Mannar Vagaiyara Full Movie | Vemal | Anandhi | Prabhu

Greetings brother! Rajangam,you had given a bound book
instead of a invitation. Yes brother, If any of the relatives name goes
missing they’ll be insane. So printed out all the names. Okay,good! Be seated brother. (Chanting Mantras) Greetings! Welcome Uncle! After a span of 27 years,
all the relationships are conjoined today. I feel so happy. Uncle,you are the reason
behind this marriage. If my brother comes now,
that’s enough for me! I too wish the same,Uncle. It must be the same as our marriage. When everyone has come
for his son’s marriage, Won’t he come? Right. He’ll come. Be happy. Aunt, Yes. Shall we sort out the gifts to be given? Yes… Be seated,Uncle. Yes. Call the elder son. Ask him when he comes? Okay. Come. Tell me dad. Have you started? Everyone is asking about you. Is it dad? I’ll start in ten minutes. Hey… Hey… Hey,who are you? Concealed your face like a woman. Mathi! Tell me. Dude, Abducted? What do you say? Who is that? Mathialagan,son of
Govindharaj Mudaliar,Kanthangudi. Is it Mathi? He has thrashed all our guys. I’ll kill him and get my sister. Take the vehicle. A few months before… Dear ladies and gentlemen, Hmm… The commander of the King’s generation, Hmm… Mathialagan Mooriyar, written his law exams
and coming forth successfully. Sir,paper sir. Paper sir. Sir,where are you? Come on… Come on… Brother did the exams amazing! Answer sheets was not sufficient. When others get answer sheets,
he was getting more number of pens. He is doing wonders! It doesn’t seem that brother
writes exam to be a lawyer, It’s like as a judge,
he writes a judgement to the society. Call the oldsters. Play the music. “A ballad needs mount of words,” “You are so forth generation
of King’s in Pattukotai!” “We hang around singing lullaby,” “But came to tune an onset ballad to you,” Sing! Sing now! “Come on! Come on!” “A lawyer has come to bail us out,” “We can do any erratum,” “Come on! Come on!” “The prison is our school,” “We can manage with our dude,” “We can drive without licence,” “Upsurge the sound of silencer,” “Stand bold even if the poilce comes near,” “State the name of our kin,” “A bout for bout,” “A ballad for a ballad,” “Tie the swaddling clout” “We’re the so forth generation
of the King’s!” Dude,look at there. Tamarind sack dances wearing your brief. If you ask me,
I would’ve bought you trousers. Slashed… “What may happen to the law,
If you are not there?” “It becomes a temple without deity,” “If I wear a vest or tonsure my head, I won’t do without your consent.” “Though you do blunders,that’s right.” “As granny told,the crow looks white.” “We’ll pounce if anyone question us,” “We’ll act in home as if we are good,” “We’ll be the saviours of our hamlet,” “We’ll offer to whoever is in need!” “We’re the so forth generation of the King’s!” Hmm… Bro, Just a single BGM,
we’ll adjust. Hmm. Okay! Okay! “A locus theatre,a locus sweet of honey,” “Shall we taste together!” “We’re as pure as gold! “Roaring lions!” “Don’t seduce us,go away.” “It’s a bare land to play,” “Cuddle and play,” “Don’t butch the goat before…” “You spoil the chore and trying to rush away, ” “I accept that you are honest,” “erstwhile a couple of vessels were burgled” I do accept, I do accept that your mother is a naive. Meet you next time. Greetings! Thank you! Brother! Yes brother! We’ll complete the final BGM and go to home. “We’re the so forth generation
of the King’s!” He gets caught. Dad! What’s all this? To whom is the reception? Who has come? It’s me! Where did you go,
to come back? To write the exams. Oh! Hey,when did you come? When do you left? How are you? You have come soon. Question paper was so easy. Is it to lift? To write… You are talking to dad with coolers, Don’t you know the respect? Take it. It’s okay, who were all these guys? Are they your classmates? They are the drummers. Oops! What does he say? They are asking for money. Just wait. Isn’t it waste of money? When my younger is at fault, it’s my duty as a elder
to take care of him. I expected this goof,
I have money with me. I’ll give dad. Hey… hey… What’s the stuff now? Happiness! Hey…hey… Hmm… No sound must emanate
till you cross the street. Go away. Tell them to go. Go away. Hey,don’t you have respect? Hey,do you act as if good? Hey…hey… What happened now? They crossed the street! What? Don’t know why they vigourously
beat the drums today? You completed the studies,
so what’s up next? Hmm,
Hmm. Mathi! Hey! Oh! What happened? Why do you cry? Mathi,why do you cry? Tell us the reason. Unless I know the reason,
I won’t allow you to take food. Be quite,Arivu. Tell now. I’m going to be a lawyer. Everyone in our house
has done a degree course. Born into this family, he failed tenth grade and
not ashamed to dine. Tears roll on when I
think of him,dad. Does tears roll on? What to do? He is not able to study. For that? Shall we leave him free? When younger brother
scored poor in studies, Uncle punished him
and made him to study better. Conjoined,leave this to me. I’ll pounce his moss and mocker
and make him to get a degree soon. Is it a must to study in such a way? What’s that you ask? Do you know why god
grant us a pair of eyes? For what? One is to perceive,
and the other one is to read. Oh… Listen to him. When listening to him,
I desire to join a school now. How does he eat
without any responsibility? Hey… Tamarind sack… You don’t worry. I’ll pounce and
push him to get a degree. Hey,he won’t thwart hunger,
How will he combat if you pounce? It’s good,that he must study. But handle him smooth. Yes mom. Mom! Hey…hey… Hey,where are you going? He goes to buy books. Where do you rush?
Wait, I’ll come. Where does he go? He goes to buy a rope,
to tie him and pounce. He made me not to eat. Sir,
-What does he say? why did you do this? What I did? What I did? As you look fair,
I expected you are educated. Huh! I’ll tear you. Everyone is pestering at me. Go away. Mom! Yes. Where is Uncle? Mom,to receive me from college, brother,friends
and even relatives has come. Why didn’t uncle come? Tell me,why didn’t he come? You had written the law exams, so afore you get the results, In order to get the entire village
under his control He left the house, Where will he be now? You must’ve seen “Actor Raghuvaran” as
slim,fair and a tall personality, But you wouldn’t have seen
a fat, dark and short person… What? You must’ve seen “Raghuvaran” as
slim,fair and a tall personality, Have you seen as a fat,
dark and short person? What? What’s this? Hey,old monster! You must’ve seen “Raghuvaran” as
slim,fair and a tall personality. Have you seen as a fat,
dark and short person? What? Hey,old monster! Bro,ask her whether
she knows”Prakashraj”? Wait,let me sort out “Raghuvaran”,first. You must’ve seen “Raghuvaran” as
slim,fair and a tall personality, Have you seen as a fat,
dark and short person? What? Hey,what’s this? “Raghuvaran!” He made Rajini to row
and Kamal to redheads. Rohini’s husband! Born in Coimbatore… What? Atlast,she made
my introduction as “Raghuvaran’s.” Yes,who are you? I’m standing so close, but you dare to look at me
shortening the eyes, I’ll crumble you. Aah! Hey, Bro, Get down. Darling,I will come back. Yes. Hey… Look at there. Hey, Who broiled with my mother? It’s an awry to leave her alive, I just broiled with her. Where are you,uncle? Leave that. How did you write the exams? Uncle,really amazing! A person in front of me is having
a long moustache, what’s the case for it? A long moustache itself is a case. See now,how I’m going to clench it? Oh no,uncle! You dare to talk with this moustache. If slothful,how the entire
zone will be under our control? Go and do your best. Tell me uncle.. We are not simple folks. We are a big turf. How did you write the exams?
-I told you I did well. So, you will score centum. Just a minute. What did you comment? We are not simple folks. We are a big turf. How do you become a turf
with only two persons? Durai!
-Kattadurai! Do you know with whom you breach? Do you know my history? You too have a history? Okay, I’ll ask you a query
from your history. What was cast by Rajarajan? Nalini. Hey,Ramarajan married her. Is it? You don’t even know the difference between
Thanjavur Rajarajan and Madurai Ramarajan, But you have a turf and a history behind it? Come on… Ashamed! Hey,frog pest! I am talking. He dreams of his son-in-law becoming
a lawyer and can manage any problem. Let the result comes. Take the vehicle. The vehicle he had taken is your’s. Did he taken away my vehicle? He took not only the vehicle,
but your girlfriend too! It’s very good location! We got the vehicle. Dude,have you written the exams well? Don’t irritate me by repeatedly asking it. Don’t be angry. I’ll make you cool now. I’ve got a new aunt for you. He rocks! Okay dude. What’s this ring tone? I’m actor Vijay’s fan. From now on,
you’re fan of mine. Come near. He rocks! Tell me,what’s your name? “Dhanalakshmi,” sir. What’s your name? “Elamurugan” Didn’t your parents accept you? We belong to different caste,sir. Not only that… Tell me. If my cousin,JP brother knows,
it’ll emanate as a huge problem. Which JP? You mean, “JP Vaandaiyar”? Yes sir. Who is that JP? Sir,his name is
“Jayaprakash Vaandaiyar.” He was elected twice unopposed,
as the union chairman. He will be in forefront if his
hamlet face any problems. If any problem arise to him, His entire hamlet stands behind him. What’s the name you mentioned? “Jayaprakash Sethupathi Vaandaiyar.” Elamurugu,we will run away, Hello… Wait sir. Dare to fall in love? Dare to fall in love? How dare you love her? Don’t you know the cadre? Will you intrude anywhere? Get lost. Are you coming to police station? Brother,please leave him. Tell not to hit him. Will you intrude in the name of love? No brother. How dare you do rowdism
in police station? To be honest,we must hit you. What? Hey,stop it. You has come here getting
a job from government. Without knowing about
the status of the zone, will you do marriage for them? Then you give information
to the newspaper and give pose to the photos. We are the relatives for generations
to take care of all the goodwill. Just do your work and get the salary. Don’t make me to come
again to police station. Uncle,what’s this fire? I can’t sleep in
this winter season, So? Gutted two huts by fire
and slept amidst of it, A bit of fire brazed to shirt. You are rocking,uncle! Have you did
the exams well? Amazing! Then
what? We’ll gut two more tiled
houses by fire and sleep. Dude,stop.
