MANGOES “A Slice of Life” | Trailer | #MangoesTheSeries #Drama

There has been no news
for two years,
两年了, 渺⽆⾳讯 and suddenly got this message,
“I’m coming back to Canada.”
突然间收到这短讯 “我要回加拿⼤” Why?
为啥呢? Aren’t you happy to see me?
难道你不愿意和我重逢? I mean, we’re getting back together.
我的意思是, 我们要重归于好. Asha!
莎莎! Rakay?
⼒祺? Sami!
三⽶! You guys have no idea
你们简直是难以想象 how I’ve managed two years
living with those roommates.
这两年来和这帮爷们混在⼀起的滋味 Here, gulp down this drink.
来, 赶紧给⼲了. Every weekend at 8:00PM
you guys start dancing like this…
每逢周末晚上⼋点, 你们就开始载歌载舞 Somethings never change.
本性难移啊. This is my boss, Kim.
这是我的上司, ⾦⼉. The only child of the business owner.
⽼板的独⽣⼥. Take off your coat.
把外套脱了. Coat? Coat!
外套? 喔, 外套! Now the only problem is that
all the attractive girls in my school
⽬前的问题是, 我学校所有的校花 were in the other section.
都在学校那⼀边! Ma’am, you are forgetting something.
这位⼥⼠, 您拉下了样东⻄ We have a meeting
in the bedroom–
我们的会议…在卧室⾥进⾏ Huh, I mean in the boardroom.
错了, 我是指会议室 This means someone is thinking about you.
这意味着有⼈在念叨着你 Who is thinking about you?
谁在念叨你? A milking cow?
某只奶⽜? Hey, Rakay!
嘿, ⼒祺! This is Daisy, his girlfriend.
这是黛丝, 他的⼥友 This one is a keeper.
这个不错 He is always gloating about her.
他⽼是在卖弄她 Do you know what I enjoy the most?
你知道我最爽的是啥吗? When I show her pictures
to my friends to make them jealous.
就是⽤她的照⽚让我的哥们眼红 No!
不对! I’m in such a compromising position
and he is busy delivering one liners.
我这左右为难, ⽽他却在练习台词 His skin is quite soft,
which is easy on the cut.
他的⽪肤柔软, ⼀拉就破 I told you not to use baby lotion.
早叫你不要⽤婴⼉润肤液 Who is that?
那位是谁? I’m Teja.
我是德贾 I’m Asha’s fiance.
莎莎的未婚夫 I left my wedding.
我悔婚了 And I’m not going back.
没打算回头 I like sweet and sour girls like you.
我喜欢甜酸⼥, 像你这样的 Life is about feelings.
⼈⽣就是百感交融 Feel happy, feel sad, feel excited.
喜怒哀乐 Feel the magic of life.
感受⼈⽣的神奇 Oh my God, Sami!
我的天啊, 三⽶! Hindu, Christain, Muslim.
Not matter.
印度教, 基督教, 穆斯林 都不重要 Heart matters.
⼼, 最重要. Someone told me that
I’m Asha and I should remain Asha.
有⼈曾告诉我 我是莎莎, 要⼀直以莎莎为荣 Not for anyone else,
but for myself.
不是为了别⼈⽽活着, 是为了⾃⼰ Sami, he is somewhat different.
三⽶, 他挺特别的 Something… special.
有点…与众不同 There is something special.
有点特别的⽓质 In every friendship
chemistry is very important.
每段友情, 都要有化学反应 And because our oxygen left us.
在⽆氧的境界下, Then how can two hydrogen atoms
live together?
两个氢原⼦如何共存呢? So, there was friction everyday.
所有每天撞击, 势在必然 To water!
为⽔⼲杯! To chemistry.
为化学反应⼲杯! To friendship!
为友谊⼲杯! Life is very difficult in Canada.
在加拿⼤, 是艰难⼤喔. Back home I had all 3:
a maid, gardener and janitor.
在⽼家, 我有三件宝: 佣⼈, 园丁和清洁⼯ Here in Canada,
we are 3-in-1.
来了加拿⼤, 我们是三合⼀ Maid, gardener and janitor.
佣⼈, 园丁和清洁⼯倒了

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