Manmarziyaan Official Trailer | Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Anurag Kashyap

And this goes out
to all the young lovers who prefer FYAAR (love & lust). Take me away! As long as I’m with you! If we live together then
we don’t need anyone’s permission! Let’s elope! Right now? No! No! Not right now! Right now! Mom’s making me
Paranthe (Stuffed Flatbread)! You can hop terraces to have sex! But you can’t come home
to talk of marriage? But Rumi! Out of the blue… I’ve given my word that
you’ll come home with a proposal. And if you don’t turn up…! Then I’ll marry the first guy
my family chooses for me! Tell me something! Have you been a saint since birth? Have you been a demon since birth? Neither do I want a butler, nor an escort, nor
your future nurse, I just want a life-partner! If you dare find Rumi a match I’ll chop you in pieces! Feeding your Marriage Bureau
by murdering love! Why can’t you just decide on one! Alright! Should I text you
my decision or call? Didn’t you ask for this? Yes, I did! You’re an amazing guy! But you shit your pants,
when it comes to being responsible! I don’t know what kind of
love is this! It’s the one Where your sacrifices
are never enough! When your Robbie makes love to you then do you close
your eyes and imagine me or do you see him with open eyes? You deserve him! Eat each other alive! You make me sick! I don’t want to marry! Do you love me? I will. Soon! Robbie, How’s the honeymoon going? It’s going good! Having fun? Umm, yes! Your aunt wants to talk to you! Yes, auntie? Rumi, How’s the honeymoon going? It’s going good! Having fun? No! Not that much!! Actually, he forgot the condoms! By the time, he went and got it, I…


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