What? Where are you going dressed up
as a bridegroom,competitive to me? If I meet any bride on the way,
i’ll marry her. Your plan is good. Where did you
get this jeep? It’s stolen… Captured as per law. Sit down. You stand like
electric poles. I must take it
in reverse. Look at the back. Bro,
do you know to drive? I’ll tear you. Dude,
look at the flex board. You are “Bahubali.” I pity on “Rajamouli.” Uncle,
why did you change the ring tone? I changed the ring tone on the day
you completed the law exam. I have even changed your aunt’s name! As what? Elder aunt’s name as Ka’law’ Younger aunt’s name as Ma’law’, In between is Lai’law’. Now the”law” gets completed. Have a look at the frog pest! You are our doyen! If anyone opposes you,
they will be slayed. Doyen! Turn now.
Turn now. I’ll tear you Hey frog pest, Yes. Does he deserve
a flex board? Yes. Athivetti Ajith, Veerakurichi Vijay, Soorapallam Suriya, Is he the unified of all? Yes. Why do you keep
flex board for him? Why not for our bro? No…
you mustn’t. Why? Hey,
he is idle in house. Every day at dawn and dusk he can stand out
and state for a couple of hours. Does he need
a flex board? Welcome…
Welcome… We have already come. Do you like to have any drinks? Give us liquor, we can sit along with
musicians and drink it. If the bride and groom is interested,
can join them too. What the hell
do you ask us? Hey,
come aside Get lost. Why do you behave aberrant,
uncle? Then what? If we attend the marriage,
always ask to have drinks or to boom others! Durai! Don’t… I will assent her
if you don’t want. Hey,you come on. How is my enjoyment? Uncle,
you will be entrapped. Uncle, Look at there! Children!… Look at their cheeks. Yes,
it’s a seal. Come,
let’s check it. Hey Elayarani, where to search for you? Look for me,
where I’m. Elayarani, no one is there
in reception. Will you
please be there? Yes sister. Yes. Come,
we will go to reception. Come on. Lai’law! Uncle, Shall we come in again
through the entrance? Why? They are going
to the reception. We can befriend them
if we enter now. We can even document. Come…
Come… It’s enjoyable! Dude,
the atmosphere is more important. Grab the gift. Yes uncle.
That’s right. Come soon. Will they keep it so huge? What’s this? We must go to
courtallam to take bath. Go, dude (Chanting mantras) Eat well dude. The food is delicious. Tastes good. Can feel the taste
for four days. Hey…
uncle Shall we eat again? Dude,
they will ponder as beggars not as lawyer. Uncle,
you didn’t eat properly. What is he enacting now? Okay…
okay… Rice! Serve me first. Not here, Serve there. Sambar! There…
there… It’s enough. Dude,
you asked me to eat… Just now you ate. Let them eat. It’s good. Rice… Aah! Go there. Rasam… Dude,
you are very venom. The gravy is good,isn’t it? Tastes good. Shall I lick
my fingers? How she enjoys the food! A person from a good family
follows this style. Video,come here… Come… Superb dude! There… Yes…
yes… Why do they
shoot weirdly? We got more
gifts than expected. Tell me your name. Take it. Write our names. Durai devar,
Rs.5001, Why do you
still mention about the caste? Why not? “Shilpa Shetty”, “Sameera Reddy”, “Ishwarya Rai”, “Lakshmi Menon”… When the girls from other states… …mention their caste
along with names, Why shouldn’t
we use in our state? Write as Durai devar,
Rs.5001. How is it,
dude? This is our teaser. Write it. Along with GST! Ha… You go now. Okay,
take care. We’ll go. Uncle, What?
Do you want me to gift again? You are exactly right,
uncle. I have mistaken it. Take it. Govindaraj mooriyar,
Rs.1000. My dad. Uncle,give me the Money.
I have only Rs.2000. Good. Bhakiyalakshmi,
my mom. Rs.1000. Uncle,
give me Rs.100. Get it back, Long live “MODI”! Mathialagan Mooriyar, It’s me. Do remember me. Don’t forget. Uncle,
Rs.2000 in your name… Do you want to gift an amount or
my whole property? Go away dude. Go away. Uncle…
-Yes. I decided. About what? I ought to lead a
life with her only So you must… Me? Arrange for it. Dude,does she comes under
our maternal relationship? Almost I think… I can’t understand. Tune as a song. “It’s gold! It’s gold!” “Give me…” “Time is gold!” “Give me…” “Everything is gold!” “Will you come now?” “Time is gold!” “My dear uncle! My dear uncle!” “I can’t hold up enough!” “My dear uncle! My dear uncle!” “I can’t harbor at all.” “Search for her house!” “The mood of love has started,” “Just for once,that beauty nod
her head by gazing at me!” “I become the breeze and swayed in air!” “I ought to seek that girl,uncle!” “I ought to hold that girl,uncle!” “I ought to cuddle that girl,uncle!” “I ought to kiss her,uncle!” “I ought to seek that girl,uncle!” “I ought to hold that girl,uncle!” “I ought to cuddle that girl,uncle!” “I ought to kiss her,uncle!” “Do you feast upon the stars?” “Do you imbathe the moon and shines?” “Whatever happens,I’m with you!” “When you give me back,I’m with you!” “You conjoin me, wherever you go around!” “It’s enough,nothing more I need!” “I ought to seek that girl,uncle!” “I ought to hold that girl,uncle!” “I ought to cuddle that girl,uncle!” “I ought to kiss her,uncle!” “When’ll you step with your right
foot to my house?” “If left now,there is no
auspicious days near.” “Come now,we’ll get marry.” “We’ll inform others later” “Will you hold my lustre of love?” “We’ll lead a life with cluster of children!” “My dear uncle! My dear uncle!” “I can’t hold up enough!” “My dear uncle! My dear uncle!” “I can’t harbor at all.” “Search for her house!” “The mood of love has started,” “Just for once,that beauty nod
her head by gazing at me!” “I become the breeze and swayed in air!” Dude,have you written the exams well? Amazing! “I’ll sketch out the map and abduct her,” “I’m sharp in that task,” “She is to you!” “My dear Uncle! I’m very happy!” “My dear Uncle! I’m very happy!” SHRIMP FARM, KOVILOOR
untie the ropes. It’s the complaint
you gave to the collector. Check whether
it’s right. Read it with the same anger… …when you had at the time
of giving the complaint. Request to closure
of the prawns farm. Koviloor Karunakaran, For the last fifteen years, In 300 acres of land
is cultivating Shrimps farm. The wastage from the
shrimps farm is affecting the fertility of the neighbouring lands. Then? Last year when we protested, The farmers were fiercely
thrashed by Karunakaran. Moreover,
the complaint filed on him is at mute for past eight months. As a collector, you have to save us and
our agricultural lands. We request you
to do this favour. Hey,
when you can’t save yourself… …you thrive to save agriculture. Who is beneath you? He is Kanthangudi Govindaraj Mooriyar Owner of Coconut market. If he bawl here,
will it be audible to him? Give the iron lynch. Fizzle out now. No… No… It’s painful. Don’t thrash us. We beg you. Leave us. Leave us. Tell the clan to wait
who comes from the society. Yes,
I’ll tell. Brother, Yes dear. Brother is like a temple. Yes,
yes. Yesterday it was
your father, Today it’s your brother. Be silent. Bro,
I want Rs.5000 now. For what? We are going on
tour from college. Lord! Take it. Brother is not a temple. Hmm. You switched over as soon as
you got the money. Brother,you are my god! Go safe. Selvarani,keep it. Why brother? You don’t ask for anything. Keep it. Hmm. Hey,Elayarani… Even today she left
without taking breakfast. Greetings madam! Greetings! Welcome Mandiramoorthy, Welcome. Welcome Mandiramoorthy, Welcome. You welcome me but not
letting the way in. Why do you come here? Sir told me to come to discuss about
bridegroom to your elder daughter. Sir went to Bombay. To Bombay? Yes. No chance at all. Hmm… He won’t go without informing me. How he went?
And why he went? Mandiramoorthy,
did he married me or you? To inform you wherever he goes. No… What no? He told me clearly. About what? To come home
at the time of breakfast. He told that we will discuss
the things by dining. Oh! Now the problem is not
that sir went to Bombay. But the breakfast! Take it. Either you eat
and go or go and eat. Mandiramoorthy,don’t forget to
get the plate tomorrow. Aah… Why do you insist him to come? How many times to tell you that
our daughter must marry my nephew? Both the families are
not even in communication. But you are dreaming of blues! It will happen. I have hope. How is the board? Superb bro! Dude has come. What’s this uncle? Office of the lawyer. Look at there. Mathialagan Mooriyar, B.A., B.L, How is it? Advance and rent amount must be
soaring high at the main road. Don’t practice all those. It’s occupied. We occupied it. Hmm… Have you done the exams well? Yes. Hmm. Grabbed this chain
from the pawn broker. We’ll sell it and buy
the books on law. It’ll be useful for reference. To whom? Dude! To me! I’m thorough with the rules of law. Just waiting to… Do it safe. Oh. What guys? Yes bro. Shall we have a cup of tea?
Be seated. Take the stone. Take it bro. Which one is bigger? This one bro, Hey,why do you throw stone? I called you. Don’t stare. Get us the tea. How many? Give the other stone. Take it bro. He must be… Dude, Aren’t you searching for your heroine? Look at there. Oh,is this the parking area? Hi,
-Hi, Bus will be late it seems. Oh… Then what to do? We can do whatever we wish.
