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” The foundation of my life…”” The foundation of my life…”(TV VOICE: A relationship that started
during the college first year) – Hello
– Where are you? Traveling Are you driving? Yes Fine. I’ll call you later Hey…hold on… So, what’s up? Too busy? Yes, a little busy After all the movie is
getting released tomorrow I have got a small interview to attend I’m on my way there Oh yeah! Your movie’s
releasing tomorrow, right? Is that why you didn’t come home yesterday? I came home You came? But I didn’t see you Of course. You were in deep sleep I even woke you up and bid good
bye when I left this morning You even acknowledged it Is it? I don’t even remember You were in half sleep
when I woke you up Did you really come home? Of course. After all it’s your rule that I
must come home no matter how late it is Now can I break that rule? Even I… feel bad that I’m unable to spend
sometime with you for the past two days Like you have spent enough
time before that, Arjun! Stop belittling me I was so exhausted when I
reached home yesterday Priya… but you were in deep sleep You don’t know how cute you
look when you are asleep I was so lost in admiring you that
I went to bed only after an hour So sweet of you, Arjun Looks like I’m the one who slept off even
without realizing that my husband came home How can you be responsible
for me being late? I won’t mind it Oh! You must have a
really kind heart? No matter how late you reach today,
I’ll be up and awake, waiting for you Today, I’ll reach early Useless! Is my position ok? Yeah, ok sir Greetings, this is your very
own, director Arjun here What do I tell you? Anything. Tell us about your career What do I tell about my career?
I have made only two movies And I have already said enough
about it in four interviews This is the third
interview with you guys Ask me something new I’ll oblige It’s ok even if its
about my personal life Priya… Where are you off to? Sir, tell us about
your next project For now, I’m… not planning to start any new movie I’m planning to take at
least a six months break I feel you are making
a hasty decision Making a hasty decision? I have waited two years, lost my
patience and finally I’ve made this decision Why a six month gap, sir? It’s been two years since my marriage It was a love marriage He promised me a lot of things
before marriage, when we were dating He promised me a lot
of attention but now? He comes home after I fall asleep
and leaves before I wake up On top all, he is lying to me! I wanted to get married after earning
enough money, having a house and car But… things didn’t go
according to my plan When I was working on my first movie, her
family started pressurizing us to get married I got married at a stage where I
didn’t have a penny of my own Where did I sleep last night, aunty? At my place You were scared to stay all by
yourself, hence you asked for my help Who was at my home? None, you had locked it So, looks like his highness
came home late last night And also he said he was admiring
the way I was asleep for an hour Also, he said that he woke me up and bid
good bye before leaving in the morning Does he take me for a fool? I haven’t done anything for her till now Hence… I decided that I’ll start a life
after reaching a good position Hence, I worked hard and completed
two movies in these two years It’s been a long time since I
spent quality time with him Before marriage he used to say that
he wanted me by his side all the time I used to lie, come up with a new reason
every day to bunk work and go meet him And now? We live in the same house yet I’m
struggling to get even a glimpse of him And he is focused
on work, worry-free! Tomorrow, my third movie
is going to release For now… I guess this is enough I can’t take it anymore, aunty.
