Maragadha Naanayam – Tamil Full Movie | Aadhi, Nikki Galrani | Dhibu Ninan Thomas

The year was 1105 AD. A small time king named Irumburai ruled the
Sennadu region in the Pallava kingdom. He received a war alert from emperor
of Sholingapura who was very powerful. In order to face it, King Irumburai
rigorously offered prayers to the Dryad. He finally attained a blessing in the
form of an indestructible Emerald Coin. He studded it to
his sword and… using that he overpowered the
Emperor of Sholingapura. With his love for war expeditions, he used different
types of chariots to defeat his enemies and… he acquired many kingdoms. The Emerald coin turned the small
time king Irumburai’s small region… into an empire. Even though King Irumburai
had many heirs, his love for the Emerald coin prevented
him from handing it over to any of them. He kept it to himself. At the age of 94, when king
was in his death bed… in order to prevent anyone from acquiring
the Emerald coin after his time… he buried himself alive, along
with the Emerald coin. Everyone feared that King Irumburai’s
spirit safeguarded the Emerald coin. Hence nobody ever tried
retrieving it from his grave. After hundreds of years… in the year 1990… a professor named
Eswara Sundaram… discovered king Irumburai’s grave
and acquired the Emerald coin. After him… the Emerald coin exchanged many hands… and finally… Turn of the lights! Stupid! Look at the doofus
blocking my way! Where do such fools come from? Hey idiot! Can’t you hear me? Move aside! I said move! TITLE: MARAGADHA NAANAYAM
( THE EMERALD COIN) Mom! Would you stop it already? Can’t you just quiet down at this age?
Stop playing that Death metal tune! Irritating noise! Looks good. It’s already two months
since you are here. Over that you claim
to have lot of debt. All I hear is you bragging
about learning the trade. But when are you gonna learn it? Don’t wait until you are old. Like how I’m now. Chief… I requested to be at the
dealing spot few times… but you refused. Is it so? Listen… Yes chief. Take him along with you today. Ok chief. I hope you realise the value
of the stuff in the briefcase. So don’t beat around the bush.
Just go, get it done and return. – Got it?
– Got it chief. Well, out of the blue I just
asked to you go today… but forgot to ask you if you had any
appointments at the beach or at the movies. Appointment? Pardon chief. He acts really well. Heard you got your eyes on a
girl at Thirunagar bus stop? Your friend told me. Well… nothing serious chief. I
like her and that’s it. Why stop at liking?
Fall in love! This is the right age. Four years from now… none of them will
even bat an eye. Like things are different now! Buddy, the opposite party will be alert. So what
you do is, go straight and make a U turn… Hands off me! Pay attention!
Where are you lost? Observe!Like a sweet melody in the rain;
you are the beauty that defines itOh my dear! Oh dear!The sweet fragrance of yours in the
breeze, makes me addicted to you.You are an exceptional work of
god; a mind blowing beauty. Those eyes. There is something in it. Could it be Rheum? Remember why are you
here from Tirpur? Just tell it to me once again. To smuggle and… and earn a fortune. You say it like it’s as easy
as shaving and bathing! It’s smuggling! Smuggling! I felt pity for you and so I got you here,
so that I can teach you the smuggling trade… but instead you seemed to be
interested in love trade! Fine. Forget it. Now, observe. There are three
levels in smuggling. – What are they?
– Good. I’ll explain. This is level one. Confirming that
it is indeed the opposite party. Chill. Come on. This is level two.
Codeword confirmation. Fish curry. Smells delicious. But where is it? – It’s the code word!
– Oh! Code word? – Hey!
– What? It’s the police! What are you looking for? – Sir, I’ll fix it right away.
– Quick. Not a good sign on the
first day at the duty! Now this! Quick before the
auspicious hour gets over. Sorry sir. Hello? There is something fishy
about their body language. – Catch!
– Catch! You! Open the door! – Quick! Get in! Get in!
– Start the car. Come on! Come catch us! This is level three. Escaping! Bloody criminals! I’ll nab you someday!Welcome to the
land of the good.Every one here is a sheep. Now, come on!One who gets deceived
becomes a scapegoat.The one who deceives
others is the black sheep.Welcome to the
land of the good. Batman forever! Superman forever! Rice pudding! Aunt’s favorite dish.The one who deceives
others is the black sheep. Come on! Run! Run! Note this point. Spitting before the exchange is
considered to be good luck.One who keeps wandering around, trying to steal
other’s ideas is the mischievous sheepOne who keeps running behind the money
forgetting everything is the white sheepThere goes all your wealthYou will be forced to
become the scapegoat.Blink your eyes and you will be robbed of
everything; the black sheep is all around you. Two tea please. Wait. Come here. You guys look familiar. Nope, I don’t
recollect us meeting. But I remember. Is it? Where? Take a guess. I usually don’t forget any accused
I come across. This is strange. Nope. I don’t know. It was while trying to chase them you
ended up on falling flat on the road. Oh yes! Indeed. Where did they go?Who needs your permission?Let your Needs flow.Reward is what
everyone needs.When the reward finds you; all
your prayers will be answered.So welcome. The baby is crying. Feed grape water. Take the briefcase. Bloody criminals! Didn’t see that coming,
isn’t it? You are caught red handed! Sir! – Thank you sir.
– Well done Mr. Neelakandan. Duty sir! First time when I chased them
I fell flat on the road. Look at the bruise on my hand. See the bloody criminals sir! Don’t you guys belong to
Notchikuppam Ramadoss’ group? Sir! Indeed sir. Look at that. – Mr. Neelakandan.
– Sir! How much do you
think it is worth? Sir… by the looks, it must
be worth 0.3 million. Get lost! All these
are worthless stones! Not even worth 20,000 bucks! – And you boast about arresting them!
– No. Just wait. For his experience, your boss Ramadoss
could indulge in costly deals. I’ve advised him many a time. He just doesn’t pay heed! Who is he? Sir, he is a new
entrant in our team. Already your team
is worthless… why do worthless
guys need back up? You must have seen the look on Sub Inspector’s
face after Inspector gave him an earful Both of you stop laughing! I knew your deals were small but
didn’t expect it to be this cheap. I could have earned this peanuts back
in Tirpur. What’s the use coming here? Quiet now. We’ll talk later. I need 4 million
to erase my debt. I joined you so that
I can earn it quick. But things are a mess here! We aren’t here to
dance to your tunes! If you don’t like
it here; leave! Eventually that’s what
I am going to do. But before that I need
to ask you something. You have 20 years of
experience in this field… yet you chicken out of costly
and risky deals. Isn’t it? You shut up! How dare you talk
to me like that? I’ve seen the depth
of this business! Go inquire around! The money that you talk of.. I used to earn that in bundles! So don’t you talk to me about it!
Bloody money! I don’t even recollect how
I lost all that money. I’ve already had
two panic attacks. One more attack and
that’s it for me. Why should I indulge in
costly and risky deals? I need money that is enough for
my bread and butter. That’s it. But what about us?
We need more chief. Don’t mind that I, your loyal
subordinate is speaking so. I am doing all
this just for you sake. So for our sake, just once… Let’s do something big. Post that we won’t
ask you again. Just once chief. Get on. There is something wrong
with the steering wheel. Hello! Please come here. I am Dinesh. Hello. She is Chanakya. You have been ogling at her for two months
now, so you must be knowing already. Let me come to the point. All these days you would have ogled at her,
liked her, in fact even wished to marry her. Nothing wrong with that. But the fact of the matter is
that we got engaged last Friday. Do you understand? So, further if you try to gain her
sympathy or try wooing her… I’ll be forced to take action. Are you done? If so, get lost! I’ve never heard
your voice before. Can you speak to me
just once, for my sake. That is all I need. First love? Don’t worry
you will get used to it. Come on. (TEXT: Three months later) Chief, remember the
Chinese I told you about? It’s him. He is Sangu. ‘Sang’ for whom? The Sait at the electronic shop… tagged me to him. Don’t underestimate him. He’s been wrecking havoc in the lives
of the communists. So check it out. He wants to smuggle some
stuff from Chennai. Which is why I
bought him to you. What stuff? What’s the stuff? The Emerald Coin. It’s impossible. Think again. The deal’s worth 100 million. But definitely not
worth risking our lives. Do you believe in it? Of course. I swear on my mother!