-Let’s have a tea. Order for tea. I won’t talk with him. Bro,five cups of tea. Is it light or strong? If it’s strong means,
will you add cement and bricks to it? Hey…hey… Uncle,they are going beyond limits. Shall we chide them? Leave it dude. It’s the attitude of the youngsters. Are we oldsters then? She is going to step
into our house in future, Is it good,
if she disrespect you? Dude,have you did the exams well? Yes,moulded the answers like sweet. Then chide her. Hey,come here. Brother. That girl… Call that girl who wears blue salwar, Yes brother. Call her… Call her. What? Call her. I was told it’s some other job. Hello. Yes. Brother called you. Brother? Who’s that? The handsome guy sitting on the bike,
he called you. Handsome? Oh… Don’t be panic.Come now. Can have tea later. What does he do? He is waiting.Come on. She comes dude. Somehow engage her. Brother… Aah! Yes brother, It’s you brother. Did you call me,brother? He said that you called me. Why did you call me? Nothing.Just like that… Brother,I know. You won’t call without a reason. Tell me brother. Nothing.You may go. Elayarani,bus has arrived. Hey,is that important? I’m conversing to brother. I’ll hit you. Tell me brother, why did you call me? Go… go and study well. That’s why I called you. Aah,it’s good. You won’t call me without a reason. Brother,I will study well
and enrich your name. Go… Study and enrich your name first. Hmm… Brother,money for tea? We have given in advance for a week. You may go. Thanks bulky brother. Dude,she tease me. Brother! What? Bro,now you are in anger. I’ll come in the evening. We will chit chat happily
with tea and snacks. Uncle… Go away… Bye brother. Bye bulky brother. I’ll slay her now. We must slay her boss. First you must be done. Hard to work with him. She must have splashed! Shall we go? Who are they? What did he ask? They are the flex board party. They insulted “Prabhas of Bahubali movie.” Oh…oh… Sitting idle,they creates
buzz as brother calls. If they stay here till evening, I’ll make them to race. Okay…okay… Start the vehicle. Instead she would’ve
scolded me in cuss words. Don’t cry dude. Bye. Go away. No uncle. She is our in-law. I can’t hold up when
she called as brother. Tea? How dare you spilled
the tea on my son-in-law? Get me water. Hey,stop the vehicle. Brother, Brother, come here. Yes brother, Where is Govindaraj Mooriyar’s
coconut market? He is my father. What do you want? I must meet him. Greetings! I’m Karunakaran. Hope you know well. “The Shrimps farm.” Even the parents might
haven’t feed the children. But the farmer feeds
even the beggar. Why do you think of
destructing the agriculture? No…no… I didn’t even tell you to sit
because of anger. Be seated. I’m not here to sit. I want to convey you some stuff. Sending requisitions to collector
on closure of Shrimps farm, Protesting at the corner of post office, Observing hunger strike with downtrodden, Tell them to leave all that
and work in my farm. I’ll feed to their hunger. Hey…hey… To whom are you talking? Stop it ! Hey Arivu, You be seated. Bro,the shrimps business
is not a gain to us, you export it to abroad. Don’t that countries
have shrimps and sea? Someone is trying to bilge our country, you stand by it. Isn’t it wrong? What is he upto? Mooriyar,I will nurture
even snakes if I get money. Whether it clamps or cuddles.
That’s my problem, Mind your business. What’s your problem now? Hey Arivu… Hey… Not only agriculture,
take care of your son too. Hey… Just wait. No need to hesitate still. We will decide on it. Okay brother. Raja, Brother, Tell our lawyer to get stay order. Yes brother. Arivu,let’s look at it later. Do you need a board
for a single way? Not even a single case must be
missed without knowing the way. Yes. Be careful. They didn’t go yet. Hammer it well. Hey uncle,look at there. She comes in jest mood. Rush now. Go to office,dude. Hurry up. Go…go soon. Hey,whoever asks us,
tell that we went to Tanjore. Ok brother. Tell that we went to meet
Prime minister Manmohan singh. Hey goof,that’s Modi. Don’t harass me. Hide now. Where is our brother? He went to Tanjore. Oh! Hmm… Hmm… To Tanjore? When he’ll be back? Why do you ask all that? I met a rogue in college, Remembered your brother
when I saw him. Hey goof! Why do you remember my brother? I must get him over
there and hit the rogue. She creates a show. Okay, give me your
brother’s contact number. He must be busy. Give me the number. He won’t attend unknown numbers. Oh,is he that much busy? Give it,stick candy. Who is stick candy? Give it,kulfi ice. What kulfi? Hey… What are you looking there? That’s echo. I’m talking here. Look at me and talk. You are too young. Hmm…. Keep quite. Give the number. She thinks herself as
“Devar Magan SHIVAJI” Ever orders to be quite. Tell me, How many? (Phone rings) It’s not here. Where is it? Search well. Mass! Phone must be ringing! Don’t take the phone. She took the phone. Leave it,dude. Give me the phone. He left the phone here
without any responsibility, What is he doing in Tanjore? She catch the right point. Don’t move up. First,the bulky person
must be punished. Who is bulky? Don’t push me. Tell him to meet me
and get the phone. Okay? Sister,give the phone. Again I warn you, you are too young. Keep quite. Hello… Why did you give his number? Can’t you give some other? I won’t tell lies. What?
Don’t you tell lies? You would’ve told us when
taking up the job. Now call my number and tell her
to get my phone immediately. Call soon. Hello,it’s me. Brother called now He is very angry. He wants the phone immediately. Is it okay? It seems you will lead
her though she forgets. Thrash him. Thrash him. Is it okay to say as Mathi? I never called his name.
How dare you say it? Close the shutter. Kill him. Give me the salary and hit later. Ready? Hurry up. Mound of works I did for you. Betrayers. Lift me up. Okay. Lift her. Is it okay now? First check the gallery. Here it is. Check this folder. Wait. You don’t know anything. Hey, It must be in that. Come this side. Okay. Hurry up. See this. Check it. He has Rs.750 balance. We will use it. A hidden folder in it. Sure a stuff must be there. It asks for password. Better try with zeros and lines,
that’s the password used by guys. Try out something. Hey,it’s opened up. You must tell instead of asking me. Selvarani! Brother… Where is Elayarani? She is in upstairs with her friends. Oh… Brother has come. Elayarani, Elayarani, Oh no… Elayarani, No. Does she hear me or not? Hey, look at this folder. What are you doing here? Brother! Phone moves down. Where did you keep the
cheque book which I gave yesterday? It’s down.
I’ll get it. We’ll also come. Hey,hurry up to catch the phone. Hurry up. Suseela! Stop it. It’s gone! It’s gone! It’s gone! My family will search for me. I’m leaving now. They are very strict. My family is also very strict.I’ll leave. Come soon. Bye. Check the phone. I don’t know what to do? At what time they’ll come? It’s time for the bus. They’ll come now. I must get the phone. (A song from the movie
“Baahubali” Hey,Uncle is coming with a statue. (A song from the movie
Baahubali We can’t harbor it. Solely he lifted the statue. Hey,come here. Keep it down. Be careful. Uncle,is it Bahubali-2 version? Greetings aunty!
-Greetings! Bahubali-20 is here. What happened? Listen to this tale. Tell me. Your aunt went to temple as usual. Okay. The priest told her to stand in a queue. Then? Is she going to get aadhar card
to stand in a queue? Hmm. She said she is in hurry. That’s all. The priest told her to go to
another temple,if in hurry. Then? Is it release of actor Ajith’s movie? To go to another theatre,if not here? Yes. She came weeping. You know well. I create arson just for a hand shake. If she weeps? Then you must be furious. Frenzied out. Hmm. I went straight to temple, I adhered my hands with that of priest. Just a small twist. Then? Bloodshed in his hand! It’s a fracture. Then? He told me to go with the deity
first and he’ll follow me. As he was panic,
it seems he knows our stuff. What’s the stuff? It’s that you had
written the exams well. Is it? What is it? Is it? That is! My breathe stopped for a minute. It’s so funny. Get aunt there. What dude? No…no… Catch her. Where do you run? Where is she? Why do they run? Ask them. They ran away. Where is your friend? I didn’t see her from yesterday evening. Did you go to bar? No… Don’t be elusive. She must come here
now with my phone. You must also come
along with her. If not,you can’t leave from here. Dude,shall I lift her? Get the bottle. Okay brother. It’s not fair. She has broken the phone, Is the phone broken? She didn’t broke it. It was broken on its own. How it’s possible? Is that automatic phone? Break the bottle and pierce her. No…no…
I’ll tell. Where are you looking at? She finished the narration. On the whole,
phone was damaged. Yes. Where is she? Afraid of you,
she is in home only. If you inquire,
she told me to tell as she got fever. Is it? Yes sir. Don’t tell her that I informed you. Hmm… okay. I too expect the same. You don’t tell her
that you informed me. Superb dude! Let her stay with fever. Yes. This is our ploy. How is it uncle? Good dude. Oh no! She runs.
Come fast. Grandma,if anyone inquire about me
tell them I’m not here. No one inquired. Then how to tell? I’ll lynch you,granny. Come dude,we must get a solution. Tell that I have come.
I’ve come back. Come in…come in… We have come. Who are they? Brother. Brother of my friend,granny. What happened? Fever! What happened to the phone? You mean fan?
I’ll switch on. First,you switch on the light. At first,you take the coolers. Do you like to
have a cup of coffee? Juice… We didn’t come for it. Oh,Will you have tea then? Don’t you know
why we have come here? Oh,you want to have milk? We don’t have that habit. Oh good!
