Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi | Official Trailer | Kangana Ranaut | Releasing 25th January

The British are eyeing Jhansi like hawks. If Jhansi doesn’t get an heir soon… they will usurp Jhansi, too. Fire! I’ve found the perfect girl. Manikarnika. I’ll show you how girls dance. Dixit-ji, there’s no one like my Manu. Manu is now Jhansi’s daughter. According to tradition,
she will take on a new name. Laxmi. The Queen of Jhansi… Queen Laxmibai! Victory to the Queen! I, Laxmibai, promise… till the last drop of my blood… I’ll serve Jhansi with utmost loyalty. Warn Queen Laxmibai
to vacate the palace soon. I won’t betray my Jhansi. The British have turned Jhansi
into a graveyard. Love for your country… Everything’s destroyed. Who are we fighting for? ♪ should be proclaimed with pride ♪ My first love
is my country, Laxmi. ♪ Whether I live or die ♪ ♪ My country India must prevail ♪ Fight, we will. So generations ahead… can live free. We will fight… and reawaken Shivaji’s dream
of self rule! Lord! Victory is yours! When the daughter steps in
victory is sweeter. You aren’t fighting for the present
but for the future. The British want to make
an example of you. They want to display
your severed head in Jhansi. Instead I’ll be the flame of freedom
that’ll burn in every Indian’s heart. You want Jhansi…
and so do I. The only difference is
you want to rule it… whereas I want to serve my people.


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