MANIFEST Official Trailer (HD) Robert Zemeckis Mystery/Drama Series

You’ve all been missing presumed dead for five and a half years If you’d seen us that afternoon We looked like a typical American family returning home from vacation my brother Ben and his twins olive and Cal But what you couldn’t see is that Cal’s leukemia wasn’t responding to treatment This flight is oversold, we offering travel options for anybody… That’s me so Grace and all of it my folks took the first flight home Funny how one little decision can ruin your life… but also save it Excuse me what exactly is the problem The problem ladies and gentlemen is You’ve all been missing presumed dead for five and a half years Ben! I don’t understand You haven’t aged a day Olive Wheres- uh.. wheres mom? You’re mom got sick No Dad! No *crying* No Your cell regeneration model? It works? We’ve been treating pediatric patients for 30 months We pick up with the same regiment right where we left off There’s a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases. If we get a jump in the treatment, The odds are excellent Didn’t expect you getting back to work this fast A lot has changed since you’ve been gone Who is she? it was two years before I even looked at another woman Sorry Even before I got on that plane, I lost sight of your life. We’re gonna fix that. I’m not going anywhere The universe just gave all of us and do over Everything checks out It’s as if the plane never left the sky do I have to say out loud that that’s impossible I think we’ve taken impossible off the table Is your mind messing with you? earlier today I heard a voice in her head Keep it to yourself. What do you think the government just forgot about us? Just maybe he came back to be saved if and I came back to save him How’d you know I was here I just.. knew? What is this? There were a lot of people on that plane what makes us so special what’s the probability it’s just you me? No one can explain what happened to us. Some people called it impossible others called it a miracle All I know is whatever force brought us all here had no interest in being investigated This was just the beginning


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