Your parents brought up you well. But your parents didn’t… That’s it. I can’t manage beyond this. Hope you can understand. Please leave. My brother will be back. He’ll bland me. Leave now. I’ll give the phone tomorrow. You laughed. Then you’ll leave, Look at her. You laugh good. So you must leave immediately. Wonder,how you will manage her? Hey… Without any hint,
you are coming back! Will you surely come tomorrow? Yes,I’m sure. What to do if you won’t come? If she doesn’t come, I’ll send you a message. Will you be in WhatsApp after 8 pm? I’ll be in bar after 8 pm Those who must be in emergency
ward is following WhatsApp. They left. Is it multi purpose flour or wheat flour? What’s this? Phone is inside the flour. Flour is inside the phone. Hmm. It may cost Rs.7000 to repair your phone. What do you say? It must be modified completely. Is it your shop to be modified? Your phone. Can you offer any discount? Is it okay,
if you get only incoming calls? Brother, what word you uttered? Did I yell foul? It costs Rs.7000,
I’ll get ready with the phone. You get ready with the money. Okay,you repair the phone. I’ll arrange for the money. Go… Go… Everyone seems to be in frustration! I must enter the class without
known to anyone. For Rs.7000 worth phone,
I have to act worth ten times more of it. Good morning sir! What happened? Fever sir. So doctor told me to be
in rest for couple of days I came to college as
studies are important. I asked about Phone. I’ll come to your place to give it,sir. You may leave. I’ll stay back and get my phone. Why do you wait in the hot sun? You’ll become dark,sir. It’s okay. Why do you lose your glamour? I’ll take care of it. We must also see. Nowadays, girls adore fair
complexion guys than dark. Laugh a little,sir. I have to tell you
each and every time. Oh my god! Now,I must know
where is my phone. My friend Mala… You don’t know her,right? It’s good. She looks so cute. Hmm. She took your phone. Her grandparents were
celebrating their anniversary. So,you gifted her my phone. Oh…No way,
Good comedy Can laugh at it for the whole day. The bell has given. I’ll laugh out the balance
in the evening,sir. Sorry,I’ll get the phone
from mala and give you. You leave now, bye sir. Bye. It’s okay.I’ll wait. Dear students,concentration is more
important for biostatics class. Okay? Do you understand? According to this formula, everyone must heed to.. Will you obey me? Go… Heed to… Is he calling to watch movie? Are you going? Hmm. Elayarani, Sir. I’ll put the chair in garden, Will both of you chat freely there? Not necessary sir. Why must you feel tiring? Is it tiring? He pass signals from outside. You retort to him from here. Are we paid by the government
to witness it? You must be thrashed. Hey,get up. Rice ball head! What’s the murmurs? I said,”I’m very sorry sir.” Who? It’s you? Hmm. That too,
To me? Now you want me to go out
of the class, isn’t it sir? Hey mocker,will you decide
it on your own? Now I tell you to get out.
Get out. Get out. Demon! Rice ball! Get lost. You get lost from the job. Get lost. See her. It’s inauspicious day it seems. Hey,come on. I have to explain everything. I got phone call from Mala,sir. Then give my phone. I said she called me. What happened? Didn’t I tell you that her grandparents
are celebrating their anniversary. Yes. At that happiest moment,
they both were demised. Mala crying a lot sir. Crying…Crying… Hey… Don’t you have at least
a little conscience? You celebrated their anniversary
in the morning and dumped them by evening. Is it believable? I’m going to ask the same
query to her,sir. How many people were crucified
today in her tales? I must crucify you first. If you won’t give me the phone,
I’ll dump you. Believe me,sir. I’ll give your phone by evening. I promise on you. Sorry sir,
it’s a promise on me. Just now that professor went to canteen. I can get in only after he leaves. Sir,you go now. I’ll get you by evening. I’ll keep up my word. “Belief is life.”
“Life moves on by belief.” It’s confusing. Hey yellow shirt,
believe me! Govindaraj Mooriyar,Head of Agricultural society,
Pattukottai taluk, has filed a public welfare case
against Karunakaran of Koviloor. …As the wastage from the
Shrimps farm cultivated by Karunakaran, …is polluting the fertile lands. Still how many days to hide? I’ll consummate everything today. Is there any notion in your kit? No. Then how? Notion emerges impromptu
when looking at his face. See how I’ll manage with that… Hey… Sir,when talking about a piety, a good personality stands in front of me. Sir,I learnt a deterrent example from you. What’s that? Mala is very fraud. Who? She? Hmm. She says phone is here and there. Finally,she has given the phone in the shop. Why she must give the phone in shop? Known that you are more familiar in Pattukottai. Is it? Hmm. She said that she’ll return the
phone after service of it as it’s VIP’s. I never heard of this in my experience. I asked the same query to her. For that she replied… Tell me. It’s a terrific comedy,
if you listen to it. When we get pulses to flour mill,
they were broken into fine flour. So,you had broken the phone. I told about the pulses. I asked about the phone. Huh!… Hey,where is my phone? You are mislaying words! Now your shaft is going to solidify. You are crossing your limits! Now I’m going to cling
a mask in your face. Everyone is staring at us. Let them know,
the way you cheated. The backlash will be worst. Won’t you subdue still? Get me to the shop. Hi, To whom are you waving hands
when no one greets you? Don’t touch me. It’s my area. So,if I touch? Then you will be grazed. How is it? Comedy… Naughty. Yes. Boss, Sir. Give me the rope. Take it. Is he your classmate? It’ll be known later. Is it? First,show me the shop. Is this one? It’s fertiliser shop. Is that one? That’s timber shop. Is it ode? Do you like it? Will kick you now. Show me the shop. I’ll give it tomorrow. Show me, Get lost. Tomorrow… Hurry up. They smashed us. Uncle,what happened? What happened? Why everyone is standing out? Why the market is closed? Uncle,what happened? Tell me. Thrash them. Go and get the keys. Get lost. Hey,close the gate. Sir,they smashed us. Hey,what are you doing here? Who closed the market? Hey,stop it. Your brother gets order
from the court and come along with collector
and commissioner. to close my shrimps farm. But I came alone to lock
the coconut market. Let him get the keys
if he is dare enough. Hey,if you talk anything
ill about my brother… How you dare to close my farm? Now It’s my turn. Show it to your brother. If you are the doyen here,
he is the doyen in other zone. Can’t you be calm,Karuna? Is that Kalaiyarasi? Come in Kalaiyarasi, Come in son-in-law. Be seated. Karuna,she is your aunt Kalaiyarasi. He is your nephew,Karunakaran. I have to introduce the relationships. Be seated,aunt. It’s okay. Get coffee for them. Okay brother. It’s okay, let it be. I didn’t get you anything
because of urgency. It’s okay,aunt. You have come, that’s enough. What happened? A brawl in Shrimps farm. Why do you get into brawl? Didn’t my brother come? Known that you are coming,
he left just now. Don’t know still how long
he’ll carry on the angst. When the good time may come? It’ll come. It’ll come. Don’t worry. Uncle! Kalaiyarasi only stumbles
for relationships. Her brother invited everyone
for Karuna’s marriage, But didn’t even utter a word to us. You too didn’t invite us for
brother-in-law’s marriage. We thought of inviting… You repeat the same. You say they didn’t give the invitation, He says you didn’t
invite for the marriage. What’s the solution if you
extend on the words. You are looking for a bridegroom
to your elder daughter. He is searching for a bride to his brother. Both of you discuss and decide
about their marriage and invite all. Is it okay? Don’t cry. Rajangam, we’ll find an auspicious day for engagement. And invite all for the grand occasion. Is it okay? Uncle,you must make
it a good occasion. Sure. Everything will be good. Are you happy,son-in-law? Yes uncle. We’ll leave. Take care of your health.
Yes uncle. Karuna,I’ll send off them. Okay. Come…Come… Find out who has attacked
brother-in-law. He must be lynched. Hey,what’s this bag? As I query for the phone,
have you decided to leave to other zone? Just now the shop is open. Here is your phone. Okay,what’s this bag? I got it to go on tour. Tour? Yes sir. Our college students are going on a tour. Is it? Yes. Okay,come with me. I’ll drop you in college. How to go,sir? I repaired your phone with the tour fee. What do you say in home? Why do you bother,sir? You got the phone. Leave now. What do you say in home? Somehow I’ll manage.
what’s your problem? What do you say in home? That’s why I came in a
hurry in the morning. I’ll tell them by shedding tears that
I missed the bus though I went early. Everyone will believe me in home. Okay,we’ll go. We’ll go. Where to go? Listen to me,come. Sir, Why? Hmm. Take it. Go. I can’t go without money. You may go. How can I go,
when I got back the money? I kept money in your bag. Go… Mathi, your phone! Did I hang around you just
to get this phone? “I fleet as a dragonfly,” “I waft as a bird,” “Enchanted a little,asked for consort,” “You has bequeath me your heart.” “To adore your beauty,
you conquered me fully.” “I stride on the down hill as an ant,” “I bear you in my head as
sweetened sugar,” “I fleet as a dragonfly,” “I waft as a bird,” Like the dust which heave high,
when the breeze waves” “Drizzled as drops, ” “Subdued at earthward,” “Prattle with words,” “You listen to me whole heartedly,” “You breathe for me,” “Drizzles along with the
hot sun is a wonder,” “I was counting on the time
you come closer to me”, “As avowed all that, I came closer to you”. “Like a dragonfly, I fleet like a dragonfly,” “Like a bird, I waft like a bird.” “The beautiful look you stare at me, Is sweetened now,” “How you transposed me?” “When rain pours,” “I ramble as a cattle,” “You waved me the leaf,” “I nod my head.” “You turn over my mind
as a betel leaf,” “You clocked up my mind after
additions and omissions.” “The line you hold up for me,” “My heart is your dwelling place,” “I fleet as a dragonfly,” “I waft as a bird,” “Enchanted a little,asked for consort,” “To adore your beauty,
you conquered me fully.” Do the homework. Where are you going
without having food? Today i’m getting the results. Will check and eat later. Pray god and go. Everything will be good. Yes dad. Hmm. Hi dude, What’s this,uncle? It’s the police vehicle. I know that. A new vehicle! police attire! I can’t understand anything. What’s the day today? Today comes my result. It’s judgemental day. Oh… Why do you wear this police attire? Why to ask it? I was in a hurry to check the results. Okay. On the way,at the bridge a
policeman stopped me. Whom he stopped? “It’s me” I asked him what’s the stuff? He asked whether I have papers. I asked which daily? He asked me whether I have RC book? Okay. I replied that I’m in Face book
and will he give a friend request? He asked whether I know
the privilege of this attire? I told him to give it to me. so that I wear and check out with others. I told it in my style. He gave his attire to me
and stands with vest in bus stop. You look cute when smiling. Go and check the result. Come. Uncle,why the ambulance comes here? I informed to come. It’s only hitting people so far. Hereafter,it’s lynching! Go and check the result. It’s the result for everyone today. Come on. Hmm… Come on. Uncle! Yes dude, I passed the exams. Son-in-law passed the exams. Father and son duo… Get a family punch. Boss,check whether it’s right. No… Uncle,wait a minute. Don’t control me when in position. The initial has changed,Uncle. That means? I’m failed. Can’t even get in bail? Damn sure,
it’s not possible. Hey stop. Hey come… Come fast. He said he did the exams well. Come on. We know you’ll come here. Cramp him. You too joined? You shouldn’t sit at
anywhere hereafter. Pour the hot water. You made me to work for
your son-in-law. It’s burning! What to do? Leave me. I must get into the pond
and cool myself. Catch him.