Spirits are for real. Here is a personal
advice to both of you. In the name of smuggling the
Emerald Coin… don’t end up losing your lives. Let’s talk about any other deal. Anything but the Emerald Coin. Is this a sketch
to finish me off? I am Vedha!
‘Welding’ Vedha! I will be a corpse before I can lay
my hands on the Emerald Coin. I cannot do this! Smuggling the Emerald coin… and shitting; both are the same. It’s an easy task. But… What is it? Piles problem? Bullshit! I think you guys don’t
realise who we are. You will come to know soon. All cowards! Don’t you have a single daring soul? There is one. Twinkle Ramanathan. Hello? Who is it? I’m John. Tell chief I used to work
with Sardar bhai and he’ll know. What’s the matter? I would like to discuss a deal. A deal? I’ll inform chief. Drill it down deep! You just wasted 2
units of power. This wasted power could have been useful
for some village yearning for current. So tell me. He keeps delaying it too much. Have you loaded it? Must have finished him off
with the current shock. You guys just wasted a bullet. Chief, did you mean us? I get it. Yes, I wasted it. EverReady to keep
your slate clean! John, who used to work for
Sardar bhai had called. Go ahead, attend his call. Chief, he wants to
discuss a deal. What? A deal? Has little John grown up
enough to strike deals? He just won’t stop calling me!
Irritating! What is it? Debt defaults. Why are you so careless? Be
strict and get your money back! I’m the defaulter here. Hey… look it’s Chanakya. Can’t you be careful and
be a little alert? That’s unfair! Hold on. She never understood your love
but that slap from him… that should make her realise! Hey Maari! Come here. Hey buddy. How have you been? I’m doing absolutely fine. Here
this is my friend, Senguttuvan. Oh I see. Greetings boss. So, what are you
up to these days? The usual. Teeny profits for
tiny stones. Buddy, I’ve a deal which can earn
a big profit for a bulky stone. Interested? Forget it man. Don’t you know about
chief Ramadoss? What’s the deal? Hold on. Come here. Why are you inquiring
the details? Chief Ramadoss must decide. If we tell him, do you
think he will agree? Only if we take a leap,
he will come down. – What do you mean?
– Look here… just obey me. Got it? Boss… so who is the party? Who is this? Chief Twinkle’s bodyguards. Take it out. What is this? Where is Chief Twinkle? Are you new here? This is our chief’s usual
style of dealing. Now talk. This is Twinkle Ramanathan here. Chief, this is John here. Sardar bhai’s… Maid servant. I know.
Come to the point. Chief… our party from China is
here with a good deal. Deal worth 100 million and you are the
first person who came to my mind. What’s that? Gun. An advanced model compared to the one
the China fellow showed yesterday. John, his time of
arrival from China, the exact time you guys met and all
about those you approached for this deal… I know every details. Listen John, he could be the
‘Big dog’ in his yard… but that doesn’t mean he
can pounce on anyone. He is made in China and
so he seldom explodes. I am made in India and I
can explode any moment. When the sun rises tomorrow,
he shouldn’t be here. If he doesn’t exit
then you won’t exist. Isn’t this the place? Yeah. Come on. Never did we do anything without chief’s
knowledge. I’m a bit skeptical. You better stay here if you want.
I’ll go seal the deal. Any idea how to deal a Deal? – Just wait and watch.
– Hold on. Wait. Stop! We can’t do anything
against Twinkle. He has all his eyes on us.
Trust me. – Ok.
– Let’s operate from outside. – Ok?
– Yeah. Sir… – Regarding the deal…
– What? Tea? No one ordered a tea here.
Leave. Tea? Sir I am here to discuss
about the deal you had. Which group are you from? Notchikuppam Ramadoss’ group. Oh that wanna be? Just leave! This is huge and
involves a huge risk. Indeed. Isn’t it why
everyone backed off? We are ready.It’s easy to drive
when the road is empty. Proverb sounds good… but do you know
what’s the stuff? Go ahead. Say it and
we will fix the deal. The Emerald coin. Emerald? The Emerald coin. The Emerald…coin… Let’s fix the deal.
We shall do it. Look here, I am no way associated in this. You
are all by yourself while talking to chief. – Do you how much worth is this deal?
– How much? 100 million. 100 million! Don’t you worry.
I’ll talk to chief. So what’s the stuff
to be smuggled? Something… They called it…The Emerald coin. What happened? The Emerald coin? Yes chief. The Emerald coin. You mean THE Emerald coin? Stop repeating yourself chief.
What’s the matter? 20 years ago a team of 10 people successfully
got their hands on the Emerald coin. Exactly after five days
it finished of everyone. Finished of everyone’s what? King Irumburai… Irum…? You wouldn’t have heard.
Look here. If we lay our hands on
the Emerald coin… then that spirit will finish each
and everyone of us. Come on chief. Sounds
superstitious. That’s what many of them thought and
tried getting their hands on it. They all died!. Remember Arapukumar’s dad? Chinna. That’s how Chinna also died. Look here, if the death count was 1 or
2 it can be considered as a failure. But it’s a bunch of them, 132! Do you wanna know how? All of them died in an accident. – Accident?
– Yes. One vehicle. One vehicle
that ran over every one. But that vehicle is not
to be found anywhere! So… touch the Emerald coin and
our death is inevitable? Yes! King Irumburai’s vehicle… will run us over? What’s wrong with him?
Starting again from scratch? So you don’t believe it? Out of the 132 who died, my
uncle was one among them. Chief… are you guys willing to join? Ask him to stop talking
like a retard! Doesn’t look like he will obey. Chief… you say 132 of them died. Can you prove that they died because
they touched the Emerald coin? I am telling you what’s
written in the book. Understand this chief… ‘Ashtami’ which is considered to be a non-
auspicious day is actually very auspicious. It is made to believe so, in order to
prevent others from utilizing it. We still believe in it and that story
of the Emerald coin is similar. Forget all that. Will you guys join me
in the quest for the Emerald coin or no? I’m making this offer
for the last time. And let me have a good look
at you for the last time. Fine chief. Allow me to have this book. – Join hands with me and you’ll get 50 million.
– Whoa! Stay with him and you will never
see such fortune in your lifetime. The ball is in your court. See you chief. I’m telling him and still he is adamant.
Call him! You heard him. 50 million… Welcome Mr. Genuine! I knew you would turn up. I shall come with you
but I’ve a condition. Just come in. Whoa! Looks like you have done a great
deal of ground work in two days? Read it. The Emerald coin claims
yet another life. Emerald coin lands up in the
Archeological department. So, if we can reach them then we can
get our hands on the Emerald coin? Remember the 132
people who died? These two were the last
to die in that list. So what do we do now? Look at this guy.
He is Pandurangan. He is the head of
that department. If we can get hold of him, then we can
get our hands on the Emerald coin. Right now he is in
Malaysia, on a family tour. It will take another
week for him to return. We can decide our next
move only after that. So you were talking
about some condition? I know a priest who resides
at Maramayi Nagar. We must pay him a visit. Why should we pay
that fellow a visit? You better show some respect.
He has a very good reputation. Remember my neighbor Viji? It was him, who accurately predicted that
she eloped away with the Water can dealer. So if we put forward the
Emerald coin matter to him…. – he will lead us to it and in fact will get it for us.
– I don’t think it’s necessary. If you don’t agree to this
condition then I am out. Stop being stubborn.
Now, come on. But one thing… we will not reveal that the
stuff is the Emerald coin. Tell me. Swami, we gotta find a gem. What’s the gem called? Just a moment. We can’t give away
those details. Consider it an ancient gem. – Do you think this is enough? Give him some clue!
– Shut up! – You! Stop it!
