Mardaani | Official Trailer | Rani Mukerji

Don’t doll them up like kids. Those rascals should see them
as lovers not daughters. Shivani Shivaji Roy. Crime Branch Mumbai,
Senior Inspector. She has information
about a syndicate of drug… …and child trafficking in Delhi. To kidnap a girl so smoothly… …then disappear without a trail. Only an organized
gang can pull this off. Hello! Stop chasing me
and quote your price. So, you are the man
behind this racket? You sound like a kid! So what do you want?
– Let Pyaari go. If you had asked earlier
it might have been possible. That girl has seen too much. I don’t take such
a risk in my business. Listen kid, I’ll come to your house for Pyaari. But I will come for sure. No one knows his real name. Is there no way of reaching him? He’s been shot!
– What? You are in my territory.
Be very careful. I donít know your name… Or where you are talking from… But I will hunt you down in 30 days. Mark my words, 30 days. That’s a lot of anger, ma’am. To trap a rat
you have to act like one. To catch a dog
you have to think like one. To hunt a tiger
you have to become one. Make sure your boss
gets my name right. Shivani Shivaji Roy. Do whatever the hell you want! Come on!


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