Leave me. Don’t hit. Leave me. Don’t hit. Leave me. Just a minute,
i’ll call back. Tell me. Hey Mathi,where are you?
Tell me. Your brother gorged poison. Hey,what do you say? Yes,hurry up to coconut market. Get up. Arivu, get up. Hurry up, What happened? Why did you do it? Can’t you remember any of the
family members before homicidal? Move… Didn’t you ponder of our parents stance,
if it goes baneful? You would’ve told me whatever it is! Why did he do it? Your brother’s love girl
is getting married tomorrow. As he is afraid of talking
to your dad, he gorged poison. Which hamlet the girl belongs to? Greetings! Rajangam… Mathi,the bride is the sister
of whom you are in love. We are here for the sake of your brother. Two of your families were egalitarian. But if we abduct this girl,
damn sure your love will be left in perils. Mathi,ponder well. First,let me prefer my affinity. Later,the love of my life. It’s okay. That one! Who’s that? The door is locked. Who locked it? Someone has come with a sickle
to selvarani’s room. Whatever you said… Yes. Hey,go that side… You go this side… Mathi,we crossed the temple. Turn the vehicle. Dude,they didn’t go afraid of us, They left in search of temple. Can’t open the door. Hey no! Hey no! Don’t worry son-in-law. What happened? Easwari,take that plate.
What? What happened? She left us. No… Brother-in-law,our relationship
mustn’t wane just because she left. Both of our families must be
unified as my mother’s wish. Elayarani, Come here. I promise now, My younger sister will
marry your brother. Get the plate. Dad,come near. Take it. Come. Everything will be good. Hello… I’m Elayarani’s friend speaking. Tell me Is it sir? Okay sir. Okay sir.
Okay sir. Your son and that girl
surrendered in thanjavur SP office. You can leave now,sir. We’ll leave. I’m leaving. Yes sir. Whom are you talking about? Is it about our boss? Get lost. Hey, why are you shouting? I’ll pounce you. What’s the reason to brawl now? Govindaraj mooriyar Mediating is to doyens! Hey whom you call by name? We’ll slay you. Isn’t he Govindaraj mooriyar? I’ll slay you. Who slays whom? I’ll torn you into pieces. What are you talking about? Stop it. Is he having horns? I’ll hit you hard. Stop it. Don’t breach with them. Come on. If you are bold enough,talk to us. Listen carefully, We’ll seize them both
wherever they may be. What are you looking at? Hey… Stay back and talk. Mooriyar,stay back. Stay back and talk. Elder guy is better than him. Being afraid,
he gorged poison. But the younger guy He abducted selvarani And got her married. We mustn’t leave him idle. It’s a festival today
in their village. The whole village will be at temple. Abduct him. I’ll take care of
whatever is the result. Ok, brother – in – law The auspicious pole can be laid
after six months only. Auspicious time for bridegroom. Starts after eight months That’s why I say, it’s possible only after six months. Can’t we proceed it afore? We are blood relatives, If there is any remedy
we can rectify that and proceed. We mustn’t do
the auspicious event on compulsion. If we do so? I mustn’t say it. But for your sake I’m telling it. If you proceed against it, A life will be departed. What do you say? Yes,if you proceed against it, a life will be departed. Past,because of our urgency
we are at this stance. It’s good to abide by astrologer. Your decision is exactly right, sir. If you proceed against it,
a life will be departed. We’ll go by his words. Let the marriage be after
six months or a year. I’ve to discuss an important
subject to you. Tell me None of your family members
should be in touch… …with the family of your elder sister. I’ll lynch Mathi in future Then it won’t be good
if you prefer their relationship. if anything happens so. I’ll send back your younger
sister at the earliest, I would’ve told you on the day
of engagement, But I curb my tongue
as it’s not decency. I promise you that even
my dog won’t go there. If you don’t have faith, I’ll make a promise in front of family deity. Your word is enough to me. Bala speaking, Where are you? We are in hospital. What happened? Priya, a missed girl is at the audio room. We request her parents to come here. Again I repeat… He must know the reflex
if he intrude in JP family. If he is brother-in-law of JP,
is he a big doyen? I’ll pounce him if I see him today. How dare he yells at dad? What you say is right. They may entrap to your anger. What? Look at there. Search everywhere. Tamarind sack, give me your cloth, We’ll enjoy it today.
He shouldn’t be missed. It’s true that god is there. What do you want? Announce this. You leave,I’ll read it. The JP clan searching for Mathi, Don’t go anywhere. Come near to the pond at the temple. Mathi is waiting for you. Don’t oversee right and left Come soon. Come on. He must breathe his last today. Uncle, he is afraid as you
yelled at his father. He signals you to go aside. You be aside,
I’ll breach at him. Hey, what are you thinking about? You arretsed the one who were beaten
but left the one who hit them. Come with me. Hey,sit down. Hey On that day You created ruckus in police station
for the marriage of some other girl. Now,he abducted your sister. If you are bold enough,hold his shirt. Hey,what do you blabber? Dude,we’ll leave.
We’ll leave. At this situation
the police will only support him. Look after the marriage works,
I’ll lynch Mathi. Come. Listen to me. Your countenance must be pityful. You too brother. I’ll go home earlier By the time you come I’ll enact the play before dad. How? Are you a elder son? You must chide me if I’m at fault. But you do everything. Rogue.
Rogue. You can chide me straight away
if you wish. It’s my performance before dad
for your goodness. Ever our family even went
by the side of police station? But you made
our dad to go to police station. Are you human? You gorged toxicant… Don’t want to tell that incident. Mom and aunt will cry. It’s a matter of sentiment. It’ll work.
Listen to me. Do parents bear
if anything happens to you? Do I bear if parents suffer? Do family bear if I suffer? Without any knowledge of this,
you got married! Get lost, dog. Dog! I’ll yell at you in this manner. Immediately dad will say that, Shut your mouth You dare to yell
at elder brother without respect. My child,you get in as couple. He will ask you to get in. You imitate as dad. I know his attitude As well as his voice. I’ll go. Come,we’ll go. Come little bit late. Why? It must be a live performance
though scripted. First, I’ll get ready. How did you select him? Hope all his notion may work out. Brother. Brother. Hey, stop there. How dare you come here? Do you know,his name
was spoiled because of you? Are you a elder brother? Do you know the stance
of elder brother? Half part of dad and
other half of mom! Good dialogue Aren’t you ashamed to be here? Get lost. What do you say? Dad, is it right? Yes, perfectly right. Dad! Go out. Go… What do you say? Born in this family, he ditched us. Gorged poison. Go… Brother, he is pityful. If anyone converse more than this, I’ll go out of this house. He told. Go out. Mathi! what do you blabber? Go…
Go… He goes out. Boss,a small hint. Hey,shut up you mocker. Dare to hint out to me. Go away.
Go away. Go aside. Feed the cow at the backyard. Where do you go? Is the cow inside the house? Go at the back. Get her in. Come sister. Dude, get in. I’ll take care. Go It happened contrary to my plan. I must manage somehow. Boss! It’s known now,
why the cow yields less quantity of milk. Stop. Why to stop? Please stop. Listen to me. It’s good performance. You planned well and sent us out. Can’t you understand? What I must understand? When dad was talking,
can’t you say that it’s all your plan? For what?
To send me out? I can unify you only
if I stay in house. I didn’t expect dad’s words. Mathi I’m worried to stay alone without you all. Don’t worry. Everything happens for good. If you are unified in our house, Her household would’ve been insane. If you are unified on her house Our parents may resent. It’s the exact situation To create a pity on you So that you’ll be unified
soon with families. What Mathi says is right. I’ve arranged for your stay
in my friend’s house. Be here.i’ll come with the keys. Will you come soon? I’ll come. I must set right my brother’s life. You’ll never change. I know how to handle you. At the family situation,
you use foul words. I said it’s money. No… Tell us something. Why do you keep silent? Hey Elayarani,
We can know only if you tell, Tell us. Hey Go and talk to him. Talk to him. What’s the subject Mathi? I came to meet you. What’s the use of meeting? My family decided to correct
the fault happened at my sister’s marriage. So engaged me for marriage. You tell what I must do now? Erstwhile,in marriage hall, It’s good if you’ve got me also
along with my sister. Nothing is going to happen. I’m confident that we’ll be together. I don’t have even a bit of confidence. It’s disheartening to both of us
if you come here. Don’t come here Mathi. “Who is that personage?” Who bequeath to? “The wounds which never heals,” “Who is that personage?” “Who need to tell? ” “The solution to heal the wounds. ” Mathi, when you have time
please come to meet us. You are the only relation to us. “Will it amend?
Or will it go contrary?” “The fate plays a ploy now,” “Who is that personage?” “Who bequeath to?” “The wounds which never heal.” “Who is that personage?” “Who need to tell? ” ‘The solution to heal the wounds. ” “There is no moon without barrier” “There’ll be no relationships if faults are thick,” “Relationships are the soul,” “Moulded with blood,” “It’ll emerge even if something
happens to you,” “Who is that personage?” “Who bequeath to?” “The wounds which never heals,” “The relationships are far-flung,” “The eyes are wet,” “Will it amend? Or will it go contrary?” “The fate plays a ploy now.” Dad! No…
No… Hey what happened? We killed brother on our own. We killed him. What do you say? They both met with accident. When?
Where? They are in hospital. Raja Brother, Raja, come soon. Take the vehicle. Selvarani! Mom! Are you well? Yes dad. We were informed that you are dead. Will you come to see me only if I’m dead? What do you say? You spent all this days without me! Why you did so? Hey,arivu! Dad,forgive me. What happened to you? What happened? Nothing to me I’m breathing now only. Nothing to me mom. We got an information that
you met with an accident. That is… It’s not accident boss, It’s our plan. Scoundrel Don’t you know what to play with? We were horrified! Nothing serious to you, right? Witnessing the hardships of all of us,
Mathi planned it to unify us. You would’ve told it afore he slapped me. How do I know that he’ll slap? You look fair, Hey, be quite. but don’t know anything… Come Mathi, come.
