Manasuku Nachindi Theatrical Trailer | Sundeep Kishan | Amyra Dastur | Tridha | Manjula Ghattamaneni

Hey, Nithya! Wait.. wait. Hey, Nithya! Wait.. wait. This is the first time I am seeing a bride
eloping with her bridegroom. Only the marriage has stopped. They have not stopped, right? Hi, I am Nithya. My mission is to find my heart. Hi, I am Suraj. My mission is.. uhh..
Do I have to have one? What will we get if
we connect with our own hearts? You should connect to a guy. And, I with a.. No.. No. I should to connect to many girls.
Then we are talking. Hey, Janu.
What are you doing in this elders party? I will die my own death.
Why do you need to know? Nithya is not your girl friend? No. It was such a magical romantic moment. Not just physical. There is love in it. The feelings I was never conversant with..
I am feeling them today for the first time. Does love need just sharing? We should have feelin, right? Who the hell is he? You can tell me what you want right? What can I tell you when I myself do
not know Grandpa? Manasuku Nachindi


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