MAMMA MIA 2 Here We Go Again NEW Trailer (2018) Amanda Seyfried, Lily James, Movie HD

♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ I have never felt closer to my Mom. In the exact same place that she was. All those years ago. Only this time we knew who the father is. You’re pregnant. Yeah. I am. Typical isn’t it? You wait twenty years for a dad and then three come along at once. You’re my Mom and I love you so much. [Cheering] Time has been most cruel to you, Sir. [Clears throat] In your case, age becomes you. As it does the tree. A wine. And cheese. [Laughs] I can do this. If I can just be as brave as my Mom was back then… I’m Bill. I’m Donna. The world is wide. I wanna make some memories. Can I help? ♫ Look at me now ♫ She’s missing her man. Which one? [Laughing] We only just met. And you’re not that kind of girl? Absolutely not. Usually. ♫ Just one look and I can hear a bell ring ♫ ♫ One more look and I can hear – ♫ Put it on girls. ♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ ♫ My my, how can I resist you? ♫ She wasn’t scared. She could do it, because she wasn’t alone. She had me. You can’t tell anybody about the baby yet. I just told Bill. Yeah, and I told Harry. I told many, many people. ♫ Why, why did I ever let you go? ♫ ♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ Let’s get the party started. Grandma, you weren’t invited. That’s the best kind of party, little girl. ♫ I should not have let you go ♫


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