Mantra 2 Telugu Full Movie || Suspense Thriller || Charmi Kaur, Chethan Cheenu || W/Subtitles

Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health.. ..and leads to cancer. Cigarette smoking and alcohol
consumption are injurious to health.. It causes cancer.. Tobaccos use leads to cancer. ..heart attacks,
lung disorders and other deadly diseases. The character shown
in this film or program.. not support the use
of any type of tobacco products.. ..such as beedi,
cigarette, khaini, zarda etc,.. ..or their promotion in any manner. What happened to this city? Pollution and smoke on either side. Why doesn’t anybody speak up? Why should we tolerate it silently? We should put an end
to this negligent behaviour. Don’t keep quiet if you
see cigarette or beedi anywhere. Smoking at public places is prohibited. You need to pay fine if you do it. Don’t smoke, don’t allow others to smoke. Pay heavily for smoking. Who doesn’t want happiness? But at what price? You need to pay heavily for smoking. Smoking is harmful to you… ..and also your loved ones. You need to pay heavily for smoking. Sandhya,
what are you doing at this hour? I felt like seeing you. I left immediately and came.. ..but bus broke down
on the way so I reached now. Will you make me stand outside and talk?
Will you not allow me inside? Oh! Sorry, madam! Come inside. You should have called up before coming. Whole body is irritating. I will take bath
and then answer all your questions. Okay?
– Okay. She seems to have forgotten
her phone in hurry while coming. Hello.
– Mantra.. What happened, aunt? Sandhya left in the evening to meet you
and she died in the bus accident. What? I was going to Vijayawada urgently.. ..and rain turned heavy,
if you don’t have any objection.. ..can I sit inside until
the rain stops. Please. Are you going to Vijayawada? Hey, you seem to have got drenched, wait. Dear.. Hmm.. I will bring something hot to drink. Sit. Mother! Mother! Mother! Where did she go? Why is everything
happening like this today? Hey, Mantra! What happened? What happened? Why did you shout like that?
– Mantra! Mantra! What happened? Did you get any nightmare?
Why did you shout so loud? Hmm… There is audit in office today,
we have to go early. Let’s go, come. Mantra, get ready soon. Mantra.. ..dreams we get early morning come true. Dreams we get early morning come true!
Dreams we get early morning come true! Dreams we get early morning come true!
Dreams we get early morning come true! Mantra, come fast! Coming! Coming! Anyway, why do you need
makeup when there is no matter? Not makeup, just cream. You are a natural beauty,
why do you need makeup? Oh! You look superb like
alphonso mango in this dress. I am girl and I feel something
on watching you. – Hey! Shut up! Let’s go soon. If we get late then
we cannot tolerate sadist MD’s torture. Yes, yes.
– Let’s go. Good morning, madam! – One minute, Mantra! There is a letter for you,
I forgot to give you. Thank you. Congrats, Mantra! What happened?
– That is Hyderabad. What if it is Hyderabad? Maybe she is feeling
sad for going by leaving us. See, life is a journey. Destinations change depending
on situations and acquaintances. Whatever happens, it is a part of career. So don’t think of anything
and join the job happy. – Yes! She is telling the truth. Okay, I will go. What about party? Done! Yes! “Hi, hi, hi, hello, hello, hi!” “You are trapped if she laughs?
What to do?” “How much beauty you have given!
Oh my God!” “My goodness! What to do?” “Hi, hi, hi, hello, hello, hi!” “You are trapped if she laughs?
What to do?” “How much beauty you have given!
Oh my God!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Hey!” “Hey!” “Hey!” “Hey!” “Bubbly babe! Naughty babe!” “Physique is hot!
I am looking like a moon.” “Bubbly babe! Naughty babe!” “Physique is hot!
I am looking like a moon.” “Nairobi is there in the curves of waist.” “Stars are on earth! Hey, baby!” “Nairobi is there in the curves of waist.” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Shakira hips, Selena steps..” “Rihanna looks..
everything is there in me.” “Shakira hips, Selena steps..” “Rihanna looks..
everything is there in me.” “Harappa, Sindh and Mohenjo-daro..” “Oh my good! You will fall prey!” “Harappa, Sindh and Mohenjo-daro..” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” Daddy, it is entirely your mistake.