– Elango! Swami, well it’s a gem
that looks like…. So you have come to me to find
out about the Emerald Coin? Swami! Now… how may I help you? Heard there’s a legend that, anyone who lays their
hands on the Emerald Coin will die. Now that we’ve decided to find it, we thought we will
consult you and…. make sure nothing
happens to us. Could you bestow us with
some Spirit repellent? Isn’t that what you
wanted to say? Doofus! Keeps wasting time. A spirit repellent? Don’t you take King
Irumburai so lightly! Looks like you are expecting
a big pay cheque to do this. You don’t get it. How many of us are
there in this room? Well, the three of us. Hold this and… now look around you. What is it? This room… is filled with
hundreds of spirits. Spirits? All of them… had once laid their hands on the
Emerald Coin… and died because of it. Since the moment you decided to lay your
hands on that Emerald Coin…. they all are around you… awaiting your death. They are waiting for it. The reason behind me
telling you all this is… the stuff that you are in
pursuit of, is beyond us. Then… is there no way to find it? It’s getting late. Quick, recite the verses and pierce
your tongue with the needle. I can’t even withstand the
needle pricking my butt-cheek. Piercing the tongue
is impossible! We are talking about
spirits here! It’s not like the spirit is going to possess
you. It’s going to possess the lemon. So please. Well ok but then… I am weak in math. I am not so sure that if I
can recite the verse 1008 times correctly. Stop being a chicken! Fine. I’ll do it. Lets see what happens? So tell me… whose spirit should we
invite amongst these 132? We aren’t planning here to invite a
celebrity for an inauguration function. Just invite anyone. Hey! How about my uncle? Who is that? Remember I told you about my uncle, who
died after touching the Emerald coin? Oh yeah! How about we call him? What’s his name? Chidambaram. Chidambaram. His name is on top of the list. May be he was one
of the early birds. Well, you say he
is your uncle… Instead of inviting some unknown spirit let’s
call him. He must wandering around jobless. Chidambaram. (Reciting holy verses) At 1 O clock in the night… invite a spirit who died
touching the Emerald coin. Invite them as a request
to support you guys. I shall tell you a verse. Recite it 1008 times
and pierce your tongue with this needle… then pierce the needle, carrying
your blood, on the lemon. If you do that then the spirit
will possess the lemon. As an acknowledgment… the lemon will rotate
thrice and then stop. Carry it with you and no
danger will near you guys. He said it will rotate thrice. But why is there no
movement at all? You! Chief Ramadoss passed
away in a heart attack. I tried calling you but
it was switched off. Poor old lady, she is all
by herself over there. Come on. Make it fast. Chief! Look at this Elango! His yelling always makes me realize
that someone is there to care for me… but all of a sudden everything
has gone silent. He is gone! Please ask him to comeback! Please at least you
guys wake him up. Oh dear chief! Look at our chief. Oh dear chief! Careful. Watch out. Never expected that he
will leave us all so soon. Dear Nephew. Elango? Elango? Elango! What happened? Why are you terrified? Look behind you. – Greetings chief.
– Greetings. It our chief Ramadoss. My ears are full of mud. Didn’t we bury him yesterday? How did he come back alive? Dear nephew, have you got
any ear buds with you? Chief why do you keep
addressing me as nephew? Doesn’t sound like him too. My voice has changed? I don’t think so. Tell me. Why are addressing
me as your chief? Didn’t you force him to invite me,
your uncle’s spirit, yesterday? It’s me! Your
uncle, Chidambaram. Is this your uncle’s spirit,
whom we invited yesterday? But the lemon didn’t move at all.
Then how is it possible? What do you mean? It did rotate in the grave yard
and as a result I am here. Don’t you get it? Look here. And that is how my spirit
possessed this body. Listen dear… you dropped the lemon, well, at least you could
have dropped in on to a handsome corpse. Look at this face! Let me tell you how
many dogs chased me on my way here. Over that he died out of
heart attack it seems! Duh! Why are you guys terrified as
if you are looking at a ghost? Aren’t you? Come here. Sit next to me. Come on. I said come! Look at you nephew! Still roaming around
in kids attire. Come sit next to me. You too dear. Come sit next to me. You still look the same old
little child that I used to know. This fellow here… We thought you would
possess the lemon… instead you show up in a dead body. That is why we got
terrified a bit. Look, I’m like an
uncle to you too. Isn’t it? – Yes.
– There! Come on now. Let’s go get it. Get what? Well, let’s go get that. What is he talking about? Hey! Don’t you get it? He is talking about
getting the Emerald coin. Isn’t that why we invited him? My uncle is swag! I am not talking about that. We’ll get to that later. Before that… I’ve got three friends.
I need to go get them. Sure. Give me their address and I shall
arrange a cab to pick them up. A cab? They too are spirits! What? More spirits? Indeed. The four of us are a team. We know no fear. And that is why we all
died at the same time. Now the problem is that… we four are inseparable. Nothing will workout unless
we four are together. What do we gotta do? – We need three more bodies.
– What?! I mean corpses. Like I’ve possessed a body… similarly they too must be
made to possess another body. Dear nephew, come let’s go
get it done in a jiffy. You talk as if it’s as simple
as picking up lingerie? We are taking about
corpses here! Dear nephew… I sense a little
rudeness in your tone. Remember, soon the no
moon day will arrive. Be careful! Can’t you do it on your own?
They why are you here? Listen! I mean, listen dear… I will appear immediately if anyone
invites me using this lemon. Stop talking like a hooker! Once again! You better
show me some respect. Showing off that you are a
grown up now, isn’t it? Why don’t you please teach him some
manners? Look how rude he is to me. I don’t care where you are going
to pierce the needle this time. Just get rid of him. Fine. Come on. To collect corpses? Yes. Dear nephew, look, a corpse. Believe me. Hand me that knife. Here you go. Swami… finish him off. Look at him laughing! Stab him harder. Stop it Swami, it’s tickling me. Wonderful! Wonderful! This is an awesome discovery. Discovery? When spirits possess human beings… there are chances that it
might become life threatening. But this spirit here… has possessed a corpse. Which means there is
no threats to anyone. This corpse… can’t feel pain, has no hunger and… needs no sleep. He is human by looks… but this is a corpse. The lecture was good Swami. This corpse here demands
three more corpses. What do we do now? Listen… the situation is
beyond our control. You have woke up the dead… so you must obey it now. Or else… it will finish you off! Come on Swami. My uncle ain’t
worth all that build up. Don’t say so. This is similar to satan. It won’t leave until it completes
the task for which you invited it. If you try forcing it away… Just go ahead and say it. Or else it’ll finish us.
Isn’t it? Stop it with the build up! Shut up! This isn’t a child’s play. Only two more days
to no moon day. So be careful. What happened? Our heads… What is it dear? Nightmare? Nope. Nothing. I thought you had a dream where I
burned both of you heads into ashes. It’s fine. Go to sleep. Are you going to sleep here? Look here. If I get you the corpses… will you leave? Don’t you guys want us to help
you get the Emerald coin? No thanks. Leave us alone and
that’d be all. What do you mean? Look at us. While others are making a living
out of everything else… our first deal has landed us
among spirits who could kill us. This won’t work out. I understand your
plight very well. But it’s tough to make you
understand about my plight. Look here. I’ll help you get me those
corpse without any hassle. TEXT: No moon day. Stop. Dear nephew… go bring him. We must go get him? Do you realize you are asking us to
abduct some elder guy who is fast asleep? It’s been half an
hour since he died. How do you know that? I know the ones who died
and the ones who will. Stop the vehicle
when I ask you to. And bring in the person
I ask you to bring. That’s it. Elango! Come on! The door got stuck. Quick. What is it? The next one. The person next to him. Don’t you hear me? Tell me. What is it? Sorry, I got the wrong person. – Are you Selvaraj’s grandson?
– Indeed, I am. He is quite egoistic. You better take him away
while he is asleep. – Grandpa! Grandpa!
– Quick. Make it fast. Lift. Quick. Before anyone catches us. Come on! Come on! Aren’t you Selvaraj’s son? Do you have no shame? Chasing
away your father out? You are not even worth a corpse! Year: 2019. Date: February 18th. Tell me one thing. What was with that date? He abused me… so I just gave him his death date. Dear nephew, do you
wanna know yours? No my dear uncle. Hey! – You fool!
– Idiot! Don’t abuse him. He is our next corpse. Yes. He is going to die in sometime. Let’s go save him. No one can change the fate. So you better keep
following him. Just like him… there are many here who are
inviting their own death. Now, move. Slow down or he might doubt us. Halt here. What happened? The edge has slit his throat.
