Manoa Valley Theatre Presents Once Upon One Noddah Time

with a local twist! Joining us this morning from “Once Upon One Noddah Time” — we have Musical Director James Mares, and Leleae “buffy” Kahalepuna Wong, Da Wicked Queen. Good morning. Q: What is Once Upon One Noddah Time about? A: OUONT is a Hawaii-style musical featuring local spins on popular fairy tales. You’ll meet me, Da Wicked Queen, Da Tree Local Pigs, and Da Mean Mongoose. Q: Is this a good show for the whole family? A: Everyone can enjoy this show. It’s funny and exciting and very musical. Q: Are tickets still available? A: We’ve been selling fast, but there are still seats available and we run through August 2nd! I don’t think you’ve understood not until she’s gone for good when I finally get my way Snow White is gonna pay cos no one gives me no attitude. I’ve always got the perfect plan and deviously sly I am. I’ll do what must be done till finally I’ve won and prove that I am the baddest in the land. And no matter what’s in store for me I know what my quest is for and in time it’s true you’ll see it too cos it will be when it will be

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