You are very selfish. You left me alone
and took mother with you. How did you think I will live without you? When you were there.. Okay, I don’t like to
feel sad and make you sad. Wherever you are, you will be with me. Today we are leaving for Hyderabad. We will stay there only. Okay? Bye. Mantra, you feel sad that
you don’t have anybody, right? So I have a small advice for you.
Don’t stay in hostel in Hyderabad. Try to stay as paying guest somewhere
so that you will not feel much sad. Okay? Okay. Okay, bye! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! Go carefully, dear. Thank you.
– Happy journey. Bye! – Bye!
– Bye, Mantra. – Bye! Train number 7008.. Mantra! Mantra.. Madam, I am holding placard for long time. Everyone was leaving so I thought
you too will leave, don’t feel bad. You.. I am office driver, my name is Prasad. Okay, okay.. it is okay. Fine.. I will bring. Thank you. Madam, do you know anybody in Hyderabad? Yes.
– Who? Secunderabad railway station and you. So you don’t have anybody here.
Where will you stay? Should I take you to some hostel? I got bored of staying in hostel.
Again hostel? I know a retired officer by name Ramarao. His children are settled at different
places, he and his wife stay alone. He has been telling me
to tell some good person.. I will take you, he will appreciate me. What is it?
How come say I am a good person? I may not be good.. You are wonderful,
I am not highly educated but.. ..but I can see the face
and tell the nature of the person. Can you do something?
Will you stay with them as playing guest? Paying guest.. The same thing.. play.. play.. Will you stay as paying guest? I will, if they like.. They will definitely like you. Come. Sit. Thank you. One minute. I will talk and come soon. Okay. Okay, not okay.. Okay.. – Okay. I told madam, she told me to bring. What about sir? If madam likes then
it means sir too likes. Hmm.. Prasad, is she the
girl about whom you talked? Yes. Hey, devil! You said rose sapling died.. No, it is alive, it has got a flower too. This girl..
– Her name is Mantra. Place.
– Vizag. So interview is finished. She came to our house as paying guest. We are not giving this house. There is a small condition
if you want to stay in this house. You talk to me daily for one hour. There is nothing left to talk between us,
we have been talking since 25 years. That’s why this small condition.
– Definitely, uncle. So you can definitely stay. Uncle, do you and aunt
stay in the house? -Yes. We nurture children for our good future.. ..but they got settled
at different places for their future. We felt sad in the beginning.. ..and got used to it later. By the way, where are your parents? They are taking rest?
– Where? In Vizag? With God. I am sorry, dear.
– It is okay. Like you, I too got used to it. Your arrival was good to us.. ..we hope it will do us
more good if you stay with us. Didn’t’ I say that sir will like you? If you get ready and come fast then I will
drop you at office and finish my duty. A new driver will come
for you from tomorrow. My shift is changed. Okay.
– Come, dear. May I come in, sir? Yes, come in. Appointment letter.
– Please sit down. Thank you. Mr. Murthy, please come to my cabin.
– Yes, sir. So a young and charming person like
you is very much required in our office. I hope you will do your best.
– Sure, sir. May I come in, sir?
– Yes, come in. Yes, sir. Mr. Murthy, this is Mantra.
– Hello. Take her, introduce to
the staff and show her seat. With pleasure, sure.
– Thank you, sir. Mr. Murthy.
– Sir.. I am telling you seriously. Introduce Mantra only to the staff. Don’t introduce her to that stupid.
– Okay, sir. Hi, guys! She is Mantra. Our new programmer.
– Hi! – Hi! This is your seat.
Please be seated. All the best. What is this?
Will you distribute sweets.. ..if someone joins newly in office.
– No, no. Today is my divorce day. I mean divorce celebrations. My family gave lot
of dowry on my marriage.. ..but everything was finished by
the time we learnt about him completely. I feel scared to take
birth as a woman again.. ..because of the physical
and mental torture he did to me. Court granted divorce
and I got rid of the jinx. That’s why these sweets. I will go and give others too. Bye. By the way, I am Anita.
– Mantra. Who left without shutting
down this system? Who? Who? Tell me. This system..
– Hey.. Yesterday I left without
switching off this system. So what is it now? – Sir,
system is shut down, not switched off. If you act smart then
I will shut down this office. You will lose your job. You should beg on roads. Sir, sir, please don’t do that.
I request you. Do you know who is there behind me? There is nobody.