We better escape. Quick! It’s over. Go bring it. Quick! Come on. Are you sure you need 3? Can’t
you make do with 2 corpses? Unwanted burden! If the cops catch us carrying
corpses, we’ll be done for! No one in the court will
buy our stories either. You! What is it? Wait. Now, there’s one. Come on. Hold on. Wait a minute. Yeah. Now you may go. Careful. Watch out. Hold it. Chanakya?! Chanakya! Hey Senguttuvan! Get up! Where is Chanakya? It’s been an hour since he took
all three corpses into that room. There is no response from
him when I knock the door. Open the door! What are you up to
with the corpses? Look here… do whatever you want to anyone. But return me my Chanakya. I couldn’t save her even after
knowing that she was about to die. Hey you! Open the door! Ch….Chanakya? Chanakya… you are back! Do you recognize me? It’s me. Senguttuvan. Remember? The bus stop? Chanakya. Please talk to me once. I’ve
never heard your voice before. Chanakya. Just once. Please
talk to me dear. Chanakya? What in the hell? You doofus! Now, who is he? Why does he keeps
pestering me to talk? Why is she talking like that? Phew! What do you want? Such a huge project! You! Why is she talking
in a male’s voice? Dear nephew, a male spirit will
obviously speak in a male’s voice. What else did you expect? Come dear, apply some logic. Hey milky face. Got any smokes? I’ve got a temptation to smoke. – Stop it Mahendra!
– Who’s whistling? That’s Nesamani. Go inside and check. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. Just go. Hold on buddy. Awesome. Superb.
Go, have a seat. Everything perfect? There, you have got your corpses. Now leave! – Leave? To where?
– I don’t care. You don’t care? What
about the Emerald coin? Forget it! You guys better leave. Now there! Hold on for a moment. What’s with the orders? You
invite and then you say get out? Do we look like spirits
or pizza delivery guys? Only I know how tough it was to force
those two spirits to possess these bodies. You didn’t get me fresh corpses. That fellow there, his head
and body were in two pieces. I had to clean him up, then stitch
him up with 66 stitches… and then make Nesamani’s
spirit to possess it. Don’t you take
ghosts so lightly! You don’t seem to
know the seriousness. Dear nephew, until we get our hands on the Emerald
coin, all the three spirits will be in these bodies. – Come on guys.
– Ask him to get lost. Uncle. Just a moment. No. I can’t wait. Then have a seat. Fine. I’ll stand there. I wonder who put ideas in their head to take
up such a huge project. What say Nesamani? If we let them go then
we’ll be in trouble. He died in a road accident. – She hanged herself. Both are police cases.
– So what? They all are corpses. They will
start stinking in another two days. Listen dear. Nothing like that. We are just like you. No matter what you say, you
all are still corpses. Leave! You doofus! Whom are you
calling freaking corpses? I’ve been noticing for while now!
Stop calling us corpses. Better watch out or else I’ll
give you a thrashing! You doofus! My Chanakya was such
a well behaved girl. Now look at her. It’s all because of him. We are stuck with this oldies. Let’s make use of them and find the Emerald
coin. Then we shall chase them away. Got it? What kind of thread did you
use to stitch yourself? None of you has to leave. How about we play as a team
and find the Emerald coin? Attaboy! My uncle has given the nod. What about the remaining corpse? That beggar. You mean Tamil professor? Go inside and check it out. Let’s locate and get that Emerald coin.
What do you say Nesamani? What happened to him? I tried my best… but I couldn’t. If you had brought him in
five minutes earlier… I could have got that
spirit to possess the body. Stop talking like a doctor. Who cares? After all it’s a corpse? He is the only one who knows in
and out about the Emerald coin. Then why did you give priority
to these idiots over him? Hey! He is exceeding his limits! Watch out! Look who it is? I know you! You better stay away when
the elders are dealing! Chidambaram! Now tell us what to do with him? Hey! Come here and
dig the center part. Yes, keep going. Come on! Watch out! You might have just hit me.
What if the stitches come apart? Stop showing off you spirit! Tell me something dear nephew. Why do I need a get up change? No one should recognize you. Hence, the getup change. I get that but why are you
turning me into Kamal Hassan? Success! How do you expect
me to wear these? Damn it! Give me something
that’s easy to wear. Go ahead. Give some advice. Back off! He is talking to you. Mahendra, you used to
be a body builder… and finally look what
they made you wear! – Cheers.
– Cheers buddy. He just gulped it down yet it
squirted through his throat! Don’t worry about
the caution card. Nesamani was having
Orange juice after all. Orange juice? That’s why I was
wondering why didn’t I get high! Hey Nesa…. Nesamani? Why are you so scared? Who is she after all? She is a relative of ours. What’s so scary about her? Here, this is all about… the Emerald coin. Nesamani… did you hear him? The
Emerald coin it seems. – Listen dear…
– What is it? you might have seen
it only in pictures. We have touched it and died. – So do not teach us about it.
– Oh yeah. Right. The book claims that everyone who touched the
Emerald coin were run over by the same vehicle. What kind of vehicle is it? What is it’s registration
number and it’s color? At least let us
safeguard ourselves. Dear nephew, I don’t
even remember dying. Only after you said I realize
that we died in an accident. There you go. What about you Mahi?
Do you recollect? Are we dead? Don’t open your mouth too much.
Be careful with the stitches. Control. Fine. Read this. The Emerald coin has now landed up
with the Archeological department. So he is the only one who knows the
exact location of the Emerald coin. He is Pandurangan. If we kidnap him… then that means we have one
hand on the Emerald coin. But we shouldn’t let the
police doubt us in anyway. And for that… we must disguise
as Twinkle’s men. Why are you unnecessarily
dragging Twinkle into this? The police won’t bother us then. Which is good for us. Is Twinkle that big a don? What a silly question? All you need to do is suit up, place the
speaker and say Twinkle’s name out loud… and who ever is in the
opposite will give up. – Hello.
– Good morning. Hope you are doing fine. – Who are you?
– Move! Hey! Who are you?! Leave me! I said leave me! Who are you? Hello? Who are you guys? Isn’t our suit a give away? No, it isn’t. How about now? I get it. What did you get? That this is a speaker. How about that? Stop kidding officer. Listen to the voice
coming from it. This is Twinkle Ramanathan here. Twinkle Ramanathan? Does he run a creche? Come on now! It is said that he is the
biggest don in the city. Aren’t you aware? A don? No. I am unaware of him. Then why did we have to suit up?
It’s so hot and sweaty in it. Come on! Ask him anything and this doofus
keeps giving negative answers! Forget all that. Our boss has got
something to say. Hear him out. Tell me Ramanathan. All we need is an information. If you don’t give it then
unnecessarily your family… will lose an individual. Where is the Emerald coin? And I thought no one else knew about it.
How did they find out? Em…Eme…Emerald coin? I’m unable to recollect. You dingus! Do you remember your wife? You’ve been wasting time
since your arrival. So talk! The more I want to forget about her
the more they remind me about her! Oh! The Emerald coin? It is at the Sitharaveli
post office. So the Emerald coin is kept
in that silly post office? That is where no one would look and hence
it is placed in that “silly” post office. Now, how’s that for an idea? What do you say Mr. Twinkle? Inside the Sitharaveli
post office… there will be a rack where all
the shields are arranged. Behind one of those shields… you will find a key. Using that key… open the secret lock by the
post master’s table… and it’ll will open up the
top part of the table. You will find a box in it. That box contains the Emerald coin. Dear nephew, don’t
you wanna touch it? No, thank you uncle. I wanna live.
You take care of it. Have a good look. Don’t you disrespect
my uncle ever again. My uncle is the sole reason we
are going to be millionaires. Uncle do you want a temple
or church built after you? – 3 tombs on the beach
– Granted. Ok. Stop showing off already! I am the one who did everything from planning
out the sketch to abducting Pandurangan. Your uncle took it
with his hands… and the full credit goes to him?
Shut up! Look here dear… it is not easy to touch it like
touching your own tonsils. It is THE Emerald coin. Why don’t you try touching it? I would have done it. Only if, he wasn’t here. Unnecessarily I agreed to his condition,
met the priest and invited you all. Forget it. – Listen!
– Uncle! – Dear nephew!
– Just a moment uncle. If we had touched it then the king’s spirit would
have finished us off! Do you realize that? Only if we touch it. I would have used a pincer. If I can do so much… – won’t I know how to do that too?
– No you don’t! For that past few minutes you have been boasting
yourself and taking credit for everything! What do you wanna prove? Here, hold it! Hey you! Why did you hurl it at me? My dear nephew? Dear nephew? Interval is over and
everyone’s back. Wake up! Let’s get going. Dear nephew! There! – Uncle.
– Yes? Where am I? You are lying by the rear
end of the house. Wake up! Am I still alive? That Emerald coin
is a duplicate. I hurled it at him to just scare him
but unfortunately I missed my aim. What?! It’s a duplicate? Yes. He has locked up the original piece somewhere
else. He has deceived us real good! No way uncle. The moment I
touched it, the ghost appeared. I saw it! Who? That ghost over there? That’s our Tamil professor. Tamil professor! Wake up.
