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Previously on Mangoes So Ayesha right now- Asha
Sorry? Name is Asha not Ayesha Hi, I am Rakay I’m Sami You have to live like a guest in this house Absolutely no rentals! I saw your ad Daddi… you? This house has been given by his uncle to live free of charge and he is renting rooms to make money If you have a problem with that then… There is the door You guys decide by morning I like the place. Being ‘Desi’ now a days this word is very popular but it depends where its spoken in Pakistan or India it means something else and in UK, USA or Canada it means something completely different when our people are in their home countries they like imported items but here, they like items imported from their home countries that is why desi shops do such good business but there are few people have been here for over 15 to 20 years and they miss their home countries a lot but at the same time try to avoid newcomers from their home countries well that’s just an observation only few of them….not many I should have made copies of the eviction notice I might need them with such roommates first condition of the rental contract no noise before 10 am I don’t like getting up this early I am meeting a friend looking for a her gift I kept it some where here Got it!! Now, what’s the story behind this this is Kiran’s Kiran.. my childhood buddy she was my neighbor 12 years ago, she moved here with her family and before coming here
she stayed with us for 2 weeks everyday she used to write something in this diary and after 12 years you will return this to her and she will fall in love ? Exactly!! look….what she drew on the last page every year so many Romeos come from Pakistan they are exported more than cotton that’s why economy is in such shambles shall I tell him that after 12 years Kiran must be in mini skirt shall I tell him or not ? I think it’s best if he hears it from Kiran ok, I gotta go listen Rakey yes ? Go get her thanks Oh I am sorry!!!
I didn’t see you no it’s alright….
I wasn’t looking don’t you use shopping carts? actually I didn’t have a quarter for the cart this time I hope my eggs didn’t break ok…all fine I see you like chocolate ice cream that’s my favorite flavor as well don’t worry, I’ll grab my things and will be out of your hair this is definitely not mine or is it ? here is your juice,
your milk and next time don’t forget to bring a quarter if only I get a penny every time I heard that one may be I’ll still have a shopping cart ok, keep following me you will love it when the police starts following you ok, so you won’t stop stalking me ? fine, lets see what cops do to the stalkers then By the way
I am not joking I’ll put this on speaker phone 911
state your emergency please yes..I’d like to report a stalker he’s been stalking me for the past half an hour right to my home please remain calm
can you still see him now? yes he is still here ok, can you provide your location? hello ma’am,
can you specify your location ma’am can you hear me ? nice to meet you neighbour ma’am.. are you there ? hello ? hello ma’am ? ma’am? If a boy stalks a girl follows her looks at her from a distance then that’s a crime and if caught, may end up in jail for few days but if a girl specially if she’s beautiful follows an ordinary looking boy stalks him then if nothing else the boy’s stocks will rise in front of his friends boys will be boys!! and boys remind me Rakay!! this is it time has come I’ll finally meet Kiran after 12 years how should I greet her? hey Kiran..long time no see what’s up? no…that’ll be too casual Kiran!! my eyes have missed your face right.. 1980s bollywood film line that won’t work come on think Rakey..think!! there she is she is even more beautiful in real than her facebook picture ok.. rehearse the plan again go in there..hello..hi how are uncle and aunty? remind her of their stay at our home her missing diary out comes the diary 12 year old flashback tears in her eyes BAM!! Knight in shining armour and we live happily ever after Rakay.. you should have been a bed time story writer Oh shoot!!!! I hope she didn’t seem me Even if she saw me.. but hopefully didn’t recognize me ok.. it’s not that bad situation is still under control just follow the plan ..relax…breathe in.. ..breathe out.. breathe in..breathe out Hi!!! huh!!! what’s this ? where did her friends come from? I thought we’ll meet alone plan cancel…plan cancel!!! goto plan B.. shoot!!! didn’t make a plan B…. what do I do? I think I should leave will tell her that there was an emergency Hey Rakay!!! right here oh shoot!!! hi…. hi…. Girls.. this is Rakay my neighbour from 12 years ago Hi..
Hi Rakay Hey…how are you ? so you called me anything important? If I take the diary out in front of them Kiran won’t be able to show her real emotions No, this is not a good time huh…just wanted to meet you ahaan..nice so what’s up? …nothing much… you? nothing much.. same regular why are her girlfriends here? totally ruined the plan..