Come. You cheated us by enacting a drama. Today is the day you did
something good. Don’t cry.
They are well and good. Be careful. Son, get blessings from your in-laws. Bless you. Aunt Hmm Take it.
No… Hey, don’t refrain their money. Take it son-in-law. Ammu, I’ll get coffee. We are happy. You mean “Ammu?”
Yes,brother calls her as “Ammu.” Ammu,Do get coffee to all… The same way I’ll call my wife as Gummu… Aah! Yes They got the coffee. Give it. An important stuff, I didn’t even seek permission
from my husband We’ll get our son and daughter-in-law
to our house. We’ll get them along with us. We are panic about our elder son. We can’t even do baby shower for her. Why do you worry? She is our daughter. Yes. We’ll do baby shower. We’ll inform you for an auspicious day, You all should come. All of you must come. Have to think of my elder son’s reaction. We’ll try to come. Why do you hesitate when we invite you? You must come. All of you… You all must come. Mathi Yes. I’m very happy. You saved me
when I gorged the poison. You helped me to
marry the girl whom I loved. You unified our families too. As an elder I must do you all, but though younger
you did me everything. You are my brother. Talking to me as if I’m a neighbour. Only wish to me is if a boy is born,
we’ll call him by our dad’s name. If it’s a girl,
we’ll call by our mom’s name. Arivu… Mathi… Come That side. Catch him. Hurry up. Lynch him I’ll lynch him.
Damn sure. If not,i’ll mock his head and
make him wander as mad. Call me after it’s done. You get caught. Lynch him. Come on. If ten persons hold sickle in your hamlet, Each and everyone holds sickle here. You must have a mark of coming. Are you worried about me
when I’m in hospital? I know you’ll be fine. You know I’m fine! Why do you outburst in anger now? Am I idle in house? What’s the hectic work you had? Tell me ramesh… Stop the vehicle. Yes ramesh. You mean,I… Myself, my husband and driver
we all three in jeep, No… We are in travelling. What would’ve he asked? Okay ramesh, I’m busy right now. I’ll call you tonight. Who is ramesh? You don’t know. To know only I’m asking. Tell me. What’ll you do by knowing? What? She enjoys the number! Tell me suresh. Myself, my husband Durai… Whom you mention is
Thangadurai, slim and tall. No, the short one is Thambidurai. He is bulky and plump. His name is Attackdurai. It’s now the name is in sync to me I’ll call back, Suresh. Who is this Suresh? Friend of Ramesh. You are yet to say who is Ramesh? What do you want now? You must know who is Ramesh?
Isn’t it? Hey, switch on the speaker. Is it a festive to switch on the speaker? Tell me Madhesh. Next? In trichy? In white attire? Is it at the entrance of
kalaiarangam theatre? Are you waiting? Tell me that first. My heart pains. Sir, is she your second wife? Not even a second she was my wife. I expected it. What did you tell the driver now? What? Now you want to know who is Madhesh?
Isn’t it? I don’t want to know. So,you are doubtful on me? It’s confirmed long back Do you know about me? Do you know,buffalo? She decided to leave. Listen to me. Tell me Ramesh, Suresh, Madhesh
I call them all as brothers at day. What about at night? I’ll sleep at nights. Hey how innocent performance of her!
I’ll slay her. Did she left? Vignesh.
All goes behind her Someone come this side. Tell me, Tomorrow morning is the “Baby shower.” We know, that’s why
we are preparing sweets. You called in between. All must come tomorrow. Damn sure we’ll come. Okay aunty, My daughter’s favourite
Snacks and sweets… Someone knocks the door. Don’t know who it is? Open it aunt. Who? My daughter likes Jhangri. Whatever it is,come inside and tell. Easwari,come here. My daughter likes Jhangri. You told it then. You only told me to say inside. Is it a problem now? We must do all the items before dawn. Everything is okay,
but how’ll you leave in the morning? Do the favourite breakfast of my son. We’ll leave without any doubt. When he goes that way,
we’ll go in our way. Superb aunt! God must be with us. What about the in-laws? I’m calling them now. Find out whether they left? Find out whether they left? Welcome… welcome… Tell me, Grandma, have you started? My grandson is yet to leave. We’ll start as soon as he leaves. Come soon grandma. Yes, we’ll come…come… Go and dine. Aunt, here is the chutnety. No,it’s salty. I put just a little. You put it? You too added? No… What to do now? He’ll throw on our face. You are working without
adept to the situation. He is your son,
You go to serve him. I forgot to tell you at your marriage. You must serve your husband.
I’ll serve to my husband. Oh good! Most of the
time you own him so adamantly. Okay, I won’t utter from today, Go now Come Serve him. For me too. Taste of salt is perfect in chutney. Why it’s very much salty? Not at all. It’s right. Tastes good today. Is it?
Have some more. Oh my god! You are going out, When you’ll be back? I’m going to PWD on the matter of contract. Let it be,
When you’ll be back? I know only when I go there. Will you come for lunch? I’m yet to leave, But asking when I’ll be back? Why do you resent? As you go out, tell them
at what time you’ll be back. What dad,you too talk without understanding? Why do you resent to dad? Tell clearly whether
you come for lunch or not?or for dinner? Why a new affection today? Each of you inquire when I’ll be back? Responsibility! It’s responsibility.
When you’ll be back. I’ll come,
As soon as possible. You leave without having food. You don’t know to prepare the chutney,
Responsibility emerges. Ask them well. He left. We’ll hurry up.
Go go Keep it fast. Tell them to hurry up. Yes,they are coming. It’s getting late. We are coming there. Is everything here?
Yes, it is. Come fast. Who is that in phone?
Younger son-in-law Come, let’s go. God save us! Easwari,look for the good sign
as we go for auspicious function. Yes aunt. Oh no, aunt! What happened? My husband’s vehicle is coming. No. Why does he come back?
Don’t know what’s the stuff? You call him and ask. I’ll smash your head,
not bothered as my mother. You can smash her head later,
Get in first. Wait i’ll come. What are you doing? I’m taking away the coconut pieces. It’s okay.
Leave it. It’ll be known. We must manage. Come in.
We’ll get caught. Leave it.Hey, get in. What?
Yes. Wait,don’t close.
What happened? At this crucial time, your wife needs sweet.
It’s not for me. It’s for you. Don’t open your mouth. He has come.
Get in, Be careful. Broken the coconut! He’ll splash!
Sit at each corner. Phone…
It’s very important. Phone! 1 Where is the saree?
-Here it is. Okay!
-How is it? The A.E is twisting to dawn and dusk, I called his home but it’s unattended. Is the whole family enacting a drama? Bloody thieves. Why are you back so soon? Where did i come? I’m back to home, isn’t it? She is asking that you are back soon. As A.E is late today,
they told me to come by noon. Why do wear necklace on the nighty? Fear of theft. Yes, isn’t it aunt?
Yes. Let it be. Why coconut is broken outside? It might have fallen from the tree. Will it fall down as sheared?
Didn’t I tell you? Nowadays,who knows what falls and how? If we look at it,what about other works? Mom, why did you change the dress so soon?
Are you going out? It’s me,who told aunty to go to temple.
Isn’t it? Goddess Mariamman!
So yellow colored saree You can go now. Tell him. As it seems to rain, we are waiting. Why dad is sleeping with coolers? It’s hot sun. As he felt
his eyes are itching, He sleeps with the coolers. What’s that tales are you telling? What grandma,
sitting like a lizard on the wall? Did anyone yell at you? Don’t be afraid.
Tell me. Open your mouth and tell. Have you stuffed anything in your mouth? Swallow it. Not yourself and your countenance is good. (Phone rings) Mom. Do that ring tone adheres to your age? No.
Take it. Oh! Easwari, I can’t take it because of hip pain. Who calls you? Are you searching or dancing? It’s down,take it Give it.
Hello, Grandma,have you started? Are you veterinary doctor? Will you check only chicken or even crane? Tell me now.
Tell me. Why didn’t you all come yet? My grandson is back to home When you’ll leave then? Don’t know that Easwari…
Yes, coming. He removed his shirt. Switched on the tv Grandma, your performance must exceed
the real actor on the notion I give you now. Yes. I got chest pain Kalaiyarasi,I got chest pain. My beloved daughter-in-law, come soon Aunt! What happened to you? What happened? Chest pain. Oh! Aunt has got chest pain. Come soon. What happened? Grandma has got chest pain Is it? Yes.
No…Hubby! Why do you call him?
Shouldn’t I call him? No… No. My mother! Get in. Open the door. Not that,
This door. Is it vigorous, grandma?
Yes. Which doctor are you going to consult? “Dr.Balakrishnan.” Which Balakrishnan? Dark and stout person. The doctor who killed your grandfather. It’s routine for him. Oh no… He escaped on the day of grandfather’s death If anything goes wrong now, I’ll shoot him.
What? Where are you going now? To get the gun. Gun? He goes there… Here… Again he goes there He checks the bullets We’ll rush. Left me.
She is a nuisance. My head! No…my head. Rajangam, get me too. They are coming. I told you know,
In-laws only. Yes. Welcome…Welcome…
Welcome… Welcome… Welcome kinsfolk! We have been late. Is the auspicious moment crossed over? Nothing like that. The moment when we
all be together is auspicious for us. It became a huge task to
manage my grandson. We picked her up from college too We are afraid that you may not come. 1 Where did the younger son-in-law leave us? He was calling all in the family from yesterday. He doesn’t know my
younger daughter’s contact number. If not, he would’ve called her also. Why are you standing here?
Come in. Come. A good example for the joint family! How happy they are! I’m also from a joint family. Is it? Yes! That’s why I’m so happy. Who are all with you in the family? It’s me and my wife. Parents of my wife. Brothers of my wife. Sisters of my wife. Their Children. And my sister-in-law, All stay with me. Do you know about of joint family? Are you making fun of me?