Come on let’s have a smoke. Why are you lying like that?
Get up. I said get up! Can’t you hear me? Didn’t we bury him? Then how? He even got the address right… but he again passed away
before he could speak. Tamil professor’s spirit and that body
just doesn’t get along. Bull shit! Stop blowing into my ear! Move! – Instead of burying why don’t we cremate him.
– Come on. Quiet now. Place that piece of rock over it
or else he might return again! – Yeah! Place it.
– Watch out. Careful! Come on, lets move. Emerald coin that became a sensation
in Tamil Nadu, way back in 1990, was stolen last night. As the situation prevails, the officer who was in charge of this
Emerald coin, Mr Pandurangan… has accused Twinkle Ramanathan
of robbing the Emerald coin… and has reported it to the commissioner. This was his statement
to the press media… It was Twinkle Ramanathan
who stole the Emerald coin. He ordered his men and
they abducted me. He had the duplicate one… and yet he reports about
it getting stolen! – What a doofus!
– Listen… please play some
nice dance number. Damn it. Nope.He doesn’t even realize
what he had was a duplicate. Else he wouldn’t have reported
it to the police commissioner. Someone must have replaced the
original one with this duplicate. All we need to find out is… that individual! Come on Pandi, weren’t you kidnapped
last time when you set out for walking? Yet here you are again. That is why I ain’t walking this time.
I’m jogging. Let’s see who kidnaps me now. Whoa! That’s a perfect execution.
How do you guys do that? Won’t you allow me to workout? Where is my tea? Greetings. Recognize me? In 1982, when I had been to
Aadhichenallur for a research… a villager, who resembled
you had helped us. There is no chance that
he would be alive now. Since you are alive, there is no
chance that you are that person. So no. I don’t recognize you. Phew! – Get a water bottle. This ain’t gonna be easy.
– Ok. Didn’t you file a complaint with commissioner,
about the missing Emerald Coin? Twinkle Ramanathan. That’s me. Look, this is unfair. I ain’t an ancient statue, for everyone
to fight over and abduct! Wait. When we ourselves are handling this
so smooth, why are you yelling? Give me three minutes and
I’ll say what I have to say. Go ahead. Last week a guy approached me
to find and smuggle that gem. I wasn’t interested then. Since the moment you filed a complaint
against me for stealing it; I am now interested in it. Well, commissioner isn’t
going to confront me. Just in case if I am confronted and if I don’t
have it, then whose reputation does it spoil? Yours. Now that’s a genuine guy. Hence, I’ve set my eyes
on the Emerald Coin. All you have to do is… give me the names, how many of them and
the details of those who kidnapped you. Will you let me go if
I give those details? That is what I initially
thought I’ll do. Remember I greeted you when the
blindfold was removed from your eyes? Did you greet me in return? Did he? I guess he did. – You tell me.
– No. He didn’t greet. This boy here, he is right. I didn’t greet you. You keep proving that you
are a genuine person! Come in. Bai! I told you not to
bring anyone along! Come on Bai, they are on our side.
Don’t worry. Isn’t that Chief Ramadoss? You look so different.
How are you? I’m good. – What’s wrong with your voice?
– Well… It’s been a long time
since you both met. You must have forgot. Bai, please investigate and give
us some details on this. What is this? That is…the Emerald coin. What the heck?! Take
that and leave at once. You! Why are you
getting terrified? Hey! Why does that
girl sound like a man? Quiet! What happened to you Bai? You say
chief Ramadoss’ voice has changed… and then you say that
girl sounds like a man. Yeah right! Look! Did you hear her? What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you? Oh my god! What do you want from me? Just investigate that duplicate and
tell us who could have done that. – Duplicate?
– Indeed. Now that’s one awesome work!
Looks like an expert’s work. He doesn’t seem to have used any machine.
It is sculpted manually. None of them right now can sculpt
like this. Not even if they want to. This must have been sculpted some 20
– 25 years ago. Who could be the expert,
who did this back then? There were many of them. But the prime expert in this was… Royapettah Mayil! This is it. Excuse me. Can I
meet Mr. Mayilsamy? Mayilsamy? Go inside. – Make it fast before he leaves.
– Come on. Rose milk? Whoa! He is sick and people here seem
to be relishing Rose milk. Guess everyone’s here
for the Rose milk. You are… – Mayilsamy’s…
– painter friends… Are you dad’s friends? – Yes.
– Yes. Why don’t you try feeding him? Let’s
see if that is his final wish. Come on dear. Let’s go
and have some rose milk. Come on. Please move. He doesn’t seem to be sad
about his dad at all! – Aren’t you joining them for Rose milk?
– Oh yeah! Then go! Excuse me sir. Sir. Didn’t you say that you
know everyone’s death time? How long has he got? He is already past his deadline. So make it quick and ask him
whatever you need to know. Quick! Sir. Looks like he is going
to say something. Mahi close that door.
You close this one. Give me your hands. Go ahead ask him. We’ll make sure
his spirit doesn’t leave him. Sir, do you recognize this? Wasn’t it you who sculpted this? Who ordered you to make this? What’s his name? Tell me sir. What is his name? What do we do now? I don’t get it. Give me the name
of the person who ordered it. Nesamani! Why did you make way? – Look! It’s gone!
– It was uncontrollable! Sir? The oldie in his deathbed… didn’t give a proper answer instead he
made some gestures and left us confused. He looked in the direction of
that calendar before dying. That calendar had Lord
Krishna’s picture. So could it be that the
person’s name is Krishnan? It could be but what about
the gesture he made? It could be the initials. 3 dots means either ‘Therefore’
or ‘Because of’ in short hand. So which one? I think got it! That’s the church fathers’ gesture.
Lord Krishna’s father’s name! Yay! Let me show you a gesture! Shut up or I’ll remove the
stitches holding you up! Stop laughing and think! This place ain’t working for me. Let me go to the bed
room and think. Three dots… What could the three dots mean? What could it be? You! Aren’t you Mayilsamy? I gave you guys a crystal clear
clue when I was about to die! Did anyone crack the code? Only that boy over there
got the name right! We too found out, that the
three dots are his initials. I meant Stethoscope! On yeah! So you mean his full name
is ‘Stethoscope’ Krishnan? Arrgh! I meant he is a doctor.
Dr. Krishnan! Oh yeah! Useless fellows! Eureka! I found it! Didn’t you still get what
the three dots stand for? No. No? Doctor! Dr. Krishnan! Do you want to change
the name to Dr. John? I went in, thought real hard and
came up with this. Believe me! You are awesome! You got that? That gesture
meant Stethoscope! – Did you really crack the code yourself?
– Yeah, it’s true dear! True? Pinky swear. I cracked
the code all by myself. – Don’t you doubt me.
– Excuse me! Shut up and get lost!
Stop showing off! This is Twinkle Ramanathan here. Where is Ramadoss? Hey! Increase the volume. Tell me. Where is Ramadoss? Now, who turned on the motor? – Switch it off.
– Chief… – the old lady is weeping.
– What? Now which part of my
question hurt you? I just asked for Ramadoss.
Why are you lamenting? It’s been 10 days
since he passed away. Even the final rites are done. You didn’t even attend his funeral. And now you call up. Who are you? Chellaatha’s son? What is the old lady blabbering? Yes chief. It looks like
he is indeed no more. I think he is dead. He died? So who took the Emerald coin? Looks like they have
got a master plan. Chief… what about the old lady? She is just an old lady! Hello? Hello? Hey! Hey! What did
you do to her? I shot her down. Damn you guys! Is that what you do when there
is a distortion in the line? Chief… the old lady is alive. Just missed! You missed the aim and you
say she ‘Just missed’ it? Return. Now! Hey baldie! Let’s wrap up here. Ok. Take a snap of that photo. Ready? A complete list of all the doctors
named Krishnan in Chennai. I need it. Fine. But who are you? A doctor? – No.
– Then? Police? No. Then who else? Journalists? Well no. You guys are none of them. Then why in the hell should I
provide you with the list? For this? Nothing wrong in it.
It can be done. Doctor…Krishnan… – Happy?
– Obviously! Listen you beetle chewing fool!
Don’t be surprised! 1000 bucks for a print out? You will loose four times of what you got.
Wanna see that happening? What’s with the
rude tone mister? – Rude indeed! What are you going to do about it?
– How dare you?! How about asking lord Krishna to point
us to the intended Dr. Krishna? Shut up! – There are so many.