– This is called acting smart. I didn’t come here for nothing. I came with Minister’s recommendation. Vasanthi! Vasanthi!
– Sir, it smells dirty. It is okay. There are many things
in this office that you don’t know. Actually there is a mystery in my name.. has got history.
– What is that? My parents wanted to
name Vasu if boy is born.. ..and Chamanthi if girl is born. I was born,
they gave both names together as Vasathi. Combined both names? Any problem with him? Any doubt? – I don’t know that. Whoever doesn’t know is a fool
and whoever knows is Vedanth. Who is this Vedanth in between?
– This Vasanth. Hey, do you know the number
of requests I get on facebook? They must have given likes
by thinking it is some girl. Did you come to office
to work or taunt me? I will beat you! Go and bring tea!
– Tea for his face.. Hey! New girl has joined. Where? Mantra, he is like virus in computer. He is coming to this side. Be careful.
– Let him come. I am will anti-virus dose. Hello. Vasanthi.
– Oh, sir.. Are you Vasanthi?
– Yes. I thought it is some beautiful girl but.. ..I didn’t think it is
a gentleman like James Bond. I think you are good at guessing people’s
personalities after seeing their faces. But one thing.. Mangoes and tamarind might
fall from trees due to mantras.. ..but Vasanthi will not fall for flatter. Wonderful punch, sir.
– Forget the punch, learn to work. Sir, I am learning the same.
– I am not telling about your work. I told you to learn about my work. Why, sir? Don’t you know to work? Anita, didn’t you tell about me? I told her, sir. I told her whether we do anybody’s
work or not, your work should be done. Doing your work is common thing. Doing my work is rule. Did you understand? Come and meet me in my cabin
if you didn’t understand. You continue your work.
– Okay, sir. Hello! Don’t touch until I come and give. You will fix curd rice,
sambar and everything together.. ..and make a different mixture. If I say something then you
will say variety. – Yes, of course. I should have married
someone like Hemamalini.. ..I married you. Isn’t it variety?
– Yes. I should have married someone like
Amitab Bachhan, didn’t I marry you. Good evening, uncle. Good evening, dear. How is the office?
– Everything is okay, uncle. How are the boys? Had I been 20 years old.. ..I too would have flirted
with some boy and enjoyed happily. I wouldn’t be cooking for you. Do it, who said no. It will not look good when you are there. Why do you torture with words like that?
Give some poison and kill me. Uncle, you are short tempered, right? It has become less now. Earlier he used to bite. He is just shouting now, that’s it. You freshen up and come to eat.
– Sure. May I come in, sir? – Yes, come in. Sit down. Sorry, sir. Did I disturb you?
– Sorry is secondary.. is primary.
Is the work done? Sir, will I not complete after.. said it so strongly? I will do such that you
don’t have any work at all. Means? – I mean I will
do your entire work, sir. Very good. Now you are getting it. Should I talk some
personal matter with you? So do you love me? Tell me, Mantra. Mantra! Mantra! Ma.. Good morning, aunt. Good morning, uncle. Hey, crow! Don’t shout from tree, you should
know to give coffee to office goers. Aunt, why is uncle scolding the crow? There is no crow there. He is not talking to that crow.. ..this crow. Last night we had a fight
and now he wants coffee. Stupid crow! Go away! Look, scold me directly if you want. I will not agree if you scold
me under the pretext of crow. It is okay even if you don’t agree. It is enough if you give coffee to uncle.
Yes, uncle? Uncle, why do you fight
with aunt all the time? Shall I tell you a secret? Had I not fought
with your aunt like that.. ..then she would have
given me divorce long back. Love increases with these small fights. These are necessary to
live by forgetting children. If you want to know these
things then you should get married. By the way, when are you getting married?
– I joined the job recently. What is the need for marriage so early? You are talking of marriage,
is it our Mantra’s marriage? She is saying that she
will not marry so early.. ..since I am idle in the house.. if I find a nice girl and marry her.. will be good. What do you say? I will say that I need not cook anymore. If you want then I will attend
the marriage and give some gift. Do it fast. Okay, I am getting late for office.
– Okay. – Bye. – Bye, uncle. House always looked busy.
Why is it silent like library? Are both of them observing silence? Aunt, what happened to uncle? He didn’t listen to
me and ate something stupid. Thermometer too.. God! That’s why his temperature is 102. I will call the doctor.