Just now I told you in detail. Are you a single person? I’ll tell you what’s joint family. If you build a house on your own, And be with your parents, brothers and sisters, and making them to be happy
all along is the joint family. Doesn’t mean as joint family
if you join an already existing family. Simply teasing elders and sisters-in-law there. Everything has been well and good What? Is it teasing of sister-in-law? You are funny. I’m telling you seriously. Not only joint family,
How a family should be is shown now, watch it. Whom do you mention? “Colorful bangles,” “Begets melody in cute hands,” “Bless her…” “Lustrous gold bangles,” “Shines in hands,” “Mount the bangles,” “Recite him lily-white
words into his ears, ” “The tot heeds to will string to it,” “A new dawn,on the earth,” “Within petty days,
the tot will smirk at you, ” “A melody lullaby will devour in castle,” “The entire region will collogue
about your son,” “The entire kinship will enjoin
about your son,” “Colorful bangles,” “Begets melody in cute hands,” “Bless her…” “Lustrous gold bangles,” “Shines in hands,” “Mount the bangles,” “The tot will bounce and bounce,
and will hit on my chest,” “He’ll hug me with his lilliput hands,” “The entire kinship unifies at the moment,” “The cub of the lion arrives
to bind us together,” “A melody lullaby will devour in castle,” “The entire region will collogue
about your son,” “The entire kinship will enjoin
about your son,” Do we have difference in community or status? Why didn’t any of your relatives has come? Your elder son also didn’t come. We would’ve been happy if he has come Not that, my son is against this marriage. We planned our elder daughter’s marriage
with my nephew. That’s why. My husband and my brother
were childhood friends. As they want that relationship intact, They got married in both households. After five years,
my sister-in-law committed suicide. I lodged a police complaint
against him thinking that he must have tortured
my sister and killed her. Police filed a case and
imprisoned him for more than a year. Later on,I was known that it’s not the fault
of my brother-in-law but my sister’s The moment we realised our mistake we went to him to ask for forgiveness. But he was not willing to see us. So we planned to fix a match to
his son and my daughter, But afore this marriage happened. Now we have engaged
our younger daughter to my nephew. She is going to be the
bridge to our affinity. Don’t cry. Then what? My brother’s house is merely
a distance of 12km. I haven’t seen his countenance
for past 32 years. Tears roll on when there is an emotional support. You are also like my brother. The marriage will happen in a good way. Not only your both families,
we all three together will do this marriage. Wipe your tears,don’t cry. Hi uncle,had food? Dumped my belly. Didn’t you leave? To where? To house. Why? What do you say? What dude? Only part one of Bahubali was over. Aah! Second group of Bahubali is in search of me. Oh! Kattapa is on anger, He’ll mutilate me if get caught. That’s why didn’t go to home
and roaming around. What’ll you do then? Dude,they didn’t go afraid of us, In my absence, they went to
younger aunt’s house. As usual she was escaped. Then they turned to elder aunt’s house. They asked me as soon as
they entered. Hmm. She replied that I went out. Hmm. They asked when I’ll be back. She said it’s known only when he comes. Is it? They said to stay back till I come. The beer they bought is in our fridge. They ordered for egg omelettes
before the beer gets chilled. Does she works in a restaurant? No. Someone in that clan asked
for pepper in the omelette. She stared at them. He threatened her. Oh! She borrowed spices to use to their taste. She gave more than they asked for. Don’t they have that gratitude? Yes. After their enjoyment they must have left. But someone asked her to dance. Hmm. She stared at them. Why? They tortoured her to dance. She manage her best to be a wife. They compelled her to dance. Younger aunt is actor vijay’s fan. So she would’ve managed
with a couple of steps. But elder aunt is actor Rajkiran’s fan. She can’t dance at all. She doesn’t know to dance then? No… You simply ask as if
she doesn’t know to cook? She is a family woman. You ask as if she is a slander. Dude, will you pass in next
attempt of your exam? Hmm. Don’t ponder, dude. Your aunt’s life will pass on
by preparing omelettes. No uncle. What I think is that it’s good
to send aunt to dance class. It’s foolish to tell you my story. They are far better than you. I’ll save my wife by apology to Kattappa. Uncle, What? Exams. Get lost. You mulled me with it. Kattappa, where are you? I’m coming… Easwari, come here. What happened? Will you eat something? Why did you slap her? What happened? I left her not killing. Why are you angry? What happened? What hasn’t happened? Everything is over. What do you say? Do you all went to elder
daughter’s house? I’m asking you, Do you all went? Yes. She made our family ashamed. I’m trying to make things right. But you all went there and enjoyed. Who told you? Who? Who told you? So,it’s not at fault you went there? but you bother about who said me? It’s our fault to go
without informing you. You may feel hurt if you are informed. You would’ve get lost at the same way. Shameless beings. Do you all intake only food? Hey, stop it. You are talking unnecessarily. What am I talking? Shameless clan. What happened now to yell at us? Are you my father or am I your father? All the three are my children. Can I leave her alone if she desert us? You can understand it only
when you come of my stance in future. Leave it. He talks in anger. You talk to him equalising. Be silent. Will he talk rubbish in anger? What happened now to yell at us? Your nephew called me and said, to cancel the marriage. He tells the younger girl also to elope. Then how about our daughter’s marriage? Leave it. What the hell he says? Isn’t there any bridegroom
for my daughter? I’ll look after it. He says determined. Let him look after everything. I won’t interfere in any stuff. What’s this? Uncle talks in temper. Hey… Just be calm. That’s the line of respect to you all. What promise you made on that day? Not even your pet dog
will go to that house. But except your dog,
everyone in your house went there. Don’t stand out at my house. If I go in now,it’s a shame to you. Go away afore I get in. Mathi made me feel ashamed. I mustn’t leave him alive still. He must be lynched at first. Then only my brother-in-law will respect me. He’ll come to my house to marry my sister. Hello, Elayarani! Tell me, Where are you? In college. I’ll convey you an incident.
Listen without panic. What happened? Just now I told you not to panic. Okay, tell me The bride groom engaged to you, He… Is he dead? No,not to that extent. His household rejected you as bride. Sister-in-law! Be qualm How to be qualm? It’s difficult. All of a sudden when you say,
what can I do? What can I do? Don’t cry dear. I’ll try sister-in-law. I’ll try. Too young to carry on. I’m not worried about my brother, Not worried about my him. Are you free now? Why? Shall we enjoy a tune? “I’m not aghast of my brother,” “I’m not aghast of my father,” “I’m not aghast of the clan,” “I’m not aghast of the whole world,” “I’m the rose, blossoms for you,” “Lift me as you wish,” “I’ll go to my vicinity as mass,” “You are my basha of love.” “Is your name Manickam,
lies as a secrecy to all?” “Come on dear… Come on dear…” “Come on…” “Come on dear… Come on dear…” “Come on…” “You’re the barnyard fowl,” “I’m the sesame oil,” “You cook as you wish,” “I’ll taste delicious.” “I felt gloomy as presumed
that you’ve forsaken me,” “Hey dear, latched on to your hands now,” “We have become a remix,” “We’ll bang sixes hereafter.” “I’m not aghast of my brother,” “I’m not aghast of my father.” “Look out for a auspicious date,” “Plant the poles for awning,” “Serve a good menu on the leaf to the horde,” “The garlands won’t be withered ” “If anyone inquire us we’ll heed to it,” “When’ll the drums bang?” “When’ll the beatitude abound?” “Play the tune of the ‘king of Music, Illayaraja’
and tie the knot,” “I’m not aghast of my brother,” “I’m not aghast of my father,” “I’m not aghast of the clan,” “I’m not aghast of the whole world,” Selvarani, Aunt! Uncle asked for a cup of coffee,
didn’t you give yet? I’ll give now. He is the father-in-law not only to you, But to me also. Okay, be careful. Hmm. Will chill uncle by serving hot coffee. Okay…okay… Uncle, coffee. I’m not habitual of taking coffee. Hello. I’ll talk to dad. Don’t worry. Dad! Mathi and Illayarani love each other. Is it? Yes,it is! What must I do now? Nothing to do dad. It’s enough if you agree. If I agree? We’ll ask for formally. If not? If not,we’ll abduct her. Aah! Is it okay,dad? You go. Tell him to come. Hmm. Go. Happy dad. Mathi,I spoke to dad. He feels happy in soul. But doesn’t show off. You go and talk to him. Everything will be well and good. Hmm. Dad! Yes, come. What I know and your brother told, Is all these the fact? Yes dad. Hey. How long will you ruin a family? Your brother slapped them before they come out of it, you are ready to slap next. I would’ve sent you out of the house
on your brother’s marriage. As you saved your brother’s life, I left you and sent him out. Hey, as there is no girls as siblings,
you don’t know the hardship. On that day,Kalaiyarasi felt sad
about her relationship with brother. It’s still in my mind. They are a affectionate family like our’s. Though the marriage you
did to your brother is at fault, I felt happy when you unified
both the families But it’s clear now,you did everything
for your sake. Dad,I promise. It’s not for my sake. No…no… I don’t even brawl for fun. Okay, I’ll initiate the marriage on my own effort. Dad! My son… Arivu,before dad meets karunakaran, I’ll meet him and do Illayarani’s
marriage as they wished. It’s rare that our wishes get fulfilled. I’m not lucky enough for it. If sheared,that must be done with my sickle. Your anger is on me. Don’t stop your brother’s marriage
enraged on me and my family. My dad took action on your shrimp farm
as a good deed to the public. But you smashed all our
persons including my uncle. You closed the coconut market too. In that enrage,
I brawled with you. My brother gorged poison
and was struggling for life, For his sake I abducted the bride. If you were in the same situation,
you would’ve done the same. That’s what I too did. It’s a promise,
I doesn’t know that both of yours families are getting unified
after a long span. My family must not bear that sin. I plead not to stop the marriage. If you are still insane,
ll apologise to you. Hey, why do you fall on my foot? You are son of a respectful person. When my dad pleads to me, it’s not a fault to fall on your foot. Whether knowingly or not, our both families
unified on the brawl with you. We all together will make the
