Man Stabbed At Santa Rosa Movie Theater

VICIOUS ATTACK INSIDE A santa rosa MOVIE THEATER. NIGHTBEAT’S JOE VAZQUEZ TELLS US: THE SUSPECT MAY BE LINKED ..TO ANOTHER DEADLY stabbing. nats He was watching a horror movie called the shallows when the real life drama began. 21-year old Adam Lucero was sitting in the Roxy Theater in downtown Santa Rosa, nats Around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, police say this man – 23-year old Delonte Anthony Hart – a random stranger – opened the door to the movie theater … ambushed Adam quickly from behind and started stabbing him. The two had never met. Fiona O’Reilly / Santa Rosa That’s pretty … like … (makes eeew face) … it’s almost straight out of the movies … which is weird that it happened in the movies … TRACK: According to social media posts from friends of the family, Adam had surgery last night because of stab wounds to his throat, ear and chest. He is recovering and expected to survive. Hart is in jail, charged with attempted murder … and police are also calling him a person of interest in another violent crime. A homeless man named Cirak Tezfazgi was savagely stabbed 50 times as he lay in this doorway just after midnight Monday. Standup: Joe Vazquez / Santa Rosa Right now police are not calling Hart a suspect, but they say they do want to find out where he was and what he was doing at the time of the murder. Yeah, definitely. TRACK: Fiona O’Reilly says she has definitely seen Hart before … he’s been hanging out near the theater in recent days. Fiona O’Reilly / Santa Rosa He seemed definitely peaceful and nice … His clothing seemed nice like someone who hadn’t been on the streets for very long. TRACK: The Roxie theater is back open, but the community is still reeling … Lucy Yang / Santa Rosa So like, now I’m scared to come with my friends because I’m afraid to get stabbed. So this afternoon, my mom was all like, ‘want to go see a movie?’ And I was like, ‘um, no …’ But we came anyway. TRACK: In Santa Rosa, Joe Vazquez, KPIX5. / In Santa Rosa on the nightbeat, I’m Joe Vazquez now to east palo alto…and A TERRIFYING RIDE FOR A TAXI DRIVER TO TELL YOU ABOUT.


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