– No need, dear. Doctor already visited.
– Okay. Please take care. Tell me, madam. Manasa, we have a lot of pressure. Project should be sent before 15th. Sure, madam. Project will
be completed before the deadline. Okay. Send me mail
after it gets completed. Okay, madam. Good night.
– Okay, bye. Come, Mantra.
– How are you now, uncle? – It is fine. I pity aunt.
Do you know how worried she was for you? She even observed for you.
– Did you think I will die? Do you wanted to rule the
entire house after my death>Even if I die,
I will hang onto this house. Why are you scolding aunt like that? Let him scold, dear.
I feel good when he scolds me like that. I didn’t know anybody
in Hyderabad when I came here. I was afraid to think
with whom I will stay.. ..but God has sent
me to good people like you. You are a good girl,
you will not face any harm. Only good things happen to good people. Driver, go fast. We are getting late. Hey, get down! What is your name? Mantra, sir.
– Where do you stay? SR Nagar.
– What do you do? I am a programmer in TSS company.
– Show me your id. Pratap!
– Sir! The girl involved
in recent bomb blasts.. ..and this girl is same, right?
– Yes, sir. Sir, I am not linked to it at all. Whether you are linked to it or not.. ..we will go to the station and talk. No, sir.. I think you are really mistaken,
I think you should just.. the whole thing again. It’s not.. You? You.. College Vijay? What an idiot you are! You scared me to death. Didn’t you change yet? Am I a season to change?
– I am Vijay. Okay, I am getting late for office,
I will go. – Hey, one second. I dialled my number,
meet me in the evening. Okay.
– Give me the id. – Yes. Okay.
– Okay. – Bye. Take care.
– Take care. – Bye. Bye!
– Okay. Move. Boys! Disperse! Hi, Mantra.
– Hi! After you proposed me,
I lost sleep, hunger.. Maybe some virus. Go to Apollo. This virus will not get healed
if I visit hospital. My heart wants a partner. I don’t understand what you are talking. What will happen to my heart
if retreat suddenly, Mantra? My heart..
I mean you seem be in some depression.. Modulation is bit different. If you don’t want your feeling to fail.. ..then send official, I will send id. Video conference.. I will send mail. Just.. just one minute. How far the story has come? I gave id.
– After that? He will get handcuffs. I will send him mails to
the daughter of Home Minister. No recommendation can
save him due to this witness. He will quit this company.. ..and will shift to lockup. Hi, Vijay. What is your program? Shall we meet? Oh, yes. How about coffee day.. 20 minutes? Okay. Okay, I will see you there.
– Yeah. Bye. Who? Why do you want? Mr. Vasanthi.
– Sir.. Your mails to Mantra are
sent to Home Minister’s daughter. Police is coming to arrest you,
be ready. Hi, Mantra. Hi. Hey, sorry, I am bit late. What? Are you upset because I came late? Okay, let’s have a drink. Waiter! Sir..
– Come. What do you want, sir? What cold drinks you have? Coke, sir. Okay, two cokes.
– Okay, sir. Now tell me. How are you? What are you doing?
When did you come to Hyderabad? I remembered our college days after
meeting you in the morning, you know. Very beautiful moments. Isn’t it? You have any problem? I am observing since I came. What is this silence? Someone is trying to kill me. Enemies? Property dispute? Anything else? Just relax, Mantra. Didn’t you sleep yet? Go and sleep. Sleep. Why is uncle walking
here at this late night? Groundnuts, madam. No. Hundred rupees one packet. Very cheap. Take it, madam.
– Hmm.. 90 percent discount, madam.
Only ten rupees. Take it, madam. Okay. Give. Thank you.
– Okay, madam. Hey! Sorry! Sorry! Do you have sense? Will you not change? I got so scared! My heart almost skipped beating. Sorry. Sorry.. sorry.. Okay, I will take
you to one good place.. ..for the mistake I committed. Okay? Where? There will be no suspense if I tell,
come with me. Come. Vijay, where have we come? Whose house is it? Hey, I said suspense. Mantra, my father and mother.
– Greetings. Greetings, dear. Sit. She is your college
friend Mantra, right? Yes. Mantra, she is the devil of our house,
my sister. Hi! I am Ramya. Hi! Just ten minutes,
I will freshen up and come. – Okay. Where do your parents stay? They are not alive. Father, they died in accident. Sorry..
