving! Man, all I’m looking at
is my titty hanging out, man. I’m flexed up now,
but then, it was crazy.
You dig? This don’t look like
no restaurant. Dee is on Tinder again, baby.
Look at her. She got the bra out and all.
(laughing) Voila!
Here it is. Oh, Scrap, this is so nice. This is a beautiful home. You know what I’m saying?
That’s like a window
in a Roman cathedral. A chapel.
You got a chapel. You got a chapel
in your living room. That’s a window-window? That’s a window-window. This is our house. Oh, my gosh. Oh, boy! You said, you know? I’m so happy. Yes! I’m happy
for y’all too, Bam! This is so sweet! You know what I’m sayin’?
I wanted to let her know, “Boo, you can sit down
and rest now. You ain’t gotta deal
with my mama
and her craziness.” Scrappy, this is amazing, man.
I salute you. Keep up the good work, man. We got a little something.
It’s just for you, you know? And our little family,
you feel me? This is amazing. Look at Momma Dee’s face. She’s looking like
an evil witch. A bitter, evil witch. Like, a big weight
has been lifted off
my shoulders, for real. I don’t know how did Bam
take this (bleep), because I wouldhateMomma Dee
as my mother-in-law. Hey, we got so much room
in here, you know, Mom, you can come on
down here and stay. Oh, how sweet. You ain’t gotta wait.
You feel me? Why wouldn’t you tell Bam’s mom
that one-on-one? You know your mama is different! Boy, you knew.
Boy, what? It was like one of them things
you think out loud by mistake, and I-I forgot my mama
was right there, and I was just trying to–
you know what I’m saying– just bring
the family closer
and I for– I know how my mama be
and I forgot she was
right there, for real. Lord, have mercy. What’s going on? I know what you up to. You done curved your way
into this goddamn house. I have curved my way into what? Yes, you have! This lady is hell
on all ends. My mama always overreacting, and I ain’t even, like,
kind of surprised. You feel me? You used to it. I’m used to it. She needs help. First, she needs
a calm-down pill, then she needs love and a hug. (overlapping arguing) Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey!
What’s going on, man? I came to see what was wrong
with your crazy-ass mama, and she tripping out here. Man, y’all need
to calm down, man. I got new neighbors and stuff.
I don’t need all that. My mama always be the one,
you know what I’m saying? For no reason, cuz. And she know
I just moved
over here, cuz. I’m talking ’bout
y’all fixin’ to have the police out there
all the time. Already, Jack. Can’t do this.
I can’t do this forever. I cannot do this.
I can’t do it. We good, we good. See how she runnin’ out
on the whole conversation? Bring it from right here
all the way down. We are gonna be a family.
That’s what we gonna do. Why is he out here
taking you through the steps of anger management
to calm down? We not gon’ go
into another grandkid
with the craziness. We not gon’–
that’s what we not gon’ do. Momma Dee is so (bleep) extra, I get stressed out
watching her ass. The scene that you are
about to see is Tiarra signing
her… certificate. What the (bleep) is that hat?
She look like a (bleep) clown. No, I wouldn’t wear the red hat,
but still you doin’ your thing. Hi. What’s happening? Don’t “What’s happening” me. Can I get
a “Hello, how you doing?” A smile or something?
Dang! I should’ve known right there
something was up. When I didn’t get
the proper greeting– a hug, a kiss, and nothing
like that– she had it out. I seen fire in her eye. I know your whole
energy and vibe. Well, I like how
I threw a party for you and then you
just disappeared. This bitch look like
a sailor, for real. Like the captain
of the ship. I-I can’t take no more.
How much longer
is this gon’ be on? So who took
your ugly ass home? Who? Who? Who? I don’t really think
that’s too important right this second. Who? Who? Who? ‘Cause you can’t think
of a lie. Who? I’m not gonna lie. I actually thought
about lying right there. I know when you lying, Scrapp. Your nose grow wider
every lie you tell. That’s why it’s across
your face now. Who was you with? A young lady friend of mine. So you must be, like, sleeping
with this lady friend. Do I ask you who you
having sex with? It does not matter. I don’t owe you
the explanation though. Scrapp, I am your baby mother,
so I have privileges. One of those privileges is being
in your mother(bleep) business.
Now who is she? All that
“I don’t owe you,” stop. We’re new people,
so in our efforts of me
not tryin’ to start (bleep)– Okay, so it’s turning over
a new leaf right here? Mm-hmm, definitely,
so I can handle
whatever you tell me. No, you can’t, girl.
That what all the women say. I have said it before.
Your mom have said it,
your auntie. For a man to tell on his self, and he’s stupid,
watch how he break. Okay. What’s her name?
What the hell you got goin’ on? Moniece. Moniece who? Tiarra, you know who Moniece is.
Who the only Moniece? You know he wasn’t just gon’ get
no regular Moniece. He had to go get
a public figure Moniece. Moniece who? Moniece Slaughter. Moniece?! Moniece?! Scrapp, Moniece?! Moniece Slaughter? I love seeing
this bitch cringe. Moniece Slaughter. That hit her in the pit…
of her fake-ass titties. You tryin’ to have a threesome?
Been locked up?
Shortage on (bleep)? Look, he nervous.
Look how he rubbing his chin.
He nervous. I done threw this (bleep) at you
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times. Unh-uh! See, this what making me
think you stalking the boy. You saying you done throwed it
at him and he ain’t received it. I’m really sick of you.
You get on my nerves-uh. I’m not tryin’ to be involved
with any of that buffoonery
you talking about. I just told you what happened.
She came to take me back to– Okay, but are you
sleeping with her? I’ll be damned if I tell
the truth and if I tell a lie. I still get the same outcome. I’m in a lose-lose situation
with Tiarra. Yes, we’ve had relations. Y’all (bleep)? If that’s what
you wanna call it. Scrapp, you just love
to hurt me. I’m not hurting you. Bah! (screams) I’m not that loose. Ohh! Yeah! Yeah! Bruh, come on!
It’s not worth it! Scrapp! Three years, 1,095 days,
come out clean, all my teeth, no– (scoffs)
She sneaks me. Let me talk to him.
Give me a hug. Oh, that’s that bull(bleep),
“Give me a hug, Scrapp. Let me talk to him.”
Ain’t nobody goin’
for that (bleep). But I want you to give me a hug,
boo, when you see me,
’cause I wanna hug you. Oh, he trying to go through.
(panting) Lock the door. I’m going upstairs, man. Oh, you locked the door. (pounding on door) Scrapp! Tiarra, what is you
at them folks’ house
actin’ stupid for? You know KK don’t like your ass.
She ready to beat your ass. Boy, she already mad.
Leave the boy alone! ‘Cause it look like
you stalkin’ now,
so you trippin’!


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