– Confusing! How dare you make
people bribe you? Who do you think you
are ‘Mister’ officer? – I’m gonna punch right on your nose!
– Hold on uncle! Dear nephew… don’t try to control me with the holy ash.
I’m gonna kick his… – This ain’t holy ash.
– Then? – The ashes of the burt print out.
– Ashes of the print out? Mr. Beetle Officer, aren’t
you gem of a person? This is what they call Karma! Oh hell yeah. “74….75….76….” “77…” Sir… 4000 bucks. Sir, that is fine. Just copy it in this USB
drive. I’ll take a print out elsewhere. What was that? Fool! Why did you
pour water on me? Stop! Stop you idiot!
You are done for! Don’t you run! Stop fighting! Listen dear nephew… Are you sure you saw it? Was it indeed a spirit? Indeed it was. In fact it was that spirit who prevented
us from accessing that information. Could it be King
Irumburai’s spirit? – Come on now..
– You doofus! He doesn’t indulge in
such petty activities. He comes down only
to unleash hell. This seems to be some new bloke. As per my calculation… that spirit… should be around us. There are already many
spirits around us. I mean this spirit
is new in the lot. Let me do one thing. I shall go and do a head count. He is gone. Phew! That was tiring. Let me start from here. “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…” “8…9….10…” Including us it counts up
to 132, which is correct. Uncle, is there any newcomer
in our spirit group? Don’t ask me. Few fellows have
got a spirit of a lady and… – And?
– They are having a gala time! They don’t even
rest for a moment. They keep running around and around.
Damn it! – They are partying!
– What? I said they are partying. Oh ok. Let them party but is
there any new spirit that… Where are you guys off to? Stop! Look! See that? Look how
they are running around! And? Where are you
off to Mr. Genuine? I’ve searched nook and corner
but no one seems to be there. Who’s that? You? Why didn’t he join others?
Why is he standing alone? Hey Elango! – We forgot to look for the doctor’s name in that book.
– Right! Why is he staring at him? You! Who are you? I am Dr. Krishnan. So you too died? Why are you troubling
these guys? When I must die touching the Emerald coin.. why should these guys alone enjoy
the benefits from smuggling it? I won’t allow it. Stop behaving like a kid! We tried but died
after touching it. At least they are handling it safely.
What’s your problem? No matter what you say! I
won’t allow them to get it. Only if I allow you to do so! Friendship! It exists in the
spirit world too! You might have used
knife for surgeries… but these fellows here had used
it to kill people! How about that?
Wanna lock horns? You better leave. Even if I don’t stop them, King Irumburai will
definitely get them! His name is not in here. He is back. I already checked it. His name is not there. It’s there. Where? The book was written by
that doctor himself! That means the Emerald
coin is in his place. Do as said. Do not mess up! I am talking to you. This disguise isn’t
anything like you promised! I look like a weak old
man in this disguise! None of the nurses around
will even look at me! – Shut up!
– You shut up! Next Mr. Thothalavayan. Now who’s that with
such a crappy name? Mr. Thothalavayan. It’s you. The doctor’s calling you. The disguise sucks and
so does the name! Who is Thothalavayan? – It’s him.
– Stop it! It’s me! Come on. – So you are Mr. Thothalavayan.
– Yeah! Move! Stop calling it out
again and again. I wonder from where do
such people show up? Please come in. Please. Good morning. Mr. Motha…. Doctor! Not ‘Motha..’ It’s ‘Tho’…He
is Thothalavayan. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Come closer. Why isn’t his heart beating? Is there some problem with my stethoscope? If your father was here, he
would have got my name right! It’s working just fine.
Come here. Nothing to worry. Looks like
your heart beat is a bit slow. How do you know my father? Oh come on now! We were classmates, back
when we were in school Is it? Indeed. Thank you. I dropped out but your father ended
up becoming a doctor. When I used to visit his
home, he was a small kid. He would be running all around the
house without any trousers on. It looked so beautiful. Come on sir… Feeling shy is it? – Yes.
– Fine! Once this hospital was built… – I could never meet him.
– So sad. Finally, it was when my brother died in
the pursuit of the Emerald Coin… that’s the last time I met your father. – The Emerald Coin?
– Yes. – My father too used to speak a lot about it.
– Ask him. Ask him. In fact… ancient antiques has always… – interested him.
– I know! His dad always liked
antiques and aunties. I am insulting his father
yet he laughs about it! One more thing. On the outskirts of our village… my father had built a
separate house for them. I mean a big house for the
antiques and not aunties! Listen. Stop laughing. Listen! What is it? That house that
your father built… where is it? Can’t you hear him? Answer! That wig won’t suit you. Who are you guys? We all are… corpses. Dead people! Awesome! That was a nice play! It’s rib tickling funny! Knock him out with
that kerchief. I’ve been noticing for a while now. Can’t
you stop that irritating laughter? Looks like he’ll kill
everyone with that laughter! Shut your mouth! Bring him from the rear exit. We’ll be out through the entrance.
That would be safe. Sorry bro! Move your feet. Idiot! Keeps falling upon me. I was looking for
you all these days! How dare you elope with someone
else and betray me, your husband? Who is he? Answer me! Wondering what to cook up? Instead of eloping
with such a jerk… you could have hanged yourself in the noose
that you had tied to commit suicide! Take your hands off her! Sorry. She has got me. How dare you tell me that
my wife has got you? Why don’t you open
your mouth and reply? What’s with that stare? Listen you douche bag! When you can beat up a thug
like me in that manner… I wonder how much would you
have tortured this lady? Die! Why are we here and
what are you up to? How dare you raise your hands on a woman?
How dare you? – Leave me.
– Listen to me! Leave him. Leave me! How dare you raise
your hands on your wife? Leave me. Let me finish him off! Why did you guys kidnap me? What do you want? The Emerald coin. I don’t have it with me. We know that you don’t have it. The ‘big’ house that
your dad built… where is it? What about the Aunties? Mr. Stitched Throat, shut up! – Listen, take him inside.
– Doctor. – Yes?
– Thank you. Now move! Come on!A gang that in on
the hunt to kill.Desperate to hunt, it
keeps strolling out there.As the fear crawls up;
here comes death. (A classic old song
plays on the radio) Stop it now! Stop dancing! Greetings, this is
Twinkle Ramanathan. You! Change the news station and set
the frequency back to that song! It’s Big Brother. Is it? Brother, how have you been?
All good? How is everyone at home? Especially the younger one.
How is he? I didn’t mean your elder brother! He is our Big Brother! Then why is he talking
to me instead of you? Listen to me. Shoot him. Now look! You spoiled
my brand new shirt! Who is the one interrupting?
Shoot him too! Chief… it’s him again. I shot him. Nothing happened. Did you ‘just’ miss it again? Shoot anyone else
standing next to him. No! Cha..Chanakya? Chanakya! Chanakya! Chanakya. Buddy look! Chanakya! Chanakya! Chanakya! Fools! They fell for it! – Damn these fools!
– Give me a high five. Hey come on shoot me.
Please shoot me too. What’s happening there? Instead of getting done with it,
are you having fun of your own? Chief, these guys are
mimicking and fooling around! How dare they mess with us? Abduct them! Abduct each and everyone of them and
bring them to the torture room. Hey you all! I said move! Didn’t he tell you to abduct us? Then do that! Carry us. Give me the bag. I’ll have a dry ginger coffee. They have got him too! What a movie? No wonder Sivaji
sir is a legend! Check it out Nesamani. Wow! What a movie! We have been abducted and they
are enjoying a classic move! – I’m gonna…
– Dear nephew… does that song come before
or after this scene? It’s an awesome song. How does it go Nesamani?With a such a tendency
to help others…you are lost in a world
where you don’t belong.Betrayal is all you
go tin the end.Oh dear Karna! I played that movie so that
you guys would shut up! Please shut up! Who was the one mocking at us? All of them were mocking at us. Let them. We shall punish
them for that too! You may deceive the police
claiming that you are dead… but you can’t deceive me. Where is the Emerald coin? He is asking you. Me? Yes you! Where is
the Emerald coin? Oh! The Emerald coin? We never took it. I guess you won’t
answer if I’m so sweet. I just answered you. – He says he answered my question.
– Indeed. He did. – If so then why didn’t you tell me?
– Didn’t he answer you directly? – You!
– Chief, hold on. He is confusing you.