Sorry, dear. So where are you staying here? I am staying as a paying guest. Oh.. You keep talking
I will go and prepare food. No, aunt.
I have to go. It is okay, dear.
Your aunt cooks very well. We are eating since 30 years.
No fear! Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Mother, I will drop her and come. Okay, son.
– Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Mr. Vijay..
– Yes, sir. I want to talk to your
urgently about something. Okay, sir. Will you come to my office once? I will come right now. Come soon. Okay. Mantra..
– I understood. I will go by auto.
– Okay. Good night, Mantra. Okay.
– Take care. Hey! Where are you taking? I told SR Nagar. I am asking you! Excuse me! Will you stop
or should I call the police? Stop! Hello! Where are you taking? Short cut, madam. What happened?
– I will check, madam. Sorry, madam. Vehicle will not move. So what about me? If you go straight and take right,
the address you mentioned will come. Thanks, madam. We should plan correctly
and do in Mantra’s matter. We shouldn’t act in haste. Shh.. What, Mantra?
You seem to be little late today. Yes, aunt. I went to friend’s house. What about food? I ate there. Go and sleep, dear. Okay, aunt. Good night, uncle. Good night, aunt.
– Good night. What is this idiot doing? Hello? Hello? Hello! Hello! Useless phone.
There is no charging and no signal. Why do you scold the phone? What will the phone
do if there are no signals? Go out and do.
– Hmm.. Hello?
– Hi! Where are you? At home.
– Hmm.. Today is holiday, right? What is the program? What is your program? It is sunday so I will go to shopping. Where? Kukatpally Kalamandir? Okay. Okay, bye. Mother! Where are my shoes? Here! Hey, monkey! Where is mother? Over there. Take it, son. Vijay.. ..I want to talk
to you about something.. Tell me, mother. About what? About Mantra. We liked her very much. We want her to become
the daughter-in-law of this house. Sorry, mother. She is my good friend.
– So what? Mother, it is not that.. When I proposed to her in college.. ..she rejected it and
said we will remain friends. If I talk about love and marriage now.. ..our friendship will be cut. I don’t like it. That’s why let is leave this matter,
mother. Please! She said no in college. She might accept when you are ACP. Talk to her once and see. She too needs a partner, right? Think.. Yes, brother.
You both look like made for each other. Okay, mother. I will talk. Don’t talk. Convince her
and bring her home in the evening. This is my order. Hey, bro. All the best. Come fast. Chudidhar.. How is this? How is the colour? It is not nice. No.
– Okay. This one.. Shall we check there? Hmm.. Come. I think this is good. That one? Black? Yes, it is okay.
– It’s nice. Show that too. Hi!
– Hi! Who? My new boyfriend. Oh.. – We planned to go for movie.
Sorry.. bye. Okay, bye. Let’s go. Bye!
– Bye! Hey! Mantra? Mantra? What? What happened? He is trying to kill me!
– Who? Over there.. he is there..
– Wait.. – Over there.. – Wait.. Vijay.. Relax.. just relax. Knife in hand..
– Come. Come on, Mantra! Come on! Relax! Relax! Didn’t I tell you that Mantra
will not say no if you go and ask? Mother, first listen to me. Not you, I will listen
to whatever Mantra says. Mother, first take Mantra inside. You come, dear. Come inside. What happened to him?
He is very angry unlike before anytime. Vijay, what happened? There was an attempt on Mantra’s life. Attempt on her life? Yes, father. This is second time. When the first attacked happened,
I took it easily. But now I didn’t expect
someone chasing her with knife. Who could it be? Father, I should find out that.
I will find. Don’t get frightened, dear. Vijay will find out who tried
to kill you, you don’t get frightened. Look, Mantra.. ..unless you explain
the incident clearly.. ..we cannot find who killed you. Don’t get frightened, dear.
We are all there. Don’t worry..
– I will go. Don’t fear.. – No!
– I will go. Eat and go. I will come again, I will go. Please. Father, I will drop her and come. I will go.
– Okay. Be careful. Vijay, take care. Right.. This right.. Left. Left..
– This left. This house. One minute, Mantra. I will be back soon, Mantra. Where?
– I will tell you. It is not that..