It’s so awkward say something… say something huh… nice weather yeah weather is nice but it rains sometimes…you never know I like surprises this meeting is going no where I got one chance and even that is now gone nothing can happen now I don’t know if I’ll meet her again Does she think I am boring? If this is my last chance I should bring out the diary it can’t get any worse This is Toronto’s popular ice cream parlor What would you like? huh…Raju’s Falooda!! Raju’s Falooda?? who is Raju? there is a very popular
falooda place in Pakistan This isn’t Pakistan this is Sicilian street they only service Sicilian ice cream here Girls.. he just arrived from Pakistan ooh!!! You mean a FOB? I don’t know,
Why don’t you ask yourself? so.. are you a FOB? huh, what is this FOB? whatever it is… just go with the flow huh, Yes Haha, he agreed that he is a FOB So you are a proud FOB? yeah.. I am pretty proud looks like you have taken
training to be a FOB Oh!! so FOB is a degree or a certificate yeah I am a qualified FOB with honors looks like you did Masters in it no… I just did specialization Sami.. I have to talk to you Why, what happened ? Do you know our neighbour? Mark? so his name is Mark What did Mark do? Sami… I have to ask you something Hey!! I was talking to Sami it’s not that important Sami… no.. not in front of her…
my room What is it that you couldn’t say in front of Asha? What is a FOB? FOP? It’s spelled.. FOB? oh FOB.. yes Why, did someone call you a FOB? they didn’t say.. they asked me? and what did you say? I said yes FOB means ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ that you just got down off a ship but I came by a plane that doesn’t matter it means that you have not adopted the culture here in simple words you are still not ‘in’ yet ‘in’ ?.. but in Pakistan I was very ‘in’ the rating system here is different Wo what do I need to do to be ‘in’ you will have to adopt the lifestyle here whether it’s your wardrobe your accessories your way of walking lifestyle but do remember this the transition shouldn’t be too quick go slow…casual… so it’s not too abrupt casual…ok but how long does the transition take ? some do it in 3 months some take more than 30 years 30 Years?!? but I am meeting Kiran tonight she calls me a FOB Oh, so Kiran called you a FOB? not her.. but her friends but.. may be she also thinks of me as a FOB ok.. thanks for your help I have to meet her again
I gotta go Hey!! don’t change all of a sudden take it slowly if you change all of a sudden it will be worse slow.. ok got it!! thanks This hairstyle won’t impress Kiran have to try something more imaginative this magazine may give some ideas Naaahh hmmm No, I think is a bit too much hmm… Robert Pattinson… Twilight!! girls like Twilight. Look at her expression she is speechless!! this hairstyle really worked thanks Pattinson. Ahhh, she is so beautiful I can keep looking at her all my life Did you change your hairstyle? yes..NO!!! I just use my palms It’s not as if I pasted a picture of an actor on the mirror
and copied his hairstyle that will be so weird you’ll think what’s wrong with this guy it’s not like that just my hand.. it’s fingers and just smoothly that’s it!! ok, too much detail Brilliant start now I should also reveal the color of my underwear Are you planning to order anything? I will have a Coppa D’ Amore nice choice
I have heard it’s great 18 Dollars!!! I can buy 100 kulfis in 18 dollars I’ll go get it Actually, can you make it 2? 1 for here and 1 to go, please 2? yes one for my mom also loves it Do I have to pay for that too? $36 on mother and daughter and I only have $40 in pocket What do I get? ok, I’ll get it Must be Rakay forgot to take his keys again keep ringing, I am not opening it Argh! Why don’t you keep your keys with you? I have no idea what you just said but I am assuming
it wasn’t ‘how are you?’ What do you want? ok!! that’s direct I want world peace cure for cancer
to eliminate poverty but at the moment
I just want to greet my new neighbour Hi!! Why don’t you go and work on those things first and then come to me once you are done you are quite the feisty one.. aren’t you? I thought you Indian girl’s
were into these strange encounters I mean… first we bumped into each other at the grocery store then you tried to called the cops on me only to find out that
I am the boy next door It’s like one of those..
what do you call it ? Bollywood scripts and it’s quite a cliche and I don’t like cliches oh really… what movies are you into? the ones with the twist endings where the exotic girl living next door turns out to be the serial killer Oh, I would love to be her dead body you will be if you don’t leave What’s your problem? You!!
isn’t it quite obvious? ok, I get it!! you like to play hard to get I also like to play golf Do you want to see
how hard I can swing? What did you get? Water Just water? yes I am dieting you are dieting? you don’t need any dieting You think so? In fact mom needs to diet but she doesn’t listen you know she was so slim when we left home but if you see her now
you won’t even recognize her is obesity in your family genes? What do you mean? nothing I home it’s not genetic otherwise after marriage
she will also become obese no… no tell me what do you mean? that it’s in the family huh, you know what? I got something for you the diary was for a romantic time but I don’t think
it’s going to come in this lifetime Oh My God!! Ipod ? this is a perfect gift you know my Ipod was full and I don’t want to delete my songs you know, it’s such a hard work to collect them thank you so much huh, you are welcome there are some songs here let me delete them..ok? My Collection!!! ok.. all done!! thank you so much,
this is an excellent gift you are welcome I promised my girl friends I am so sorry… I have to go it’s my friend’s birthday I am really sorry Rakay I feel really bad bye! Next on Mangoes So do I get the job? We will call you, if you qualify He thought I was Indian so I should be good with computer that’s so insensitive exactly, I am a Pakistani Rakay, I know you are playing games…come out We were waiting for you to come and disturb us I came here to give her company she must be bored with you What happened? Daddi Coming here? yes, she is coming here This program is brought to you by Mobilicity
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