Let me explain. What he meant was something else and
what you asked was something else. What he explained to you was something else
and what you understood was something else. And that is what he… – Super bro!
– Superb! They are applauding your jokes. Comedy might be the trend today, which
is why I’ve recruited you guys. But he thinks that I
am too a comedian. So explain him. That I am a very
serious villain! Listen, our chief is a
very serious villain. Is it? Ok. – You.
– Yes chief. I’ll be back in the morning. By
then find out the truth from him. Ok chief. Excuse me! Good night. That growling chimpanzee voice! – Make sure you thrash him a bit extra.
– Ok chief. – Twinkle sir.
– Sir… All of you, follow me! Quick! I said move! Before torture and after torture.
Looks like a prescription! Is that a workshop? Come in and you will know. Who is he talking to? Him? Make sure all of them witness
what happens to him. If anyone refuses to
watch, severe their head! Ok bro. Come on. Let’s go. So, what are you gonna do? By the way do you
get paid in monthly salary or weekly wages? I want all of you to
keep looking at him. We see him every day. Why don’t you
take a look at him for a change? We are going to
torture you guys. So please! Show us some respect. Go sit! The AC is right above that spot.
Can I move the chair a bit? Just go and sit down! Move! – Put your hands out.
– Whoa! Hands off me! What’s with that utensil? Are you
going to brew something in it? When you bleed, I’ll collect
the blood in this. Oh I see. Fine. So is this the process? Hold on! Just a moment. And that’s how you bow down! I wanna pee. Shall I take a
quick leak and come back. You! Come here! How dare you mock at us? Looks like you have
had a bad hair fall. Why don’t you try
Ervamatin medicine? Confused? The medicine made using
herbs from Amazon! – Why aren’t you bleeding?
– How will I? Listen, untie my hands.
I know you won’t. Come here. Don’t do that again. The
stitches are very thin and weak. It might snap! Listen to me! Now watch this. Again! Why aren’t you bleeding? Now, what is your problem? I need blood! Here you go! There! Got your blood? Hold on. Don’t waste it.
Collect it in the utensil. Move aside before you fall!
Good! Listen to me! I guess he is done with him. Let me finish you! The stitches are about to snap!
Watch out! Didn’t I tell you that the
stitches are gonna snap? Now who will mend it back?
Non sense! Bleedy fool! Hey doctor. Doctor… Wake up! Come on wake up! You! Look down! There is a lot happening here
and look at you sleeping! Over! Go and look what happened. – Hey Mr. Mustache!
– Quick! Check what happened! Chief… They have escaped in our car. – So you left the car keys inside it?
– Yes. Wonderful! – What about gas?
– The tank is full! – How about tyre pressure?
– Check! Wonderful! – See what’s on my shoe.
– What is it? Fool! I guess water service
is only thing you forgot! Go track the car
using the GPS. Ok chief. Why is there a cigarette in his ears?
Check that. Chief, they have left us a note. Give it me. Respected Twinkle Ramanathan, this is
Elango here. I wanted to tell you that… who do you think you
are you doofus? Didn’t we tell you that we don’t
have the Emerald coin yet? Why doesn’t it get
into your head? I swear by him that, it’s only now we are
going to get it. So stop us if you can! One more thing. What kind of a
name is Twinkle Ramanathan? You better change your name
by the time I am back! Or else I will be forced to change your
name and you know how that will end. I got it! I found them! According to the GPS they
are driving past Tambaram. So does that change
your opinion about me? If we discuss that now… I guess they will further
go past Tindivanam by then. Go get the vehicle ready. Yes! We must catch them. What about you chief?
Aren’t you joining? Oh my god! You take care of the warehouse.
I’ll go by myself! Go! Open it. Quick! This is the place. Just take whatever you want. It’s very hot in here. Shall I go wait in
the car, downstairs? Here have this handkerchief
to wipe off your sweat! Move! Elango, check thoroughly. Chief, you check over there. There is our friend!
The monkey statue! Chief! Chief! Come here. Check this out. I think this is it. Listen… both of you wait outside. I’ll check it and let you know. Why should we wait outside? It would be a problem only
if we touch it. Open it. Dear nephew tell him! – Why should we wait outside? Only if we touch..
– Hey! Try to understand. Stop
kidding and wait outside. Get out. Leave dear. Listen! Do not touch it!There is the coin.It makes you dance
to it’s tunes.This is an island of fantasy.Its time for a new future. Look what they have done! Anyone who looks at
the Emerald coin… it will seduce them to touch it. It is so powerful! That is why I asked
them to wait outside! They rushed into it! Let’s leave. Why does he look upset? What happened? Both of you touched
the Emerald coin. We touched the Emerald coin? Won’t we know if so?
What’s wrong with him? Uncle, stop kidding. Come on.
Grab it and let’s leave. Come on. Quick. It’s getting late.
Come on. Call John. John… we have got the Emerald coin. I’ll tell you where to come.
Bring the money along. What’s wrong with him? What is it? King Irumburai! Hello John? – We have arrived.
– We are on our way. He is waiting for
us, with the stuff. Come down further straight. Listen. Flash the lights. – Why are you playing with the head lights?
– Hello John? This is our style. Chief… hand that over and… collect the money. What is it? Look there! I see it. It’s an old vehicle. So what? No! We now remember how we died! That was the vehicle
that ran us over! Uncle! It already looks
so old and weak! And you say that it ran you over.
That makes you even weaker. Look! There is no driver
in that vehicle! You are right! So did we indeed touch
the Emerald coin? Yes, you guys touched it.
No use pondering over it. Find a way to escape from here. What are you guys up to? Have you got
the Emerald coin with you or not? You better stop playing games! Behind you. Looks like that spirit too
knows your style of dealing! – Reverse! Now!
– Now! Let’s go! Reverse the car! – Quick! Come on!
– Start now! – Listen to me!
– Come on! Let’s go! Reverse the car! Let’s escape! Quick! Reverse the car! Just do it! It’s approaching us! What the hell?! No! Don’t do it! Please listen to me. No! Don’t do it! I said no! Here. Hold this! There it comes again! Check if it’s still
following us. Who was that? Quick! Go look! Look! He is back again! – Professor!
– Mr. Tamil professor. Mr. Tamil professor! – Professor.
– Professor. Say something! Why do you guys keep burying
me again and again? Do I look like I am dead? There! Now a spirit with
a pure Tamil accent! Drat! Who are these youngsters? They are… Sir, they are the one who
helped you with this corpse. I bless you boys. Live
long and prosper! Come now Mr. Tamil professor… they are already trying to escape death.
They touched the Emerald coin. What are you saying?! Then
I take back the blessings. King Irumburai is
an honest spirit. He won’t rest until he
takes revenge on you. If it’s an honest spirit… it should kill us, we touched the coin.
Why did it kill those two? The ‘Kalingattuparani’ war song
explains this situation beautifully.Those who shake hands with the sinners
are considered as sinners too! Speak another word in that
accent and I’ll slap you! – Dear!
– What? Don’t underestimate him. I’m estimating him even worse! Look at him mocking us
at this critical hour! No, he isn’t. He knows everything
about the Emerald coin. What’s the use? Can
he save our lives? I can! There is a way. Sir, please have mercy and forgive us.
Tell us how do we save our lives? Look at that! The fear of death is
making them speak in pure Tamil accent. Come on sir. I’ll tell you. Here it is. If the Emerald coin is buried back
into the grave of King Irumburai… – will it spare our lives?