– Please! Sir.. Sit, Mantra. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Sir, how come you are here at this hour? Police and doctors
don’t have time and place. They will be present anywhere
at any time, they should be present. Well, why did you come here? It is nothing, sir. You try to stop crime
and we try to show it. I came to hear
some crime news.. You want crime news, right? Come here. Shall we go?
– Hmm.. Okay. Come. That’s our team.. Oh, follow me. Come, Mantra.
– Hmm.. Vijay.. What is this? I will tell, I will tell. You said you are staying
in this house, right? Mantra, you said you are
staying in this house, right? Why is this house like this? It was fine when I left in the morning. Now.. How did it happen.. this now? Uncle! Where are uncle and aunt? Uncle and aunt? See this file, you will understand. How come they are dead? I am staying with them. Look, he is Prasad. Company’s driver. He picked me up.. ..from railway station the other day.. ..and brought me here. Look.. ..he is not company’s driver. He is the driver of this house. Listen to me carefully. Three murders took place in this house. These are the three people. Case is under investigation. This house is seized since two years.. are saying that you
are staying with the deceased people. How should I believe? Luggage.. Luggage is there in my room. Didn’t I tell you? Look.. ..this is my dress. When I came to your
house for the first time.. ..I wore this one. Look.. ..I purchased it recently.. ..I wore this to officer one day before. I will show more. My certificates are there in it. Sir.. watching this house and this girl.. ..I find something fishy. Sir, I will stay downstairs, you come. Hey, wait. Dead.. I will die if I stay. Hey! Stop! – Fast! Fast!
– Hey! Hey! Who? Who locked the door? No! No! No signal in phone.
Shekhar, give your phone. Phones don’t work in this house. So what is our situation now? Should we die in this devil house? This house is already seized,
all doors are closed. I thought we can do something
and escape but this too has.. So is there no chance
to get out of this house? What to do now? Don’t say like that. We will search all sides of the house,
we will find some way to go out. What? Are you scared? I feel excited by seeing your muscles,
I want to get crushed between them. Where did I get him?
We brought him unnecessarily. All men are same!
They don’t take chance when it is given. You.. you will die if I hit you with this!
Don’t act smart, go and search. What are you searching? I thought you must have got
mood so I am searching for bed. Not bed? Search a way to go out. Go! No! I am losing peace with this Shanthi guy. I am unable to believe that.. ..aunt and uncle are dead.. They talked to me
happily in the morning. What happened suddenly? By the way.. did they die? They are very good people. They looked after me very well. I don’t understand anything. I.. they.. suddenly this.. Vijay.. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Mantra! Where did you go? I went to see if
there is any exit there. I got scared. Okay, let’s go. Didn’t I say that.. will come into mood? My touch is like that. Once you get my touch.. ..any man will fall for me. Only we both are there in this house. Celebration time! What? Why don’t you talk? Sir, how come you are here? I am here since long time. Sir, it is not that.. ..someone has put hand on me over there..
I am frightened.. You will be happy if someone puts their
hand, right? Why do you get scared? Sir, not that hand,
it is a different hand.. Sir, there is definitely
someone in this house other than us. Hey, shut up and come. Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother!
Brother! – Hey! – Brother! Brother! Hey, what happened? I saw some image in camera. Some image? What did you see? I don’t understand
but some image is there. Give it. Nothing is recorded in it. Hey! You don’t get frightened
and given tension to us. Fool! Vijay..
– Hmm.. I feel thirsty. Brother.. ..I want to visit toilet. I had seen it on the
left side while coming, go. Hmm.. Hey, why don’t you go?
Should I make you do it by coming? No need, brother. It is enough
if anybody accompanies me, I am afraid. Fool! I don’t take
my son to the toilet.. should I stand
guard if you go to toilet. Please, brother. I am afraid. You will do it here if I kick you! Go! Hey, go!
– My goodness! No! What is this, sir? This house has been
seized for two years.. ..and how come she
stay with dead people.. ..and why did we come
here and get trapped. I don’t understand anything. By the way, who closed these doors? Maybe ghosts!
What will they do to us now? Hey! Sir, truly speaking we
too are frightened very much. Our guys are already scared. Shekhar,
I too don’t understand the same. Something is happening here. Let’s see. Shekhar.. ..he went to toilet half
an hour back but didn’t return yet. Did he stay there out of fear?