marriage a grand occasion. Okay, I’ll leave. What’s that wound? It’s caused by your brother-in-law. Get that turmeric. It’s okay brother. It’s not painful. I’ll take care. I’ll leave. Hey, Brother. Keep that sickle inside. Why brother? It’ll be useful in future. I can’t understand brother. Does he think of us as goofs? If he apologise,do we leave him? Let the marriage happen. I’ll lynch him at the entrance
of the marriage hall. Shall we buy the coconut groove? It’s good…very much happy. In-laws in phone. How are you? I’m happy that the marriage takes place. So happy about it. Everyone must attend the marriage. “Oh dear!The castle is divine,” “It holds a festive mood per diem in life,” “Oh dear!The castle is divine,” “It holds a festive mood per diem in life,” “An affinity born like a thread
from banana fibre!” “It’s the happiness in this world!” “Who’s to whom is contend by
god after gambol of ploy,”“It holds a festive mood per diem in life,”“Though both hearts conjoin together,” “Though both become an unitary soul,” “The happiest ceremony,
the marriage doesn’t happen to all,” “The honorary justice we own,” “The wounds we suffer,” “The affinity won’t heed to us,” “Oft,the ardor tunes a lullaby,” “Oft,the ardor beheads us ” “Known we’ll be burnt as fire,
we become wood.” “To unify the relationship.” “Oh dear!The castle is divine,” “It holds a festive mood per diem in life,” “Oh dear!The castle is divine,” “It holds a festive mood per diem in life,” “An affinity born like a thread
from banana fibre!” Welcome… Elayarani is not seen. What do you say? What are you blabbering? I searched all over. Did you checked well? Yes. Mom, i’ll check it. Nothing will be wrong. Wait, i’ll check. You go and see. Who’s evil eyes bestowed on our family? All the ill things happens only to us! Be quite. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. What to do? Call her. Her phone is switched off. No… Don’t know what to do? What happened? I searched everywhere. She is not anywhere. No…
No… What I’ll do? Don’t know where she is! What happened brother-in-law? She is not here. Is she not here? Is she eloped? She made us to be ashame. Is she eloped? Why do you talk ill? Then how to talk? Please. Stop it uncle. Did I intended for this relationship? It’s you asked for. Children don’t understand
the desire of parents. I came to your house
neglecting my father’s words. For that your whole family cheated me Did I struggled all the way
to divide the families? Nothing is going to happen hereafter. That’s not son-in-law. You say it easily. Instead of making us to be
ashame each and every time, It’s better you would’ve
slapped us with waders. Why do you talk so harsh? The relationship comes only once in life. We stand here for it. I don’t want this compromises. Not as compromise, it’s a fact that
both families wish to unify. For that,both of you have must brought
up your daughters disciplined. We don’t have any rights to talk to you, Though you are younger,
i apologise on behalf of my children. What are you doing? Why do you fall on his feet? I’ll do this marriage. It’s my responsibility to do this marriage. She made us to bend down. Hey,Mathi… Where is she? What? Hey. What? Where is Elayarani? I don’t know dad. Tell me. I don’t know dad. Where did you hid her? I promise,I don’t know dad. Why do you ask him brother? I can’t hide anything. Ask him. Dad! What’s this? What’s happening here? What’s happening here? It’s true that we both loved each other. What do you say? But I promise, I don’t know where is she now. No… How many times you makes us ashame? Where is my sister? Mathi… No… Where is she? Really I don’t know. Tell now They are asking. Tell them. Don’t hit him. Where is she? Tell now. He mustn’t have done any fault. No… Tell now. Tell them not to hit him. Brother-in-law,ask where his brother now? His brother knows where is the bride? Past, he abducted the bride
for the sake of his brother. Don’t hurt my brother. Today, his brother might did the same. Tell me, where is your brother? They are hitting our son, no one is bothered. Please ask them not to hit. I don’t know. I promise on my dad. Believe me. Mathi… Listen here. Hey, who are you? When he promise on his dad,
a person meant solely everything to us. Then it’s true that he doesn’t know. It’ll be known now about your brother! Selvarani, I don’t know uncle. Don’t hurt my sister-in-law. Tell me, Elayarani, Selvarani,where is your husband? Hello Elayarani,where are you? Aunt, she is in our home. What is she doing in home? Didn’t I tell you? Do you know what you did? You be there, we’ll come now. What to do now? Brother,she is in home. Everything went wrong. Don’t know why does she do it? Why does she do it? You would’ve asked me in person dad. To keep up your word on this marriage,
I fell on others feet. Mathi… Mathi… I’m leaving dad. Mathi… I hurt without my conscience. Don’t tell that dad. I’ll cry my heart out. Sister-in-law! What the hell you did? You made the whole family to be ashamed. I thought atleast one of my sister
will be light of life, but both are charcoal. Brother! Mom,forgive me. Dad,forgive me. Is it forgivable? It’s my fault. A fault,I did unknowingly. Instead of suffering in other’s house, it’s good to stay back in our house
with his rememberance. You would’ve told us afore. I made my mind hard,
to fulfill your wish of unifying the families. I can’t be as strong as Mathi. That’s why I left. It’s not only him,
I don’t want this marriage. I’ll stay in our home. You stay here itself. Brother,I’m not saying it to fulfill my love. I promise on our whole family, I’ll be as your sister throughout my life. Did she eloped like her elder sister? Yes, Ponder a little, when she is bold enough to
go to home from here, Can’t she elope? We unified with our elder one,
who deserted us. Why we must hurt her
when she wish to be with us? Yes. Elayarani, don’t cry to me. Ask dad whatever it is. What do you say? Past,I spoke to you on frustration. How long my life span will be? Dad! Yes. Yes,you must take care of both
the girls from my stance after me. Dad,why do you go emotional? Brother, In-laws, In-law, Oft, youngsters behave matured, We the elders become immature. That’s what happened now. Before we came here,
I know what would’ve happened. In-law, Shall I ask you a favour? Will you agree my son
to marry your daughter? What’s this? If you haven’t asked,
we must have come to you. Sister, I know what do you think about? You are more than my own brother. We are happy to send our
younger daughter to your home. Come on. Brother! Go. Be happy. I don’t know about your relationships. When she came to our home for the function, I wish she must marry our son Mathi. It happened so. So happy. Bro, I’m so happy uncle. Hello. Hello, is it Govindaraj mudaliyar? Yes. I’m Kannan speaking from pesticides shop. What’s the stuff? Is your elder son, Arivazhagan? Yes. Then your younger son is Mathiazhagan? Yes. Mathi bought all the pesticide content
from my shop and left in hurry. What do you say? It seems he’ll gorge the whole and die. What do you say? One more important stuff. Elder son is yet to remit the
amount for the content he bought. Your younger son also bought in debt. Either give me the money
or the contents of my shop. Hey! Hello. Hello. Hanged up. Others gorge poison unbearable
of the mounted debts. But both of these guys
made debt to gorge poison. Don’t know what family is it! Mathi, please stop. Listen to us. Mathi… Listen to us. I won’t listen. I don’t want anyone. I’ll do whatever I wish. Mathi! Mathi! Yes, you did all the mistakes
and plead him now. Tell them clearly. What happened now? Is it a fault if both the brothers love
the girls of the same household? Do you know a gossip? What’s it? I alone marry both the sisters. Next week is my marriage
with my wife’s sister. My wife distributes the invitations to all. Not even a single invitation
will be given to you. It’s the fact. Shut up. Be good. But don’t be the best. Mathi, Uncle is pleading,stop. He doesn’t listen to his dad itself. Don’t stop. Mathi… Welcome dude, Hey, We can discuss it later. We can identify you,turn on. Brother-in-law, Why is he here? As you don’t have the responsibility, So I arranged his marriage. Oh,it’s your work. Leave now. Respectfully I said in telugu. Hey,
Mathi. Hey,who is she? She is new,you go now. Will talk to you later. Mathi!Mathi! Hey mathi, what’s all this? Who is getting married? See, it’s a temple. People will come and go. Pray god,take prasadam and leave. Hey, he is your dad. Even if he asks the prasadam
is available in hot. Hey, What happens here now? A marriage is going to happen here. Marriage? If you wish,stay back. if not you leave. Call the bride. Uncle, get the bride soon. You are doing too proud. Mathi, what’s this? No.. Mathi… What is it? Son-in-law! Hello, who are you? Aunt! To whom? No… Son-in-law! Mr.Rajangam sir, What you mean, sir? Or else madam? I also do comedy. Dude, we have taken a good decision. Don’t be in hurry. Yes. I also took a good decision. You all watch it. What? Listen to him. Listen to me first. Do you know to chant mantras? Call Elayarani. Phone rings. Hello, Just now called! she comes suddenly! What? Nothing. Heard some noise outside. Doing entertainment. Flowers, designs etc… Arrangements are amazing! To whom is the marriage? It’s to my kin. To me? Yes, to you. To me? I promise. The marriage is to you. Believe me. Come. Go… Go… Yes, how many times his
marriage gets disrupted? I feel pity for him. In the first marriage,
I abducted the bride for my brother’s sake. In the next marriage,
she rejected him. So,I arranged this marriage with
Mandiramoorthy’s daughter. He is pityful. Dude is blabbering, Can’t you help him? Yes,I’ll proceed… When we mention his name not only bride
even banquet hall is not available. Don’t cry. I’ll also be sentimental. Dude, do you like the bride? If not also she is only bride. Sit down, tie the mangal sutra. He panicked us in few minutes. Shower ur blessings. Bang the drums! Are you in love with anyone? I….. It’s okay,even if so… (Chanting Mantras) Why are you in hurry? I didn’t love anyone. God! I’m yet to chant the mantras. He’ll listen in Whatsapp (Chanting Mantras) Greetings! What’s the stuff? My brother has fallen in love. I know. But it’s not accepted in house. I know. He shouldn’t gorge poison like me, so I’m buying the poison contents
from all the shops. No… Mathi… Nothing happened to you, isn’t it? Is it? You said a life will be lost,
whose life is that? It’s mine. Why? Mathi told me to say so. He told me to postpone
the marriage for a year, so that he’ll get rid of the problems. Why are you here? Anyone can come to temple,durai. But you shouldn’t come. Why? I came after knowing the history. You know the history? Tell now to the public. Who built Tajmahal? Bharathiraja… That’s the film directed by him. Why not we slap him?


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