I’m leaving To hell with him and his cinema! What do you mean? Do you
think he’ll let you go? He won’t, for sure It would be hard to pick
up a fight and leave My brother is getting married next month I’ll leave claiming to lend a helping
hand to my parents for the marriage But then I won’t return Do you think you can live without him? Wasn’t I do it all these days? I’m used to it now My wife showed the patience and
waited me for me all these days So, it’s only fair that I must
spend sometime with her. Isn’t it? And that is why this six months break Title: MAMAJEEVA HETHUNA
( THE FOUNDATION OF MY LIFE) Where are you off to? To my home To home? Why? Hope everybody is fine Everyone’s fine My father had called me Remember, my brother is
getting married next month? So there’s lot of work to be
done and he wants my help I was waiting for you so that
I can inform you and leave Your younger brother’s wedding, right? There is still a month left for it And more over what
help are you gonna do? I’m always sitting idle over here I’m sure I can help with
something over there Why don’t you leave after ten days? Why? What difference would that make? You’ll be off for your next movie’s work I’ll be anyway sitting idle here Instead I better go there – Next movie is not starting any…
– I already promised them I’ll be there, Arjun Dad will be expecting me” This loneliness is
killing me, oh my darling”
” Everything else is a lie except
you; you are the only one I see”
” All my sorrows would vanish
away, if you are there by my side”
” I even lose the track of
time when you are around me”
Can you book me a cab? I’m unable to book using
my phone due to some error Why didn’t you inform
me about leaving, earlier? I did inform you When? Earlier when you left for work, didn’t
you wake me up and bid goodbye? That’s when I also told you that
dad called me and I’ll be leaving You even acknowledged it Forgot? Fine I’ll book a cab Did you book the cab? No I’ll drop you You’ll drop me? Do you
have the time for it? Instead of sending you in a random cab and
being worried until you reach safe… I guess me dropping you
home sounds better So, you… Forget it Once the wedding is over,
when will you return home? Why do you ask? Just asking Let the wedding get over
then I’ll let you know Why aren’t you taking me along? Excuse me! I’m asking you That’s fine. Just make
it to the wedding Man, she is quite
furious with me I’m sure you’re hungry Let’s have dinner Welcome sir. Welcome ma’am You order ma’am I’ll have a Dosai Pasta Get her a Pasta Sir, Dosai or Pasta? Pasta Ok sir and you? Four idly Anything else, sir? – That’s it
– Thank you, sir Don’t I have the rights
to eat what I want? I’m buying you this
Pasta with love So, have it and then… you may have the Dosa too Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am It’s been two years since we came
out for a meal together, to a hotel Last time I took you out for a
meal was when we got married With just Rs. 1000 in my pocket Back then you wanted to order Pasta I thought if we spent Rs 350
out of the Rs 1000 on Pasta… then we won’t be able to run the expenses
hence I ordered Dosa, that was cheap That’s something I can never forget That day I decided that
my only aim was… to reach a position in life where I could
afford anything you ordered from such menu For my sake, just have a spoon of Pasta That’s all I want Please Is there any deadline
to reach your home? Why do you ask? Can you spend extra ten minutes with me? This was a long time dream Which one? To sit on the
roadside, like this? Of course A long travel Just the two of us Taking breaks like this Enjoying the breeze of
these new places en route And a hearty conversation That’s all It’s been a year since you bought the car And you thought of
this only today? Do I look like a workaholic
who runs behind money? I too have desires To travel places along with you Take you out for shopping. Watch new
movies that release every weekend But then all that requires money When we got married, I had no job When I was an assistant director… my director didn’t
even pay me a penny The producer of my first movie always spoke
about the fact that he gave me a life… and ended up paying less
than what he promised It was with the money my parents gave
me, we ran our expenses that year And in that situation… both, your and my friends who got married
spoke about their honeymoon trips… saying they were off to
Bangkok and Switzerland I felt so bad that I couldn’t even
afford to take you to Ooty at least Life gave me only two options #1 To lead a life with whatever small income
I had and yearn for things I couldn’t get Or take my time, put in
that extra hard work and… reach a good position
and then begin my life It’s not my fault but I just don’t
want to live yearning for things I booked this for us Ten days in Paris. I wanted
it to be a surprise for you But I didn’t expect you’ll
already have such a plan Nice. Shall we start now? – Why?
– It’s getting late And what about these tickets? What’s the use of rekindling a
romance that is dead, Arjun? You could have asked me
a word before booking It’s ok If possible, cancel them Or tell me how much it
cost you and I’ll pay you Why? Aren’t you… willing to come? No How about US or UK? Arjun… I didn’t expect trips to Bangkok,
US, UK or Switzerland from you Not even a trip to Ooty I’d have been happy if you had
taken me to the beach nearby Only if you had did it
from the bottom of your heart But then you don’t have the
time or kindness to do it Your friend might buy his wife
a Saree worth Rs. 30,000 So, based on that will you buy
me a Saree worth Rs. 50,000? So you think buying me gifts costlier that
your friend buys his wife will make me happy? A Saree worth Rs 500… A gift from the bottom
of your heart… and that would make me very happy You don’t even realize what
I expect from you. Do you? If you knew it, you wouldn’t
have behaved like this I feel you have misunderstood me All that I did was for you and us Really? So tell me what
do I expect from you? Priority and time Not bad! At least you
have the right answers So, shall we leave now? Priya! Please! Priya…” Your eyes are drenching me
with all that you have to vent”
” And when the dreams are achieved, I
thought our love will see it’s light”
” But you wanna walk away and I
have no idea how to win you back”
Please come. Come in What’s up that you’re here at this hour and
that too without any prior information Come in, anyway Please have a seat, dear Dear son-in-law… What’s with the sudden visit? Well, uncle…Priya said
she was missing you all She wanted to spend few days with you all.