Let’s go and see. True, we are unable
to tolerate his fear. Come. Hey, man! Hey! Ramu! Where are you? What are you doing? Hey! You will die if I see you! Coward rascal! Sir! Come fast! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Look, sir. Look.. Ramu.. Hey, Ramu.. We too will die if we stay here. We should go out even
by breaking the doors. Shekhar! What happened? What happened, Shekhar? Venu! Venu! Venu! What happened? Vijay. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay.. Vijay.. Vijay.. What happened? What happened? Mantra! Come with me. Shekhar, why did we come
here and what is happening? It is very frightening.. sit.. Sit.. What happened, sir? Nothing. She got frightened and became upset,
that’s all. Mantra.. ..don’t think of
anything and just relax. I will be here. Some solution will be found by morning. Sir, we should stay alive till morning. Sir, this is done by devils.. ..otherwise how did
the doors get locked. Who killed our Ramu? Sir, we too will die by morning. We will die for sure. I don’t know who is doing it but.. ..Ramu’s fear is the
reason for his death.. ..but there are no devils. Sir, how can you say that devils are
not there? Devils are there for sure. Look, I had seen many
deaths in my service. I analyzed Ramu’s body.. ..and there are no injuries
or blood marks on his body. He suffered heart attack
because of shock and die, that’s it. Correct, sir. He gets scared even
if he watches his shadow. We have sent him alone unnecessarily. Where is Shanthi? No! We got separated due to
the incident that happened before. Is he searching for an
exit to escape from here.. ..or did he escape? Let’s go and see once.
– Come. Dear, Mantra’s phone is not working. What does it mean?
It means they both are at same place. You don’t take any tension, sleep. It is not that.. he said someone
tried to kill Mantra in the evening. He went to drop her but didn’t
return yet. How will I not worry? Why do you talk like stupid?
Is he a college student? Police officer. Don’t worry. Sleep. What tension? Tension.. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Who? Who is crying? Who? Who is crying? Shekhar, what happened? Why did
you shout like that? – Don’t know, sir.. It is our Venu’s voice,
sound came from that side. Come. Venu! Venu! Venu! This side.. Venu! Venu! Venu! What happened? Venu! Venu! Venu! Venu! Get up! What happened? Get up! Venu! Venu! Venu is dead. No! Shekhar.. Where is Mantra? Don’t know, sir. God! Mantra.. Why are you coming from inside? Somebody bolted the door from outside. I knocked but they didn’t open. Okay, come with me. Come. Two people who came with me have died. Don’t know what happened to Shanthi. How did they die? What is happening in this house? Someone is observing. There is someone other than us. So.. ..Mantra is not a human being,
she is devil. She brought us to this house.. ..and is killing one after other. I am next, and Vijay after that. I should tell this
matter to Vijay urgently. Vijay sir! Sir! Vijay sir! Sir! Shekhar! What happened, Shekhar? What happened, Shekhar? Mantra.. Mantra.. What happened to Mantra? Hey! Damnit! Mantra.. Mantra! Mantra! It means.. ..Mantra is dead I was
going out her all these days. Vijay.. Where are you going, Vijay? Will you leave me and go? Hey.. Don’t come closer.. I will shoot you.. What happened, Vijay? Tell me the truth.. Why did you kill them? I didn’t kill them. You killed them. In fact you are dead.. Why are you moving
with me like a human being? Dear Mantra.. ..your father Jagdish and
I are close friends since childhood. You father had property but no pride. He is a very good person. My education and progress.. ..happened because of him. In short.. ..I don’t exist without him. If anybody asks me
the meaning of friendship.. ..I will not show the dictionary.. ..I will show Jagdeesh. Your father is such a good person. I am sorry, sir. Now too deceased child is born. Hey, calm down. Don’t feel sad. I am not feeling
sad for the lost child.. is about my wife,
she will die if she learns about it. Congratulations, sir. You have got twins, both girls. You may go and see. Jagdeesh.. ..God didn’t do injustice to you. He gave me a chance
to express my gratitude. You gave me half of
everything that you had. Likewise.. ..God has give me two girls.. ..give me the chance
to give you one child. Shut up! Sacrificing a child doesn’t
mean paying college fee or buying books. If a friend sheds tears.. ..then don’t give him kerchief.. ..but stand next to him until
his trouble is lost, you said it. Now I am seeing tears
in my friend’s eyes. I will not give him kerchief,
I will give my child. But this matter should
remain between us. If our wives find out then
it might create problem it future. Before they regain consciousness,
we will talk to the doctors and do it. Come. Jagdeesh took the child.. ..and went to Vizag and settled there. After my daughter’s birth,
my business made good progress. I earned crores of rupees.. ..but bad luck came in
the form of my younger brother. He fell into bad habits
and took debts at every place. I was clearing his entire debts. He took it for granted and fought with
me by asking for share in my property. I scolded him by saying.. ..this is my hard earned money
and thereby sent him out of the house. He held grudge against me for it.