– Definitely! Sir, can you tell
us where is it? What happened? Now what? Are you guys going to
take a bladder check? It has neared us. What’s with the commentary
style of dialogue delivery? I remember now. It is the very exact
same vehicle that killed me! You boys too will be finished
off by the same vehicle. Be alert! Careful!He is the king who ruled this place!A demon who will hunt you down.A lover of massacre.The one who yearns for blood.Here he comes! I don’t deserve such a grand
costume for having men like you!He will make you his bait.Try nearing him and
he’ll finish you off.The king of magic.He knows every
tricks in the book.Here he comes! The coat looked good on you. Shut up! You head straight
and look for them.Try touching it and
he’ll rip you apart!He’ll beat you and
break you!He will make everything
look like a fantasy.Any daring soul out there, that dares
to lay hands on the Emerald Coin?Here comes the king of the Pallava
land, wielding his sword in his hand!He will create a ruckus
and burn you down!He is the one who
celebrates a war.He is going to drive
you up to hell!So come, face him;
don’t you run away. What happened? No idea. I’ll check
it right away. We aren’t here on picnic. We
are in a chase! Make it fast! Quick! Make it fast! Here! Take that. Look! It’s them! Catch them! Catch them! Keep going! Don’t stop. They just sped off! Quick! Come on! Get on this vehicle or
else we will miss them. They are here! Give me the gun. Now! Keep following that car or else
I’ll put a hole in your brain! Don’t stop! Keep driving. Mr. Tamil professor from where did
the king’s spirit get that vehicle? Esawara Sundaram was the first to take the
the Emerald coin from the king’s grave. That is his vehicle. And that’s how king’s
spirit got that vehicle. Well, not only that. King Irumburai was well know
for his love for vehicles. Mr. Stitched Throat! Do you really need these
clarifications right now? Fast! Fast! Fast! Fast! Follow them! No! No! No! Stop! Stop! Fool! Drives like crazy. You fool! Do you have any sense? How will this vehicle
go past this? Where is the driver? Check if the driver has got
down on the other side? Ouch! Hey driver! Come here. Driver? Where did you go
leaving the engine on? Whom did just you call a driver? I am a pilot. You drive this rusted crap
and call yourself a pilot? Now come on. Let’s get going. Don’t disturb. – Stop!
– Who was that? There are only three of us here. If not you then who else
could be the driver? You call this a vehicle? And you want me to drive this? Indeed. – Hold it.
– Give it to me. Here you go! Here, take that!
Guys like you shouldn’t be spared. – Now, give that.
– Here you go. There! Chief is here. Why are you getting
busted up by a saint? Chief, we were chasing
them in this vehicle. He screwed it up and
now refuses to drive. Over that he calls
himself a pilot. Sir! Sir! I am a pilot back in U.S. I had offered to walk all the way to my deity’s
temple, if I ever secure this pilot job. Ok. These two guys call this crap a
vehicle and say that I’m the driver. Do I look so cheap? Now do
I return back home or… – head on my pilgrimage?
– It’s ok. You carry on with your pilgrimage. Fools! Is this what
you call a chase? You carry on sir. See you. – Thank you sir.
– See you. This is the place! Don’t be scared. The Emerald coin and it’s effects
are null and void at this tomb. Move this. The tomb of the king
rests below this. Now, you move to this side. – Hold this.
– Everybody move away. You push there. Push. Push! Push! Push! Don’t give up! Push! Push! Come on! Push! Twinkle is here. There he is. Push! Push! Come on! Push! Push! Until now I had sealed even the biggest
of deals using just a mic and a speaker. For the first time ever, you have made
me travel down to the dealing spot! Chief, shall I? Where is the Emerald coin? – Just a moment.
– Where is it? Hands up! We too have got it! Where is it? Oh you too got guns. Good! Forget it. Tell me how did
they get hold of our guns? We found it in your car. Even the enemy has an
answer but not you! – What was that?
– Why did you shoot? Can’t you see he is talking? Forgive me. My bad. Both of us are pointing guns. So let’s talk! There is nothing to discuss. I want that Emerald coin. And I don’t want that Emerald coin! That makes it simple. We don’t have to wait
till the climax. But then there is a catch to it. – So you say we gotta wait till the climax?
– No. If you touch the Emerald coin… What will happen? King Irumburai will
finish you off. Now, who’s that? Here. This is him. Oh my god! Do I look like a fool to you? No sir! We touched the Emerald coin by chance
and hence we are here to save ourselves. Yes sir! Thanks to your well
maintained vehicle, we escaped alive. If not the spirit would have
ran us over with that truck. Truck? Yes bro. An old rusted truck. An old rusted truck? It was in that truck we
hopped on and followed you! Sigh! Did I make the right call by trusting
them and coming down all the way here? That truck was empty. In fact
that ghost was driving it. What is he talking about? Oh you mean the pilot? Yep
he did look a bit creepy! Is that why you are
calling him a ghost? Chief. Chief! Now look at this. Phew! Wait. I’ll look into it. No chief, let me expl… I said, I’ll look into it. Stop with your ghost stories and
hand me over the Emerald coin. Sir, please try to understand. Fine. If the ghost shows
up, I’ll handle it. Now give it. Ok sir. I’ll place the
Emerald coin here. After that you may take it.
Sounds good? You mean you will
place it inside… and after that I may take it. Isn’t it? – Yes.
– Fine. Go ahead. – You place it and I shall then take it.
– Come on. Let’s push. Don’t you guys want the Emerald coin.
Come help us move it. Come on. – They are asking for help.
– Waiting for me to join you? Go help them! Go! – Push.
– Push! – Push!
– Push! Come on everybody.
Let’s push together! This is the tomb
of King Irumburai! Place that Emerald
coin in that sword. Mahi! Give that. Wonderful! Awesome! Doofus! Just escaped death! Hey! Are you done? Shall I take it now? Hold on Twinkle. Why did they make it so easy? Should I take it? Look, he touched it. There! I touched it.
Where is the ghost? Isn’t this what we are here for? So I thought let’s nab
it and get done with it. I thought I’ll take it but
then I thought I am holding the gun… and that’s when you took it. Ok. So finally a deal is sealed
without any hassle or violence. That’s Twinkle for you! I like you sir. See you. Good bye. Hey! The money! Wait. Hold on. Now come on! Do you expect me to deliver
your luggage at your doorstep? What is it anyway? It’s so heavy. There you go! Take it. Thank you sir. God bless you. Initially I was upset
that I invited you. But now that you are
leaving all of a sudden, it’s hurts. Uncle… do you really have to go? Dear nephew… the task you gave
us is complete. We can’t stay back. This is what Seethalai Saathanar
had described in his song as… Uncle! Can’t you send him off alone? It’s getting late. Come let’s leave.
Let’s go and relax. Wait. Hold on. This is the first time
both of them are being emotional. Let’s hear them out. Ok dear. We shall leave now. I might go away… but my dear Tamil, blissful Tamil
should live forever. Live long and prosper. Nesamani. – Chidambaram.
– Thanks a lot. Just a minute nephew. Can you do me a favor? Tell me. My wife resides at house no# 3,
Othavadai street in Choolaimedu. Please buy her some 4 Sarees. She has been wearing
torn clothes. Sure. So that is where your
spirit has been wandering? Move aside buddy. So kiddo… you still think about this girl.
Isn’t it? This is for you. Senguttuva… it’s me Chanakya. Weren’t you yearning to
hear me speak for so long? This is how I sound. Well also… I love you. Hey! You doofus! I was just mimicking her. Don’t worry. You will surely
find someone else. Be patient. You will stay single forever! Dear nephew! You guys are able to cry… but I can’t cry. There is no tears
left in this body. God bless you both! Live long and prosper! Ok dears. I shall leave now. Stop! Get down! Why do you get in
if you can’t buy the ticket! Remember my name. I’m Twinkle! Get lost! You get lost! Sir… – how did you get here?
– Oh look. It’s you guys. This bus came at the right time. What are these two, irrelevant
to this scene, doing here? What happened? You did warn me. I
should’ve listen to you. – Why does it chase so ferociously?
– What are you talking about? – I am talking about that vehicle.
– You mean the truck? I told you! It is possessed truck
and there is no one in it? What do you mean by there is no one in it?
I saw it? It look dark and ferocious! It finished off one of my men who
was carrying the Emerald coin. And it spared you? Thankfully, I didn’t
touch that thing! If you got some money with
you, buy me a Horlicks. – One Horlicks for chief.
– One Ragi malt for me. Hey! Aren’t you the pilot
who was on a pilgrimage? Haven’t you crossed
Tamil Nadu yet? How could I? I thought only your men were irresponsible
but looks like you too are so. Just say what you gotta say.
I am too tired already. Put your hand out. Are you an expert
in palm reading? Just do what I said! – Just listen to him.
– Wait! Careful. Is he going to
gift me something? Here. Take this gift. Holy guacamole! From
where did you get this? You have enough
cars to travel… yet why did you get
down and board the bus? At least you could have been careful
but no! You dropped this on the road. Thankfully I found it. You wouldn’t have
got it back if someone else had found it. Stop crying! Fine. Its getting late
for my pilgrimage. I shall start my walk. Looks like amidst your pilgrimage
you will send me to hell! Where did they go? It’s been a while since they escaped.
See you. Even we gotta escape or else
that vehicle will find us. You fool! Come on! A vehicle will run us over?
How mean!


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