Hence, I brought her here Here. Go, serve this
to your husband Do it yourself Priya! Here, please have it Ok, I shall take a leave Why don’t you stay back?
Leave in the morning, dear Well, I came to just drop Priya.
It’s ok. Fine Dear? Priya’s bag I’ll go upstairs and
hand it over to her – Ok
– Go ahead, dear Ok. I’m… leaving Last night… I didn’t come home A small meeting with the producer Because the movie is
releasing tomorrow It was too late before
the meeting got over Hence, I stayed back at the office I shouldn’t have lied to you It’s ok I hope you aren’t upset with me No You’ll… be back after your brother’s wedding.
Right? Sure? You are not furious with me? Ok. Ok – Priya! Priya! I’m sorry
– Hey! Hands off my feet I know you are furious with me – Arjun, get up! Please!
– Sorry Priya. Please, forgive me Priya, the neighbor aunty
told me everything – I heard you are going to divorce me
– Divorce? I never said so! Priya then what did you mean when
you said you’ll never return? – Priya, I cannot live without you
– Hey, let go of me – Please Priya! Try to understand
– Hands off me! Are you nuts to fall at your wife’s feet? What’s wrong in it? It’s not like
fell at some stranger’s feet! Oh! Like you are gonna do that! I worked hard for the family and in the course
I worked over time. Now, is that a sin? Agreed. It was a mistake.
I did work overtime But will you leave me
forever for doing so? Oh! So you came to drop
me knowing everything? What else do you expect from me? I
couldn’t find another way to convince you So I thought I’ll convince you
somehow during the travel I don’t see any change of reaction Even a stone would
have melted by now And still I don’t see
a reaction from you It doesn’t look like you
wanted to convince me Looks more like you want to take advantage
of the situation and get rid of me And now you wanna show off
that you are kind hearted? Showing off? Please have a
heart before you judge me What did you say when
you fell at my feet? Well… I said, I cannot live without you Had you done it back at our home, we
wouldn’t have had to come all the way here Oh! So you would have got convinced
if I had apologized back at home? Fine. At least moving forward will give
me the due attention and take care of me? I swear. I’ll only work eight
hours a day moving forward I’ll spend the rest
of the time with you Sunday I’ll be on holiday, no
matter what the situation is I won’t think about office at all on Sunday I’ll take you out twice
a month for shopping No…no…anytime you
want, we’ll go shopping Please come with me Fine, leave. I’ll come
after my brother’s wedding Now, come on darling. A month without
you will be very tough to go through I have taken a six month break
just to spend time with you, dear Oh! So you’re doing all this because
you have taken a six month break? Aiyo! I can’t take
it anymore, dear I have nothing to argue with.
This is the end Please, forgive me dear If you keep raising questions from
whatever I have to offer, I am helpless Please dear Have some mercy on me What’s taking our son-in-law
so long to come back? It’s been a while since he went upstairs What’s going on there? What bothers you? Now, come on. Let’s go to bed Well, I thought I’ll see off our
son-in-law once he comes down He won’t return now. He’ll come only in
the morning. You better come and sleep I’m going to bed He won’t return now? Didn’t he say he has a
meeting in the morning? Are you coming in or not? Hold on. I’m coming.
Don’t lock the door Wonder what your parents are
assuming is going on in here Don’t worry. They won’t assume anything Fine How about we stop her, go
home and continue there? Let’s start Dare you disturb
this nice feeling We can leave tomorrow morning


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