One day.. daughter Anjali
died in car accident. My life became zero, I stopped looking
after the business and became mad. One day I met a person in park. You are Ramarao, right? Hey, it is me, Purushottam. How are you? You, Jagdeesh and I were doing well. God took Jagdeesh. Yes.. ..he and his wife passed away.. an accident recently. Entire property was lost in debts. His daughter Mantra became alone. Hmm.. Mantra.. Mantra.. Hey, Ramarao! Purushottam told me that
you are staying in hostel. I went to my wife immediately.. ..and told her the
secret that I hid from her. Are you telling the truth?
Were two girls born to us? Sorry, dear.
I didn’t tell you in that situation. I felt this is very small when compared
to the help extended by Jagdeesh to me. We didn’t tell Janaki and you
as we don’t know how you will react. I am not angry on you
for hiding the truth from me. God has separated from child from me.. ..he realized his mistake.. ..and is bringing another daughter to me,
I am very happy. Dear, go and bring my
daughter immediately. Please. I will bring.. ..but not in a simple way,
I will bring her like a queen. As a result of my hard work
in all these years.. ..I will write the entire property
on my daughter’s name.. ..and bring her in a grand ceremony,
I will go to the lawyer right now. I felt that that
our brother will harm us.. ..and thereby I wrote
the entire property in your name. Lawyer Pratap came to
our house with documents. That day.. Sir, I felt very happy when you told me.. ..that you have another daughter
other than Anjali. As you said I have transferred the entire
property on your second daughter’s name. Take these documents related to it. Very good, I will go and
bring my daughter now. – Okay, sir. Do you have another daughter? I killed your daughter
for your property. Now.. ..if you say that you will write your
property in your second daughter’s name.. ..then I will kill you. I will kill her too. So my daughter.. ..didn’t die in accident.. You killed her? Hey.. My daughter is very innocent,
she knows nothing.. did you kill her. Brother, you only said.. should work hard to earn money. That’s why I worked hard and killed her. When younger brother
is working hard like this.. ..then elder brother shouldn’t stop him. I will hand over you to police right
now. I will hand over you to police! Brother,
I will not give you so much time. No, sir! Please, sir! No.. don’t do anything, sir!
Please, sir! Have you seen it, brother? If owner is good.. ..then pet dog too
will turn into street dog. No! Don’t do anything to him! Hey! Because of that scoundrel.. ..we left this world and you. We wished to spend time
with you so we called you to us. We wanted to take good care
of you but we couldn’t save our lives. You go and meet the lawyer immediately. He will tell everything about property. From your father who couldn’t
hear you call him as father. We should leave the house immediately. For leaving this house.. ..first doors should be opened. What, dear? Didn’t you recognize me? Dear, it is me, I am your uncle Yogi. You escaped at railway station,
bus stop, roads and every place. I thought it will be proper
if I kill you in the house.. I made a plan. I have sent those four
guys here by offering them money. But still you escaped. So I had to enter the fray. I already wasted lot of time. I will not spare
you without killing you. Yogi! Didn’t you recognize me? It is me, your elder brother. Ramarao. That day at railway station,
bus stop, road.. You tried to kill Mantra at every place. I wanted to save my daughter
from you every time.. ..but I couldn’t think that
my daughter will be safe if I kill you. I know you are a scoundrel.. ..but still I spared you
because you are my younger brother. That mistake had destroyed my family. I will not spare you
without killing you today. Are you okay? “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Hey!” “Hey!” “Bubbly babe! Naughty babe!” “Physique is hot!
I am looking like a moon.” “Bubbly babe! Naughty babe!” “Physique is hot!
I am looking like a moon.” “Nairobi is there in the curves of waist.
Stars are on earth! Hey, baby!” “Nairobi is there
in the curves of waist.” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Tharra! Boom! Boom! Boom!”


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