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Mapping Brent is our Youth Theatre festival It happens in Brent, in four different locations: Willesden, Stonebridge, Neasden and Kilburn We’ve had six shows over the last week. I can’t wait for the showcase because we’re gonna be performing in front of loads of people. The thing I’m most looking forward to is making people smile. I’m also really looking forward to acting with my friends I really can’t wait to perform It’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be fun and I get to hit someone with a pan, so…! The rehearsal process was fun, hard, and then it explodes in a kind of celebration today. Well first we played games to get warmed up and then after, we practised. Every week was a week that we had to like, focus – there was not one week that we could slack Keep rehearsing, keep rehearsing, because we’re trying to make it the best that we can. It’s hard work, but it’s really fun and you get to let your emotions out, basically. My favourite thing has been dancing here and making a puppet. Are you actually really grumpy? *Squeaks* He said yeah. The brilliant thing about this whole process has been that it’s been incredibly collaborative. We – we’ve done it all, so I’ve really enjoyed the process of seeing it all happen Most of our ideas got used and everyone’s ideas that were different were all combined. My favourite thing so far has been my character, because it relates to me so much and I like the action. I learned a lot through the process, about how much effort has to go through through, like, technical, and the lighting, and all the props and everything. Like, let’s say, I’m a shy person, but to help me build my confidence I play a character who is confident. The kids have a team around them of professional theatre makers. *Tongue-twister* Oh – stop! Start again! The thing I like most about my show is that you get to show the adults that we’re as important as they are. It gives me a chance to express myself and I feel, like, free, and I can be myself. I think the project was good I liked it, it was fun. Our show, us boys, we really like sharpened our friendship, and like in terms of acting, we’ve developed since we’ve been doing this which was very important. I enjoyed the acting, and it helps you to build your confidence. Like family, we cried, we laughed, we joked about I really liked it. All my confidence sort of came in and my nerves went out. The performance takes place locally and they have a community audience come in and see it so the boys have a real sense of ownership over what they’re doing and it’s great that they can kind of take the lead with the whole process and it’s – it’s about them. *Cheers and laughter* It was amazing! It really was! We all did really well. I really enjoyed myself but I was kind of scared, because there was, like, loads of people. It was better than we rehearsed! We had a real audience Everyone was screaming, everyone was having fun I was a bit nervous at the start, but then when everyone came in I felt like it was real. On a rating one to ten, about nine to ten! I’d say ten! You can see within the piece how the writer had been able to incorporate their personalities within their characters which was so fun to see. The young people have had to show a level of commitment to take part in something in order to achieve a goal at the end. We had people that came in that had never done drama before never even spoke to certain people outside their social circle so it was really good for us to see you know, people that didn’t think they had a voice have a voice and have it be put on a platform. Each and every one of the children they’ve grown so much I came to see my daughter This is a beginning for her to start script writing, directing I’d just like to say I’m really proud of my daughter It gave her a chance to express herself And it’s good for the young people, instead of being on the street *Applause* It’s amazing to know that these opportunities like Mapping Brent are here in the community I would say to other young people to go to their local dramas because it’s really fun you get to experience stuff with other people that you haven’t really experienced stuff with before. I’m so proud of all the young people that took part in this festival. They took risks, they committed to themselves and to the project, and it was an opportunity for them to develop their own creative skills which they all definitely did. We’re always welcome for more young people to come and join our projects, You can find our details on our website and on our social medias, bring a friend, bring your cousins, bring everyone down and come and join in Mapping Brent 2019.

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